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Cop Who Shot Philando Castile Had Special Training that Taught Him the Public is the Enemy

Jeronimo Yanez, the St. Anthony, Minnesota Police Officer who fatally shot Philando Castile, underwent “Bulletproof Warrior” officer survival indoctrination that imparts what one police trainer calls a “paranoid” and“militaristic” mindset.

In May of 2014, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Yanez underwent a 20-hour seminar on “Street Survival” taught by Illinois-based Calibre Press, which teaches courses on the subject to police officers nationwide. The company’s “Street Survival Seminar” overview displays a monomaniacal focus on that most important of all policy considerations, “officer safety.” It treats every police encounter as a combat situation in which only one life truly matters – that of the government’s armed emissary, not that of the citizen who is supposedly being protected and served by him.

Although Calibre co-owner Jim Glennon has written that viewing “police as the enemy is not a healthy or helpful position for a society to take,” the courses presented by his company relentlessly teach officers that the public is their enemy. As one instructor summarized the course for the benefit of his students,  “We’ve got to survive this job!”

“The goal and purpose of the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar is twofold: Keep officers alive and give them the tools to enjoy a successful career in law enforcement,” explains the company’s promotional literature. “In order to accomplish this mission we need to tackle the realities and complexities of policing today for officers on the street … while placing the responsibility for winning right where it belongs – with the individual officer.”

A brief video excerpt from a “Street Survival” course shows a presenter lecturing officers about the need to visualize shooting someone as part of the “Psychological Game” necessary to “win” encounters with what trainees are told is an implacably hostile public.

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“That’s winning, ladies and gentlemen,” he declares.

“Traffic stops kill police officers, injure police officers – that’s a fact,” insists another lecturer. “But – and I’ll say this – it’s our bread and butter for enforcement.”

Local police had certainly feasted on Philando Castile, who had been stopped 52 times over the course of 14 years, and paid thousands of dollars in citations. Although he had no criminal record beyond traffic misdemeanors, Castile was known to the St. Anthony Police Department, which patrolled the town where the fatal traffic stop occurred.

Officer Yanez reportedly believed that Castile broadly resembled a suspect in a recent armed robbery. This may explain why he made what appears to be a “pretext stop.” It neither explains nor justifies why he opened fire on a citizen who was compliant, and who possessed a valid carry permit. The officer’s attorney insists that the mere presence of a gun was sufficient to trigger the officer’s lethal reaction – which makes sense, given that Yanez had been marinated in Calibre’s “officer safety” alarmism.

“The force used has to be `reasonable and necessary,’” “Street Survival” attendees are told. “And who judges if it is `reasonable and necessary’? It is to the officer’s standards.”

“Does the public understand, and are they trained in the dynamics of use of force as you and I are? No!” continues the harangue. This is why police must act as evangelists to the ignorant public, catechizing them about the sacred imperative of officer safety, and the duty of citizens to submit with docility in every encounter with the state’s agents of coercion.

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“Teach them,” the lecturer exhorted. “Establish, articulate, and indoctrinate.”

Calibre’s“Bulletproof” lectures are jointly taught by Glennon and David Grossman, a retired Army Lt. Colonel and former Army Ranger who originated the now-common conceit that police and military personnel are “sheepdogs” blessed with the “gift of aggression” and who have a divine duty to deal out violence against “wolves.”

In this depiction, the public are “sheep” – to be protected and, of course, sheared as their overseers see fit.

Interestingly in addition to the familiar instruction regarding officer safety and the “sheepdog mentality,” those who attend “Bulletproof” training events are also taught about “Threats to Democracy” – an examination of “the current relationship between law enforcement and the community they are sworn to protect while also identifying the most current threats to both.”

The “Street Survival” seminar Yanez attended was not the only training of this sort he received. He took a similar 20-hour “Officer Survival” course from a different company two years earlier. Just a few weeks before the fatal encounter with Castile, Yanez participated in a two-hour training course entitled “de-escalation.” This was his “only instruction in his four years with the department that appears to focus on that approach,” summarizes the Star-Tribune, which obtained his training records.

William Czech, who attended a two-day Bulletproof Warrior class at a Bloomington, Minnesota Ramada Inn, described himself as “horrified” by the course. Czech is a private citizen, not a police officer, and he attended the class following encounters between police and a relative who suffers from mental illness. The second day of the class was devoted to videos of shootouts between police and citizens, with narration by Calibre co-owner Glennon.

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“Every time a video came up where the officer hesitated, he would stop and he would say, `This is a point where there should have been a reaction, he should have engaged,” Czech recalls.

While he admits that his course teaches officers that “hesitation will get you killed,” Glennon insists that Czech’s perception was “totally inaccurate.”

“That’s why we don’t let the press in” to the training seminars, Glennon added.

