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Cops Assault And Arrest Woman for No Reason, Leave Her Cuffed and Naked in Public for 30 Minutes

“They pulled me out of the apartment and my towel fell off my head and I started trying to run back inside and the cops come into my apartment”

Candice PadavickMiami, Florida – Candice Padavick of South Florida is suing Miami Beach Police after she was wrongfully arrested, assaulted, and carried through the lobby of an apartment building by police while she was completely naked.

According to court documents recently obtained by NBC, Padavick took a cab home one night several months ago and was unable to pay him with a credit card, so she had to go to her apartment to get him his money.

“It was $16.90. I wont forget. I tried to pay with a credit card and when I tried to pay he said no no I only take cash,” Padavic told reporters.

As the cab driver began to get impatient, he called police in fear that he would not get paid.

One of the security guards in the building allegedly realized what was happening, and gave the cab driver $20, to cover the $17 fee. This exchange is seen on security camera footage from inside the apartment lobby.

The security guard then told the cab driver to call the police to tell them that the issue has been resolved. However, the police ended up arriving at the apartment an hour later looking for Padavic anyway.

Police claim that they did not need a warrant to enter Padavic’s home or detain her because she was intoxicated and argumentative when they came to her door. Police have failed to obtain any evidence to prove that Padavic was intoxicated, even though they had numerous opportunities to check while she was in custody.

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Padavic says that the police are lying about what happened to cover up after themselves and place the blame on her.

“They pulled me out of the apartment and my towel fell off my head and I started trying to run back inside and the cops come into my apartment….. And so he’s jerking me around and so I have his arm and my robe hanging off and this is completely open–nothing underneath. And then more cops come up,” she said.

Padavick was detained in public, completely naked for at least 30 minutes, and was abused so badly by police that cuts and bruises were clearly visible after the attack.

Padavic was arrested for resisting arrest, battery on a law enforcement officer, and petty theft for no payment of the taxi ride, but all of those charges were dropped after the arrest.

Officer Gonzalez has said under oath that he didn’t have any clue that there was a possibility that the fee was paid. However, Juan Camona from Oceanside Plaza Security has said that he told police that he paid the fee, but they said that he wasn’t allowed to.

The police officer said I could not give the taxi driver the money because its not right,”  Camona said.

“Given the fact that the security guard paid the taxi driver or even offered to pay the taxi driver, at that point they should have let it go,” Padavicks attorney, David Kubiliun said in a statement.


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  • We’re hearing more stories but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the cops are worse.

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      Whew! And here I thought all these people getting beaten, killed or lied about and jailed for years because the cops are criminals was something to be upset about !
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    • They’ve been like this in Black and Latino communities forever…guess it’s a problem now that it’s spreading…

    • It is. It’s escalating. They fear the people, the people fear them. Same in many other sections of community. Simple case of divide and conquer. The police are whipped into a frenzy of fear and given an inflated sense of authority then sent to fight a war that has been planted in their minds. Both sides need to recognise the puppet master and turn our efforts against them. Some police however, are beyond help.

  • The cops are scared the citizens are scared…our society is running scared from itself.

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    • When I was homeless in Denver I had the same cop take a special interest in me on two different occasions and although he may have been a nice guy I felt a nervousness about the kind of guy that could arrest me for sleeping on a sidewalk as fast as he would date me.

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  • Probably just you. I think technology is just finally exposing the bad one’s. In time they will get weeded out and thing’s will get better.

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  • You know, if they just fired these officers with no hope of ever being involved with Law Enforcement again, thing would start to change. When you keep the bad ones you poison the whole barrel. I think we have reached a threshold where there are so many bad apples in the bunch that its all going to crap. We need a complete dismantling of Police Departments who show even moderate rates of this stuff.

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    • nazis didn’t drag people nude into the street… so in reality it’s worse….

    • The Gestapo was Nazi Germany’s police force. The Soviet era KGB would be the approximate Russian equivalent.

    • Ah yes I stand corrected. KGB is what I meant to say. Thanks.TR.

  • How can you knock on someone’s door and arrest them for being drunk in their own home? Don’t open the door if they don’t have a warrant.

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  • I live in Miami Beach, and i know we have bad cops. But this article is a year old according to the date next to the reporter’s name. Why is it getting posted now?

    • Prolly cuz its getting close to being finished..the court system takes a looong TE for a civil suit to go through..especially concerning the police having to fork out tax payer mny to ppl

    • If that’s the case, would be great if Free Thought would add an update. Preferably one involving the cops losing their jobs.

  • Wait, did she make no effort to pay the cab driver? It didn’t say anything about her even coming down to find out that the security guard ratified the situation.

    • Hang on Alexander, are you saying you don’t go upstairs to have a shower while your cabbie waits downstairs for you to pay?

    • Who cares – the security guy paid it. It doesn’t matter who pays. Just like picking up the tab in a restaurant for someone who forgot their wallet (which I’ve seen & thought was a very kind thing for someone to do).

    • Robert Kalnins good im glad someone else found thuis to be pretty inconsiderate, obviously it doesn’t excuse the cops heinous reaction but i think it shows that this woman is totally self absorbed.

    • Michele Hofstetter no it does kind of matter who pays, as this woman went to her apartment and clearly had no intention of paying the cabbie, which is a pretty shitty thing to do.

  • What a bunch of bastards! But calling them names is not going to change their behaviour! It is frustrating watching them, time and time again, abusing people and getting away with it.

  • I bet someone pays for her cab next time!

  • We need to start calling this what it is. Domestic terrorism of the blue kind.

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  • “The police officer said I could not give the taxi driver the money because its not right,” Camona said.
    As if a cop has the slightest inkling of what is or isn’t right, or even cares for that matter.
    So long as they have an opportunity to resort to violence, especially against a woman.

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  • What I want to know is how they figured this woman assaulted them, when she was in her apartment, and they dragged her out when there is no evidence that a crime had been committed. About the security guard? He can give his money to anyone he wants, without police approval, at least for the time being.

  • It’s not you – they ARE getting worse. And why shouldn’t they? If they commit a crime – they give the offender a paid vacation (suspension with pay) investigate themselves and find they are innocent of wrongdoing – end of story – and after the nice little paid time off, they go back on the prowl, in surplus military armored vehicles, wearing military tactical equipment including body armor, automatic fire riot guns, etc. – all given to them by the Feds as surplus – and resume shooting or beating to death anyone or anything they please with no penalty. The Government even provides Trained Killers with raging cases of PTSD as fodder for their recruiting drives. Yes, the Military Trains Killers – DUH – I happen to be one of them. Add to this the States and the Federal Government turning a blind eye to the whole deal – and what could possible go wrong with this scenario? Word Up.

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  • I usually enjoy, well, maybe ‘enjoy’ isn’t the correct word, but, I am generally interested by the articles posted here, and often share them and reference the articles in other conversations. However, I have noticed recently a recycling of old stories, like this one from November LAST YEAR, and am left wondering the purpose of this. I read the article, and it doesn’t appear to contain any new information, it is simply a repost of the original November 2014 article. While I am all for keeping the public informed, and holding the police accountable for their actions, I am left wondering if The Free Thought Project is, in fact, stirring things up for clicks, or is the motivation more nefarious…to keep the tensions alive and the hatred burning. Just something I’ve noticed that makes me go hmmmmmm……

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