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While Raiding Her Family’s Home for Being Behind on Rent, Cops Kill 12-yo Girl

Penn Township, Pa — 12-year-old Ciara Meyer was shot and killed by a police officer this Monday morning as her family was being evicted from their home. According to police, her father, 57-year-old Donald B. Meyer, pointed a gun at Pennsylvania State Constable Clarke Steele during the eviction. The police say that Steele shot at Meyer when he had the gun pulled on him, and grazed the man’s arm. However, the bullet went on to fatally strike young Ciara Meyer after it went through her father.

Donald Meyer was taken to the hospital but was also charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats, and reckless endangerment.

An unidentified neighbor told local reporters that Ciara was a “Very kind, sweet kid.”

“Here’s a little girl that doesn’t even have a chance to grow up and live her life, and all because of this senseless act. It’s horrible, absolutely heartbreaking,” the neighbor said.

Meyer’s aunt, Hope Cordas Rohde, wrote on Facebook that, “We are so broken as she was just a little girl and we loved her so much. My heart hurts so very much. Such a sad world this is when an innocent child is shot and killed. May God give us peace.”

According to PennLive.com, the family owed $1,780.85 in rent, which was roughly 3 months behind for them.

Pennsylvania state police spokesman Trooper Rob Hicks said that there was a long and ongoing process to evict the family from their home, and that police had been to the location on several other occasions. Monday morning was to be when the police would begin forcibly removing the family from their home.

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His lawful job, because he had a valid court order, was to remove them from the property if they had not already moved,” Hicks said.

The local school district said in a recent statement that they would be providing psychological help to any students who may be traumatized by the loss and the situation.

“As previously shared, we can confirm that a police incident took place late Monday morning at the Pfautz Apartments in Duncannon. Procedures are in place across the District to address potential impacts of this incident to our students and staff. Susquenita administration and additional professional staff (psychologists and guidance counselors) are working in conjunction with counselors from Holy Spirit (Teen Line) to provide support to students and staff as needed,” the statement read.

A GoFundMe account has been set up by the school to help cover Ciara’s funeral costs.

Ciara is the 21st person and the first child to be killed by law enforcement in 2016, according to an ongoing Guardian investigation.  In 2015, at least 1,138 people were killed by police, according to the same investigation.

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  • We’re trying to grow the police accountability movement and we need your help. Please (Y) + Comment + Share this heartbreaking story.

    • By posting these untrue and enflaming headlines you are NOT holding police accountable – you are just being sensationalist! I usually follow your articles because I believe in their authenticity – but this is outright negligence on your part. Instead of blaming the cop for killing the girl over $1780 why not point the finger at the stupid father who pulled a rifle on a cop over $1780. We have enough sensationalism from the mass media – please stop stooping to this level of crap journalism before you loose all your credibility.

    • Bad cop? Not judging by this situation alone.

      1. He shot the man in the arm, he tried to make a non lethal response to a threatening action.

      2. The man raised his gun at a cop after closing the door and retrieving a gun knowing full well it was a cop at his door. That’s a threat.

      3. What parent, knowing he is about to consciously decide to make a move that will likely provoke violence, does not tell their child to get away from any possible danger?

      I hate being on the cop’s side here, but this is on the father.

    • 100% agree Jason. Personally, I am not interested in being on the side of the cop or anti-cop – I am purely interested in holding police officers accountable for their actions, AS WELL AS holding our own citizens accountable for their actions – we can’t hold a double standard about this or we just trade in one level of crap for another.

    • …they shot an unarmed minor, again. A noncombatant. Now whereas I see your point, and am not generally prone to knee-jerk reaction, the officer shot a kid

    • Posting this kinda false shit loses your credibility

    • Cop dick in my mouth? Well fuck you very much. Here is a story telling how someone pulls a gun on a cop and gets shot, but that’s police brutality? Yes, it’s a tragedy that the girl was killed, but it was the father’s fault not the police officer. Pulling moves like this and trying to shame us so we take your side is counter productive and just plain pisses me off. Especially since the title of the page is “The Free Thought Project”…but if you disagree we will mock you

    • The father killed his own daughter in this situation. The police officer will have to live with this for the rest of his life. Everyone has a right to defend themselves when another person points a gun at them, that includes police officers.

    • Artemiss Keyhani Agree! I will hold cops accountable, but this one should have been passed by. I have no idea if the officer should have fired his gun or not, I was not there. But it appears the man in the house pulled a gun on a cop, with his daughter standing right behind him. The officer may not have even known she was there. Fight the ones we need to fight and leave the questionable ones like this alone, you are creating more problems.

    • seriously, this page will lose people if it keeps this up.

    • that’s pathetic…cops are tools…Get the Slimy Lawyers and Judges with babies dicks in their mouths

    • Christian, the constables actually do go through formal training, its called Act 49 Certification.

    • What about PARENTAL RESPONSIBLILTY? This parent caused this whole mess. This parent ignored warnings. This parent was willing to give up his life for $1,700 instead of doin the right thing. Don’t blame anyone else here. I’m done with page. You DO NOT represent thoughtful LIBERALS. I don’t jump on every bandwagon that comes down the pike marked Liberal.

    • If the police story is corect the dad is the problem.

    • The constable did not shoot the kid intentionally, that’s where you are dead wrong. He shot the man in the arm (trying to non-lethally subdue the guy) when the man clearly pulled a loaded rifle on him. She was just an innocent bystander who got shot for being behind her father at the time. I’m all for police accountability and I hate when cops get away with murder but don’t be ignorant and compare this situation to the many situations that led some of us to hate cops. This was solely the father’s mistake and a costly one at that. None of this would ha e happened if he wasn’t a fucking idiot and I say that being a father and cop hater myself.

    • Those of you who think otherwise are clearly being ignorant. Maybe something happened to ya that makes ya think this way but logically in this case you guys are wrong and ya know it but ya just have a serious vendetta and that’s coming from one “logical” cop hater.

