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Top 10 Most Dangerous Jobs in the Country: Police Officer is NOT on the List

stormtroopersWe are constantly reminded via politicians, television, and the mainstream media in general of just how brave those “boys in blue” are to work in such “dangerous” conditions. The thin blue line, we’re told, is akin to storming the beaches at Normandy.

But do these claims of mass danger and death hold water? Is it really necessary to smash an elderly woman’s face into the ground, so you can “make it home to your wife and kids”?

The Free Thought Project decided to see just how dangerous being a police officer actually is. What we found out is, compared to other jobs, being a cop is not nearly as dangerous as they’d like you to believe.

Over the last decade police departments across the country have been steadily increasing their firepower, while their jobs have actually gotten LESS dangerous.

A new report put out by the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, highlights that 2013 has had the “Lowest Level of Law Enforcement Fatalities in Six Decades” and the fewest officers killed by firearms since 1887!

In fact cops don’t even rank in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the country according to The Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What exactly is more dangerous than being a cop? For starters, a trash collector is twice as likely to die on the job versus a cop, fishing is 7 times more dangerous than being a cop, and logging workers, nearly 9 times more dangerous.

Here are occupations more dangerous than being a police officer. Number of deaths per 100,000 employed:chart-3

  1. Logging workers: 127.8
  2. Fishermen: 117.0
  3. Aircraft pilots: 53.4
  4. Roofers: 40.5
  5. Garbage collectors: 36.8
  6. Electrical power line installation/repair: 29.8
  7. Truck drivers: 22.8
  8. Oil and gas extraction: 21.9
  9. Farmers and ranchers: 21.3
  10. Construction workers: 17.4
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The majority of police deaths are not as a result of violence in the line of duty either, most have occurred accidentally rather than feloniously. Most police officers die, not in some heroic high speed pursuit of a child murderer, but in routine traffic accidents.

So why the rush to militarization? Why are police departments nationwide receiving armored personnel carriers and 18 ton Armored Vehicles from the Iraq war, equipped with gun turrets?

What is causing law enforcement to escalate to violence first and not even ask questions later? It is certainly not because they are facing more danger now than in the past.

How many of us have heard the idiom, “I have to” use such aggressive force, “so I can make it home to my family”? Well what about the innocence slain that will never be with their families again?

When did “protecting and serving” become “making it home to my family even if it means killing an innocent child?”

It seems as though police departments across the country are waging a war, in the typical U.S. Empire fashion, against the American people. Just as the U.S. military drops billion dollar bombs on shacks in the Middle East; the U.S. Police oppress Americans with their tax-payer funded brute force as well.

This tendency to expand and militarize is a function of government institutions evolving into corporatism or fascism.

If you’ve ever worked for the state, you know that if you do not spend your entire quarterly budget, that money will be reduced next quarter. So, why not ask for a police tank when you’ve only spent half of your stolen tax dollars? Why not exaggerate police danger to keep the public from asking questions about the acquisition of 18 ton armored vehicles?

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Tis the nature of the state to expand at the expense of the tax farm (you) while simultaneously corralling the herd via more strict and arbitrary laws as to increase output (higher taxes).

How much larger will this oppressive and expansive police state become?


That answer is entirely up to you and I. Only through a lesser ignorance and awareness will we be able to prevent this leviathan from making Orwell’s 1984, a reality.

People are already beginning to realize that those who claim the responsibility of “protecting and serving” are mostly just revenue generators for the larger problem, government.

Founding father Samueal Adams says it best, “It does not take a majority to prevail… but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

So get out there and set some bush fires! Share this article with your friends and family who haven’t quite woken up to the reality of this encroaching police state. Write your own articles, get the word out however you can! The tipping point for peace is near.

  • B Robison

    Oh lord check your facts again. Every year for the past two decade officers are killed by gunfire more than accidents. ODMP.org stats. We are not more likely to die in car accidents than any other reason. Gunfire is the number one each and every year.
    As far as most dangerous jobs, your right. Those are accidental deaths on the jobs. What electrician is assaulted or killed? Those stats are for occupational accidents. Most Officers die from homicide, murder, manslaughter; you know, violent crime!! Our accident rate is one of the lowest because we constantly train to stay safe, but we are murdered at a higher rate of any other profession in the entire country! So try harder when your are trying to put down our occupation as one of the safest. Yes we are armed and trying get weapons that match at least what we are going up against. Our jobs are getting less dangerous? Really have another look at occupations that have the highest rate of felonious assaults on them, attempted murders, or any other violent crime inflicted on them that they survived. Fishing maybe? Farming? Any of the other occupations you listed? Not one single one of them. So let’s try to separate death by accident from homicide. They’re two very different things.
    So in short you want to die in an accident than there’s a number of occupations you can join that would have a higher chance of occurring than police work. You want to die from murder or being assaulted, than you have the highest rate of that happening in law enforcement.

    • troll jones

      There is over 800,000 thousand cops and just around 100 or so deaths a year. When a cop dies it usually is because the cop did something to deserve dying while a fisher drowns or a construction worker has an accident.

      Because cops do not just get shot for no reason and when you do get shot it is because someone fears for their freedom and safety from you since you pigs will arrest people just for drug use. If a cop get shot he did something to get shot for and it does not matter if he is a cop or not because he still had a reason to get shot.

      • MrDarkside

        Tell that to Officer Dinkheller’s family.

        • troll jones

          Iv’e seen the video and by the looks of it he did deserve to get shot due to his poor tactics and generally poor behavior. And it does not matter what his family thinks.

          • MrDarkside

            I hope you (a) never find yourself in that situation and (b) never need a cop’s assistance. What an asinine thing to say. “deserved to be shot” shit no wonder the world is going to hell.

          • troll jones

            A If i die then i accept that die.

            B Cops tend to fuck up situations like in case of a robbery. If my house got broken into it is much better to use a gun for self defense then to wait on 911. Sure there are actually legit situations in which cops can help and those that help should get thanked for their work but other then that it is best to avoid cops.

  • Up to you and me, not you and I. Did the author take English in high school?

  • Monsieur Jonathan Augustin

    Wait, I don’t get it.

    They say airplane is the safest way to travel, so why is pilot so high up there? Shouldn’t ANY other job that requires a motor vehicle be much more dangerous, like taxi driver?

    • lunaroo

      Flying is still one of the safest ways to travel. The pilots that are dying will not be your typical airline pilot. Think about it, there hasn’t been a fatal commercial airline crash in the US in years. The pilots dying will most likely be piloting small aircraft like helicopters or crop dusters that have to fly to low to the ground which is inherently dangerous. Being a test pilot of experimental aircraft is also rather dangerous too.