NEBRASKA – Former Dundy County Sheriff’s Deputy Charles Thibedeau remains behind bars today after his April 5th arraignment on felony kidnapping charges. The judge denied a reduction in the bond at the hearing and stated the former law enforcement officer is facing a minimum of 1 year in prison and a maximum 50 years in prison for the crimes he committed against a young woman.

According to Nebraska State Patrol Investigator Jeff Van Stelton’s affidavit of probable cause filed in Dundy County Court on March 23, Thibedeau waived his Miranda rights and admitted verbally and in a written confession to falsely arresting and detaining a woman while he was on duty and insisting on seeing and touching her breasts.

The 26-year-old woman remains unidentified as is customary for all alleged sex crime victims. Prosecutors say Thibedeau concocted a story about a police drug raid which he told her was going to take place at her home. He met the woman, with the promise of telling her all he knew about the raid.

Thibedeau allegedly said he’d tell her about the raid if she’d show him her breasts. She refused. But instead of letting her go, the officer detained her, and placed her in handcuffs, put her in the back of his patrol car, and then drove away. All the while the woman was protesting, saying he shouldn’t drive away and leave her boyfriend’s 5-year-old young son in the back of her own vehicle.


But the former officer, who was fired over the incident, drove away with her in the car with him. When he stopped the car, he reportedly removed her clothes and proceeded to molest her breasts before eventually releasing her to go on her way.

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Judge Edward Steenburg told Thibedeau, “You did abduct another person and continue to restrain her, with the intent to hold her for ransom or reward or to terrorize her. Kidnapping is a class II felony,” he said as he read the charges to Thibedeau before denying a reduction in the $250,000 bond set in the case. His next court appearance is scheduled for May 3rd.

Actions such as Thibideau’s are no surprise to The Free Thought Project. What is surprising, though, and a bit encouraging for victims of sex crimes, is how seriously the police department and the prosecutor’s office are taking the allegations, even charging the officer with the crime and proceeding to trial.

All too often, we report stories where women’s claims against police officers fall on deaf ears. As we recently reported, one California woman had to resort to uploading videos of her ex-boyfriend neglecting his duties as a police officer before they would take action against him for her allegations he’d been abusing her physically. In that case, the officer was only charged after the videos came to light.

Other officers have been abusing women for years, cowardly hiding behind their badges, and getting away with their crimes. A Georgia woman had been terrorized by her ex-husband, a police officer, who eventually arrested her for complaining about his lack of help with the children in a message on Facebook.

In court documents, the woman alleges her ex promised her he’d drop the charges if she’d have sex with him. After she was arrested a second time, along with her Facebook friend, for the same charge (talking about her ex on Facebook), her ex-husband had her booked into the county jail. But it turns out, there is no crime for “criminal defamation of character” in the State of Georgia, and the woman is now suing her ex-husband in court.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    This is encouraging. However, let’s see a conviction and real prison time before we celebrate!

    • Bruce_Mitchell

      We should celebrate every step in the right direction. “The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.” How else can we ever expect to reach the goal.

      • The Cat’s Vagina


    • Zackknowitall

      He is a dangerous rapist lets hope someone uses that 2nd amendment against him before he can rape anyone else.

  • REALConservative

    The rest of the police are confused about that being a crime.

    They held the understanding that breast molestation was a perk of the job.

  • Zackknowitall

    Raping or kidnapping any of my fam members will result in death

  • Zackknowitall

    Also just wait his other victims will start coming forward now that he has been fired and outed. They don’t have to fear what he can do them any long.

  • Amor Terra

    Incredible. They actually charged a cop with the crime that he allegedly did, instead of some vastly reduced BS. He must have already been in trouble with the bosses for something else.

  • Jason Bradley

    This is what happens when we require those who enforce laws (don’t even get me started on how law is bullshit) to have low IQs and indoctrinate them that they are at war with the populace and strongly insinuate that they have protection from their misdeeds.

    • permalink

      “…we require those who enforce laws (don’t even get me started on how law is bullshit) to have low IQs and indoctrinate them that they are at war with the populace…”

      Better hope and pray you never have to call 911. Because guess who will show up first…

      • Jason Bradley

        Exactly, some low IQ thugs.

      • thomas jefferson

        911,is for the dead and dieing,BUY a good 380 pistol and you’ll never need the POLICE GANG THUGS or anyone else,IF you call the police gang thugs,expect them to kill your dog or one of your children,and maybe you……..

  • Don Unruh

    What, as a law enforcement officer I’m not allowed to grab tits? If I don’t use my badge, I’ll never be able to squeeze tittys.

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  • thomas jefferson

    IN THE STATE OF TEXAS,so many women are being raped by the police gangs,the churches are warning their church women NOT TO TRAVEL ALONE,to always go in groups,or risk being raped by the Hero’s of america,SADLY there are no men left in texas they all died of old age,now its girlymen and queers…….