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Cop Gets Paid Vacation After Taking to Facebook to Attack Mother of Child Murdered by Police

Matt Cicero, a “mobile patrol officer” employed in the Cleveland school district where the late Tamir Rice was a student has been placed on paid vacation (officially called “administrative leave”) after publishing a Facebook post in which he denigrated the victim of a police killing, insulted his grieving mother, imputed pecuniary motives to the family’s decision to pursue a lawsuit — and, most seriously, expressed a clear intent to kill other children should he find himself in similar circumstances.

Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice, who was playing in a park with a plastic pellet gun resembling an authentic handgun, was killed by Cleveland Police Officer Timothy Loehmann within two seconds of the officer’s arrival on the scene. Loehmann and his partner responded to a 911 report of what appeared to be a gun-toting male of indeterminate age, although the caller specified that the apparent weapon was “probably” a toy. Loehmann, whose personnel record unambiguously described someone unqualified to be a police officer, was clearly primed to kill Rice — and the victim never had time to comply with an order to drop his toy. Nor did the shooter or his partner render medical aid to their victim.

Following the template used in the investigation of Darren Wilson’s shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Cuyahoga County District Attorney Timothy McGinty referred the Tamir Rice shooting to a grand jury, but rather than seeking an indictment he conducted a mini-trial in which he acted as both prosecutor and defense attorney for Officer Loehmann. Thisrais yielded the entirely predictable — and, most likely, intended — result when the grand jury declined to indict Rice’s killer.

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In the December 29 press conference announcing the grand jury decision, McGinty insisted that “the plus side of this tragic event” is that “there have been lessons learned already in this case…. And it should never happen again.”

According to Officer Cicero — whose views are most likely representative of at least a significant portion of his peers — the only relevant “lesson” in the Tamir Rice killing is that police officers have an unqualified right to kill anybody, of any age, they perceive as a threat, and when this happens to a child only the victim and his parents are responsible.


“Tamir rices momma just want money,” wrote Cicero in sub-literate language that typified the undemanding intellectual standards of his occupation. “Lets make the proper changes … raise your kids not to play with fake guns stupid bitch. All this media bc the are notngetting what they want. Again …..pleeze anyone who does not like what i post…..unfriendly me or block me your not worth my time.”

Responding to a comment that a child playing with a toy gun shouldn’t “become a solid platform for the death penalty,” Cicero wrote: “You pull out a gun you get shot. I dont have time to ask questions and coddle kids that wave guns around. White black purple or green. It comes down to parenting and the lack of it.”

To fortify what he considered a compelling argument, Cicero also re-posted a popular law enforcement meme depicting a man pointing two nearly identical pistols at the camera and inviting the viewer to determine “which one is a BB gun? Oops, too late … you’re dead.”

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In the case of Tamir Rice, the victim was shot before he could react to whatever demands were bellowed at him by the privileged killed. There is also no evidence that Rice was “waving” his plastic toy gun in the direction of the cop who killed him in burst of uninformed panic.

Like many, perhaps most, men who go into law enforcement, Cicero probably played with toy guns as a child. This doesn’t represent a parental delinquency, but reflects the ubiquity of firearms in American culture. Furthermore, if Rice had been an adult openly carrying a firearm in Cleveland, his behavior — whatever one thinks of its wisdom — would have been in compliance with Ohio law.

A reporter for Cleveland’s ABC affiliate confronted Lester Fultz, Chief of Safety and Security for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District, about Officer Cicero’s Facebook comments, but was unable to elicit a response. Shortly thereafter Cicero was told to go on his paid vacation.

“The comments posted are particularly insensitive, considering that Officer Cicero works for the school district that served Tamir Rice and his family,” said school district CEO Eric Gordon. “Even as we grieve the tragic loss of this child to his family and to our entire school community, we are mindful of the very difficult job of our safety forces in our schools and our communities.  Neither our citizens nor those who police our communities should be painted with a broad brush, and I don’t believe we will ever find solutions to such complex issues through Facebook posts—especially posts that further divide us.”

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Given that Cicero’s remarks weren’t sufficient to justify terminating his employment, no rhetorical “broad brush” is required to support certain conclusions about the attitudes among his colleagues. One significant difference between the “school community” and those, like Cicero, who “police” it is that the latter see themselves as an occupation force whose personal safety is paramount, and who can kill without clear justification or significant consequences.

