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Having Cash While Black — Rapper Attacked by Police After He Withdrew $200K to Buy Car

Atlanta, GA – On Friday afternoon, a wealthy rapper was assaulted by police and had guns drawn on him because he took a large sum of money out of the bank. Blac Youngsta, born Sam Benson, withdrew $200,000 cash from a bank so he could purchase an expensive vehicle and was attacked by police as soon as he reached the parking lot because he was confused for a forgery suspect.

“I come out the bank, I see the police, I’m walking to my car, I see one of them point to my bag like ‘him,’. They come bum-rushing me at the car, put me on the ground, putting guns to my head. I’m like ‘What I’d do,’ A lady was like I’m not supposed to have $200,000 on me. I’m like, ‘I’m a millionaire. How can I not have $200,000 on me?’” Benson said.

“They couldn’t believe I was young, Black, handsome as hell, and they couldn’t believe I was getting $200K out. I had my Rolex on with all the diamonds in it, all my rich stuff today,“ he added.

Benson’s bank account reportedly has nearly $1.5 million deposited.

According to police, the bank called 911 to report a forgery suspect who attempted to cash a bad check worth $24,000.

Sgt. Warren Pickard of the Atlanta Police Department said that the incident was a “mistake.”

“It was quickly discovered that the person providing the description to police had provided the wrong description of the suspect. It was determined that the occupants of the vehicle were not involved. They were immediately released,” Pickard said.

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“This incident did not directly involved Blac Youngsta, nor was he accused of committing a crime,” Pickard added

Benson told reporters that he withdrew the large sum of money to buy a new Mercedes as a celebration for his recent success in the music industry.

The thing is I’m a rapper. How I live my life, I don’t believe in checks. I’ve always dreamed about going in the bank, getting a half a million out and taking it to the car lot. Where I come from we don’t believe in taking checks to the car lot we pay cash money,” he said.

In the photos taken of the incident, the police can be seen laughing as Benson is on the ground.

However, the police did not leave without confiscating $100,000 from Benson, under the pretenses of investigating his finances to determine whether or not his money was “legitimately earned.”

Benson showed reporters the $100,000 that he had left and told them, “I might just take this right here and throw it in the strip club tonight just cuz they made me mad.”

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  • That’s terrible.

  • Shit in nebraska its a felony if u have over $10,000! Says so right on dash of car.

    • Your kidding right

    • What?

    • Nope…wish i was…..its on the dash of the police car i sat in few years back as they searched my car for tail gating in omaha

  • It’s also illegal to buy anything that costs $10,000 or more with cash. Thanks war on drugs!

    • Uhhh no it’s not

    • Guess I got some bad information then. A car dealership wouldn’t accept the cash. Maybe it’s just a red flag type of thing.

    • The bank does report large deposits to the govt it may be the dealerships policy we accept large cash deposits on a regular basis

    • Depends on where.

  • The same moment it became conveniently beneficial to simply steal that money from the arrested?

  • when the cop’s became greedy,were not suppose to have the money they eat,were suppose to eat,from the land they control?…

  • i haven’t heard of black yungsta the rapper but after reading this story i do feel like that was real shady of the bank but the police we’re just doing what they thought was reported to them

  • Not everyone with their hat on backwards and their pants down around the ass are rappers

  • When did it become legal to take over a federal facility?

    • When did it become legal for an unelected beaucracy to kill cattle, burn peoples land and homes, and demand taxes at the threat of force.
      You cut off the peoples food, you cut off thier will and they will compitulate with ease.

    • Furthermore national Forrests, parks, monuments ect.ect are under United Nations control as they were signed over to the UN by Bill Clinton. There are UN plaques at some of these sites.

  • Dumb Jit !

  • Thats fucking bullshit! Now money’s illegal.

  • Drugs…not saying I agree with it but after profiling (not racially but by how he’s dressed) and having 200k cash you’re gonna assume it’s a drug deal..again I don’t agree with it though

  • Because mass amounts of cash in that situation probably equals drug activity. Don’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out.

