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Cop Shoots Man’s Service Dog During His 9 Year Old Son’s Birthday

A dog is dead, and its owner is alleging trigger-happy police work after a Filer officer shot the animal Saturday outside his home.

Police, however, say the dog was aggressive and had to be put down.

According to Magic Valley News, Rick Clubb said Monday that his son’s 9th birthday party was wrapping up about 5:30 p.m. when Officer Tarek Hassani came to his home on Jacklyne Circle on complaints of dogs running at-large.

He shot the 7-year-old black labrador, “Hooch,” Clubb said, though it showed no aggressive behavior.

Clubb said he suffers Parkinson’s disease, and Hooch was his trained service animal.

“He didn’t have to pull out his .45 and shoot my dog,” Clubb said. “It was right outside my son’s bedroom. What if it had ricocheted through the window?”

Was officer Hassani trigger happy or did this dog warrant being shot?

In some municipalities Animal Control Units are a division of the police department, but since when does animal control ever shoot a dog?! If an unarmed person working for animal control can capture dozens of dogs a day without having to shoot one, why couldn’t this cop?

Warning, the video below is graphic. 


  • Hezakiah

    Maybe the dog doesn’t bite,but it was acting like it was going to attack with the charging and snarling. Why the fuck would they have their dogs out loose on the street? I love dogs too and have 2 of them.They are either in the yard behind the fence or on a leash in my hand. I carry and if a big snarling dog was charging me,I’d shoot it too. Who the Hell needs 20 or more stitches?

    • SadAmerican

      I completely agree. People are saying the officer is in the wrong, but realistically, put anyone else in that situation with a dog that size barking, snarling, and way within the comfort zone for a dog. It’s not when the officer’s life feels threatened. Because realistically, a dog may not win a fight with a human. At the point the officer was clearly in danger, he has the right to shoot. I don’t at all blame him for what he did. Dogs should have been on a leash. Also, the call was for out of control dogs on the loose, what’s the officer supposed to expect

      • UwasaWahya

        I don’t agree with you. The cop exited his vehicle yelling at the dogs and immediately drew his weapon. That is not how you react to a barking dog. If the animal was going to attack the officer he wouldn’t back away as the officer approached.

  • Robert Lee Hill

    wow i can see the cops side but i can also see and hear the cop attack the dog off cam you can hear him kick the dog and it wined and then on cam he kicked it again so hell yes the dog was going to attack him

  • uglyamerican

    “Officer Tarek Hassani” kicked the dog, then shot it when the animal reacted. Typical Muslim. Revoke his immigration papers and send the Islamist back where he came from. We like dogs in America…Muslims, not so much.

    • Paul J Salerno

      This cop was wrong but so are you, you doddering old Nazi. Kindly die soon.

  • Vince Travis

    this Pig needs to be fired for what he did, he provoked the animal by kicking it,
    not once but twice, did he expect the dog to just let itself be abused, let’s kick him around a few time and see if he likes it

  • David Cassimatis

    Dogs are naturally protective, fucking dumb cop, kicking the dog, should’ve know better, like I said many times before not everyone is qualified to be a cop.
    With a little patience, and intelligence, maybe a bit of use of the loud speaker, or maybe just a call to animal control for someone who’s qualified to handle a dog, instead you get mister authoritarian with a gun.
    Another shoot first cop.