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  • One on the left

  • NO WAY!! I agree with the principle that the mother should have taught her son NOT to make a fake toy look like a real toy, in one of the most crime ridden parts of the country!!!

    • She taught her son to play with guns? Are you an idiot? Little boys are marketed to everyday to play with guns. Cartoons, movies, your local toy aisle. What the hell do you think a G.I. Joe does? Call of duty? Water guns? Blaming the mother is so ridiculous.

    • Stop making excuses for this type of behavior. Doesn’t matter what neighborhood we’re in. Doesn’t matter how we dress. Doesn’t matter what we do. If a cop kills a poc, there’s ppl like you that will come to their defense. You’ll just change the excuse.

    • First and most importantly the cop shoulda talk too the boy there was no reason for the cop too Di’s charge his weapon at a park.

    • I live in Seattle. My SEVEN year old knows NEVER to play with guns or toy guns outside of our home. If I EVER knew she was at a rec center in the International District, brandishing a toy gun, I would EXPECT her to be shot at either by the police or other people if she was brandishing a toy gun like Tamir Rice was. And the International District in Seattle has even less violent crime than the area where Tamir Rice was waving his gun around. THINK about it.

    • Oh, nevermind. You are black, so I know that no matter what logic applies, you will always be on one side.

    • First and Foremost, Rice shouldn’t have been playing with a toy gun in a violent crime ridden neighborhood; much less removing its orange ‘toy’ markings, much less waving it and intimidating people earlier, much less not putting his arms up when police arrived. Apparently someone felt threatened enough to call 911. The police didn’t call 911 and just show up to shoot the Tamir. Someone else did.

  • For real though. My 11 year old sister doesn’t even like playing shooting games at arcades, it’s definitley an unhealthy fear of guns…thanks “school” (propaganda mills). Kids shouldn’t play with toy guns, but they shouldn’t be against real guns either. Safety first!

  • Pardon me? So he never played with guns as a kid? Who’s the fucking bitch?

    • I’d wager he didn’t go pointing them at cops though :/

    • Sad to say, but where and when I grew up you could and get away with it. He’d draw down on you and you would both laugh. Another time.

    • Marcus Jackson PLEASE show me where he pointed anything at the Cops !!!

    • He pointed it at random passing strangers.

  • BB and airsoft guns have orange tips for a reason.. “Let’s be ignorant of that too!” said the asshole police officer.

    • Bb guns don’t have orange tips, airs oft do, but not pellet and bb, guns. Idk why… of course I also don’t think you can use a bb gun in most city limits either.

    • I have 20+ BB guns, some old, some new. Zero of them come with orange tips.

    • Airsoft guns come with orange tips, but most of us who play remove the orange tip as soon as we get it because the bright color can give our position away. But we also encourage all players to use their toys responsibly. Cases like this make all airsoft owners look bad and makes people want to ban them. We treat these replicas as real weapons and teach our children not to play with them without supervision.

    • Bb guns have no tips because some are powerfull enough to kill/ hunt with.

  • What a pos

  • Compeltely disagree with everyones argument. There are thousands of pics of white children all across the country, shooting REAL guns. This was a bb gun. Did you know that state is an open carry state? Even if you didnt know how old he was, until they had a reason to believe he was dangerous, they were wrong. My 6’3 14 yr old has a bb gun. He also cant play outside with it without adult supervision, because of this story. Our kids have a right to play too

    • Absolutely! Adult supervision….
      I used to be one of those white children shooting real guns…but even when all I was shooting was a bb gun, there was a parent or adult nearby! The biggest advantage I had was growing up in farm country where we saw no one, including police.
      I hope your hulk of a teen stays safe!

    • Thank you Seth. We dont live on a farm(?), but because of his size, Im with him all the time. Because cops dont see a little boy that needs to be wrestled into the shower lol. Its not his mothers fault, its the system that sucks

    • All guns fake or not need to be treated as if loaded and in a safe manner. Gun safety needs to be taught to every citizen in this country, regardless if you own a gun or not.

    • With guns??? Lol you are completely fucked up in your brain, if you even have one

    • You dried up, heroin using bitch. Not that you will ever have kids, but this is a right we all have. To play with whatever the fuck we want. Dried up, cesspool of a womb, couldnt get a dude to fuck you, until you want anrock. Stay off my fucking comment if you cant have respect.