    • I agree with you accept I dont hate cops.. Thats silly and prejudice.. Other than that your bang on.. Tis was nothing more than a sad mistake

    • You have picked a bad story to promote your cause. The father who pointed a gun at the cop put this poor little girl in harms way…

    • The father didnt kill the girl, the father didnt shot his gun, how many sad fucking mistakes before people united to change the regime that steals our freedom and kill our people

    • For as long as they are not held accountable for their actions they will always be hated on plain and simple. Maybe where most of you guys come from its a different story and they may just be great cops who treat their communities with respect but where some of us come from that is just not the case. Where I come from cops have no respect for the public, their goal is nothing more than filling quotas and collecting revenue for the state in any way possible. Over here there is no need to read you your rights, there is no need to tell you why you are being stopped. Alot of times you may end up slammed against the wall, the floor or slammed against a car all before you even get the chance to properly identify yourself to them and way too many times suspects have been shot and killed before even getting the whole perspective of things. You could be walking down the street minding your business when all of a sudden you are rushed by 5 officers just because you may fit a partial description. Then when they find out its not you they disappear like thieves in the night without any explanation or we are sorry (usually some of us find out why by listening to their radios). Many good cops have lost their jobs over here trying to expose this with the recent issue being the stop and frisk policy. I don’t hate cops individually I hate the department as a collective for allowing bad apples in their midst and defending them when shit hits the fan. They like to argue the bad apple theory yet they let the unions defend them and pay for their defenses. The truth is good cops don’t exist out here because cities dont want good cops, good cops expose corruption. The cities want complacent cops who can carry out the will of those in charge plain and simple.

    • the piglet should not have been there in the first place and was operating with criminal intent the only thing this guy did wrong was not ending the worhtless eater piglets life before it harmed him or his family

    • Doesnt free thought project support property rights? This was a property rights issue where a tenant violated terms of lease (not paying rent) and legal action ensued where the he had multiple opportunities to respond and never did. He knew the eviction was to take place, and chose to respond with force and recklessly endangered his family and is solely responsible for his daughters tragic death. Constables in Pennsylvania are the closest thing we have to free market law enforcement, as they are self funded and paid for through fees that are attached to civil and criminal process.

  • A community that puts up with that type behavior from damned cops deserve those damned cops

    • Cops can’t defend themselves when a piece of shit points a rifle at them?

    • Did he get shot? I guess we’ll never know how it could have been handled better…but fuck it who cares right! The house got emptied for the Sheriff of Nottingham and all the slaves will do as they’re told from now on…eat me copsucker

  • How about not pointing a rifle at a cop because that’s what the father of this poor girl did; a LOADED rifle, while his child was in the house. That said it is still a tragic story

    • If someone breaks into my house they are getting both barrels no questions asked.

    • Tyler that’s fucking stupid. The man answered the door, saw the cop, closed the door got his gun and answered the door again, then raised the gun and started to point it at the cop. Nobody broke in anywhere, this is 100% on the father.

    • We are not debating constables powers of office, we are talking about a simple situation in which a man threatened a cop and got his daughter killed. Stay on topic.

    • And your InfoWars-esque questioning of the details is ridiculous for the record. You being able to raise doubts in the minds of idiots doesn’t make what you say relevant or accurate.

  • This should have never happened…sad

  • All about the money……very tragic

  • It’s the father’s fault. You made a choice, this was the result.

  • What would Obama say… It’s the little girls fault for mingling with criminals who don’t pay their bills.

  • How did the cops get involved in a civil case ?

    • The sheriffs always show up to issue evictions.

    • After the court hearing they give you a certain date you have to be out by. If you don’t evacuate the property the sheriffs show up. Typical procedure.

    • Jennifer Marie thank you 😀

    • No problem

    • Not a sheriff. Constable. Which is an elected position in PA that carries out such things as evictions.

    • Same difference all officers of law

    • Pennsylvania classifies constables as law enforcement officers.

    • Yup and even constables have the right to defend themselves from danger just as any citizen does. If you would like officers not to have the right to defense than you would by principle be giving up your right as well.

  • sad that this child lost her life…but it was due to her father breaking the law….

    • Then why not his life, she didn’t break the law

    • Chris Griffin the officer didn’t intend to kill the child. Her father went for his weapon & he should of made sure his daughter was not in danger. No matter what way one looks at it, the father did not act in the best interest of his family.

  • Nice headline and by-line. That ought to grab em. SMH. “Free-thought”…

  • I pride myself on being a realist. You’re wrong on this one FreeThought.

  • The Free Thought Project.com, this is NOT how the situation went down, why are you guys posting like the Cops killed this girl over $?

    • The Free Thought Project.com, are you just not going to answer me? I know you have time, because you just posted about a cataclysmic collapse about to start.

    • Ok The Free Thought Project.com, I tried to talk to you about it but you just ignored me like I didn’t tag you in the comments of your own post. Unfollowed.

  • I’m so glad I’m out of this country.

  • What I want to know is what kind of father lets his kid stand behind him while he has weapons drawn? Wouldn’t you as a parent tell your child/teen to stay in their room or hide somewhere ? Assuming there was a big enough threat to draw your weapon out ?

    • Bc when the police come in they make everybody come out there is no hiding they will kill you they don’t care

    • Katie obviously didn’t read the story.

    • You can still hide. It was a kid. It was just for an eviction lol. Come on now. If the guy didn’t open the door with a gun none of this would have happened. The dad had no right to be on the property he was renting and got evicted he was trespassing.

    • Its not like it was a drug raid.

    • The sheriff would have never even drawn weapons had the father not had one.

    • And no they don’t shoot you for hiding.

    • This is standard procedure when tenants refuse to vacate.

    • Not killing people. But the dad posed a threat to the officers just trying to get them peacefully off the property.

    • Another thing Katie they didn’t even have a chance to tell anyone to come out or assist in helping or making sure they evacuated the property. The dad went postal and drew weapons while refusing to pay rent or leave lol.

