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Cop Goes to Wrong House and Kills Innocent Father of 3 — Will Not Face Charges

Stockbridge, GA – In a travesty of justice, a Henry County grand jury decided that a cop who went to the wrong house responding to a 911 call and killed the homeowner, an innocent father of three, will not be charged.

According to CBS 46:

A grand jury review determined that Sergeant Patrick Snook will not face charged and found the shooting to be justified.

William David Powell was shot by officers who thought they were responding to a home on the 600 block of Swan Lake Road in Stockbridge where shots had been fired. The incident happened during the early morning hours of June 9.

Responding to a 911 call in June, Henry County police arrived at the wrong house and shot the innocent homeowner in the neck. The Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) is investigating the incident due to the fact that the Henry County police shot a man who had committed no crime and who had no involvement with the initial 911 call.

According to the GBI, a 911 dispatcher received a call reporting gunshots and a woman screaming for help at 11:54 p.m. Unable to obtain an exact address, the 911 operator dispatched three Henry County cops who arrived at the wrong house around 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Hearing his dogs barking around 1:30 a.m., Powell, 63, grabbed his gun and went outside to check their safety. According to his mother-in-law, Geraldine Huey, 85, Powell had gone outside to investigate a possible intruder.

“He went to see what the dogs were carrying on about,” recalled Huey, who lives next door. “He (picked) up his gun and when he got to the gate, they shot him.”

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Although officers told GBI investigators that Powell refused to drop his gun, neighbors assert that the cops failed to identify themselves before suddenly shooting Powell in the neck. Shot in his driveway, Powell was taken to Atlanta Medical Center where he would die.

After eventually locating the correct house, Henry County police discovered that no shots had been fired and no one inside the residence confirmed accusations of a woman screaming.

“There was an argument there, however, they indicated that there was no screaming for help or shots fired,” GBI spokesman Scott Dutton told WGCL.

According to the GBI, Henry County PD arrived at the wrong house and shot a man who had nothing to do with the initial 911 call. An Air Force veteran and father of three, Powell had no reason to interact with police according to GBI investigators.

“He worked all his life. Went to school,” Huey described her wounded son-in-law back in June. “Just somebody you’d really like to know. He’s right here for me any time.”

“The officers were at the wrong location,” Dutton admitted. “Something got lost in communication.”

In May, Henry County police SWAT officers killed a man who had attempted to shoot his father earlier that evening. His father had fled the house unharmed before the militarized cops killed his son.

Dispatched to the wrong house on a burglary call less than a year ago, a DeKalb County officer shot a homeowner and a fellow officer. A dog was also killed in the needless shooting.

Once again, police in America prove they can negligently kill innocent people and face no consequences.

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Please share this story so that others may see that being innocent is no protection from being killed by police.

  • Mikenfaye

    Every since the Feds militarized the State law enforcement officers they have been on a binge killing people. The hiring practices of police need to be changed. It seems they are just hiring aggressive and insecure people who are always afraid of something, no matter how non-threatening the situation, and shoot first to be on the safe side, rather than try and understand and defuse the situation. We need much better hiring practices and training. Get rid of the swat teams. That’s for the military only and has no business in police work.
    Also heavy prosecution for cops like this.

    • Ed

      Well the prosecutor telling the grand jury it was justifiable, without stating the liability of the cop.

  • anarchyst

    Here are some solutions to reign in the “bad apples” of the “thin blue line”:
    1. Eliminate both “absolute” and “qualified” immunity for all public officials–not just police and firefighters. Include prosecutors, judges, other court officials, CPS and building code enforcers.
    2. Eliminate all public-sector unions. Especially police and firefighter unions. Unions are not needed in the public sector, as WE, the taxpayers pay their salaries and benefits.
    3. Require all public officials to be “bonded” and carry “malpractice insurance” as a condition of employment. No bond or malpractice insurance–no job.
    4. Prohibit “internal affairs” investigations for all cases but those involving disputes between police officers. All investigations should be handled at the state level.
    5. Prosecutors must be subordinate to the grand jury. Withholding evidence that could prove or disprove misconduct by public officials should be a prosecuted as a felony.
    6. Any awards to citizens as a result of “official misconduct” should be paid out of the offending department’s pension funds. You can be sure that if police pension funds were threatened, you would see a “clean-up” in a hurry.
    7. Require body and dash cams to be used at all times. No citizen interaction permitted without functioning equipment. Obtain equipment that cannot be turned off. All interactions between officials and citizens must be put on the internet “cloud” and must be publicly accessible. Tampering with equipment should result in permanent dismissal.
    8. Establish a 50-state publicly-searchable database of police, fire and public officials who should NEVER hold a position requiring the “public trust”.
    9. Police must be restricted to the types of firearms that the citizenry is “allowed” to possess. This would help “encourage” anti-gun states (New York, New Jersey, California) to “loosen up” their restrictions on civilian firearms ownership–magazine capacity limits, etc. Citizens deserve the same (or even better) firepower than police…
    These solutions would go a long way in curbing the abuses that presently exist.