    • Hey Regina thanks for the comment that really must have taken a lot of your energy to develop such a well structured argument . I would ask when someone’s kicking down your door do you call a man with a gun to help you ?

    • Jeeez.

    • If I give my seven year old a toy gun to play with on her grandma’s farm or in my backyard, that is one thing. If I give her a toy gun, she removed the ‘toy’ part that indicates it is a toy and send her to a rec center in the international district of Seattle, and she is waving it around at people outside the rec center, I know, in that district, she will either be shot at by the cops, or shot at by someone else. It’s not rocket science. And the internatioal district in Seattle has even less violent crime than the area Tamir Rice was intimidating people with his gun. Yes, someone else felt threatened enough to call 911. It wasn’t the police that just showed up to kill a little black kid. Someone else called 911. The truth is, the mom made a mistake by not making her son aware of the consequences of doing this. She paid a dear price for this. From what I understand, Tamir Rice was a pretty good kid, and it is a tragedy that he died. But don’t blame the police for this. They were just doing their job. Had he not being waving around a toy gun that looked like a real gun, this wouldn’t have happened. Had someone not felt threatened by him, no 911 call would have been made. For all the caller knew, it was a real gun and the kid could have killed several people, and the cops maybe would have stopped that from happening. It’s not unheard of in this day and age, not unheard of by black people, white people, red people, or yellow people; and just a few weeks before that happened, a youth DID kill another youth with a gun in that same area.

    • This was probably a mistake, by many. You want to make a real difference in Cleveland? Put your energy and media attention into this tragedy: http://fox8.com/2015/10/02/enough-is-enough-four-young-children-shot-in-cleveland-in-a-month/

    • Gun Safety Rules!!!

    • If Tamir Rice had been taught gun safety by gun-owning parents or in school, he would have known better. Amy, I hope in addition to supervising your boy’s play, you are taking the time to teach him basic gun safety rules (like, never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot)!

    • He didnt have a chance to learn gun safety rules. He was killed before he had a chance. He did what a little kid did and got a toy out the house and died for it.

    • He was twelve fucking years old. Twelve fucking years old…how many twelve year olds does anybody know who any fucking common sense? The assholes in Oregon are adults with REAL guns and they are still alive! Granted, they are begging for snacks, but that’s …oh wait, that’s what twelve year olds do….never mind.

    • If you hold a gun, you know the rules.

    • .

    • My oldest just got his bb gun. lesson number one of gun safety: if you see a cop, on or off duty, drop your bb gun and step away from it.

    • Amy Lozano, I agree about Tamir Rice. Apparently the gun wasn’t his and a friend had given it to him minutes earlier. I think gun safety should be taught starting in Kindergarten (Eddie Eagle materials from the NRA: Don’t touch! Leave the area! Tell a grownup!) and reinforced with age-appropriate materials as the child grows up. I also think before a child is given an operational toy gun (one that fires projectiles of any type), he or she should know basic gun safety rules: http://www.smith-wesson.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/Category4_750001_750051_757990_-1_757978_757978_image

    • While I agree with teaching gun safety as young as possible check out this hidden video of children and guns when when adults aren’t around. Many of these kids have been trained in just the way you are describing.


  • Terrible I bet if cops were held to the same standards as us citizens they’d get their shit together REAL quick and stop killing kids wtf

    • I bet if parents taught their kids not to run around outside with a BB gun that has no marking/indication that it is just a BB gun, then maybe a cop wouldn’t have to live with the fact that he killed a kid over something harmless…

      Ever consider maybe the cop does regret it? I’d hate to live with some shit like that

    • Tyler Mutchler Right, but did you read the article? The kid was shot within a couple of seconds, without being given any time to respond. Not that I think it is a simple issue. In Britain we have taken the approach of making BB guns illegal if they are not painted bright colors and have red cover thing on the muzzle end. So sure, kids shouldn’t be placed in danger by being aloud an imitation firearm in public.

      However, we also tell kids to look both ways even for a walk signal, because they could be killed by a careless driver. Does this mean we do not prosecute the careless driver for the death of a child? Likewise, the person who shot the kid within a couple of seconds is culpable. And this is really the issue. Not only is almost every american police officer issued with a firearm, often with the minimal of training, they are then often not held culpable for the discharge of that firearm.