Michael Becar, executive director of the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement, agrees with Czech’s supposedly untutored assessment of Calibre’s “officer survival” training.

“Everything they were doing made the police officers very paranoid,” he points out. “At some point, they wouldn’t even stop a car without three backups.”

Peter Kraska, chairman of the School of Justice Studies at Eastern Kentucky University, has described Calibre’s training seminars as “irresponsible” and “dangerous.” The actions of the program’s most notable graduate, Officer Jeronimo Yanez, demonstrate the lethal consequences of weaponizing the “officer safety” mindset.

  • tapatio

    Should any American Citizen wish to drop by and let Calibre Press know how they feel about a company that teaches cops that THEIR EMPLOYERS (the public) ARE THE ENEMY, that company can be found at…………

    8501 Wade Blvd. Ste 310, Frisco, TX 75034
    NOT the P.O. Box 3476 Glen Ellyn, IL address, which is a remail service used by numerous shady companies.

    • Paschn

      I would suggest that if you follow the bread crumbs it’ll lead you to AIPA/Israel directly or a “holding company” operated by dual citizens.

      • Razedbywolvs

        I had simulator results backtracking the “Safe Cities” program at the time it was getting attention from the Alt media it was a dead end.
        Now you do a search and the first thing that pops up is the UN.

      • tapatio

        Some former cop named Lt. Jim Glennon allegedly owns Calibre Press on paper. But, who knows who owns Glennon.

        Most of the real thug cops are trained in IsraHELL by Jewish border guards and IDF goons.

        IsraHELL – US Police Brutality
        U.S. Police Routinely Travel to Israel to Learn Methods of Brutality and Repression

        From NYC, Ferguson To Baltimore, American Police Are Trained In Apartheid Israel
        Israel’s export of occupation police tactics

        Ferguson is not Gaza … yet

        • Paschn


          By manipulating public (Goim) opinion through their kosher media, we’ve been “conditioned” to think cops are special. Same with “the chosen”. The parasites of the parasites think they’ve got an “in” by licking the hands plotting the next Goim genocide. What they fail to realize is “the chosen” never keep their lackeys around too long once they’ve exceeded their “expiration date” Hell even Lenin/Stalin died “conveniently”.

          There are a plethora of non kosher mad dogs. Granted they are in abundance in Sewer Nation but that can probably be explained by the poisons they feed us both in the corrupted non-kosher foods – (Monsanto) – “safe” drugs/vaccines”, big pharma and twisting of Goim minds through the perverse “genius” Siggy” Freud.


          One look at the human stains such as “wet start” McCain, Biden et al in D.C. it becomes obvious just what fine “Christians” have infected/rotted our body politic. Hell, “the synagogue” has even “manufactured” human feces and labeled them “Muslim” – our own greasy homosexual, Barry Sotero aka Obama. To make people even more aware of their “coincidental” presence in misery/death of Goim, I suggest you purchase/read a book; Dr. Mary’s Monkey”. a VERY revealing non-fiction book showing how easily it is to “invent” heroes/geniuses from below average “chosen” when you have title to mad-dogs the likes of those 2 mentioned above. Snakes like the “hero” Salk creeping ’round about during the creation of the “safe” Polio VACCINE obviously responsible for the agony/death of millions of Goim via the “hidden in plain sight” soft tissue cancer epidemic created via tainted monkey viruses used in making the grand-daddy of them all “safe” vaccines, the Polio “cure”.

          Controlling/manipulating public opinion is comically easy through a kosher media. It’s becoming exponentially more difficult thanks to the web. Although one must be very careful for, it benefits them to discredit same through “shill” sites such as Raw Story – or Common Dreams who quash any facts critical of Israel/AIPAC/ virtually instantly. Learning of and exposing the rampant evil they hold title to is really quite easy once you sever the umbilical connecting a potentially objective/curious-to- know- the-truth mind and the orthodox “kosher” media used to hide treason/evil in plain site. Perfect example is the dual citizen SCOTUS’ “objective” wisdom in granting big pharma immunity from civil liability for their aluminum/mercury laced “safe” vaccines – the NDAA, (which will be critical in my opinion for implementing Noahide law and the impending “Russian Revolution” redux.), corporate “citizenship”, forcing of homosexuality upon a dumbed-down society. Even Agenda 21 can be traced to their door. Cloaking same in “sustainability”, (planned obsolescence), when it’s nothing more than a global “culling” of Goim.


          • tapatio

            You are pretty much correct. However, citing the web site of the Grand Poop Bah of the Ku Klukkers is NOT going to win you any credibility. There are others who tell the truth and don’t add the generalized racism and ignorance of Duke.

