Cop Breaks into Home with No Warrant & Kills An Unarmed Teen. Judge Dismisses Case

After public outrage and legal proceedings, a judge has simply thrown out the indictment of Officer Richard Haste, who gunned down an unarmed teen, Ramarley Graham, inside his own home, without a warrant. Haste was facing manslaughter charges until the judge tossed the indictment.

Graham's parents grieve at  a rally for their son.

Graham’s parents grieve at a rally for their son.

This story got a minuscule amount of coverage when compared to other stories from the MSM. Why is this story not in headlines, on TV’s and scrolling through ticker bars across the country like the Zimmerman Martin case?

The answer to that question is simple. The establishment will seldom point out their own failures and corruption. Also this case could have sparked a serious national conversation about police abuse of power, brutality, and corruption.

The media establishment and government rely on a technique of divide and conquer to rule you. The only divide this would have stoked would have been that between the people and the state; something incredibly healthy and necessary for society, but damning to the status quo.

The reason the cops were chasing Graham…..they suspected he was in possession of a plant.