    • Jacki Becker

      I like your suggestions!!! Your ideas would make them accountable for their actions! And they should be held accountable, as most people in real life are. If I mess up doing my job, I am held accountable … I fix the error or lose my job and if its criminal, I am certain I would be charged and jailed. The same should happen to law enforcement. It baffles e how they believe they are above the laws they enforce … I can not even relate …

    • Dorianse

      You should be elected to some office somewhere 😄

      • anarchyst

        ….thank you,

        • Di

          The government has purposely militarized the police across the country some are not native to this country and have no allegiance to the people.

    • Guy

      Nice try ! I just won’t be holding my breath, while waiting for them to enact thouse ideas, anytime soon.
      Do you really think all thouse da’s, union dicks and civil servants, feeding at the tax payers supplied trough, are going to let thouse fly or even come to a vote ? Espachalie since it will affect there wallets and potential vote getting ! Congress will commit suicide befor they let any of that trough.

      • anarchyst

        Unfortunately you are correct…however with municipal pension plans collapsing all over the country, maybe some movement is possible…

        • Guy

          I hope you’re right ! My County has mortgaged us to the hilt with it’s over the top generous employe benifet programs, that allowed spiking for the retirees at age 50 and up ! They now make more per year retired, than what they did while working. Fortunately later Counsels woke up and ended the program, but not untill the damage was done, plus they keep all of the medical retirements in place, Equal to what the POUS and family would get for a life time. Then our Gov. J. Moonbeam Brown, took all of the Redevelopment Money the Cities and Counties had, to balance the States budget and made it illegal to continue. So we are now in a great mess, with Cities and Counties declaring bankruptcy, one after the other ! If you don’t live in CA, don’t ever. or you will be taxed to death. My son moved to Alaska with his wife, to get away from our insanity. So they can live and breath somewhat as free young people, with good careers and bright futures ! California is no longer the Golden State, it’s now the Rust State, with more welfare and immigration service that all others combined !

    • billdeserthills

      Actually since the police take an Oath of Office like politicians do, all that is needed to repair our problems with both would be to actually enforce the Oath of Office

    • TheCogitator

      Great ideas, but our government officials, both elected and otherwise, really don’t care about the people, so the likelihood of these great ideas being enacted is slim. But if they continue to shield the actions of the police who commit violence against the people they are sworn to protect, they only encourage the actions of groups like Black Lives Matter who advocate for killing the police. I do not support the random killing of police, but if I were on a jury I would vote not guilty for a person killing a cop who was not punished for his evil deeds because of the laws that protect him from accountability.

    • Wowzaa33

      Except for public access to cam footage its a good idea. What about cases involving minors? Or rape, or countless other crimes. I wouldn’t want that footage available to anyone who wants to look. SERIOUS privacy issues with that. HOWEVER having it on a cloud server that cant be tampered with by officers is a great idea.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    I think the original 911 might have lied, because it’s hard to get cops to come and do something about neighbors who are arguing… unless you give them a good story.

  • nomardw

    The police will ALWAYS be held to a different standard than all other American citizens. ALWAYS.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    The GBI is hardly an independent agency. It is a CYA agency. Lets see the transcripts from the Grand Jury’s investigation. I will bet the lying officers testimony will conflict with neighbors.


    I wanted to sue a judge for blatant incompetence and spent two full days in the law library researching case law in preparation for filing the case. What I discovered was unbelievable, a case in Florida where a clerk failed to file stamp a document laying on her desk for weeks caused a couple to lose their house, many cases of appeals or judgements not getting properly processed, but the case that really made me know that this nation is in trouble a woman had a conference with a judge about her case. The judge raped her in his chambers. The judge was prosecuted criminally but the civil case was dismissed as was all the previously listed cases. Under Article 18 USC a court clerk, judge or anyone connected to the court cannot be sued civilly.
    And forget the so called judicial review committees, just like the police review board.
    How can any person sitting on a grand jury say that the cop that shot this innocent man is not guilty. The cop is at least guilty of criminal negligent homicide.
    We sit on our ass while the government tracks us, listens to every word, reads every text, email, Facebook post etc and kills any of its citizens with impunity. What does it take for you to stand up for your rights before they’re gone, does one of your family members have to be killed by the police? maybe one of your children?

