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Cop’s Body Cam Catches Him Brutally Attack & Taser Man Walking His Bike on the Sidewalk

Attorney and former police officer Anthony Ramirez says he was at first skeptical of his client’s claims of police brutality — until he obtained body cam footage showing an Arizona officer pulling up to Joshua Dombrowski, shoving him to the ground, and performing a vicious arrest.

Dombrowski had been walking his bicycle down the sidewalk in a straight line on August 14, when a Mesa officer pulled up, jumped from his cruiser, and slammed him onto the ground — an act the man says happened for ‘no good reason.’

Ramirez acquired the Mesa Police Department officer’s report stating Dombrowski “forced two pedestrians” to “move off the sidewalk” to give him space, so the unnamed cop told the man to “stop” — and pursued him when he paused and then rode off “at a higher rate of speed.”

ABC News, who obtained body camera footage from Ramirez, explained, “When the officer caught up with Dombrowski and told him to sit on the ground, the officer said the man dismounted his bike and instead proceeded to ‘advance on me,’ according to the police report.”

In that report, the officer stated, “As instructed and taught in training, I performed an impact push to the rider and he toppled backwards over his bicycle.”

According to the officer, Dombrowski would not comply with orders to put his hands behind his back, and continued resisting even after backup arrived to assist — leading them to deploy a Taser multiple times.

“Dombrowski, who police said continued to scream and ‘violently thrash around’ after being put in handcuffs, was also placed in restraints to restrict his movement, according to the police report. He was arrested on charges of using physical force in resisting arrest, operating a bicycle emerging from an alley or driveway, and failing to obey a police officer, the police report states,” ABC News reports.

Body cam video documents only the latter portion of the officer’s encounter with the man, as Ramirez explained the cop didn’t begin recording until after brutally taking Dombrowski to the ground — but the camera had a common feature which activates silent recording 30 seconds prior to when the button is actually pressed.

“When I saw that, I was very concerned,” the attorney told ABC News. “It’s our contention that the police officer knew what he was doing in not starting the video until about 25 seconds into his beating of my client.”

In footage, a number of officers swarmed on top of Dombrowski, smash his face into the grass, and bark commands for him to put his hands behind his back, while a Taser is heard repeatedly being applied. Throughout the encounter, he screams in obvious agony.

Dombrowski had to be transported to Desert Banner Hospital for treatment for myriad cuts, scrapes, and bruises received during the vicious encounter, where police claimed medical staff discovered traces of methamphetamines, cocaine, alcohol, and THC in his system.

It must be noted, however, Ramirez said Dombrowski has not been charged with anything.

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Also troubling in police accounts of the incident, an assisting officer’s body cam footage shows him asking a bystander to write a witness statement — and the perplexed man tells the cop, “I … I don’t know what the guy did wrong.”

The cop tells the eyewitness not to “make anything up,” and to simply “write what you saw” — but when the troubled man begins to tell the officer something about the recent national spate of “police brutality,” the cop becomes tellingly silent and motions to indicate their interaction is being recorded by his body cam, stating, “I’m rolling.”

“Don’t make anything up,” the officer states. “… Whatever you saw, just be as honest as you can.”

Ramirez told ABC News he’s troubled by the brutal nature of the arrest, and said Dombrowski had indeed been riding on the sidewalk, heard the officer yelling in his direction, but — not believing he’d done anything wrong — wasn’t certain the cop was speaking to him or one of many other people in the area.

So he proceeded to dismount and walk the bicycle down the sidewalk — until the officer pulled up and abruptly shoved him to the ground.

“Obviously, I have an issue of excessive force being used against my client for walking down the sidewalk,” Ramirez noted. “My client was literally pushing his bike down the street, walking in a straight line, and this police officer comes over and shoves him down.”

Further, though police claim the man resisted arrest and failed to comply with orders to put his hands behind his back, Ramirez contended that Dombrowski — who sported a backpack at the time — had not resisted, but was reacting to the pain of being repeatedly tasered.

Dombrowski filed his own claim against the City of Mesa before hiring Ramirez, alleging he was “abused, pushed into the ground, aggressed and manhandled for no good reason.”

Mesa police declined to provide comment to ABC News, citing “an ongoing internal investigation.