    • you sir do not understand the thing about rough neigborhoods, they have low level drug sales mostly. Nice places like rich white neighborhoods tend to have the high level dealers. You dont understand how much cocaine costs if you think it is more present in poor areas. It is cut before those street fucks get it.

    • That makes sense. Thank you for your point of view. Well taken.

    • And, mass amounts of cash could mean so many things. Co pay, rich people dicking around with cash, that second one is it though.

  • Well the cash just came from the bank so they can’t claim it smelled like weed.. don’t see how they can keep half of it while investigating his finances. That doesn’t make sense

  • $200K for a car while Africans are starving…selfish people

    • Get off the Internet and help them out u moron

  • Fiat Currency isn’t your money, its the banking systems money. they own it, and have used it as a tool of surpression, influence, bribery, etc for hundreds of years. They dont want you taking money out of the bank.. .200,000$ out of your savings, allows them to hold 10% and lend out (create by simply typing it into an account deposit) the 90% that doesnt exist another 1.8million U.S) creating this money causes inflation, as it lowers all money’s value by a tiny percent each time, adding up to an average of about 5% a year.. It allows banks to steal 5-7% value of money individuals hold each year. Its why if you are a serious invester, you look for investments 7% or higher return, just to keep the “value” of “your” money. They further expand that 1.8million by charging interest on the various loans its used for, lower for houses, higher for cars and boats, and much higher for credit cards. thats what your deposit is worth to a bank, even though they never pay but a fraction of what it makes for them to the depositer. Basically they “taught” the rap artist a lesson, leave your (our) money in the bank. If you have savings, don’t leave it in a bank, unless its your intent to get a loan from them. Take out your full pay in one transaction, pay your bills, and never leave savings in there, because they use it to create debt inslavement (sure you want that loan or credit card?). Over the years, they have whittled down the bankrupt laws, so that you are unlikely to ever escape any debt created, even though the money loaned, was created. Its a scam folks. its why the wealthy buy investments that increase in value higher than the inflation rate, and how over the years, the average worker has never recieved a true adjustment to living wage increase to meet the inflation loss of the dollar to their wage. Most people are getting paid less to do the same job they did last year, and the owners of those businesses are well aware of this. Its not a “black issue” this is an everyone issue.

    • I agree, except the fact that this guy pulled the money out, had it taken, only for it to be given back because “they thought he was someone else” and he proceeded to spend the money on a car…so I fail to see your point man. Nobody stopped him from taking his money.

    • Mosh you missed the point entirely.. Not that I agree with it. Leigh good info but I think you’re a little paranoid on the arrest reason lol.. Just some punk cop looking for a reason to fuck w a black guy

    • So they stopped the man because every police officer knows the intricate workings of the Federal Reserve and a, inflationary, debt-based currency.

    • Leigh, unless drugs were involved, this man’s cash could not be seized. Thanks for the lesson in
      banking. He can deposit or withdraw as much as he wants at anytime and without any penalty or forced minimum deposit. Yes, it is true any transaction over $9900 is reported to the feds. This is related to the monitoring of gifts of cash and taxes associated with them for the IRS.


  • So the cop say it’s a mistake, we have got the wrong guy, you have just walked out of the bank with your money and the cops are waiting and steal 100,000 of you. I wonder if he will get it back from that gang of thriving thugs

    • He did get it back, I read a full story on this. And he bought a car with the money

    • Well that’s good to hear, but it really sucks how the cops treated him, I hope he takes legal action against them. The pigs are out of control with how they are killing people and the shit there doing.

  • Mistaken ID. Soundin mighty familiar for a looong freakin time now. And how is it justified to keep $100,000 without probable cause!? Sick n tired of having to hear and see this shit. No wonder Ferguson rioted

  • question him but attacking him like some escape crimminal……..respect has to be earned….sue them, troops standbye to rally with protest.

