Cop Beats High School Kid So Bad Even the Cop’s Own Department Told the Family to File a Complaint


Metairie, LA — A cell phone video captured the brutal beating of a high school student by a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Deputy.

On Friday night, Brady Becker, 17, found himself laying on his back in front of the Lakeside Mall in Metairie. A cop was on top of him, pummelling his face.

According to the police, this star receiver who’s a Junior at St. Charles Catholic High, had exchanged words with a group of deputies just prior to a fight ensuing.

Apparently the other teens involved in the exchange ran off before being attacked by officers. Unfortunately for Becker, he was thrown to the ground by an unnamed plainclothes deputy and beaten.

In the video, the deputy pushes Becker to the ground. The deputy then holds him by the throat with his left hand, while using his right to wrestle the teenager’s left arm to the ground.

In a natural reaction, the teen’s hands went up to defend himself against the attack. In response to a hand on his chest, the deputy then punches the student at least four times in the face.

At one point in the video, the officer watching his fellow officer bashing in the face of a teenager, seemingly tries to stop him. During the first 8 seconds, the officer who is standing looks confused as to who to protect during the deputy’s onslaught.

As the punches were doled out by the overpowering deputy, screams are heard throughout the crowd. Concerned onlookers approach the officer as he beat the non-violent teen at which point the officer grabs his sidearm and tells everyone to “back the fuck up!”

Becker, nearly unconscious, is then picked up off the ground and hauled off.

The video was uploaded to YouTube on the Monday. However, the individuals involved weren’t confirmed until Wednesday morning.

Becker suffered a laceration above his eye during the incident and was treated at a local hospital before being booked into Jefferson Parish Correctional Facility.

Becker now faces charges of possession of alcohol by a minor, battery of a police officer, resisting arrest and inciting a riot.

After seeing the video, Col. John Fortunato, JPSO spokesman, said, “We spoke to the family’s attorney and encourage them to file a complaint with the department, and it will be investigated fully.”

If anything is indicative of an unjust beating, it’s the police department actually encouraging someone to file a complaint against its own officers.

Below is the video of the incident.

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