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Cop Claims He Punched Handcuffed 14yo Girl in the Face Twice in ‘Self-Defense’

St. Paul, MN — On Monday, a St. Paul police officer was charged with misdemeanor assault after he punched a handcuffed child in the face twice while she was getting placed in the back of his squad car.

Officer Michael Soucheray II has been placed on administrative duty after punching the 14-year-old girl for allegedly spitting on him. The 14-year-old was at the East Side shelter for girls when police responded to a call of a suicidal girl.

According to the criminal complaint, as reported by WCCO, officers were trying to take the girl to a hospital because she was reportedly suicidal, but she refused to go and became agitated, screaming and at one point going limp.

Because the girl, who was clearly in the midst of a psychological crisis, refused to get into an ambulance, police force was escalated.

When Soucheray told the girl that police would be taking her, the girl said she was not going and officers handcuffed her. They escorted her to a squad car, and the teen was screaming and crying, according to the complaint.

The girl then spat into Soucheray’s face, and instead of maintaining his composure, knowingly dealing with a traumatized girl in a diminished mental state, this cop grabbed her by the neck and punched her in the face — twice.

In a press release on Tuesday, Police Chief Todd Axtell noted that when police do not abide by their professional standards, “swift and decisive action is taken to hold ourselves accountable.”

However, we will see just how ‘swift and decisive’ the action is considering the fact that this officer is claiming he acted in self-defense.

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Soucheray’s attorney, Peter Wold claimed that the girl, who was in handcuffs and mentally unstable, was the one who committed felony assault against the officer by spitting into his face.

Although that claim sounds outlandish, unfortunately, the law in many states says Wold is correct. When a person spits into the face of a non-cop, they can be charged with misdemeanor battery. However, if a person spits into the face of a privileged law enforcement officer, that same act becomes a felony. Seems legit.

“This charge is based on a self-defense reaction to a screaming, threatening subject immediately after she had committed a felony assault on Officer Soucheray by intentionally spitting her saliva into his face….Officer Soucheray reacted with reasonable force,” Wold continued.

“Officer Soucheray regrets the attention this political reaction may bring to his fellow officers at the St. Paul Police Department and does assure them that he will defend himself vigorously against this unfortunate action,” Wold said.

Aside from Soucheray’s attorney defending him, predictably, the police union has also taken a stand.

“We’re very disappointed that charges are moving forward,” Dave Titus, St. Paul Police Federation president said. “Mike Soucheray is an outstanding officer with a very good reputation, and the East Side (where he was assigned to patrol) benefits from his work ethic.”

Dan Pfarr, president and CEO of 180 Degrees, of which Brittany’s Place is a program, says he’s seen lots of traumatized girls act out. However, he noted how all of the other police officers managed to remain nonviolent — until now.

“We have a long working relationship at Brittany’s Place with the St. Paul police,” Pfarr said. “They’re very critical in us keeping the girls safe. The girls have a lot of trauma they’ve experienced, and there are problematic behaviors that occur. The police are well aware of it and are trained. … We do expect them to maintain their composure under stress, and they do, they have. We believe this is an isolated incident.”

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Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit
  • edlorens

    Communication between the communities and police is non existent or broken. Sorry, but under Obama we lost perception of civil responsibilities and plain civilities. Seems that unnecessary escalation of some type of violent reaction became a daily occurrence. 14 years old is a minor but not actually a child. Spitting is unusually demeaning …I would prefer to take a punch than to be spit on…and if somebody would spit on me, I would probably react automatically without thinking. Still she was handcuffed and he was a cop …hit her twice not once.
    It is disturbing. I do not even know how to relate to this. Cops are not a robots. In spite of the training sometimes the response is personal.We got build in the level of acceptance and …mistakes happens.
    If she was really suicidal where did she get all this energy, throwing fists?

    • Boba Vette

      oh yes blame the 1 president who had the harshest deportation in history and created more laws protecting police then the last 4 presidents…..SMFH idiotic poster like yo should be banned

      • edlorens

        Actually it started before him …generation of Dr. Spook kids. But ” the harshest deportation in history…’ you must be joking.No! It is true that Obama was more strickent on deporting latinos vs. sneaking in unvetted refugees. In spite of his original promise by the end of 2016 they were coming in solely based on their personal statement. Google up and see! Our problem escalated. But then with the current outlook of refugees …it is not easy to handle. 60,000 unattended minors crossing our borders/per year. Last year even more plus from Southern borders now coming Somalis and other Africans…and 7 ISIS came. The one thing that Obama finally did is terminate the ‘wet foot, dry foot”

      • edlorens

        In all fairness with this story we can all only imagine what really happened. It is one side reporting and no video. What it seems it might not be.