    • Lets be real here.

    • You mean…kids are obedient all the time? XD

    • Jennifer Marie. is it standard procedure to kill tenant’s child, for not vacating?

    • Yes she’s old enough to understand hide someone may be shot.

    • Lol

  • I like how the title says nothing about the dad pointing a fucking gun at a cop the father should be changed with the murder of his daughter just like if you and a buddy robbed a store and your buddy shot the Clark you both get a murder charge that girl would still be alive if not for her father’s actions

  • What kind of father gets into so much debt that his family is evicted from their home? What kind of father pulls a gun on armed police in the presence of his family? I’ll tell you. A fucking shit father does that. Unfortunately his poor little girl paid the price for his despicable behaviour…and all you idiots slating the law for his mistakes need to do some serious thinking…..Free Thought? No you’re all fucking sheep.

    • aparently you love cops that murder children. Fuckng loser

    • I fucking hate cops. I just love to speak the truth. If you can’t handle that then you’re the fucking loser big boy.

    • The father pulled his gun out with irresponsible haste. The police officer responded, shot the father in the arm – and the child was behind the dad. If the father didn’t threaten the other man – the child would be alive.

      I am not pro-cop, but I am pro self defence.

    • Cops need to learn how to shoot and act under pressure. No excuse for dead children

    • Copsuckers make me sick

    • And btw plenty of good people end up in debt. Dont be a moron

    • So a cop should let some shit-for-brains kill him just for doing his job?

    • No guns no bullets no shot people

    • Josh Lawrence when i get in debt I work twice as hard

    • that dont justify the fucking pigs behaviour their a bit trigger happy and never any comebacks, just dumb excuses

    • Can someone justify the fathers behaviour first please? Again I am anti-cop. But self defence is justified.

    • no they can’t

    • Oh yeah josh the cop was in the wrong maybe he should of just let the man shoot him and then asked the little girl to move before he defended himself get out of here that child would still be alive if not for her father’s actions and Steve I agree with you for the most part but the being in debt part shit happens we don’t know the full story behind that

    • Fair comment Kyle

    • Wow….take the cop dick out yiur mouth when you speak next

    • I’m not pro cop but some of you are just ignorant to blame the police officer and not the father sounds to me some of you are truly incapable of free thought there’s so many other cases to blame the police for murdering unarmed citizens but not this one the officer was 100% justified in his actions can any of you say the same about the father

    • I can type and suck cock at the same time dickhead

    • There are lots of decent folks so far in debt that they’re losing their homes. Follow the news much? In the Susquehanna Valley where this occurred the rents are inflated, there’s no rent control, wages are depressed, the employment market stinks, and homeless shelters are full up. What kind of father pulls a gun on a constable? A man at the end of his rope who isn’t thinking clearly, unfortunately. By the way, constables aren’t technically “police” in PA. They’re elected, they aren’t required to have a background in law enforcement or any sort of degree, they’re only required to undergo relatively limited training and as long as they score a 70% on the exam they’re deemed qualified. Seems to me that the benchmark should be raised. That being said, the father allegedly pointed his rifle at the constable and if that’s accurate I can’t fault the guy for defending himself…but I have to wonder if he could have backed off and perhaps called for backup that might have been better qualified to deal with a hostile situation.

    • So you admit that you’ve been in debt. Pot meet kettle. And no, i dont expect him to get shot, I expect him to stay calm, pick his shot, and have some consideration for where hes sending lethal projectiles.

    • he shot him in the arm. he should have gone for the head shot

    • But hey, i think we should hold cops to a higher standard. Im not satisfied with obese, trigger happy, panicky officers that kill kids. Im just an asshole like that

    • Josh Lawrence I am absolutely appalled at a lot of the shit the cops get up to but you need to be realistic

    • Realistic? I am realistic. Look at law enforcement in Scandinavia. If they can do it right, so can we.

    • Obviously you can’t

    • Yes I’ve been in debt that’s how you build credit and its easy to say what he should have done when its not you and your just reading about it as I am but it said in the article that the father shut the door then opened it a couple seconds later with a rifle pointed at him so I’m sure it was surprising to the Officer as I said it’s easy to say stay calm when you or I have never been in that situation

    • Guns shouldn’t of been involved on either side. No reason for guns in the first place, from either party. It was about not paying rent, it shouldn’t of been about guns. Yes, don’t point a gun at cops or you will get return fire but in a gun fight anybody can tell the difference between an unarmed kid & a armed adult, unless you are trigger happy.

    • Speak for yourself Kyle. Ive had guns in my face on two seperate occasions, once when i was 17 working at burger king during a robbery, once the year before when someone lied to the police and said i had a gun. I didnt panick on either occasion, and I was a teenager. Its damn easy to say a trained “professional” should be able to keep his shit together while doing his job.

    • you didn’t get shot the second time? because he was a cop?

    • Nope. Neither the cop nor the criminal shot me. I guess they kept their shit together too

    • Well Zachary that goes against our 2nd amendment we have this right not to protect ourselves from deers and bears but from foreign and domestic enemies if state law gives the officer the right to carry he was in the right he only pulled his fire arm in fear of his life the father is 100% to blame he should have never put the officers life in danger his daughters life or his own

    • so they’re not all trigger happy kid killers then?

    • It would be nice to think that lessons have been learned on both side of the law

    • I said that even though I had three officers point guns at me & use a dog on me when alls I did was roll through a stop sign. I have a clean record & I was unarmed. So I know personally how overly aggressive police can be. I am a white guy also & this still happened to me, go figure.

    • And I bet you weren’t armed so its pretty easy to stay calm and comply that’s your only option or you could act a fool like the father did and get shot

    • Kyle Jill calm but scared shivering & afraid that I might get shot in my back if I moved wrong or bitten by the dog. My point is guns shouldn’t of been involved here either. I didn’t stop at the stop sign, that’s it.