In Dombrowski’s original claim — which Ramirez is working to update and specify a monetary sum — he states,

“I was just trying to find my way back home. I believe I was treated like a danger or a threat that I wasn’t being.”

  • john smith

    what are we going to do
    i can personal attest the lawyers dont seek justice and they cover for the police
    there is no chance of fair trials

  • Is the video gone, or is this error my browser?

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      I can play the video, so it must be your browser.

  • MrRetloc

    Mesa police declined to provide comment to ABC News, citing “an ongoing internal investigation.” Code for closed door meeting to formulate “the story”! Why are we leaving it up to cops to activate the camera (video and audio)? I submit it is their way of editing by selective activation. In furtherance of public safety (and I do mean PUBLIC defense from POLICE), auto-activation of video and audio surveillance, must be the name of the game. NATIONALLY; POLICE HAVE DEMONSTRATED A LACK OF INTEGRITY, MAKING IT INCUMBENT ON THE PUBLIC, TO DEMAND CONSTANT AND UNINTERRUPTED SURVEILLANCE OF LAW ENFORCEMENT. TO AVOID “UNINTENDED” LOSS OR CORRUPTION OF CRUCIAL EVIDENCE … CLOUD STORAGE BY INDEPENDENT SUB-CONTRACTORS. More and more, it is apparent that the BAD APPLES have either usurped supervision – OR – formed an alliance bent on total control of the public. Claims of the existence of Good Cops fall on deaf ears, when we witness the “Blue Wall of Silence” provide protection for all forms of abuse. Protecting the offender does not further justice! WHEN ARE YOU Good Cops, IF YOU EXIST IN REALITY, GOING TO STAND UP AND BE RECOGNIZED?

    From enforcement to judiciary, we are confronted with a united effort, to Lie, Cheat and Steal; under the guise of Justice. A case of Law Enforcement, IGNORING THE RULE OF LAW (or making it up on the run): in furtherance of imposing THEIR rule of law on uninformed and defenseless citizens! Seemingly all levels of government resort to unlawful means in an effort to exert their will on those they are charged to protect. Even Constitutional Edicts are no match for local and state officials’ ignorance of, or blatant disregard for the rule of law.

    I have been seeing a lot of blow back from folks recently. Complaints that everyone wants to “create” unrest by focusing on only the BAD stories. Claims that “99% (obviously fake ,,, author failed to site sources) of officer involved shooting” is necessary to combat the criminal element. Claims of “media and others are martyring criminals” fail rules of common sense; and those of English composition too. English Language Lesson: citizens are NOT killing alleged criminals; COPS are doing the killing … If “Martyring” is occurring, it can only be attributed to police! 😉

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  • Butch Taylor

    these cops are begging to be ambushed and killed.

    • You ever heard of the words “resisting arrest”?

      • raythemixer

        You are the idiot here. jerk. SCOTUS has ruled, more than once, that it is perfectly acceptable to resist an illegal arrest. People like you are the reason cops get away with bullshit like this!

      • Butch Taylor

        Yes I’ve heard of it. What does it have to do with this case? Dombrowski was never charged with a crime so how could he resist arrest? You yellow boot licking, cop ass kissing, cowards always at the ready to bend over and spread for cops and probably thank them when they piss in your face. It’s excrement like you and all cops that needs to be sterilized from the gene pool.

        • Phil Freeman

          Sterilization is a start, euthanasia is another.

      • Phil Freeman

        In order for the SECONDARY charge of resisting arrest, there must be probable cause, a primary arrestable offense, there wasn’t one here. Go get competent there F. Lee Bailey.

        • Oh, I’m sorry Phil Free Man…I didn’t realize you were AT THE SCENE. You moron’s are well below the Stupid level. Seek help. You have a lot of headaches don’t you?

          • Phil Freeman


          • Phil Freeman

            Author of HOW TO FLAP YOUR SOUP COOLERS.

          • Inc.

            I believe your facebook profile got hacked.

          • The_Photographer

            Seriously dude? I suppose YOU were there? You’re the moron here.

  • Nishi

    My first impression of the officer telling the witness he was rolling and stopping him from editorializing was meant to preserve the witness’ statement and stop him from making comments that might be used to establish a bias on his part to impeach his statement later in court.
    The arresting officer seemed like a brute who abused his police powers and used excessive force. He looked like he was calf wrestling, not policing a minor infraction.