        • PJ London

          In all fairness, you are being a total moron.
          The facts are not disputed. A 14 year old female who was handcuffed and therefore no possible danger to anyone, was punched twice in the face by a fully grown male.
          The ‘one side’ reporting is the police side, the same side as the ‘male’,
          The child was having a mental problem. She was suicidal. She was combative and did not want to go to hospital or in a police car. She was already subdued, and placed in restraint (Handcuffs).
          Your preference for being punched rather than spat on is fine, but the level of harm is totally different.
          The problem is that spitting on someone is a sign of ‘disrespect’ not of wishing to physically harm that person.
          Worthless people have a problem with being ‘Dissed’. You see it all the time. If someone has no self respect, then the disrespect of others really hurts their feelings.
          Simple to see the ones who would rather be punched than spat on.

  • Boba Vette

    If you can’tr handle being an LEO get the FUCK out and be a boarder guard. They can kill at will.

    • Michael James McDaniel


  • The Cat’s Vagina

    What the hell happened to having a paramedic sedate someone?

    • edlorens

      Great thought…but I guess the paramedic does not travel with cops and this happened before.Maybe that place where she was staying should called paramedic 1st instead of cops. But since they choose to call cops, I deduce that they consider the girl more violent and impossible to handle then suicidal.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        Yeah, but who was working in the ambulance she refused to get into?

      • Ed

        You should read the story! It said she refused to get into the ambulance and that’s why they called the police in.


    Anyone who believes the officers statements is an idiot.However; not everyone has the temperament to deal with the public. I know because I don’t. Such a person should not be placed into a situation where they must deal with people. It is the lack of training and poor on non-existent supervision or control of the officer who should be blamed.

    • Eric Alexander

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  • So he had to punch a kid in her face while she was handcuffed to protect himself? What a sissy! This punk doesn’t deserve to be a cop, especially if that is his justification. He’s going to shoot someone and this won’t be the last time we hear about him, I guarantee it.

  • IceTrey

    It’s the “reasonable force” that is ridiculous.

    • PJ London

      It is the whole concept of using force and handcuffs – violence.
      50 years ago as an EMT we regularly had combative mental and drugged patients. Two attendants with a blanket, wrap them up and then tie them down. It was a child for F sake. We would take on fully grown men. They are sick and hurting, only a vicious psychopath would want to harm these people.
      You see it all the time, Police swarm a person who is merely not complying and deliberately hurt them. Knees to the head and neck, twisting the arm and wrist joints beyond their limits. Pressing the face down in to concrete or roads. Knee strikes to the groin and thighs. The police are (99.99%) sick and psychopathic crap.

      • Guy

        Taken from someone that obviously knows what they are talking about, has been there and done that ! Amen PJ ! For them, to even say that this is to be considered as reasonable, and somehow within there limits of acceptable training guidelines, is to me the sighn of the
        disease !

  • James Michael

    Aggravated Assault and battery is a crime. And kidnapping breach of the
    peace false imprisonment treason and terrorism are felonies……This
    felon should be Dallased.
    Texas is so loaded with treasonous ass scumbag traitors with badges…. it is not funny.

  • Ibcamn

    faggot cops,afraid of a 14 year old girld,really….faggot cops like this need to start looking for a new job after he gets out of jail for beating a child….typical,the only time these thin skinned faggots feel like men is when they beat kids and women and of course handcuffed men with their cop friends around…cops are criminals,and too im guessing he had grabbed her in a few spots for fun,they like fondeling little girls,cops are pedophiles too,so it goes without saying….cop are thugs with badges[criminals]

    • Guy

      What dose a homosexaul, gay, lesbian, queer or bi-sexeual have anything to do with this ? Other than you flapping off about the cop being a maybe pedophile, in your imagination, who is trying to cop a feel, while he is assaulting her ?

      • Ibcamn

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        • Guy

          I ‘am the cop sucker, gay idiot ? Why ? Because I called you out on your homophobia ! Then, you reply with even more mindless dribble of lame excuse after even more lame excuse, of basically crap to try to justify your sorry point !

