Nassau County, FL — After having enough abuse doled out by his parents, both of whom are law enforcement officers, a brave little boy decided to take matters into his own hands and expose the beatings. The father, a Nassau County Sheriff’s deputy, has now been taken off patrol, and the mother, a corrections officer for Baker County, has been suspended after the boy posted a video to YouTube of the alleged abuse suffered by him and his sister.

The video was posted to YouTube in July. However, it was only recently noticed by the Nassau County Sheriff’s department. The video, titled “How no (sic) to discipline a child,” has since been removed from YouTube “for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.”

However, parts of it were aired on several local news stations. It is hard to watch and shows a depressing scene as Deputy Troy Gill chases his children through a dilapidated home threatening to inflict serious bodily harm.

The video begins with the little boy narrating, saying, “this is what I have to deal with every day, guys.” The tirade apparently began after a demand for the boy’s sister to change her shirt.


The argument escalates to the point of Gill picking the toddler up off the ground by her arm and repeatedly beating her with a belt as she screams in agony.

The boy then tells the camera, “I haven’t gotten a spanking in a couple of years, guys. Because I listen.”

Although this author personally believes that the act of spanking teaches children that violence is okay in a loving relationship and is a causal factor in making children more aggressive later in life, the manner in which parents interact with their children is personal and private, and most assuredly no matter of the state.

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That being said, however, causing grave physical harm to a child is child abuse, which appears to be the case in this video as Gill is clearly raging and acting out of anger — not discipline.

The video then records more screams and smacking sounds in another room. “Finally, she’s getting her butt beat,” the boy says, who apparently endured a similar fate at the girl’s age. “I was getting whoopings like that at the age of 2.”

“Go get your motherf**king shirt now,” Gill said in the video. “Imma whoop that motherf**king ass some more.” Smack, smack, smack, the deputy is heard brutally laying in to the small girl.

Gill can then be heard screaming as he threatens more painful violence against the small girl, “If I get to f**king two and you don’t have a shirt on, I’m beating your f**king ass some more — and I promise you, I’m going to make it hurt.”

According to the Florida Times-Union, Department of Children and Families spokesman John Harrell confirmed the agency is investigating the case. He declined to release additional details, citing state confidentiality laws.

Deputy Gill has been reassigned from patrol to jail duties while the Florida Department of Children and Families investigates whether he broke any laws, according to Sheriff Bill Leeper.

“We have removed the deputy from his patrol responsibilities and referred it to DCF to investigate and determine if any laws have been violated. Once their investigation is complete we will refer it our internal affairs for review.”

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • Liz O’neill

    any other parent beating their child like that, would be in jail, the children would be in care and the cops would be boasting about getting a child abuser off the street. but because he is a cop, he gets to keep working and the kids are left in situ. just more proof that blue lives are the only lives that matter, even over their own children.

  • Liz O’neill

    please tell me you don’t have kids, if you see this as a spanking, you have serious mental health issues and should NEVER be in charge of a child, when the cops investigate one of their own, you know its serious, but you think its ok, you are 1 sick woman.

  • Brita Beth Barr

    Not abuse to spank your kid.

  • Brita Beth Barr

    Lolol you call that a beating????

    • Hugh Culliton

      Given the anger flowing through most of the comments you’ve ever made, it’s not surprising that you’d laugh at such criminal behaviour – not at all.

      • discus sucks

        Look at you not letting anyone else have an opinion. Discus police

        • Hugh Culliton

          How am I possibly interfering with your ability to have an opinion? I’m merely criticizing – directly – your view because I think that it’s fundamentally flawed as you’re essentially arguing in favour of what jurisprudence in many countries including the US, calls child abuse! You can’t get much farther onto the wrong side of history than that.

  • Cindy Lee Ingram

    Poor kids, no child deserves to be physically and verbally abused like that! The poor 2 year old girl probably couldn’t find a damn shirt with that mess and it probably wasn’t a clean shirt anyway! They got money to hire a damn housekeeper!

  • Kevin Coll

    Regardless, firstly she is an adult secondly she is their mother and has a legal duty of care to her children. At the very least it is neglect on her part. If she can not protect her kids she should not be allowed to force them in to harms way.

    • Hugh Culliton

      I agree – but with a caution. I’ve had a lot of experience working with and teaching kids from abusive families. Don’t underestimate the amount of psychological control an abuser – male or female, physical or verbal: it doesn’t matter – can have over their victims. Just because one is an adult doesn’t mean they’re immune to manipulation. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  • I hope they don’t give him a light sentence, just because he is a copper. Bastard!