Albany, GA — Llewellyn Glover Jr. became the victim of Albany’s finest last month when an officer claimed to smell weed and then unleashed his fury. After weeks of the department fighting its release, the family has finally obtained dashcam footage of the incident showing the horrid brutality.

“We’re not even allowed to see the tape,” Glover’s father Llewellyn Glover Sr. said of the dashcam earlier this month. “See what transpired, what he actually did to my son. We keep getting pushed off. I’m really upset about that. I really want to know what’s going on.”

Well, we now know why they were hiding it. It shows, without a doubt, that this officer was excessive and outright predatory in every way.

After the incident, Glover’s family filed an excessive force complaint with the department and an investigation was launched. The investigation found that the family was truthful in their accusations.

According to an internal Albany Police report, the investigation found that a deadly force chokehold was also used against Glover — after the cop slammed him on his head.


“When I saw it, I just, I don’t even want to talk about it,” Glover’s father said of the video.

As the video begins, we can hear Officer Jamie Sutton fishing, trying to come up with a reason for the harassment. A few moments into the stop, Sutton then claims to smell weed on the Albany State University student which prompted a search of the vehicle and subsequent assault.

Glover is heard in the video telling the officer that he does not have marijuana in his possession, nor has he ever smoked weed in his vehicle. However, this only served to further anger the tyrant officer.

The more Glover denied having the weed, the more violent Sutton became. Within seconds, he had the young man in a bear hug and on the ground. He began choking him and accusing Glover of putting the non-existent weed in his mouth.

As the 20-year-old college student continued denying he’d done anything wrong, Sutton then picked him up and slammed him on his head — a move that could’ve killed the young man.

Even after brutally assaulting him, the violent cop continues his attack, choking his innocent victim in a futile pursuit of weed that did not exist.

The video goes on for several more moments as the crazed cops continue to assault the young man. It becomes disturbing to watch as Glover is now crying and begging the cops not to continue hurting him.

“You can’t help em. There’s nothing you can do,” Attorney Julius Collins said. “You just have to watch and feel hopeless, as far as watching your child go through this.”

We now know that that marijuana never existed as the internal affairs investigation found that Sutton was being untruthful when he claimed that he smelled marijuana and saw it in his mouth.

Even if this young man would’ve had this plant, the officer is in no way morally justified in using violence on a man for possessing a plant.

“There’s nothing I can do to ease that for him and it hurts, it hurts a whole lot,” Glover’s mother Arpeja Shorts said.

“He wanted to be a police officer coming out of high school,” Shorts said. However, after being treated like this, it is highly unlikely that he’ll want to join the ranks of a group who assaults people over suspicion of being in possession of a plant.

To add insult to Glover’s assault and kidnapping, prior to the investigation coming to an end, Sutton was allowed to quietly resign — a move that is typical of cops facing accountability. Once they resign, they become gypsy cops and can move to another town where they could be rehired.

“It truly is shameful that he was allowed to resign and could possibly go somewhere else,” Glover’s mother said. “But, know, because anywhere he goes, if I find out, I will be forwarding that video to that police department, personally if I have to.”


  • Abz B Zbas

    Cops will lie about smelling weed and/or alcohol just to get probable cause, and nobody can challenge them on it.

    • Ed

      Until they get to court!

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    Color doesn’t matter. As you can see here this asshole COP is on a power trip. His mind set is criminal. How many other victims did he assault and it is on dash cam??? His actions show he has done this before and his department did nothing, they are as corrupt as he is.

  • IceTrey

    If you haven’t done anything wrong you have nothing…aw fuck it.

  • Gordon Klock

    Like an unlucky hapless frog, in the hands of an ignorant sadistic little kid…..


    Until Donut Nazis are held personally liable, this crap will continue in The United Police States of America.

  • Guy

    It’s not good enough for the Dad & Mom to just follow up with a video sent to the gypsies cops next prospective employer. Because no doubt this cop will be exactly the type that departments want to hire, as a man of action in getting the job done. And so what if he quietly resigned off there department, as long as he gets er done in the new department, is apparently all that matters.

    Mom and Dad will have their day in court, so what ? Our collective memories are short, the payoff money only amounts to a few pennies from each of us, and Jeff Sessions is the new guy that wants to get tough on crime.

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    Full criminal (Local, state and federal charges) need to be levied against criminal cops. They need to found guilty of honest criminal actions and truly held accountable for them. ONLY then can the community begin to even consider trusting law enforcement in any fashion.

  • Amor Terra

    How many more people are we going to allow to be brutalized and killed over a stupid law outlawing a substance far less harmful than booze?

  • morris

    Storm Troopers, doing their daily doings, yet people Still Shocked, Still Surprised!!!
    You gotta be kidding me, people been screaming of this for DECADES…