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First Cop in Georgia’s Recent History to be Charged With Murder for Killing an Unarmed Naked Vet

Decatur, GA – Instead of reaching for his pepper spray or his Taser, a DeKalb County police officer drew his gun and killed an unarmed veteran suffering from bipolar and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Charged with felony murder and several other charges on Thursday, the officer claims the unarmed veteran was aggressively charging towards him even though witnesses dispute his “official” version of events.

On March 9, 2015, residents called 911 to report a naked man crawling on the ground and acting deranged in the parking lot of their apartment complex.

As an Air Force veteran who had been deployed to Afghanistan, Anthony Hill had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and PTSD after returning from combat in 2012. Experiencing side effects from his medication, including a locked jaw and swollen tongue, Hill had stopped taking his prescription drugs ten days before his death while waiting for a follow-up appointment at the V.A. to switch his medications.

Responding to the scene, DeKalb County Police Officer Robert Olsen shot Hill to death because he claimed the unarmed veteran was charging towards him. Although he was reportedly armed with a Taser and pepper spray, Olsen immediately drew his firearm and gunned down Hill even though witnesses assert the naked veteran had his hands up when the officer killed him.

According to law enforcement sources who wish to remain unidentified, cops are often trained to treat naked suspects as drug addicts high on PCP or bath salts. Although Olsen received training on how to handle people suffering from mental illness, the officer reportedly described the department as having failed “to train him and the other officers in the Department in identifying and deciphering nonviolent or nonaggressive psychological episodes versus the threat of a potentially violent encounter with a citizen high on PCP.”

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Filing a wrongful death lawsuit, Hill’s family accused Olsen of having “a long and extensive history of aggressive conduct” and “propensity toward anger when dealing with members of the public.”

Earlier this month, DeKalb County District Attorney Robert James Jr. asked a grand jury to charge Olsen with felony murder, aggravated assault, violating his oath of office, and making a false statement. Although over 170 fatal police shootings have been recorded in Georgia since 2010, only one officer has been charged with the killing of a civilian. That charge was later dismissed.

Despite the fact that Georgia state law allows police officers to address the panel without any threat of cross-examination or a rebuttal by prosecutors, the grand jury chose to indict Olsen on Thursday. His charges include two counts of felony murder, one count of aggravated assault, one count of making a false statement, and two counts of violation of oath by a public officer.

Unable to differentiate between aggressive suspects on PCP and nonviolent mentally ill patients off their medication, cops have repeatedly taken the lives of innocent people suffering from mental disorders. Instead of giving them the attention and treatment that they deserve, we as a society have neglected the mentally ill and allowed the government to increasingly close down mental health facilities. After decades of denying treatment and shelter to patients suffering from extreme psychological disorders, they’ve been thrown onto the streets and into the hands of the trigger-happy cops. And we can no longer act like we aren’t responsible for what inevitably happens next.

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    • I can explain.
      > Cops are psychopaths who gravitate to positions of power and are fucking cowards, as are government supporters and apologists

      Good day

  • There is no such thing as an unarmed person because most humans have knuckles and they can be and have been deadly even when used by untrained individuals in a violent way but for the sake of conversation the answer to your question about “less than lethal” weapons is because most naked unarmed attackers are under the influence of some serious drugs and OC spray and Taser’s don’t work worth a shit on those people or even on some sober people and one strike a hand has killed and will kill again. I don’t care if your a garbage man, a deli clerk or a cop…if someone is coming at you in an aggressive manner and you think they might hurt you, you have the right to defend yourself. I’m not trying to prove I’m a tough guy by fighting someone for no reason, give the motherfucker goosebumps or a skin rash by using Taser’s and OC spray…I’m going to pull out iron and shut that motherfucker down. Fuck giving people the benefit of the doubt when the wager is my life.

    • or maybe you could just run a bit ?

    • He had his hands in the air??? and a Grand Jury indicted on 6 accounts including felony murder, but what do they know?

