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Cop at NASCAR Rips Camera Out of Man’s Hand to Hide His Corruption — But He Was Too Late

Maricopa County, AZ — Members of the group Legalize Marijuana Arizona, purchased a campsite at the Nascar races at the Phoenix International Raceway in Arizona recently, only to be shut down and run out of the park by Free Speech-hating prohibitionist deputies.

Deputy Don Hess with the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office decided that it was his duty to stifle the actions of the group, who had paid to be there, and he and his fellow deputies descended upon the campsite where the group’s ‘Cannabus’ was parked.

According to a representative from the group, the police were quick to try to shut them down after seeing the dangerous pictures of pot leaves scattered about the area. The members of Legalize Marijuana Arizona were out there gathering signatures to a petition in support of their proposed legislation, (I-14-2016) “The Legalization and Regulation of Marijuana Act.”

These officers apparently missed the class on the First Amendment which states, “the right of the people…to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” — shall not be abridged. So, they were out in full force to shut down the group’s petitioning efforts.

According to Legalize Marijuana Arizona, the police told them they needed a solicitation license which costs thousands of dollars to ask for signatures. The officers were at the campsite forcing the group to take down their sign, hanging on their own bus, which asked for signatures.

When the representative from Legalize Marijuana Arizona heard that the police were harassing the other members at the campsite, he donned his camera and headed that way. When he walked up filming, the officer immediately violated his rights by demanding he stop filming, saying,  “because it’s private property and I said so.”

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He then yanked the camera out of the man’s hand, and just like that, this officer made himself ‘YouTube famous.’

Not only was the officer in violation of the First Amendment, but he was also in violation of the Phoenix Raceway rules and regulations which explicitly state:

Can I bring a camera or video recorder?

Yes! However, cameras and video recorders are permitted in the facility for home viewing use only. Images and/or footage may not be sold or used for commercial use. Camera/video bags exceeding 14″ x 14″ x 14″ will not be permitted through the grandstand admission gates.

  • Lawrence Neal

    If it was private property, then the owner would have had to complain in order for the officers to act. Bunch of Thugs making their own rules. Note, this is the infamous ‘Sherriff Joe’s’ balliwick.

    • Troy James Martin

      It is private property—owned by International Speedway Corporation—and they probably gave ground rules for law-enforcement action at all public events.

  • Connor Pitt

    Dam I can’t believe that my video got picked up by these guys if anyone has any questions message Maricopa county copblock on Facebook that’s the main page that I posted the story and video to the rebelgekko YouTube channel is just my personal channel and a backup for my Maricopa county copblock channel

    • Matt Agorist

      Thanks for filming the cops Connor! I will edit the article to include a link to your FB page. PEACE!

      • Connor Pitt

        Thank you

  • Megg Lindeen

    Love the Abba music!

  • Chuck Brooks
  • Jon Hollinger

    I agree with their cause, but they don’t necessarily have the right of free speech on private property (besides their own). If a person was in your yard soliciting for a cause you didn’t support, I think you would agree that you have the right to remove them…

    • Thugs with Pepper Spray

      Your rights to Free Speech does not stop at a property line.

  • Cam Alft

    so the track owners complained then right,you have the right to defend yourself…should have fed this fat donut eater a knuckl sandwidh…i mean,he never said who he was,he just looked like some guy with a vintage game gear on his head,you know like some of those weird homeless guys,the real fat and smelly ones,yea that’s it,it was a smelly fat homeless guy stealing my camera,,,so i punched him and knocked his theiving ass out so i could call the cops on him….wow,look their here already,..first time for everything i guess…i want to press charges against this smelly fat homeless crook pig f’ker here on the ground…yep,could have went that way,i can dream can’t i……

  • Patrick Henry

    So what does Sheriff Arpio have to say about this?

    • Rusty Weaver

      What is NASCAR saying!