    • Zachary Taylor Hoffman understandable

    • Sorry Zachary I was talking to josh about the two times he’s had a gun pulled on him
      But I agree with you 100% the police are out of control reckless dangerous with no accountability

    • The father probably had no real intention to shoot but the officer can’t take that chance

    • Oh, so you’re completely up to date on your bills Steve? No? STFU then, you sound like a dick sucking statist.

    • Christian Doyle Because it didnt happen the way this lying sack of shit says.

    • yes i am…not much of an argument there

    • Jenni Lovsey you’re an idiot

    • To be shot without defending yourself? ok

    • Nothing you say makes your argument valid

    • right on

    • What kind of father justify the terror act of an armed gang breaking into other peoples home and murder a child just because they work for the bankers and other scumbags and have a imaginary badge which trick retards to think that they have some kind of special authority and are allowed to brake any kind of moral and common sense.

      What if you get a parking ticket and have to pay 1000.000 but you cant….

      Everyone knows that this economy is made by and for the worst criminals of all. The whole monetary system is a scam and you have the guts to blame someone for not being able to pay… Wow a new kind of low.

    • more bullshit

    • Nice gran&Christian are your parents retarded because you guys are special no one broke into anyone house even if he was just a constable he was acting well within his rights to defend himself you dont pull a gun on anyone unless your willing to suffer the consequences sadly his daughter suffered the consequences for his actions if it wasn’t for the fathers reckless and irresponsible behavior this child would still be alive and to put the blame on the constable just shows your lack of intelligence go watch SpongeBob and leave the thinking to the adults

    • They’re just cop haters taking any excuse to feel more hate Kyle. Regardless of the truth

    • Lol and yall just love to be on your knees. Why even comment? LOL i read the articele and it seemed to state obvious facts. Why do you need to come on here to defend your captor LOL. This is hilarious. calling people sheep HAHAHAHA. special kind of retards.

    • Whatever the debt is, it’s not worth killing a child.
      Fuck the cops and fuck those who suck cop dick

    • Some bitch foreigner telling Americans how to live again. Fuck you asshole. Whether he pulled a gun or not why did kill this child? Stray shots? Maybe they should be better trained and not kill bystanders. You fucking idiot bastard.

    • Lets hope you never get into debt eh? It might burst that bubble you live in.

    • Maybe just not raid houses for shitty reasons? Then all this would be avoided. It’s debatable how much fault is with the father and officer. What is not is that this could have all been avoided and handled differently.

    • Wow you guys are a special kind of stupid clearly none of you can read or are just to lazy to click on the article and read it no home was raided this wasn’t a stray bullet the father shut the door on the officer,constable and returned with a gun and pointed it at him I’m all for accountability for killer cops but I’m also intelligent enough and have no agenda to condemn a person without reading the facts all the incorrect info you commented and the nasty things you say truly show your ignorance and your clear agenda not caring for facts or information as I said earlier go watch SpongeBob this conversation surpasses your intelligence level

    • That little girl’s blood is on her father’s hands. Do you see those girls in my profile picture? I would never be so foolish as to endanger them like this man did his own. How awful.

      I’m also a landlord. I have no patience for people who think they can make me pay for their lives. Once they’re evicted, (which would be after they’ve stolen the food off of my plate), then they’d better get out. Time is money, and I don’t work for deadbeats. I would have called the cops, too.

      Stop jumping to the defense of every last dirtbag in the world just because a cop got involved. I’m an anarcho-capitalist, and I’d love nothing more than to have privatized police. Market accountability would change things drastically. But as Bastiat explained, just because the state does something doesn’t mean we don’t want that thing done at all.

    • Unreal how many of you are just taking the cops story at face value. Have you forgotten how much police lie? I’m not saying the constable did or did not lie, but I never take a pig on his or her word.

    • blame the victim. she was a terrorist. cops rule. cops are not closeted gay, pathetic, worthless , piece of human shit , rage-a-holic, spineless pussies hiding behind badges. take that back

    • Hoo Kyle’s mom is a bi-ch she’s a big fat bi- ch she’s the biggest bi- ch in the whole wide world (in my Eric Carmen voice)

    • Willie that’s why your baby’s moma looks like a baby’s daddy you old dirty basterd looking mofo your old and busted your exactly why we have so much violence in this country your old as fuck trying to fake like your young maybe if you valued your women and called her wife instead of baby momma stop putting yourself first and maybe teach your children values responsibility and what it takes to be a man but this probably is to hard because it would require a man to do that

    • Kyle Jill I understand that you have a hard time to think. But i make it easy for you.

      To throw out a family from their home with help of a known armed violent gang is worst then just breaking into their home.

      You will see more cases like this.. so its pure ignorance or evil to ignore the fact that this so called economy create this kind of trouble.

      Also, it is a fact that cops are notorious liers in America. Why on earth would someone trust what cops say have happend!


    • Oh I’m aware of police violence and they do lie about 99% of the time my opinion is just based on the article but clearly you dont no how an eviction works an officer shows up knocks on your door and gives you papers to appear in court then if the judge agrees with the landlord you are then given 15-30 days to vacate the property

    • Those of us here who are defending the actions of the cop are doing so because of what the post says. Those blaming the cop are doing so out of hatred for the police and not this individual case. therefore you are absolutely wrong. The video above has nothing to do with the case on this post so it is completely irrelevent.

    • Steve your 100% correct the video posted has nothing to do with the context of the article posted clearly nice gran has been watching too many of these videos and has a clear agenda against the police

    • What pisses me off most about this post is that it has me backing the police…i hate that shit :/

    • I totally agree when I seen the article I was like fuck they’ve murder a little girl this time just another murderess cop that wont be prosecuted but then after READING the article it wasn’t as it appeared to be but I have no agenda I only see right and wrong blind justice is supposed to work that way not judging one person for the actions of others or judging others for the actions of one

    • funny he has money for guns/ammo but not for rent. he is a miserable excuse for a man and needs to be put away for life

    • The brain damage is strong here.