      • raythemixer

        You are idiot here. you tard. SCOTUS has ruled, more than once, that it is perfectly acceptable to resist an illegal arrest. This cop would not have walked away in our neighborhood.

      • raythemixer

        You are the idiot here. jerk. SCOTUS has ruled, more than once, that it is perfectly acceptable to resist an illegal arrest. This cop would not have walked away in our neighborhood. People like you are the reason cops get away with bullshit like this!

        • You Libtards are in for a RUKE AWAKING SOME DAY. As they say YPU CANT FIX STUPID. FYI …. the SCOTUS NEVER RULED ON SUCH A STUPUD MORONIC DUMBASS SUCH THING!! Common sense would tell anyone that with an IQ above their age!

          • TechGump

            Recognizing police brutality, standing for Constitually guaranteed freedoms, and disagreeing with your blind bootlicking, doesn’t make one liberal. Besides, seems you probably don’t actally understand what that word means.

          • And you certainly don’t understand Respect, Law, Compliance, Rules, Regulations, Resisting Arrest, etc. because you were raised in the Snowflake generation. That’s why you snowflakes worry so much about global warming…personally I can’t wait for it.

          • Beauford T. Justice

            How is walking your bike breaking the law? You seriously have no idea how dumb you sound. Please, just stop. You’ve been proven wrong about everything you’ve blabbed about on here. Cut your losses and move on. Seriously.

          • You can’t READ, that’s your problem. Like they say, you Can’t Fix Stupid. You moron’s are attempting to suck my IQ down to your level. It must be horrible waking up in your brain every morning.

          • Beauford T. Justice

            Says the dumbass who put an apostrophe “s” on the word, “moron.”

          • petroskhan

            There is a difference between showing respect, and submitting. I will show an officer respect – for the badge, for the job he does – as long he returns that respect. If he steps out of line, or asks to search my vehicle, etc., then the respect has to be put on hold, and some questions asked.

            I’m not passing any sort of judgment on you, or you actions. I’m just detailing how I view the issue. I hope that’s clear.

            I see a lot of cops doing their jobs, being the kind of law enforcement personnel that are a credit to their communities, and to the police forces for which they work. On the other hand, I also see a lot of cops who think that they are not out to enforce the law, but to BE the law. Their inflated egos on full display, they seem unaware of the fact that they are employees, tasked with defending the law and the people; they seem to think that they are now above the people whom they’ve sworn to serve, and that our Rights are mere privileges, granted and withdrawn at the whims of Masters, whose goals THEY serve.

            When confronted with the latter example, one needs to stand his ground, and defend our Rights. Every one of us, to be Free, must be willing to defend our Rights against any all encroachment upon those Rights, or we risk losing them inch by inch, day by day.

            Now, from the evidence here in the video? The man should have defended himself, to point of injuring or even “ending” the officer. He presented no threat, offered no violence, towards the officer or anyone on the street. There was no indication that he wanted any altercation, or had done any wrong. Were I to be accosted in the same manner, by anyone, badge or not, I would most certainly resist, and fight for my life against an unwarranted assault.

            I should imagine that anyone claiming to be a Free Man would do the same. I am hoping that you are of the same mind.

          • The_Photographer

            Obviously we can’t fix stupid, or stop it from running it’s mouth about things it doesn’t understand, because here you are acting idiotic and running your mouth about things you know nothing about.

          • You sure got a lot to say being a Young Snowflake. You don’t know SHIT about Cops. If a cop ever stopped you, YOU would be the exact type of Moronic Idiot that would smart off to him and get body slammed to the ground and you’d deserve it, yet you’d said like all the rest of the mentally retarded Libtards “I weren’t doin nuthin”. Keep it up Libtards….the day will come you’re being gang raped by muslim jihadists in your home and the cops will have your house number on their private “no show up” list and you’ll regret it. All you people can fuck off.!

          • homeagain

            Snowflake generation? Your pussy ass generation had to be drafted, my generation volunteers for military service so much they have to find reasons to keep people out. Go fuck yourself you dried up old pussy.

          • Oh yeah… you’re a fucking druggie Ho fucker that you’re tough guy generation is sucking dicks

          • police state

            So obviously we cannot fix you.