      I know this is a long post, but I will add one more thing. It isn’t just the fault of the police officer in question, nor the parents for allowing the child to play with an imitation gun, but with the government and organisations responsible for training and hiring of law enforcement personnel. If better training, and a lower emphasis on the idea that a police officer’s authority being drawn from the barrel of a gun, were put into practice I would bet dollars to donuts that the death rate would drop. That and stricter hiring standards.

    • On the other hand, how many fake cops pulled over women and assaulted them? Suppose an armed citizen shot a cop and used that as an excuse?
      You could turn that meme around and say that cops shouldn’t be pulling people over; “Quick, which cop is the real cop? Too late they’re both dead. Teach your kids not to dress up in silly costumes.”
      That’d be a dumb meme , but so is the original about guns…teach cops not to shoot kids.

    • Tyler Mutchler TROLL! His regrets do not breathe life into the dead!

    • Tyler Mutchler That’s just stupid. He killed the kid within two seconds of showing up without ever trying any other method of handling the situation. That would get the average person convicted because you couldn’t prove you were in danger.

      Here’s a real situation with a guy waving a real gun around and threatening people and guess what they do – they handle it as a standoff situation. Want to know why? The guy with a gun was a deranged cop.


  • Point a gun(fake or not) at someone who has a real gun, you’re gonna have a bad time.

  • I grew up playing cowboys and Indians all ways had a play gun laying around played army used to walk around with a play gun stuck in my belt,because everyone is thinking that there dangerous they need to mind there own bizness get a ccw and take care when they come to ur property to rob u for Christ’s sake nobody can have fun any more.

  • The most horrifying thing was this police officer’s grammar! 😮

  • and this is why kids should not play with toy guns……

  • See, all this bad press, thats okay. What it shows, and what others will show the people they know, their loved ones etc… is that every time something like this happens, first of all,dont trust the police, they are just as liable to show up, kill the wrong person or commit acts of horror upon the public which they then justify using a very loosely worded version of the law, or at least the system in which they’re evaluated. Secondly, why didn’t they pull up 10-30 yards away and use the car as a shield just in case the gun was real. What sort of training have they received? What sort of response training have they received? This was a straight murder. it also shows a blatant disregard for anyone on the losing side of the blue line, the law and public servants.

  • It’s not OK to victim blame when it comes to murder. So it seems even cops want guns to be harder to o get to. Thing is they need to be did armed along with those who own one for “protection”

  • Lol stop this stupid shit already..

  • I am 42 when I was 12 I played with toy guns, cap guns, those plastic machine guns that made ratatatat sounds. Never once did the police ever play the fear for there lives crap. Of course, they had screwed with my family in other ways. Now these pussies look for ways to add notches to there side arms on how many citizens they can kill.

  • this shouldn’t be direct to anyone individual but as the larger picture makes absolute sense

  • The one on the left is the bb gun, you can tell by the barrel size, theres a huge difference between a .45 caliber slug, and i .177 bb. But in a split second life changin desicion that might not be so obvious, and thats why a police officer should should remain calm and handle the situation like a man, with grace and dignity, instead of blowing away a childs life.

  • A Cop is SUPPOSEDLY a Trained Law Enforcement Entity. A Squirt Gun DOES NOT HAVE the Necessary Caliber as Viewed by the Barrel to Do Any Physical Damage, NOR does a BB GUN. Get a Grip and Wear your DEPENDS Law Enforcement…

  • If this continues a war will need to be declared against the police. There is NOT a war with police, but if police keep killing innocent people, if a war is not declared the police will begin freely shooting whoever they want. The people MUST stand up to whatever is oppressing them.

  • Wrong message. Do not play with ANY gun.

  • They are bastards and blind pigs, blaming someone for their fucking fault.

  • I love the amount of ignorance on the part of this cop. He can’t even form a proper sentence! Good grief.

  • This clown is stupid as hell. You don’t got time for it then don’t be a pig then.

  • Personally I would rather the cop be dead and the kid on trial for murder than the kid dead and the cops running loose.

  • problem is, Tamir Rice NEVER pointed his BB gun at the cop.On the video it was clearly visible in his belt

    • He pointed it at random passing strangers.

    • Peri Dwyer Worrell and no one seemed to be afraid. Probably because they knew it was a toy.

  • Fired, and jail time!

  • I bet the asshole lets his kids play with fake guns. Maybe even real ones.

  • Just fire his ignorant, narcissistic ass!