  • So Tragic!!! Why would a cop serve an eviction notice surely this could have been done by post. Maybe the family could have sought some help to keep their home. My Deepest Sympathies x

    • Why would a responsible father point a weapon at a officer while his child is there? The ignorance of the father cost that little girl her life.

    • The sheriff carries through with the eviction if the tenants refuse to leave. This is standard procedure. Call the courts and ask if you must.

    • You go to eviction court the judge gives you a certain amount of time to vacate the property. If you don’t the sheriff comes. Period. Plain and simple. The father also knew the sheriff would be there on the day this happened. All of this is disclosed in court.

    • They would have never drawn their guns had the father not went postal.

    • It wasn’t a drug raid. It was an eviction. Most end peacefully. The father obviously wanted to play cops and robbers.

    • So sad that his stupidity and ego got his child killed.

    • I don’t choose sides over stupidity and negligence. Although there have been quite a few unjustified police killings this is not one of them. Don’t get too excited. This time all people are doing is spreading misinformation and it’s obvious people think cops are now just there to be target practice and have no right to also defend themselves as we have the right as well. Serving eviction papers is not a threat to end someone’s life the dad had no reason to point his gun. It means you failed to pay rent for more than a month.

    • When someone has a gun pointed at you you cannot check all around the house to make sure there’s no innocent people in the way. Right there at that moment it was either pull out a weapon as well or risk being killed by the crazy dad.

    • Thats all very well Jennifer but I live in Scotland and our laws are very different. If you have a child and were to be evicted you would be rehoused immediately by your local council. Seems tragic to me that anyone in this day and age needs to be homeless especially with children says a lot about society. I will judge who is accountable when I see all the evidence or more importantly any video evidence available.

  • Read the fucking story before printing your bullshit hate spreading lies. There was no raid. They were serving a eviction notice and the father pulled a gun on the officer. It’s sad and unfortunate, but it’s the fault of the father.

    • I agree.

    • Yeah, I feel the father should be held accountable for her death. It’s sad and unfortunate, but its his fault

    • My thought exactly. The father endangered his family when he drew his weapon on the officer. It did not have to go that way.

    • I agree. And in this case I actually feel bad for the officer. He’s just there to do his job, has to protect himself, ad accidentally kills an innocent young girl. But it’s the cop’s fault, right?

    • There is no mention of the father pulling a gun cause that wouldnt be very profitable towards the page’s gun possesion ideals.This incident is just another proof of what every sane man acknowledges.Not every hillbilly can own a gun.

    • Agree. I also think maybe the dumb bastard should have paid his rent.

  • It wasn’t a cop. It was a constable and the father drew down on him with a loaded .223 , get you facts together before you judge.

    • Exactly!!! Everyone was just doing their jobs!

    • Actually constables are classified as a Law Enforcement Officer.

  • A.C.A.B.!!!

  • Not really “free thought” if you push your views onto others, make shit up and leave out important details.

  • If its collateral damage, is it not still considered homicide?

    • Yes, but homicide doesn’t mean someone is guilty of murder. If anything, the dad will be charged for this.

    • Cop fired ONCE. The bullet WENT THROUGH THE RETARDS ARM and hit his daughter WHO WAS STANDING BEHIND HIM. It is NOT collateral damage.

    • Dietriech Von Steinmann all I care for is the child, for all I know, all them retards with guns should be jailed.

  • This is total Chicken shit grand standing… Her father pointed a gun at a Police Officer!

  • Why are you all blaming the father OR the cop? BOTH were at fault. The father should certainly not have pointed a gun at the officer, but the officer has a duty to ALSO make sure bystanders are not in the line of fire. And the notion that guns are safe and should be readily available as the gun culture promotes co tributes to this mentality.

    • When you draw a gun on a cop, there isn’t really time to ensure no one else is around. The constable isn’t at fault. If the dad hadn’t pointed a gun, would his kid be dead?

    • Richard Fliehr, you are wrong and you watch too many cop shows television. I was married to a cop for 15 years. I KNOW that they are trained not to respond with maximum force when others are in danger. Furthermore, they are trained to de-escalate the situation BEFORE resorting to shooting, which today’s cops don’t even consider. How long did it take to kill Tamir Rice? 9 seconds?

    • Officer’s #1 priority is returning home to his family and children at the end of his shift. There are a few bad cops, this isn’t one of them.

    • I didn’t say he was a bad cop. I said he had the opportunity to make sure no one else was in his line of fire. And YES, I know about officers returning home: please note that as I mentioned above, I was married to one for 14 years. Every siren makes family members wonder if that is the day. But “Protect and Serve” includes protect others before self.

    • When someone points a weapon at a cop, their first priority is to stop that threat. The time for de-escalation is over.

    • Wrong. When you join the police force or are married to one, then you can claim to be an expert.

    • Your husband is not a police officer and he did not have any opportunity to secure his background. A .223 rifle was pointed at him which will murder most people with one shot. Not like the officer who survived 3 hits from a low caliber pistol the other day.

      There is no chance in the world that you are of any relation to a police officer with your fantasy shoot to disable, don’t worry, he’s not going to actually Fire the weapon aimed at you mentality. Plus your FB is all anti police, anti order liberal garbage.

    • I was married to a cop for 14 years and went to the police academy myself and served as a reserve officer (a certified officer who assists the Dept when necessary). You people are wannabes and have no fxxxxxx clue what you’re talking about. Police work is more stressful–for the officers AND their families than you will ever imagine–and dangerous–because the job is–or was–about protecting others from harm. DO NOT even try to argue with me until you experience what I have, especially as the spouse of an officer. Sadly, that job ruins the people who mean well; it destroys lives with alcohol and drug abuse and PTSD, destroys marriages and families BECAUSE officers are EXPECTED to put the public in front of their own interests.