    • Bring naked isn’t the scary part you fucking idiot. It is a however a definite warning sign that you are dealing with someone who could kill you in a spilt second of you fuck up. You go right ahead and try and defend yourself against a highly drugged or psychotic person and natural selection will sort your ass out most riki tik. It’s a shitty thing to happen to anyone but me personally… I don’t give a fuuuuuck what people think, I’m not going to die tonight. Hey Gardito Edgardo Torres III…The cowards way, Huh? Fuuuuuck you tough guy. You don’t get to bait people into non mutual combat with your stupidity.

    • I agree this case is fucked but I’m just saying OC spray and Tasers don’t work worth a shit. I know from personal experience.

    • Lol that oc spray isnt a joke. And will take anyone down if they feel pain. Stunguns are a joke. I know from personal experience. Actually get beat while cuffed because the taser didnt take me down. After they maced me. Stop resisting is just a fancy way of saying stop moving while i beat your face in with a baton.

    • Levi Wartman…I’ve been OC’d multiple times and worse as a part of training. OC doesn’t do anything more than slow down anyone that is used to it, intoxicated on some drugs or in the middle of a psychotic rage and sometimes it doesn’t even do that. There are much better less than lethal options available than OC.

  • Should be considered a capital murder, I will accept no less than the death penalty

    • accept no less..?..mmmm…its people like you that worry me…have you ever worn any uniform…put your self in harms way?…I doubt it

    • wow…and your a stay at home daddy….you are a real man and husband and father…lol…not…guess you must wear the dress while your wife wears the pants and provides for YOUR family….see this is exactly what i wanted to avoid…dumb ass discussions…he sucked me right into it….

    • I go out of my way to help others and yes I have been in harms way… also have had a uniform… have had guns pulled on me… many other ways to deal with crazy…. can’t just shoot it away

    • Due to my disabilities… I am now a stay at home dad… judgmental…. are we still in highschool? And I’m sorry my wife makes over 60,000 a year on her own…. why not take care of the kids instead of a babysitter or other child care …..

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  • he thought the vet was the terminator

  • None of us where there when this happened, its a tragity that a vet was killed by a cop, but …we dont know what was going through that cops mind at the time

    • unarmed what about that cannot get through your skull

    • lol….you dont have to be armed, to kill some one, really, have you been that sheltered in your life, that you have not seen the real world?

    • what was going through cops mind was.. that looks like the dude who stole my lunch money as a kid. And 1+1=3

    • and you can speak for what was going through that cops mind…wow….sounds like you were the one that got his lunch money taken….just saying…not sure…because I wasent there to see your money get taken

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    • Vince Luisi the cop total menace out in public. Ticking time bomb I would say

    • Vince, you’re absolutely correct when you say that we don’t know what was going through his mind at the moment- but don’t have to. We can see, the results. And, yes, before you ask- I am well aware that one does not need to have a weapon to hand to injure or kill someone else- the point here is that the officer had other, non- fatal means at his immediate disposal to deal with the situation, and he Chose the fatal option.

    • not sure what you mean jacky bindon, I must have been asleep in highschool english comprehenison, and spelling..cuz i dont understand what your trying to say

    • my spelling

    • this thread is getting nowhere…I know when to pack up

    • If you read what I wrote, no where did I say the cop was right…every body loves knee jerk responses…but i appluade you reply….because at least you put some thought in to it

    • I know what was going through his head. How do i get away with killing this guy? Idc a naked man is not armed clearly he can see that. But instead of mace or a stun gun he chose to take a life because hes a pussy. And didn’t want to be punched in the face. We all know these cops now were bullied in school and picked on. So they became cops to force their will on others.

    • And no you dont have to be armed to kill. But its alot harder to kill with your hands if they see you coming. That cop is a pussy flat out. Hes a pussy. And deserves everything he gets.