  • What’s insane to me is that this guy is probably roughly my age, 33, maybe a little older or younger.

    That being said, when I was a little kid I remember Toys R Us having an entire isle dedicated to toy guns, all very very realistic, and this was before and after they were putting orange caps on the end of them to indicate it was a toy (before they stopped selling them all together), and in reality you could pop that orange cap off pretty easy. Hell I used to have squirt guns that looked like real guns if I just spray painted them black.

    And BB Guns have looked like real guns for as long as I remember.

    my point is that this asshole himself grew up with toy guns and bb guns that looked real, and most probably played with them. But here he is criticizing a murdered child and his upbringing for playing with one too?

    • Every boy I know from my childhood had some type of gun(BB or cap), military style weapon toys or bow and arrow, now these toys are a reason to be murdered…..how unfortunate.

  • Good on him

  • Sanctioned gangs of murderous bastards there.

  • They are trying to make you give up your guns it’s not a bad thing for kids to use or know about guns as long as they are kept in a safe place and supervised and most of the murders from guns are set up or from cops Leta ban police from having guns they have gun tasers and other means then using lethal force

  • Hey, mr cop, Fake guns give children the opportunity to practice how to handle real guns properly, without accidentally discharging.

    No justification for this child’s death, nor the cop’s FB post.

    • So, where in basic gun safety rules does it say, “be sure to point your gun at random strangers passing on the sidewalk”?

    • How does that justify anything? It surely doesn’t make it okay to publicly berate a grieving mother! Wtf?!

      I personally feel that kids shouldn’t play with toy guns, that they should be used as props for the real thing. That’s how we do it in our home. But that’s just me teaching gun safety to the next generation.

  • Disagree on this one. If you walk up to a police car and reach for a concealed weapon, regardless of what it is, what happens next is your responsibility. There are plenty of good cops and they have the right to protect themselves.

    • I think the issue is the frequency and ridiculousness of some of these stories. Most in fact. In which cops are more than a little trigger happy and using their weapons as the first and only option in a given situation instead of the last. To be an officer is dangerous. That is obvious. So officers should be prepared for that and also hold in even higher regard that they are in place to protect and serve, not gun down little kids and issue fines. Of course there are some good cops. But there are far, far too many idiot cops who are way to quick to pull a trigger in order to solve a problem. There is a great deal of non lethal weapons and tactics that can be used to take down armed assailants. They just choose not to use them which is ignorant and infinitely more dangerous than the prospect of a child with a fake gun being a possible threat. No matter how real they think it looks.

  • Some of you are lost!.. Bottom line is toy companies and retailers are to blame for making these playthings that are too real looking!.. Parents who buy this shit for their kids are idiots and I feel no sorrow for them!…

  • Badged bandits murder you for holding anything..from a cell phone to a game controller to a towel…They think they are uber people but in reality just lowlife pondscum derived blob of cells missing the human gene completely!!They are the ugly losers of the American underbelly masquerading like they are someone /something because the elite planted a shiny badge of dishonesty and gave them guns to protect them and their greed at all times..get rid of anything that is not white..and white but poor and needy..charge them with anything because the for profit prisons have to stay full!Since they can’t find any decent people with integrity to do their dirty work.. they get this pondscum who have absolute no human values!!

  • Killed him because he could and get away with it.

  • Protect and serve. Themselves. They don’t believe they enforce the law. They believe they ARE the law and have the mandate to enforce it any way the see fit. Like hell

  • Even if the kid had a real gun. Police do not just roll up like that an open fire, because if that gun were real cops could have been shot. There intent was to kill plain and simple. There supposed to keep a distance and try to make contact, then de escalate while waiting for backup.

  • teach your kids not to point ANY weapon at ANY police person or anyone else for that matter. And to follow instructions given. That way everyone lives!!

    • Again … can you please show me where he POINTED anything at the Cops !!! You Can Not .. WHY because it did not happen !!!! STOP making excusses for the POS Cop !!!

    • Really understand “Free Thought Project”. POS – classy.

    • He violated one of the basic rules of gun safety: never point a gun at anything you do not intend to shoot. This was a failure of education of poor Tamir Rice AND a horrible instance of police misconduct.

  • bb gun left.

  • That’s ironic…turns out the piece of shit cops mother was not only a stupid bitch herself, she raised a stupid little bitch!!!