    • Ed

      Obviously, the Grand jury never heard of criminal negligent homicide!

      • anarchyst

        There is much angst and consternation against prosecutors and grand juries who refuse to bring charges against police officers, even when incontrovertible evidence is presented. Even with incontrovertible audio and video evidence, prosecutors are loath to prosecute rogue law enforcement personnel.
        Let’s examine the reasons why it is so difficult to prosecute thug cops:
        Most prosecutors are former police officers or have extensive dealings with police departments and have ongoing relationships with police departments in their respective jurisdictions. They are friendly with the judges in their jurisdictions, as well. This, along with “absolute immunity” makes it easy for them to “cover up” police abuses and behavior. Prosecutors cannot be sued for malfeasance…it takes a judge (who prosecutors are friendly with) to bring charges on a rogue prosecutor (which almost never happens).
        In addition, prosecutors guide the actions of grand juries. Prosecutors are not required to introduce any evidence to grand juries, (can and do) easily “whitewash” the actions of rogue cops. On the other hand, prosecutors can (and often do) go after honest citizens who seek justice outside official channels…prosecutors have ultimate power and are not afraid to use it…their immunity sees to that.
        Another aspect to a grand jury’s inability to prosecute bad cops is the fear of retribution…cops drive around all day, have nothing but time, have access to various databases, and can easily get the names and addresses of grand jurors…this, in itself can be a powerful deterrent against grand jurors who “want to do the right thing” and prosecute bad cops. There are many cases of cops parking in front of grand jurors’ residences, following them around, and threaten to issue citations to them, in order to “convince” them to “make the right decision”…the “thin blue line” at its worst…
        The whole system has to change.

    • elropo

      You arm yourself, you arm your family and train them to use weapons, never, never let the police into your home, treat them as the criminals they are breaking into your home. Use the 2nd amendment it is for your protection. And there has to be neighbors to these killers, do something, make life miserable for them. Someone has to know them, deal with them as you would a killer, because that is what they are.

  • Mikabezon

    Lesson to learn… If you go out of your house with a gun on your hand shoot anybody on the premises first.

  • adbj102

    In that all grand jury members are secret, and anything said or done is secret, I question that most of the times there was NO GRAND JURY ! and grand jury decision! Just the Just-Us system covering itself..

  • David Hall

    Trigger happy POS killer cops. Thugs are the biggest gang in the U.S.

  • ben dover

    Address of cop names of his family and a visit from the midnight call company. PIG who shot this man should be executed ASAP

  • ben dover

    Dead cops can do no harm

  • Vincent D’Emidio

    Well, you know what they say, “Black Lives Matter, White Lives Matter, All Lives Matter…and Blue Lives Murder”!

  • Obviously the owners fault, he should not have been outside his home wielding a firearm.


    I guess the police must have said, “oops, sorry buddy”.

    Maybe this entire story was made up, about the call, the police going to the wrong house, maybe all of that was made up to assassinate this man?

    Or it could have just been bad luck on the owners part.

  • Ibcamn

    cops are responders,they have no business having the authority they do,none,almost all cops have zero training to be peace officers,they know just enough to stand there and breath with their mouths open,that’s about it….cops are criminals,low life bottom feeding criminals.

  • Ahujekim

    This injustice is why police are being shot.
    For those of us who live in rural areas, if an intruder or group of intruders show up on a person’s property without identifying themselves, they are greeted with lead.
    Better to be judged by 12 than to be carried to the grave site by 6.
    The police who intruded on this man’s property without basis and without identifying themselves were totally in violation of law and probably their own procedures.
    Why are they not charged with their crimes and prosecuted?
    Oh, right, they wear a police uniform. But, they don’t act like police.
    Police are there to protect and serve citizens, and supposedly not there to kill citizens.
    But, too often the killing of citizens by police is the result.
    As I said at the start: This injustice is why police are being shot.

    The USA did not learn the lessons of the Middle East. Instead, USA leaders engaged in maximum stupidity and more and more killed innocents. That facilitated radicalization of Muslims. It appears the same stupidity is afflicting too many of the police departments across the USA.
    Either the police reform their conduct, or more and more police will be victims. When thousands are radicalized by police misconduct, the police cannot expect to escape unscathed.

    The solution does not start with the “we the people”. Instead, the solution starts with the police and their leadership. When will that happen? We need Milwaukee’s Sheriff Clarke overseeing most of the police departments across the USA.