          • Well, this may come to a Shock to you, but I don’t need “fixing” because I’ve Never had a problem with any cop in my 66 years. Been stopped many times and been talked to nasty many times, but I showed Respect, Complied with their instructions and got back in my car and was on my way. Never shot my mouth off, spit in their face, called them a F’ing Pig, etc…the kind of shit you do..which leads to “pain and misery”. Some have to learn the hard way and then others like Liberals, Never Learn.

          • police state

            See there you go running your mouth before putting your grey matter in gear. Accusing me of doing the things in your post. As you said in your original post C. F. S. do not bother to try and insult me again I now recognize you as a Troll.. And not worth trying to converse with.

          • TOPDOG1

            I read most of his past comments.I agree. If his mouth were a gun, he would be a one-man-army. This is merely another hate rant from a very bigoted and small minded P.O.S.

          • police state

            Yes, we’ll I just blocked him. Not worth wasting time with him

          • TOPDOG1

            You only blocked him on your thread. His remarks were on a different thread. As long as he remains here, my expert and well thought-out evaluation will stand.

          • Christopher Hintz

            Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest. “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529.

          • Ted Carney

            This guy didnt do any of that either. They never gave him a chance to. One day the boot will be across the throat of someone you love. You’ll change your tune then.

          • Phil Freeman

            Just do what you are told, now go sit down and stay off the internet, got it?

          • Phil Freeman

            66 year old lemming. Nice.You should be ashamed of yourself!

          • Phil Freeman

            Looks like the SCOTUS did rule in defense of unlawful arrest you dolt. Don’t worry, the youth will find a nursing home for you, for your safety.

          • Sherry Gillespie

            In other words,”You kissed their asses”. One should not have to be subservient to stay alive. But I guess you think the Police State is just A-.O.K. How fucking UN-American of you.

          • The_Photographer

            Listen Mr. Self-righteous, many people are harassed and bullied by cops, and did absolutely nothing to deserve it. Just because YOU have never had an encounter of this type does not mean it never happens. You’re an idiot if you think that the fact that you have never been treated badly by an officer of the law means it never happens. Grow the fuck up.

          • Christopher Hintz

            Your Right of Defense Against Unlawful Arrest. “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529. Hey moron david ballick yes the scotus did

          • The_Photographer

            No you can’t fix stupid, a fact you clearly illustrate with this badly misspelled grammarless post.

          • Silvertone

            ‘Libtard’? My mindset is the FURTHEST thing from a ‘libtard’ and I agree with the others that this power-tripping cop went way too far and that the man being assaulted had a right to resist unlawful arrest. I have a great deal of respect for police, but that does not mean I will have my rights as an American citizen infringed upon by corrupt police officers They are public servants. If you feel like you want to bend over and have your rights trampled on, then go ahead. But coming here and making an ass out of yourself for the whole world to see isn’t a very good idea. You may call us ‘libtards’ but we’re actually patriots.

      • ClassOneCanines

        what you are suggesting is to not question the authority a police officer under any circumstance. I hope you can see the danger in that.


    • raythemixer

      You sound like a weak-willed apologist. I hope you enjoy your chains you damned cop-sucker.

      • No, actually I’m NOT A DUMBASS like YOU that wants to be DEAD RIGHT by speaking your last words in the ambulance with 5 gunshot wounds “I was right ya know”, and then dying. Can you string enough brain cells together to consider that (1) a bicyclists just robbed a Asian woman a mile away with a knife and took all the money out of the cash register and then for no reason STABBED HER IN THE CHEST and left her to die. So the APB goes out (2) this “innocent” cyclists “fits the general description so (3) the cop pulls him over and asked for his ID and said “he was being detained for an investigation. (4) Cyclists knowing he hasn’t done anything wrong, knows the Supreme Court of the United States has stated over and over and over again (only heard by diseased Liberals), that IF you are being arrested or detained “illegally” then you MUST RESIST with all your power and might and IF NECESSARY, you must Shoot the law enforcement officer. So this Retard Cyclists “RESIST ARREST” knowing HE didn’t do anything wrong HOWEVER when He told the cop “hey dude, I didn’t do anything wrong”, the Stupid cop “acted stupidly as Obama says” and DIDN’T BELIEVE HIM. As he continued resisting arrest by refusing to submit and produce his ID and allow the officer to check him out, they had to TAZE HIS FRICKEN ASS! Personally I would have shot him and if you’d been there mouthing off I’d of shot you too. Because at some point we’ve got to clean up the Gene Pool of your freaks.