    • Wow, people will find any excuse they can to justify police violence. Sad

    • Vince Luisi when someones response is to pick on their abilities to spell it just shows your true colors your an asshole . And seriously you suggesting we don’t know what was going though the cops mind is just further proof that the cop was unstable and another good reason why all cops should have monthly evaluations of their mental health . I guess being a jar head your just use to violence as away of life

    • lol, you are not worth the 45 key strokes it took to reply

  • unarmed? why kill?

  • Anthony Hill

  • very sad for our Vets; they need all the help & support we can give them & their families. And sad for our police. We can not let the bad apples turn us against the good cops. just hard to tell who is who sometimes

  • This page should be called white is right extreme right wingest unite

    • WOW…Margaret Hantakas..I have no Idea where you came from, dont care if your an immigrant or a 3rd generation american…but the fact you posted what you believe, and you were not thrown in jail, or worse dissapeared, is a direct slap in the face of the vet who was killed…he served, so you could FREELY express your rather stupid and racists opinions, and remarks….if you find this country so unwelcoming, or unfriendly, or even racist….please…feel free to leave

    • Actually I am a veteran since when did white people care about black people and that I am

    • Funny since it’s the leftists looking to use law enforcement to force their Anti-American agenda. You progressives can’t see your own hypocrisy nor can you see how all this will come to head eventually, leading to total control over the people. You big government types are the death of America.

    • Lol i guess they removed the rest of my comments but let me tell you how i feel about govt..both sides are hypocritic !! They dont care about us !! Never have and never will..they take your money..you willingly give it to them and then they laugh because you made them richer and they have no intention of living up to their side of the bargain !! Right wing or left wing !! Its all one big sham !!

    • Lol but you guys go ahead and keep living a little lie the rest of your life and think they care…I’ll wait

  • because the cops enjoy there athority.the bad ones.

  • I wish there was a way to share a post, with all the dumb ass comments that were on it before…this share mean nothing unless you saw the previous comments…….2 sides to the story…2 lives destroyed…and every one wants to jump in..and they have no idea of what happened…I sure as hell dont…cant say he was right or wrong…I wasent there..but please…dont just mouth off

    • Vince, we champion freedom of speech where it causes intolerable harm, yet you have issue with freedom of an opinion on a simple post, nobody is at most crime scenes, thats where cctv, body cams and witnesses are crucial to both prosecution and defence, you dont seem to consider what was going through the vets mind, he had his hands in the air, he was lucid to that degree. There are amazing law enforcement in the US but there is far far too many like this not to realise that it is a huge problem, they are not Millitia, they are ambassadors of the laws of the country Those that abuse that should be held to account in the same way as anybody who does the same.

    • Trained Millitia who see a community as the enemy have no place in that community.

    • In the UK, you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, he had a taser, he didnt even attempt to try it, he went straight for the obliterater to a naked man with his hands in the air, like it was a right to kill, not even a shot of warning? he lied, you lie to protect yourself by covering up the truth because the truth will prove guilt,the jury, didnt buy his lies. He is accountable.

  • nice, they did follow this time

  • Es que el hombre desnudo venia “”bien armado”” y le dio una rabia al policía por que su “”arma”” era muy pero muy pequeña

  • A farting ol lady can be a threat to a sadistic cop with an authority complex and a gun. Guess it depends on the circumstance right. All I know is they don’t have any authority over me unless I give it to them. What ever happened to serve and protect. Guess that only applies if you’re from the white sorry right side of town.

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  • One report on this said Alabama now its Georgia. How did this get fucked up? Which famn state is it?


    • Not quite yet, the left is working on that though. Fundamental transformation.

  • At least they got one. Probably only because the victim was a vet.

  • Travis Bui

    • Sad!! I used to wrk with him at the same precinct. Fucking bullssit

  • I need to read all the storie with buff sides of the coin

  • You obviously haven’t seen the first Terminator movie.

  • Usually on Pcp

  • Absolutely appalling a total abuse of power the poor guy needed help and medication,this cop should receive the death penalty,for being a cowardly cold blooded murderer