          No sport ! I am a happily married father of two son’s and a pretty wife, have been for over 45 years !

          And you call be the useless idiot ? At least, I don’t stand around watching paint dry while flipping out unusefull comments, that have nothing to do with anything, except to hear himself speak !

          But ! I don’t think you could even remotely begin to understand even that, and will likely come up with some even more clever witticism !.
          I suggest you don’t even bother with it, you have nothing worth reading or my further interest in !

          • Ibcamn

            closet copsuckers are worse,people like you get innocent people killed by faggot cops who should be working different jobs,copsuckers like you support corruption and the murder of innocent people and supporters like you who cheer on the cops like they are heros,not like the murderers they really are,and you help get them paid vacations after they kill someone in cold blood,you say”ah,the poor cops are so in danger,give them a vacation,let the tax payer pick up the tab..”assclowns like you are what is putting small town USA in the toilet,copsuckers like you make faggot cops heros when they are nothing but low level thug criminals with a gun…and a badge…cops are criminals,every last one of them,and useful idiots like you are the foundation as to why this country is so fucked by cops,people just like you,copsuckers,supporters of their corruption,the people who let them get away with murder are the reason they are destroying this country from the inside,people just like you….you allow the corruption…you cheer it on…you vote it into the system,
            and let me guess,you donate too,like the copsucker you are…cops are nothing more than low brow criminals,and assclowns like you are just as bad……wake up

          • Guy

            When you have something useful to say, other than mindless platitudes, I’ll read it ! Until then shut the fuck up kid, you’re boring me !

          • Ibcamn

            kid?shows you how much a copsucker knows..supporters of corruption,such as yourself,always get pissy when they get outted,remember,cops are just criminals with guns and a badge[and a average IQ of about 80]just remember what im saying the next time a cop shoots a kid in the back for simply running away from them,or when a cop illegally enters a home and shoots and kills the father because he was defending his home and family,LEGALLY,and the cop just opened fire killing him,or killing another child by shooting them point blank in the face,A 9 YEAR OLD WAS THE LATEST VICTIM,just remember what you,the copsucker,supports,lawless cops who think they are god,above the laws we must follow,cops are pure criminals.

  • Guy

    If I was the father of this 14 yr old child, then there would be also a natural reaction to the actions, of harming my child, where the outcome would be dubious, but should be expected !

    What really get’s to me, is the Cops Attorney, along with The Union’s Dickheaded statement of justification ! I just can’t make sense of a people and culture, who would even attempt to somehow spin this into some sort of reasonableness, and then expect it to be just passed off as truth, for the public to accept ! To me, what is the most shocking is, that they even do !

    I believe, that is were the real disease and ugliness lies in the truth of the matter, that they will do this for money, knowing full well it’s wrong, and had the shoe been on the other foot of there own child being involved, they would be singing another tune ! You can’t wish this away, or allow it, just because they say it’s there job. Hitler’s Men said the same thing as well as our own, and it’s not about training either, in my opinion. This is to me a sighn of a sick society, who are full of people so caught up in there own what’s and need’s, to even give it a moment of notice enough to say, “Gee, that’s to bad” and then, bury their heads back in their Iphones and worry about what Kim is doing.

    You all, seem to be all caught up in what Trump is doing, or not doing enough, but what about this America ? How you treat your sick, aged and children, is to me more the sighn of what type of people you actually are, that what you proclaim yourselves to be !

    If this had been a child of some member of BLM ! Then I imagine the police station would be on fire about now, protesting going on in the streets, with the media line up taking video, so there talking heads have something to say, for the nightly news stations, to broadcast 24/7 !

  • Hugh Culliton

    Well, I’ve taught behaviorally at-risk teens aged 13 on up – both in custodial and non-custodial situations for over 17 years. I’ve dealt with fights and weapons, as well as kids in serious psychological crisis and at great risk of self-harm. Neither I nor anyone I have ever worked with have responded to a child in distress in such a manner. Nor, has punching and swearing ever occurred to me as a good way to help a hysterical child into a car!

    While to a hammer, everything looks like a nail, the issue in this story isn’t about police training – it’s about officer selection. Anyone this emotionally immature should not be a police officer.

  • Sharon Tobe

    When people, including cops, are not held responsible for their actions……their actions are not necessarily responsible. I promise you, when they are held accountable, this kind of thing stops. If you cannot enforce the law without breaking the law, you’ve accomplished nothing other than becoming a criminal yourself.