  • The cops shouldn’t judge! It’s none of there business what’s in his wallet! Is it against the law to carry money in your wallets! I don’t think so!!

  • Now you can only have 3K on person, police seize it. Plus did ever think bank called police tell he had 100k on his person , police give bank little kick back. i have lawyer check phone of bank . he was set up for being stupid

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  • You can carry any amount and cannot be seized unless you also have drugs.

  • Civil asset forfeiture, literally legalized robery by the government.

  • It’s BEEN a federal law that one cannot walk around with more than 10k without Federal knowledge.

  • I think it’s sad they’re trying to make this about race when The Free Thought Project posted an article back in March saying the government orders banks to call the cops when someone withdraws over $5,000. This guys had $200,000. $195,000 more. Maybe it’s not a race thing. Maybe it’s just our government shitting on the citizens and it just so happens it was a black rapper this happened to. There’s probably many other reports of this happening, some to blacks and some to whites or Asians or others. Just saying.

  • Freedom!! American style !

  • Never carry any substantial amount of cash on you at anytime, anywhere. The cops have the right to steal it and you will NEVER get it back

  • well frikkin duh.200K? use your card,use a wiretransfer,you know, its 2016. Large sums of cash are by definition suspicious AF.who would want to walk around with that much cash in his pocket?what a dumb thing to do. Doesnt matter what country you in,any cop would find that suspicious,that much cash means you are buying some weight.

  • Not ‘probable cause’ but ‘profitable cause’. I bet they kept the money

  • This is what happens when someone wants ti withdraw cash from a bank. If people start to withdraw money from banks the system crashes because most of it it s only digital money. In Switzerland a referendum has been called to stop banks from creating money out of nothing.

  • Please someone show me a law saying you can not carry more then $10,000 in state. It’s false an you all have been seriously mislead

  • “When did carrying a large amount of money become a basis for probable cause?” MIAC homeland security report I believe.

  • if no one had caught this on camera and no witnesses around. the guy would have been robbed by the cop and probably shot to cover it up.

  • UH all the fucking time if your of the garden variety skin color, ethnicity and dressed like a bum or thug, weather your a dirt farmer going back to Mexico by plane with over 50K from your own SAVINGS to some regional Rapper that decides to so fucking selfishly go and buy a car you don’t really need to and dressing like a low life ghetto OF COURSE -,-
    seriously the vanity of some vice drowned individuals….

    • Why is he selfish for spending the money he earned himself, on himself?

  • So the cops stole 100k. If they confiscated the money he will have to fight to get it back. This happens often.

  • shocking


  • The asset seizure and forfeiture policies are absolutely criminal in the US.

  • Sad world we live in where cunts like that have got so much money, what a waste

  • Who cares, this man is a pathetic excuse for a human being anyways.

  • That stupid bastard ever heard of a check or was he buying a stolen car ? He was lucky it was the cops that jumped him !!!

  • These are the people the president wants you to rely on.

  • It has been a law for a long time that anytime a withdraw of $10,000 or more the bank must call the police. Trying to cash an insurance check for $16,000 we were notified by teller that he would have to notify the police or pay so much in travelers checks.

    • Was it even a check though? I could understand making sure that a check is valid, but if you go to your bank and withdraw your own money that should be between you and your bank only.

    • Robert, please explain how this justifies assaulting him? I don’t think anyone expected the Bank not to verify…

    • I do not think it did justify anything. I think the whole idea is wrong.Just another part of the war on drugs where the people pay. In a free country if it is considered mine I should be able to do what I want with it. Even put it in my mattress if I want..

  • On the I-95 corridor carrying money is a crime. It has kept corrupt police dpts. funded for the last 2 decades.

  • What kind of car was he buying for $200,000??

  • Isn’t government great? I can’t wait for it to get worse, and it WILL get worse.

  • …”They saw the 1.2 million and then knew I was a multimillionaire”……hahahahaha!