        • TOPDOG1

          This only proves you to be a dyed-in the-wool, reprobate P.O.S. to the bone. Your hate rants stink. Poor sick mind. Fortunately, for us all, your too stupid to get very far.

        • TechGump

          You speak of respect for the law, then brag about how you’d supposedly murder a man. You must be new to the web with your childish keyborad warrior antics. The only person your deluding here is yourself.

    • petroskhan

      At what point was the “arrest” made? And what was the arrestable offense, if you don’t mind me asking?

  • lomsha

    Business as usual for the police. Maybe this will get more traction since the victim is Caucasian!

    • palvadore

      If people stopped the false narrative that police only attack “Africans” we could get traction. But instead of Justice for all, we have self victimization of one class that refuses to see the truth. And that is: the Justice System is abusing all of us!

      • Real Truth stings

        Than why do whites not stand up against it? Why does white culture demand that the cops be protected no matter what they do? The msn is rolling his back and is attacked by the police. His crime is not clear but the video shows that he was a victim of a crime.

        • TOPDOG1

          Obviously the very ancient practice, provided by our two party system of divide and conquer has succeeded in putting a third party the (Authoritarians) in power. We have a very good police system they merely’ need to be reformed.Meanwhile here is another angle.


          • billdeserthills

            A disgusting show of force–two cops and a taser take on a 91 y/o
            hearing the old man howl in agony turns my blood to ice

        • palvadore

          “Whites” don’t stand-up to much of anything. It doesn’t prove racism. It does prove lazy and apathetic.

          The problem is a failure to enforce the Constitution!
          No matter what your ethnicity, people without money are easy pray. You and I know that in America, if you don’t have resources – at some point you are going to be a victim of police misconduct or worse.

          The Legal System bottom-to-top is corrupt. Local police, city, state…these groups are seizing Constitutional powers well beyond their limits.

          We must fire those judges that allow this conduct. Vote for judges that are honest and uphold the constitution!

          • Real Truth stings

            my post wasn’t about racism. it was about the fact that white people do not stand up for big problems in the country, if they think that it will weaken white power is some way. The cops are running around like a criminal gang rather than protectors and keepers of the peace. Whites are the majority in the country and they are the majority of those killed by the police, yet they do nothing but praise the police. This is a cultural malfunction that eschews perception and does not signal danger properly.

            i agree that a top down audit and reorg is the key to liberty. I will add that a trump led government will not be the ones doing anything so beneficial or logical.

          • palvadore

            Sorry to split the veil, but yes…your post and your response reeks of racism.

            Other than that, we agree the Justice System is out of control.

          • Real Truth stings

            how so? define the racism and where it is in the post. because if you think that criticism of white culture and the problems that it creates for everyone in this country is racism, then you are part of the problem. as long as we cannot face the problems and their actual source, we are lost. Just look at trump. could any female or black candidate get away with lying 69% of the time when communicating with american public? of course not. now give my post a try again. when you start to think your shite doesn’t stink, you are the smelliest of all.

          • The_Photographer

            Where in this definition do you see “you can’t be racist against white people”?

          • The_Photographer

            Where in this definition do you see “you can not be racist against white people”?

          • The_Photographer

            Hmm, seems to me if anyone made this same statement about blacks or Mexicans it would be racist. Do you honestly think that because you are talking about “white people” your comment isn’t racist?

          • Real Truth stings

            blacks, mexicans, etc are not the majority of this nation. if they were and caused these kinds of systemic, nation killing problems, you would demand that they fix the problems that they cause. but in the case of whites, somehow that logic gets oddly altered. when you catch me in a lie, feel free to showcase that lie. But the truth of the matter is that you cannot have 400 years of this insanity without the tacit or direct support of the majority population. You cause these problems and you do nothing to fix them. Even though the police kill whites more than any other group. explain why whites do nothing when they are the only ones with enough numbers to get the job done.

            you have the floor.

        • The_Photographer

          The “white culture” (of which there is no such thing BTW) does NOT protect bad cops. This is NOT a racial issue, this is a policing issue. Stop trying to turn everything into a race war.

