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School Cop Punches 16-Year-Old Student in the Face for Not Having a Hall Pass

Oklahoma City, OK – A school resource officer was recently arrested after he was caught assaulting a student on a surveillance recording. The student had reportedly been in the hallway without a pass, and after he was confronted by officer Thomas Jaha, he went to get a drink of water.

Since he did not leave the hallway immediately and go directly back to class, Jaha went into a rage and attacked the 16-year old boy. Jaha is now facing a misdemeanor assault charge.

Jaha says that the student took an “aggressive stance” so he began to strike the boy, and it was all caught on the school’s video surveillance camera.

“He struck a student twice in the head after this student got in an aggressive stance and faced the master sergeant,” Capt. Paco Balderrama of the Oklahoma City Police Department said.

In the video, the student can be seen walking out of the bathroom with the officer, and while, on his way back to class, he stops at the water fountain for a drink. The water fountain was directly next to the bathroom that they were walking out of, and the teen did not have to go out of his way or waste any time to get a drink of water. The student’s choice to get a drink of water along the way was seen as a sign of disrespect by the officer, who then took it upon himself to assault the boy.

While the teenager did not hit the officer at any time, the officer claims that he hit him in self-defense because the boy allegedly took an aggressive stance and balled his fists, which is not depicted in the video.

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“They have the right to defend themselves. They have the right to use physical force to protect themselves, protect the public. And in this particular case, the force was not appropriate to the incident,” Balderrama said.

The student was arrested for disorderly conduct after the incident, but then after the surveillance footage surfaced it was apparent that he didn’t do anything wrong, and it was officer Jaha who was at fault.

Although he has been charged with assault he is still on the police force and suspended with pay.

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  • Capt Turk

    When almost every cop you run into has a chip on his shoulder, and a “Cartman complex” What do you expect? If you don’t immediately fall to your knees and start bowing to them they instantly take it as a threat, and an aggressive move or stance. I’m just surprised the cop didn’t shoot or taze him. He didn’t assume the “position”.

    • Dickey Cole

      I think they forget, that they are “Public Servants”!

    • Nate Hoffman

      You have too choices. You can talk like a good ole boy and they’ll think you’re one of them, or you can kiss ass. Really just one choice if you’re a minority.

  • Nate Hoffman

    I had a principal toss me up against a locker for what he found out later was no reason, but our cop was actually pretty cool. Principal thought that I started a fight with somebody. Got the wrong guy. He made a completely half assed apology that didn’t feel like an apology at all. It was weird that we had so much security seeing as how the school was about 95% white and almost nobody came from poverty there. Happened all at once too. Sophomore year, I could smoke a cigarette all the way up to the back door of the school. Junior year, we had a metal detector, agenda book/hall passes, locker searches, and all kinds of Nazi police state shit. I’m not sure what happened. It was before Columbine. It went from lax to prison in less than a semester.

  • EliWebber

    So the only people in this country these days that can defend themselves with violence is Police . worst mistake this country ever made, was putting Police in Schools .seems as though recently they are causing more violence than the would be shooters .you put humans in power and we have a bad rap for abusing that power . happens every day and a large % of Police get away with it esp. if its not videoed .

  • Hearseman

    WTF? The police are not in the schools for disciplining the students or to be a hall monitor! They are there to protect the students if they are attacked. Officers like this should be fired and prohibited from doing any job that required dealing with the public or requiring common sense.