  • Cops heard of a large sum of cash and tried to rob the guy. They were probably hoping he didn’t have an explanation for him carrying that much cash, and they could interpret it as drug funds and seize it for their department. Like wolves devouring a lamb.

  • When a Black person did it. They assaulted him because 1) They wanted to and 2) because they enjoyed doing it. Even IF they had to check, it never had to go this far-simply do the reference check.

  • i see forfeiture in the future and a bunch of piglets and there black skirted witch on a shopping spree

  • police state police state ,no point living with this shit man

  • Wtf you mean comfiscated 100,000? They already said they were wrong!!!! Please god let him get a lawyer!! This pisses me off.

  • I really wish those of you who degrade police officers take a walk in their shoes. They aren’t all horrible people targeting minorities but every time a story pops up of an officer doing something wrong it’s put under a microscope and everyone comes out of the woodwork to criticize. My advice to you…if you think you can do a better job get off your ass and get the badge to show them

  • It happened when the people were walking around with their eyes, ears and mouths were closed. I myself like to carry cash but I don’t dare anymore. They take it under false pretenses and you never get it back again

  • He’s black and doesn’t subscribe to conservative societal norms.

  • police in america have been known to keep money from suspects and take years to get back or they say action never took place and investigation report goes missing they looking at him like his christmass easter birthday all at once acept they not check who he is they seen just another black man to rob and shoot if there get the chance 1 more thing i hope he takes all his money out the bank now since it was them who called the police allowed him to walk into the street into police hands .at gun point would the chashier not simply say i call his or her boss for a talk before handing 200k over .

  • I don’t believe this story one bit and if it is true this guy is a fool regardless of color.

  • Why would you withdraw that much money and draw attention to yourself knowing how the fucking police like to target people for any stupid reason. Why didn’t he call the bank and let them know ahead of time that he’s buying a so called 200k for a car…and confirm it with the dealer so that no suspicions be aroused people now days don’t have a brain and the government knows it and the take advantage of it.

  • LIES

  • Wait wait wait, now it’s the cops fault that the banker gave a false description of the suspect.

  • “According to police, the bank called 911 to report a forgery suspect who attempted to cash a bad check worth $24,000.”

    Did the bank provide a description of the person “attempting” to cash a bad $24,000 check…my guess is that pigs disregarded the description and Racially Profiled the rapper and that he just happened to have $200K in his possession, and to top it off, they (the pigs) have the nerve to steal $100K for their Fuck Up?

    In other words, the fucking pigs let an actual criminal escape, and it wouldn’t be the first nor the last time they’ve done it.

  • 1.5 million, pulling out 200k to buy car, boasts about his rich shit. By the frivolous spending, he will have no money eventually

  • Apparently, he didn’t say “Big Brother, may I?” This shit has got to stop.

  • Kristina

  • Yeah when ever i buy a car I reach in the back seat and take 200,000 out of a bag.

  • rico act

  • Cops have routinely been confiscating cash from a few thousand up for many years now. Then the possessor of that cash often has to spend most of it suing the cops to get it back.

  • The 1979 Bank Secrecy Act

  • Shut the Fuck up. This b.s.. he wasn’t attacked but of course keep spreading the hate.

  • OK this was done back in the old days of the war on drugs and it was meant to make it easier to track drug money. It was about that time that the US Mint started putting metal strips in money so large amounts would set off the metal detectors at airports.

  • It’s all because of the failed “War on Drugs”. Thanks, Nixon.

  • Tyler Lajoie


  • Mark Anthony Raymond

    Your young and rich…but you sure in the hell aren’t handsome with that big ass horn..

  • James Burns

    stupid thats why they have wire transfers

  • Ben Schneider

    did the police rob him? And it’s a free country. If the guy wants to take out cash, who gives a shit. I bet Trump does this once a month, you all probably support him, but you call this guy stupid. Double standard self righteous low lives.

  • ChrisM

    Small correction, but if you have 1.3 million in the bank….. You are not a multi-millionaire.