          • Paschn

            Duke was the supreme poop-bah of the KKK over thirty years ago. To hang the stigma associated with that organization after decades would be tantamount to calling dual citizen/mayor of Chicago Rahm Emmanuel, (an officer in the genocidal IDF), a terrorist because his father was a premier terrorist killing brits and others while in the Irgun Zvai Leumi Jewish terrorist organization.
            Among their claims to fame were bus bombings and, I believe the first hijackings of commercial aircraft.

          • tapatio

            Like Rahm Emanuel, David Duke has consistently proven himself loyal to the “principles” of his old cult. I would consider Duke to be somewhat closer to a civilized human than Emanuel.

          • James Wherry


      • Matthew Smith

        You have a link ?

        • Paschn
          • Matthew Smith

            Man you “all in” with the “Jews run everything ” conspiracy theories, aren’t you ?

          • Paschn

            Well. the only way I can present it to you is to say this;

            Your a cattle man. You come upon your herd decimated/slaughtered by “something”. You look closer and see a myriad of evidence pointing to a wolf pack. You arm yourself and begin tracking them…. along the way you see bloody paw prints, Wolf sign etc. Yet FURTHER proof the WOLVES are tearing your herd apart. After a few more miles of tracking them, noticing more “sign”, you come upon a few bears searching for grubs/berries. Will you open fire on the bears, kill them all then pat yourself on the back and head back to clean up the slaughtered cattle thinking their safe?

            This nation’s people, in spite of a mountain of evidence, have been ignoring the “wolves” and attacking the “bears”

            Why? why ignore the obvious? Is it because the kosher media/AIPAC et al will label you a rabid anti-Semite? Believe me and the Israeli G.O. who reveals it’s nothing more than a “trick” to silence people’s well deserved criticism of the self-proclaimed “chosen” and the REAL nuclear rogue state of occupied Palestine.

          • Matthew Smith

            Well if you want me to believe the Jews are the wolves and the Fundamentalist Muslims are the innocent berry eating bears, good luck. ….. I don’t buy it, and you’re not going to find a lot of people who do , these days.

          • Paschn

            Actually, I wasn’t using the bears as a metaphor. The point I was trying to make was if the evidence leads you in a certain direction, it makes no sense to go where it DOESN”T lead you. Looking at history, I’d be a helluva lot more comfortable turning my back on a Farrakhan than a Chertoff, Netanyahu, Zakheim, Clark or Pollard.

          • Matthew Smith

            Not me, but then, I’m not Muslim ….

          • Paschn

            Nor am I.

          • Paschn

            I was thinking about your above post. I didn’t state Jews run everything anywhere in them. Further, why call them theories? You’re obviously pro-Israel/AIPAC/Jew, where did you get information which caused you to think them blameless? The beliefs of people pro and con on any subject is reached by taking in information from third parties. People should try to verify, (hopefully) the veracity of the information that caused them to either believe one side of a story or another. Since the media in Sewer nation is owned either outright by int’l Jews or Israel firsters, It seems to me to be rather naïve to accept all things printed by these kosher outlets as irrefutable fact. Can you provide me with any links to (objective) sites I can check out to try and understand why you’d refer to them as “conspiracy theories”? Can you tell me what the requirements are for something to be called a conspiracy and what the criteria is for something to be moved out of the theory column and into the historic fact column? Perhaps then I can provide information enough to make you understand why I believe the way I do and why you should not believe the way you do. Prior to the false-flag slaughter of 9/11 I had no opinion one way or the other. With over 50 years in building and construction trades, I didn’t become suspicious until I watched those buildings free fall. then I became suspicious and simply based my final opinion on facts, (not theories), I was able to verify, the almost instant destruction of a crime scene, the enormous cost (in the billions), to remediate the asbestos within and what a suspicious “stroke of luck” that caused a “real estate genius”, (Larry Silverstein) to buy them, asbestos and all, alter his insurance policies to include terrorist attacks, hold title for 42 days, make billions on their destruction and completely avoid the cost of asbestos remediation… how fortuitous, no? That coupled with how the paper patriots within the FBI released the MOSSAD assets under order from dual citizen Chertoff working in an appointed position within the dual citizen run DHS was ample reason to move them from “theory” into cold, hard fact. From then on, I stopped hunting bears and began hunting wolves. why would any other way make more sense?

      • James Wherry


        • Paschn

          Silly Goy!

          To praise someone over a “thing”, that “thing” had to have actually taken PLACE! In addition to objective exposure to their lies, simply science has PROVEN it physically impossible.

          On the OTHER hand,

          The Bolshevik Jews annihilated nearly 85,000,000 (aggregate) Christian/Muslim human beings primarily in Russia but nearly all of Europe in toto. THAT bit-o-history has been PROVEN and stands alone upon truth – whereas your *sniff* “perennial victim’s” cash-cow aka holocaust has to be protected by Jew power over nations by euchering members of their global “Judas Class”, backed by whining little 1.)apologists – 2.) marranos – 3.) Evangelicals who have wet dreams from having their ears “tickled” by repulsive shills the likes of Hagee et al.

          allowing them to create “hate crimes” that put people in prison for years/fine them into poverty for the “heinous(?)” crime of not believing their bullshit.

