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School Cop Destroys 15-yo Student’s Face After He Tried to Call his Mom During Lunch


Gates, NY — Last week, Stephanie Petrillo’s 15-year-old son Joe was dropped off at their home — battered, bloodied, and with a fractured orbital socket. His mother says she was given no reason for the drop off other than Joe suffered the injuries after he fell on the floor while being restrained by officer Shawn O’Mara of the Gates police department.

After he was dropped off crying and severely injured, Stephanie Petrillo would soon find out about the nasty confrontation between her son and this Gates police officer.

In an interview with Activist and Blogger Davy Vara, Petrillo explained how her son’s cellphone led to his assault by a public servant who is nearly double Joe’s size.

According to Petrillo, last Friday morning, Joe, who was at school on his lunch break, asked the school’s principal, Mary Vito, for his cellphone. In high schools, it is not uncommon for students to have to leave their phones in the office every morning.

While he was on lunch, Joe merely wanted to call his mother. However, principal Vito was not going to allow him to do that, so the two went back and forth several times. At this point, officer O’Mara stepped in to force Joes’ compliance.

Gates, NY Police officer Shawn O’Mara was on school property and responded to the argument between the principal and the student.

“He grabbed my son, who is maybe one hundred and twenty pounds, like a bean pole, and he slams him on the floor, handcuffs him and then starts punching my son in his face,” Petrillo said.

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“This is a police officer who weighs more than two hundred pounds, and he beat my son.”

Joe was then put into the patrol car and brought to his mother, bleeding and crying in agony. When this mother brought her son to the hospital, she learned that he had suffered an orbital fracture, a concussion, and multiple contusions — all at the hands of this police officer.

In a statement on Tuesday, Gates Police Chief James VanBrederode confirmed that O’Mara punched the teen in the face, but said that this officer, twice the size of his subject, was justified in the beating because the student became “out of control.”

VanBrederode also said that the officer was wearing a body cam that confirms Joe’s behavior. However, they have yet to release it, which is strange considering the fact that they have posted body cam footage directly to their Facebook page.

Gates police say they have statements from students who say they witnessed the altercation. But there are witnesses on the other side who say they saw O’Mara punch Joe while he was in handcuffs.

According to Joe’s girlfriend, O’Mara hit Joe in the face while he was in handcuffs.

The family has since hired attorney John Parrinello. The Free Thought Project spoke to Mr. Parrinello on Wednesday, and he told us that he is waiting to hear back from Chief VanBrederode so he and the family can view the body cam footage.

Police charged the teen with resisting arrest, and menacing, as well as grand larceny. But because of his age, the case will be handled in Family Court.

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When asked about the menacing and grand larceny, Parrinello told the Free Thought Project that he does not know why the teen is facing these charges.

Only when the body cam is released will we know more about this story. But, even then, as we’ve seen in the past, body camera footage can often lead to more questions than answers.

Even if this 15-year-old boy was “out of control” the violent escalation by the officer was more than likely entirely unnecessary. All too often, the presence of police officers in schools turn typical student discipline problems into violent and confrontational legal issues.

H/t Davy V

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.
  • Tim Spake

    Grand Larceny??? Something is missing in this story

    • Matt Agorist

      We contacted the Gates PD in regards to the charges but have not heard back. Nor is it likely that we will hear back, as the alleged suspect is a minor.

      • Pro police

        Check for updates on 13 wham website. Then apologize.

    • jmurer1

      No doubt he is being charged for “stealing” his own phone, which probably being an iPhone, who be of significant enough value as to “constitute” a charge of “grand larceny”. Ugh!

  • Scott Leger

    principal is a k n u t.

  • Phillip Marsh
  • AJ

    And the police state in amerika marches on! If law enforcement oversteps their Constitutional mandate, they ALWAYS fabricate charges in an effort to conceal their misconduct. There are no “bad apples”. They are ALL corrupt, and are more than willing to commit felony perjury in their attempts to excuse their tyrannical behavior. Never trust a cop.

    • Pro police

      Remember that you hate cops. So when someone jacks your credit card and racks up a bill you can’t call the police. They can’t be trusted. Even if the credit card company requires a police report you must stay strong. You need to absorb the loss and just pay the bill. Oh…. And if you accidentally lock yourself out of your car and your 2 year old is in there on a 90 degree day, you must wait 3 hours for AAA. But if you do break down and call us, we will still come to help even tho you hate us.

  • Andy Cripps

    Evolution, civilization? Officer caveman.

  • Donald Strever

    Absolutely unecessary roughness. Has anyone noticed the spike in illegal acts by cops being reported on lately?? There was a silence (the blue wall) in place for such a long time. Seems someone has figured out how to circumvent that wall of silence lately. Cops are now, and always have been, legal criminals! Look at HILLARY CLINTON! She has commited “treason” against our country, and yet she runs for president! AND GETS VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Pro police

      I love the broad sweeping generalization that all cops are criminals. People who make broad sweeping generalizations are usually called racists. Comparing cops to Hillary Clinton is great because they have so many similarities.

  • Lava

    Um, his face wasn’t destroyed. There was a chimp that pulled off a woman’s face; that was destroyed (she survived with a transplant). This boy was disfigured, and even that word is exaggerating. You would do best saying his face was injured.

    • John and Linda Robel


      • Pro police

        You seem stable.

      • Pro police

        You should go on Fox News or cnn and publicly debate your opinion. I will be your challenger. I would be honored.

  • Cam Alft

    these criminals do not belong in our schools any where near our children,and yes,i am talking about the cops…..

    • Pro police

      Remember columbine? Real lives lost. That was the game changer and the reason police began to appear in schools. Not as a result of police departments demanding it. Schools request it! Not all cops are bad and I caution judgement on a one sided article. Police are inherently good. Sure, every now and again there is a cop that deserves a public stoning. But for you to suggest that all cops are criminals is not a fair statement.

      • Cam Alft

        typical liberal,just take down the gun free zone sign,the corrupt system,which cops willingly and knowingly work for,is making a direct connection[pipeline]to the prison system,liberals want them young,brainwashed and stupid,if you don’t fall in line,you start your real education right away..the corrupt cops do it for the back to school days when they were bullied and are now getting even and beating children and trying to kill them,as this cop did[must of had flashback]and these same corrupt cops who work for the corrupt system,they are worthless criminals with a badge…and you are a supporter of corruption for your standing up for thios pathetic man beating a small child half to death,makes you just as worthless a human in hundreds of millions of parents eye’s across the four corners of the world…..your pathetic.

  • John and Linda Robel


    • Pro police

      John and Linda, you are upset at an article you believe at face value. I would be upset as well if the article was in fact true. I have some shocking news for you. Everything you read on random sites on the Internet is NOT true. I once was reading an automotive post advising someone to jack up a vehicle by its oil pan to change the oil. I hope no one took that advice.

  • Gordon Klock

    “Fractured orbital socket” for wanting to check with his mom for a moment, & the principal, & cop seem to think they’re the ones “being reasonable”……

  • anon ymous

    What a useless waste of life that cop is.

    • Pro police

      And you know him? Or is your thoughtless comment a knee jerk reaction under the assumption this article is true? There is no journalism here. It’s is merely rewriting a lie the writer found elsewhere.

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