Addison, Tx – An Addison police officer used extreme force when he smashed a man’s window during a routine traffic stop.

Scott Richardson recorded the cop, who pulled him over for speeding in early May. He refused to show his driver’s license, citing a court decision that ruled that speeding in and of itself is not a criminal act. The video of the incident was posted with the description:

Addison Cop violating my rights when I refused to SUBMIT to his bogus claims. Brown v Texas – Officers CAN NOT demand a person to self-identify unless the cops has seen them in a commission of a Felony. I was just going from point A to B… this is at 9:30 am on a Saturday morning going to work…”

The driver repeatedly declines to show ID. When another police unit arrives, the cop pulls out his baton and threatens to smash his window. Richardson requests a supervisor be present, at which point the cop smashes the driver side window, right next to the man’s head, opens the door, and pulls him from the vehicle. He was arrested and charged for driving with an invalid license, having an expired license plate and failure to present his driver’s license upon lawful demand.

The Addison police department released a statement defending the officer’s violence. Richardson told Fox news he was not trying to provoke police, just stand up for his rights. He states he would do it again. “I would do it all over again because I was right, and if I’m right, I’m not gonna back down.”

Studies have shown that traffic tickets aren’t exactly given in order to ensure road saftey, but have turned into an extortion racket to pad the budgets of police departments and local politicians across the country. People are starting to notice this, and get justifiably angry. Scott Richardson happens to be one of those people, and he is suffering for it.

While Richardson was not entirely correct about the law in regards to police demanding his ID, as he was operating a motor vehicle, the subsequent reaction from the officer speaks to the violent coercive nature of the police state. Richardson’s alleged speeding “violation” created zero victims, yet violent force was applied to the situation over an arbitrary amount of money to later be extorted from him.

Had he defended himself, his life would have been taken by the state. His death would have been justified over the act of collecting revenue to fill the coffers of the state.

It’s a scary world when peaceful men and women are enthusiastically brutalized for trying to protect the few rights we still have left.