    • No my FORMER husband is now retired. NO ONE said ANYTHING about a shoot to disable. What I did say was that the officer had a DUTY to be sure no other humans were in danger before he took a shot . I am well aware of the damage done by a .223. I’m an expert marks woman and my favorite shot is a Colt Python. You are a moron if you think I’m anti police. And my Facebook is all about the victims–children, animals, elderly, the very poor and homeless–of an increasingly violent, uncaring world–which means that I am a deeply caring person, not that I’m a liberal.

    • Lulz. You assume people aren’t cops because you were married to one. I guess that makes michelle Obama fit to run the country?

  • Looks like they protected and served the everliving shit out of that girl.

  • Shit, how terrible

  • It’s really so tragic.

  • And the only side being given is the shooters and guess what? He says it was justified. Amazing coincidence!

  • So sad.

  • No regards for human lives there let alone human rights. This 12 year old girl didn’t deserve to die. Wish capitalism would die soon.

  • Free Thinking would be to respect other’s property you contracted to live on. Respect for the law and respect for officers performing their duty. Base amounts of logic enough to realize the likely outcome of pulling a rifle on a police officer. And understanding that being a father’s first obligation is the safety and welfare of your child.

    Dumb post and horrible header.

  • Why bring guns to a poor persons house that can’t afford rent in the first place..

    • The father may or may not have pulled a gun but his daughter didn’t deserve to be slaughtered. Now it’s just another family slaughtered because they didn’t pay rent story. All bad, you fucked up..

    • Can’t afford multiple months of rent but can afford a rifle and ammo? How is a cop at fault for shooting someone who pointed a gun at them?

    • Richard Fliehr so you’re saying he should of sold the gun to pay rent. Yea I can agree to that because I have done that before when I had to. It’s stupid to point anything at police but the daughter didn’t point a gun..

    • Shit, around here that would only be one months rent or half a months rent depending on if you share rent or not. My other point is that rent is way to high and we also need more jobs.

    • Umm, this wasn’t a no-knock warrant, it was an eviction. Just saying…..

  • / looks like guns and cops with guns are a big problem over there,figure it out

  • I hate when people don’t understand how difficult it can be to find a job & keep a job sometimes & then try to pay the ridiculous high cost of rent on top of that..

  • Happy mostly everyone can be unbias on this particular topic. It’s important we’re not one sided like the other side obviously is when their cops do wrong.

    • Who is being unbiased? Not this page.

    • The people making comments on this page are mostly being unbias. Freethought is not.

  • why policy enforcers are not needed

  • This was an unfortunate incident. This is not the cop’s fault.

  • Then daddy shouldn’t have pointed a rifle at the constable.

  • What ? They didn’t kill everyone in the house ? They are slipping

  • Since you posted your misinformation again, I’ll share my link from the previous post. It seems that many don’t understand how the eviction process works so here’s a link to an explanation. Yes, its for Washington State, but the process is pretty universal.

    After reading many of the comments here, it seems that many have no clue as to how the eviction process works. I realize this is for the state of Washington, but the process is pretty universal.


  • And since I’m in the giving mood, here’s a link to what a constable is.


  • This page should be called “the closed minded project”

  • WRONG WRONG!!!!! The cop shot her armed father, the bullet passed through him and killed her. Father was wrong.

  • The cop was doing his job and was defending him self ,, your head line makes it seam like he was at fault THERE DID NOT RAID the home they were serving an EVICTION notice ,, THIS is all on the loser father for not working >> get the story right , shshshehehe.

  • Ill be the very first to say that police have a lot of problems in this country, but posting shit like this destroys your credibility. This was the fathers fault based on the facts in your article, plain and simple. Should the constable have just let the man shoot him? If you’re goung to call yourself the free thought project maybe you should think critically about a story before you slap your predictable spin on it

  • okay im 100% for police accountability but this isnt fair to this cop… the man provoked it and the father got his daughter killed.

  • Stupid headline her father is the cause of her death. It was not the Constable who was only protecting himself from being shot by the father.

  • Fall behind in rent and have your children executed on site. Is this Syria?

  • That’s high value in today’s market. Most of the time it isn’t worth a nickle.

  • Have to say yet again. Just because the police say he pointed a gun at them, it doesn’t make it true! If there’s video evidence or independent witnesses I will believe it.

  • ..

  • stupid retard cop.

  • so unfair.

  • the father was the main cause of all of this, i,m sure he could have reached out for the community to help. dang, even her school may have helped, instead of the helping to pay for the funrel cost for her, i,m sure they would have rather paid for the back rent so they would not have came to this.i think in a situation like this maybe schools and other places in your area should do a fund for this kind of stuff.

  • How incompetent do you have to be to turn an eviction into a gunfight?

  • Jesus read the story,, the father should go to prison for involuntary manslaughter minimum.

  • As tragic as this is…The father did pull a firearm on the officers..not saying it is right AT ALL. But you Must understand, that it is NEVER wise to threaten someone that already FEELS threatened and has a deadly weapon already out and ready to use.

  • Police are trained and know that every shot they take has a great liability, generally considered around $1,000,000 per round. It is the officer’s responsibility to be familiar and trained to an appropriate level of marksmanship with his weapon. While it is appropriate to charge the father with his crimes, it is also appropriate to hold the officer accountable for his actions as well and to be charged with involuntary manslaughter for his negligence in properly controlling his weapon. The little girl is innocent in this situation and her life mattered.

  • Americans and your toys.

  • Father pulled a gun. Idiot.

  • If dad pulled a gun on the police as mentioned in the story would sat he was the main contributing factor.

  • I’m sorry but you have it all wrong. The father is definitely the one to blame. She was clearly a victim of being at the wrong place at the wrong time in a situation her father created by knowingly pulling out a loaded weapon against the constable. How stupid could he be? On some real shit I hate cops and those with authority over civilians but in this case I seriously blame the father and I can’t even begin to feel the guilt the constable is feeling for being forced to shoot at this guy accidentally killing the guy daughter in the process. What a fucking idiot this guy is and now he will have to face the fact that he is solely responsible for his daughters death. Smh

  • just horrible. for late rent no less. what are we doing?

  • you kill a child eat a bullet.