          • Real Truth stings

            how can the majority, who stand in support of the police, no matter what, not be protecting bad cops. sounds to me like you simply do not want to acknowledge the problems your people create. You want to be in charge, but you don’t want responsibility for when it goes bad. Just like the republicans who represent you, they want power but they do not want the blame.

    • petroskhan

      Throwing out accusations of racism serves to divide the people, so that the conquering can be accomplished with less effort.

  • RED

    Goodness, if only those “good cops’ I always hear about had been there. Dang, those good cops seem to always miss stuff, weird, huh?

  • James Justice

    $$ coming eventually, but more important this cop needs to be taken off the streets for public safety!

  • Ibcamn

    just like the rat watching the cheese…..these cops are all corrupt,the cop will walk and the man will get shit…

  • FiuToYou

    Every day, more of the same. It’s getting to the point of explosion!!

  • Elle

    Another white privilege card expired! Oh wait- that’s a bunch of bullshit. People of every color get screwed over by cops. The privilege narrative regarding police abuse is BUNK and divisive. I just wonder how many people have to be hurt, sexually violated or killed for some people to figure that fact out.

  • Aajaxx

    I see so many videos where any reflex action on the part of the victim to protect himself from body blows or torture turns into a charge of “resisting arrest”. All it is is a natural reflex to defend yourself.

  • ClassOneCanines

    Tasers are over used by law enforcement. Since tasers have been in widespread use, the number of deaths of individuals in police custody have skyrocketed. The medical term” excited delirium, ” a condition which has no clear diagnostic criterion, is coined. the medical diagnosis is simply coined as a medical explanation for the excessive use of force by law enforcement. “Excited delirium” is a subjective diagnosis which is usually given to individuals that died unexpectedly while in police custody. one of the reported finding in excited delirium is cocaine or other drug intoxication. this factor is frequently cited and is used as a way to blame the victim of brutality. no well-controlled blinded Studies have been done to ascertain the frequency of excited delirium labeled fatalities but it is acknowledged that these occur in the absence of drug intoxication . what is often left out is that the taser was used excessively in these cases.
    I invite people to observe the seminars on YouTube regarding use of tasers that are directed towards law enforcement personnel. there is a lot of misinformation being given at these seminars and training sessions. all of the information is biased in favor of Taser International who manufactures the device. unfortunately most individuals in law enforcement do not possess the critical thinking skills that are required to objectively evaluate the safety and effectiveness of any device and they fail to see the problem of conflict of interest when the information that is being fed to them is coming directly from the manufacturer of the device.
    tasers are used in a widespread and indiscriminate manner. if you are suicidal you get tased…., if you’re acting suspicious you get tased, sitting in a hotel and you’re black you get, if your homeless and drunk you get tased, if you’re mentally ill you get tased. . it’s an easy feat to verify the frequent use of ” non-lethal Force” to the masses. the claim is is that tasers save lives because” it’s better than us just shooting them and killing them.” however, while the crime rates are way down, deaths during police custody are increasing. we don’t really have accurate data for the actual number of deaths and injuries, that occur during police custody ,because the law enforcement agencies choose to hide the data. Because they are not required to collect and keep track of deaths and injuries during police encounters, they don’t. It completely baffles me why law enforcement would not be interested in these statistics. this is a huge concern of our nation at the moment. why would they want to cover up and hinder the collection of life-saving information, information which could be used to improve public relations with law enforcement agencies? the truth remains to be seen. so much for transparency of public servants.
    what are the solutions to this problem. there should be federally mandated regulations and requirements, including keeping statistics regarding deaths during police custody and the circumstances surrounding the deaths, as well as occurrences of bodily harm. The public should be made aware of these statistics and the analysis of the data needs to be conducted by an objective non- government-related people chosen agency. a volunteer group of citizens would be best that way there are no Financial benefits. investigations of Officer conduct should never be performed by government-affiliated organizations especially law enforcement themselves ( internal affairs). currently the only data that is available is collected secondarily from media reports by people outside of law enforcement agencies.

    it’s also interesting to research the lobbying activities of taser International. that’s all I’m going to say about that.

    when all you have is a hammer, the world looks like a nail. saving lives that’s great but causing harm and deaths and ignoring the problem is unspeakable.