  • You are a fucking moron. White people(adults) walk around with real guns and they don’t get shot..now you are blaming the cops sociopathy and incompetence on a toy gun? Go fuck yourself!!!!!!!!

  • Out of control thugs , I pity the USA when the shit hits the economic fan

  • Remember that scene in the movie ” Casino” where the mob guy got out of the car too fast holding a silver submarine sandwich and got shot up a bunch. Ya kids playing with fake guns that look real could screw with a cops mind. And we have that scene from Casino all over again with a 10-18 year old Boy

  • (To that thug cop) Speak for yourself, sick sunavabitch?! Is that how you treat her and these poor kids?!

  • stupid bastard

  • Pigs

  • People have every right to be concerned with this trend. This kind of thing was very very rare 20-30 years ago. Don’t know if it’s society degenerating or poor hiring and training. Cops used to be afraid of making a shooting mistake and going to jail for manslaughter. Don’t seem to be restrained anymore?

  • FUCK YEAH! Kids should play with REAL guns.

  • you guys need miracles !!

  • Why do cops in America have gunphobia? Regards from Hong Kong.

  • Just one question. Did this officer ever play with guns as a little boy?

  • The one in his right hand, left of screen. I’m not a trained cop, but even I can tell the difference. There was no justification.

  • Pigs are fucking disgusting there is no lower-class of human being there is no lower-class job they’ve done it to themselves and they can fuck off eat a bag of dicks

  • Well, can’t say that I disagree. Don’t let kids play with toy guns

  • I remember times when cops would shoot to WOUND IF they HAD to . NOT to kill. And most of them NEVER had to fire a gun in the line of duty…….That was in the days when Cops knew right from wrong . Not like the killer cops we have today

  • He is admitting that his police eye identified that the gun was fake and playing the all familiar “raise your kid right tactic”, i wish that someone would add unethical police tactics, along with fines to departments who fail to terminate and charge bad cops with some kind of crime. Depending on race, a lot of kids can not be kids and adults cant be adults without threatning the so called “elites”

  • Ciero is a piece of vile shit. Enough said.

  • I wonder what gun nuts will have to say about his comment, sounds to me like this cop is in favor of gun control. I wonder which gun nuts will actually take sides against him over this… My guess is zero since the same gun nuts are also racist, cop apologists and hypocrites. Would be nice to find one that actually was consistent in their philosophy though, they need to rope the rest of them in to the side of reason.

    • If they are “gun nuts” they are by definition not logically consistent. However, a huge number of pro-second-amendment Americans are outraged over this murder.

    • I don’t know of any personally, they seem as common as unicorns, at least in these parts.

    • I own guns and have a concealed carry permit, teach my young children gun safety and proper use, and I think it’s awful what the cop posted, as well as the loss of the young boy’s life.

    • Today I learned. If you like guns you’re a cop loving racist. I think most of the people who talk politics on here just revomit what someone told them. No ideas or opinions of their own. They like all the pages that support their side of everything. Then create their own little echo chamber reinforcing these ideas, and when someone challenges it. They get defensive regardless of how stupid they sound.

    • Dunno what you’re talking about, I was just saying I don’t personally know anyone like that. It’s good to hear people like you exist. I think responsible gun ownership can be synonymous with skepticism of law enforcement, though it seems like it doesn’t happen as often as it should.

    • Good for you, Justin. Cop Block is one of the better-known sites which is pro-second amendment and also anti-police abuse.https://www.facebook.com/CopBlock Of course, some progressives would like to see Cop Block labeled a terrorist organization…http://www.forwardprogressives.com/time-start-calling-cop-block-actually-hate-group/

  • You cannot have government without the inherent violence that comes with it. If cops gunning kids down bothers you then you have to reduce government because government will never police itself.

    • Sorry, not true. Things have changed drastically in the 50 years since I was twelve. Hell, things have changed drastically since I was 35. Cops are meaner now, more willing to kill, more macho, less human. It wasn’t always this way, even for Brown people like me.

    • And, you forgot, government is far bigger and more intrusive. As government grows, everything gets worse.

  • These police officers are getting worse and worse.

  • because I’m sure he didn’t grew up playing cops and robbers, yeah right!

  • The irony is that, loathesome as he is, he’s partly right. Kids need to be taught basic gun safety at an early age and toy guns are a good way to do that.

  • you guys are so fucked up down there

  • Don’t know ,, why don’t you stick them both up your ass .. And see if you can feel the difference,,?