  • So the pc of shit father got his daughter killed? You are actually trying to blame the police for this?

  • prosecute that cop

  • Good thing he was a where of his surroundings….

  • whats her dad pulling agun for with his daughter right behind him,stupid!!

  • If he pointed a gun at the constable then the constable had the right to defend himself. The father should never have pointed a gun at man so if the story doesn’t turn out to be a lie as others have then the father should also be charged with the killing of his own daughter. I am not pro cop But I damns sure am anti-stupid.

  • This story can’t be true, the father was white, from what I here his “privilege” should have protected him

  • Hey.. Im for controlling police power just like all of you and I agree this is a terrible tragedy but .. IN THIS INSTANCE. I don’t blame the cop. He defended himself as anybody would do. This is NOT the same thing as police abuse of power. Stop trying to make this sad story a part of defending against police abuse because it only serves to show how blind some are to the difference. Your not helping the cause here your only proving to those in power your clueless in telling the difference.

  • Her demented dad pulled a weapon on the serving officer!! He shot thru his arm and it hit the young girl. 100% the dad’s fault!

  • Good bless our messed up world!!!!!!!!!!)!

  • I’m anti cops abusing their authority. but this idiot dad caused this, and my heart is broken over the death of this beautiful child.

  • Ummmm…. What the hell, FreeThoughtProject.com? You’re not telling the whole story.

  • Take care young lady, and my condolences and blessings to the survivors of this bumbled event.

  • THIS IS BULLSHIT. Before lying, get the WHOLE story. Cop served EVICTION notice, the father slammed the door into his face, then came back to the door with a gun which he pointed at the cop. Cop made ONE shot, hit the man in the arm. Bullet went THROUGH the idiot’s arm and hit his daughter killing her… Policeman DID NOT come to arrest him, just to serve eviction notice. YOU DO NOT point your rifle at police for EVICTION NOTICE. You people should try to expose REAL misdeed of police rather than helping Black Panthers. http://www.people.com/article/pennsylvania-police-shoot-kill-12-year-old-girl

  • During the normal process of a eviction, a father pulled a loaded gun on the officer and the officer shot at the father’s arm as to not take a lethal shot. The girl was standing behind the father. How can I take a single post seriously if you are this off base? The officer wasn’t raiding the home. He was going through normal eviction procedure which officers do as part of the legal process. The officer then attempted to take a non-lethal shot at the father in lieu of simply killing the man. And you blame the officer? What a horrible person you are.

  • Seriously. He served an eviction notice and the guy was crazy enough to pull a gun on the sheriff. The mistake the sheriff made was that he shot to the side to “warn” the nut. He should have shot center of mass because someone else might be to the side. Unless you are advocating that police should not serve warrants or eviction notices and that I can camp out in your house until I decide to leave, which will be never.

  • Intentionally to, bet that little bitch deserved it

  • Wow

  • The title of the video is what set everyone one off. These are the websites bringing you videos and telling you other people are protesting it. Biased assholes.

  • Its the f ing fathers fault he was shoting at police

  • horrible

  • Heartbreaking…very, very sad!

  • The policeman should be charged with 1st degree murder.

  • These fucking cunts will continue to murder ppl
    These fucking ppl who will get up in arms if a Muslim killed one person over a personal issue need to realize who their enemy is.

  • terrible

  • Love those good cops

  • you need to stop shit stirring, with your post’s,…. read/know all the facts before you post stuff, The father should have NEVER pulled a gun out, he should have moved like he was notified to do, that girls death IS on her father, no one else

  • well free thought is just a propaganda arm of Putin. …if it really were “free thought” we would be hearing about the death of a leading critic of the Kremlin…..

  • Where is the part that the father pulled a gun?Not very profitable towards your gun possesion beliefs as a page hm?You lose all credibiliy as a page when you post only the part of the story that is to your benefit.I became part of the page to hear truths if that continues i ll be sad but i will personally choose another page who doesnt actually mocks its readers.

  • Unforgivable.

  • Acountability people knock it off bitches

  • “12-year-old Ciara Meyer was shot and killed by a police officer this Monday morning as her family was being evicted from their home.” This statement is false. The family was not being evicted, they were being served with papers only. All that entails is knocking on the door, handing some papers, and the person having to show up to court later on. The father initiated the force against the officer.

    The Free Thought Project.com criticizes the mainstream media lying to you, while they alter the truth to fit their agenda.

    • Absolutely right. Eviction papers is NOT the reason to grab a gun. Why don’t you try to pay bills, so you don’t get evicted? The guy is a moron. They should try to lock him up and throw away the key. In THIS case,. policeman is INNOCENT…

  • disgusting

  • Cops a dumbass for not know how to handle the situation without killing someone and the dad is a deadbeat who pulled a gun on someone when he was being rightfully evicted.

  • Two idiots with guns and a poor girl is the casualty. MERRRIKA, FREEDUM!

  • This is the dads fault not the police

  • Free thought? Or propaganda for sheep?

  • I am unliking this page because there has been way too much obvious propaganda. I don’t like propaganda. Propaganda sucks ass. And so do you.

    • This once was free thought project. Now its click me project.

  • Disgusting !

  • I’m all for police accountability and transparency but that little girl is dead because her father was stupid. Police shooting an unarmed suspect is one thing but this guy pulled a gun.. wtf did he think was going to happen?

  • Know the whole story before you spread “shit”. The Girl’s father pulled a rifle on the constable. The constable fired in self defense, shot the father through the arm. 12 year old was standing behind her dad and was hit by the same bullet.

  • Sorry, but I’m not ready to blame the father on the word of a cop. Cops kill then lie about it almost daily. Please keep that in mind.

  • After taxes or before?

  • Gunned down? BUllshit she was accidentally hit when the officer was protecting himself if the father did pull his gun


  • Dad shouldn’t have pulled a gun on a cop. What didi you want the cop to do?