          This quote is from a Jew publication itself – in which they gloat over their ongoing mass-murders;

          have exterminated the property owners in Russia. We are going to do
          the same thing in Europe and America”

          (The Jew, December, 1925, Zinobit)

          How DARE me show you their own words to prove the facts of a matter! Why I MUST be a rabid “conspiracy theorist”!

          Take a moment and think about how ridiculous you and others of your mental challenge look by attacking others for nothing more than QUOTING the evil ones YOU WORSHIP!

          • James Wherry


          • James Wherry

            Jewish Bolshevism? That anti-semetic Jew Hating canard was picked up by the Whites during the Russian Revolution and carried by the NAZ!s during WWII. It’s been debunked, time and again.

          • Paschn

            Hmm, Your “history” regarding the “perennial victims” mass murder being anti-Semitic smells odd. Almost like the Israeli front “Wikipedia”. Shlomo, may I call you Shlomo? I believe I warned you just a while back about culling lies from sites such as “raw (bullshit)Story, Common (nightmares)Dreams. Wikipedia is right down there with them, hell lower than.

          • Paschn

            OY VEY! Shlomo! Who’d a thought “Wickedleaks” could have gotten it so wrong!


    • James Wherry


  • RS

    First of all the cop tat shot Castile… didn’t shot Castile, it was a hoax

    • Robert Wilson

      your a fucking moron. castile wasnt a hoax he was a REAL man WHO really WAS MURDERED. he died in the hospital shortly after as the result of his wounds all of this is PUBLIC RECORD. god people like you who dont bother checking your facts before posting stupid hateful shit on the internet. people like you need to be banned for life from the internet as a whole.

      • Razedbywolvs

        I agree with you… but how do you determine what a fact is? If we were to base what a fact is by public record 9/11 would have been a outside job and Gary Webb really did commit suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head twice.
        Assuming you like the truth challenging conventional wisdom or the official facts is always a good thing.
        PS Einstein was wrong, the speed of light is not a constant.

        • Paschn

          Odd you mention that. To get an idea just how much power over Sewer Nation they have and the extent they’ll go to in their ongoing quest to achieve “perennial victimhood” but “superior to Goim Status”, let’s look at the “geniuses invented by and propagated by the Kosher Media;


  • Damien Costanza

    The peaceful demonstrators in Dallas were chanting about Black Lives and killer cops. Then the shots rang out and these people sick of PERCEIVED racism by police against blacks (thanks Barry) began to COWER AND CLING to the police to save them and their worthless lives. The very same thing will happen to you sheep when law enforcement agencies walk off the job. When 250 people are outside your homes looking to kill you, rape your wives and daughters and steal all your storable food… try the hugs and kisses techniques of Barry… or try to remember as you draw your final breaths that if only you hadn’t made law enforcement not give a shit anymore they would still be here to save you.

    • dufas_duck

      “250 people are outside your homes looking to kill you, rape your wives and daughters and steal all your storable food…” unless those 250 people are cops which it probably will be……

    • hang3xc

      I’ll be thinking “I wish I had a machine gun” or at least high capacity mags. Too bad they were outlawed and only available to military. Now I’m gonna fucking die because of it. Fucking assholes.

    • Paschn

      “…that if only you hadn’t made law enforcement not give a shit…” Seriously, read the entire article and you’ll see whom it was who has made L.E. not give a shit. Which in and of itself isn’t accurate.

  • Elle

    A cop I knew would put on his uniform and say “I’m headed out to catch me some vermin” he’s the same cop who told me to buy a new car (I drove an old 67 falcon at the time) stating that cops would pull me over based on my car alone because having such a vehicle was a sign that I was not making good life choices therefore would likely be breaking the law. He added that once pulled over they would see that I smoke cigarettes and addicting substance, therefore it was likely that I would be addicted to other illegal substances. isn’t this profiling? Yes it is! I am white by the way.

  • patriot156

    yes very much could be. Training people to overreact, or prepping them to do so would be why this Officer shot first like he did. Yes this shouldn’t be a Race issue not like they are playing it out to be, but an American issue. If cops can freak out like that on this poor guy just think what they can do to those who do support them as they do?
    Meaning they kill far more whites than they do blacks each year, and more and more Old or conservative Americans are being targeted and getting killed so how much more could they do to those that show up at these blue lives matter rallies? Again this guy was only trying to comply, at least that’s what I believe at least for now. So then that alone should scare them just as much as it does regular people. get pulled over for speeding Boom your dead. Get misidentified, as what this officer is using as an excuse. He thought that a flared nose made him a suspect in some armed robbery case earlier in the week.