  • How can you tell which one is a BB gun when you roll up to the scene and shoot, all within a 5 second span, riddle me that Mr Officer.

  • The one on the left,it took me .003 seconds to figure it out.

  • Brad Adams

  • Gun safety used to be taught in schools. Common core teaches guns are evil. Kids used to be out from school opening day of hunting season & maybe even several days or weeks. It used to be common knowledge how to handle those tools. Now kids are bombarded with images of murder via firearms on tv, desensitizing them to the realities and responsibilities of firearm ownership & use.

  • Not only should he be fired and not allowed to serve in any authority position, but this may actually be a case where this person should have his guns confiscated. Sounds like he’d shoot a neighbor’s kid for retrieving a ball from this guys yard.

  • damn! another cop gets a paid vacation?! boy they’re really cracking down on bad cops these days. It used to be so seldom we’d see the dreaded “paid vacation” dished out like this, but now due to public backlash against police brutality, they’re giving more and more of those tortureous and humiliating paid vacations

  • That’s what happens when cities refuse to hire cops with intelligence and instead hire retarded people.

  • The one on the left of course.

  • aweful

  • Facebook allows hate speech and threats on a hourly basis. They do nothing.

  • What an asshole.

  • This was wrong and the cop should have gone to jail. There’s more to this story though, someone called the police and said he pointed the gun at people n from what I read he lifted it up when the po po pulled up. Seems a shame to have to tell our children drop everything and put your hands on your head and make sure to record everything somehow. Police state America 🙁

  • OMG

  • Wow has it come to this

  • Despicable. This guy has no soul.
    it’s true the gun was a bb gun replica of a real 9 mm style hand gun and the fbi concluded there was no way the officers or anyone could have known it was just a bb gun.
    But this horrible taunting and insensitive harrassment on a mourning parent is unacceptable.
    It’s true parents should teach their kids gun safety and not to play with guns but this behavior is not justifiable and is sickening. Fire him.

  • The one on the viewers left. Anymore questions? The one one the right looks like a 9mm, maybe a .45

  • shoot the cop?

  • The one on the left!

  • Should have been fired !

  • la policía es -tal como funciona-un verdadera lacra

  • The one on the left is the bb gun.

  • Give your kids real guns and shoot the police.

  • Nobody should have f…g guns

  • Nothing quite like rewarding random malicious acts.

  • The people that told this grieving mother those things have a sickness and it needs to be eliminated before it infects the entire country, they’re sychopaths with one thing on their minds and that is hurting anything that is unfortunate enough to end up in front of them

  • I think maybe the cop’s mother is a stupid b**ch for birthing his worthless ass. . .

  • The left gun (his right hand) is the real BB gun! That was sooooo hard! The BB Guns barrel is much much smaller because it is only the size of a BB meanwhile the real gun must hae enough of a barrel size for the ammo to slide down, making the one in his left hand (right side of picture) a 9mm hand gun.

  • Know No Shame :/

  • What a stupid piece of shit.

  • … The one in his right hand is a fake gun, it looks like the left gun from our perspective.

  • My daughter loves to play airsoft with me. For those who dont know, airsoft guns are extremely realistic. I keep her gun with mine and she is only allowed to use it while supervised… guess what? She hasn’t been shot by police yet. Its your job as a parent to make sure your kids are playing safely. The cops were out of line to just roll up and shoot the kid, but the situation started with poor parenting, whether it was lack of supervision, or lack of teaching responsible use of guns and toy guns.

  • Take guns away from cops

  • What a sh&thole of a city my goodness.

  • It’s people fear of guns. Should not fear guns.

  • Whatever happened to the orange caps mandated for fake guns?

    • Yea, kids shouldn’t play with guns that look real but don’t be an asshole about it.. she just lost her son fucker.

  • That is disgusting.

  • Unless they white

  • I feel this is wrong on so many levels and I agree with both sides of the argument but this problem with society and the police in it has to change and that little Claus that says if police don’t know any better they can get away with it has to change if police start getting prosecuted for things like this I think they would find different ways about going about these situations and stop using lethal force as much. It’s ridiculous to me how many innocent people are in prison and how many guilty cops get to walk free because they get a pass for being ignorant

  • Cut off his hands, let’s see him type then. Cut out his tongue and let’s see who laughing. Then let us cut out his eyes and see who would respect his authority then.