  • Is it ok that a cop is going to throw somebody and all there stuff on the street in January, a father at home with his sick kid in the middle of January and he is supposed to just step aside folks feeling sorry for the cop? If he were a real man he would not take that job, he would refuse to do it! But what do you expect as everybody is trying to get a great deal on a foreclosure, steal somebody else misfortune can be your fortune, I am disgusted with the lot of you blaming the father get yourself in his shoes, i guess you would throw your sick daughter on the street yourself, no need to call the law!

  • Wow not the cops fault on this one if the story is correct

  • Another TFTP fail. A police “raid?” Hardly. It was one constable serving a court order – an eviction process that goes through CIVIL courts and initiated by the landlord and/or property owner. So as libertarians or anarchists or whatever you call yourself, aren’t you supposed to respect private property rights? So if you rented a house to someone who refused to pay rent, what would you do? Use the civil courts to seek an eviction or – what? Let the person live in your house rent free forever? Or would you violate the law and evict the person(s) by force by yourself? No, you take the proper course through the civil courts. The tenant gets several notices and opportunities for hearings in front of a judge – even the opportunity to pay back rent and stay. All that fails. So the court sends a constable or deputy sheriff, depending upon jurisdiction, to enforce the civil court order so that YOU may repossess YOUR private property. Then the constable gets an assault rifle pointed at him, he’s risking HIS life to repossess YOUR private property. He defends his own life by firing one round at the suspect. A POS who engaged an officer of the law with the use of deadly force WITH HIS KID present. But blame the cop – that’s all you’re capable of doing. Even the family said they didn’t fault the officer and felt bad for him, knowing he would live the rest of his life carrying the burden of this girl’s death.

  • So sad RIP

  • so where the fuck are your presidents tears now? he is the person or should i say evil entity doing this to america!

  • The Free Thought Project.com I don’t know if your admin is a libertarian/Ancap but I’m liking it. Keep the good shit coming.

  • http://www.facebook.com/monkeysinabox
    This is a page devoted to the spread of knowledge. Providing you with the spark to set this world on fire with the truth. Content includes: Alternative Media, Awareness of False Flag Operations, The NWO, Spiritual Awakening, Holistic Health, The Growing Global Police State and it’s Brutality, Philosophical Enlightenment, Drug Prohibition, Justice Against Israeli Apartheid and its Occupaton of Palestine, as well as Anti-Bigotry and Anti-Discrimination Views, among others.

    This page works to tear down the putrid and rotting open wound of Consumerism, Capitalism, Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Fascism, Nazism, Extremism, and Racism. It is only through the voice of the voiceless, the vox populi – that anything is possible if we try.

    Let the ruling classes tremble at Revolution. We, the people have nothing to lose but our chains. We have a world to win. Who’s with us?

  • Ok, that’s it, the crap and lies posted from the Free Thought Project are too much, .. I’m cutting you off.

    • Yeah, the father is to blame on this one.

  • If the father did pull a gun on the officer then he had every right to protect himself. But with all the stories of police negligence and brutality going around how do we know if the officers account of what happened is true.

  • Only species forced to pay rent just to live, now people die, or forced into poverty because they can’t afford to “live”

  • Disgusting travesty of justice…May it forever be on their minds and hearts.

  • there’s what law means now a days

  • Unfortunate, but read the whole story.

  • You guys are out of line to say she was “gunned down”. Learn the facts so you don’t lower your standards down to “knee jerk” level. It’s far better to think about each issue separately rather than assume the same rhetorical position every time.

  • They must be so proud of their work ethic by gunning down a 12 yr old.

  • RIP

  • Here we go…. If I shoot someone in self defense, and my bullet accidentally hits an innocent bystander, then I’m going to be charged with manslaughter. Why should this constable be treated any differently?

  • they should have tasered the father when he pointed a gun at them

  • Hold on a minute. From what I read in a more comprehensive article, her father was brandishing a loaded weapon and the bullit went throug his arm before striking his daughter. This is on the father not the police IMHO.

  • How?why? Wtf!

  • Cause and effect. If you’re dumb enough to pull a gun on a cop (or anyone for that matter) then the consequences of your actions are yours to bear. I don’t blame the cops in this instance. Sorry.

  • This has nothing to do with police accountability. The officer was threatened at gunpoint and responded appropriately.
    The officer is cooperating with the investigation, and there have been no attempts to hide any details.
    The poor girl died tragically because of her father’s actions.


  • I’m leaving this page

  • it sad little girl dead the cop shot and kill cop shot not dad hell she could of been a hostage hell the cop did not no just shot were was his back up yes cop have the right to save ther self but he should waited of back up if dad had shot it he had a right to shoot dad did not shoot cop did

  • You never ever pull a gun on a cop.

  • Execute the one(s) responsible

  • This was 100% the dads fault!!! Stop blaming the cop. The dad was playing games opening n shutting the door on the cop with a rifle or shotgun and then pointed it at them so the dad should be charged no one else!!!!

  • I think police are becoming muslumised

  • what a farce of a justice system..they should all be charged with murder!

  • T__T

  • What an extremely pitiful shame

  • I have stopped believing in a cops testimony. Normally there is absolutely no evidence to back them up and the American citizen is normally shot dead by the cops so they have no story. Im suprised the father wasnt killed also.They prey on the poor , the meek, and the weak. Their job isn’t a profession , as they claim,otherwise there would be consequences for the “mistakes” they make. Any other profession if you kill someone, you don’t continue to participate in that particular profession and you will most likely face criminal charges. This isn’t true for cops. When they kill an innocent bystander. They get to keep everything. So it’s not a profession but an American hit squad.

  • Sad

  • James Latham

    I hate the police and think they are criminal thugs but at times they are not at fault. If this man really did point a gun at police he is at fault for his daughters death not the police. Can’t believe I am defending the police. I want true facts before I fault the police.

    • Martin Shearer

      Wow I agree with you. Nice post James

  • Stephen Weiss

    To me it is all hearsay. And it is nobodies fault at all the the police lost so much credibility. Except for the police themselves.