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Cops Beat Man & 7-Month Pregnant Wife then Deleted the Video, But it Survived on the Cloud


Denver, CO — The Denver police department has been accused of using excessive force after a video, which they allegedly deleted, survived on the cloud and was turned into FOX 31. 

The incident started as two officers approached David Nelson Flores, who was in his vehicle with his seven-and-a-half-months pregnant wife and their child, to shake him down after suspecting him of being in possession of a substance deemed illegal by the state.

Upon their approach, officers said they saw Flores put a white sweat sock in his mouth. Because the US is involved in an immoral war on drugs, this ‘sock in mouth’ move apparently gave the officers the right to yank Flores out of his car and proceed to pummel the man on the asphalt.

According to the police report however, a pair of plain clothes officers “assisted” suspect David Nelson Flores out of his car and they all “fell to the ground.”

The pummeling was for Flores’ own good, according to the police report. They bashed in his face and head so he wouldn’t “choke.”

At the moment the officers began struggling with Flores on the ground, Levi Frasier was driving by and pulled over his van to get a better look at the situation. At first, Frasier says, the undercover cops asked for his assistance in subduing Flores.

But Frasier said before he could react, backup arrived and they told him to get back.

That’s when Frasier turned on the camera.

Amazingly enough, as officers were involved in this *life threatening* situation, one of them had the wherewithal to warn his fellow officers about them being filmed. The word “camera!” can be heard shortly after officer Charles “Chris” Jones IV began beating in the face of David Flores.

Flores was struck six times by Jones after he yells, “Spit the drugs out! Spit the drugs out!” Like we said earlier, these six strikes about the face and head of Flores were for Flores’ well being, according to police.

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According to police reports, Jones’ reasoning for the punches were twofold:

  1. Trying to retrieve what he believed was a bag of heroin from the suspect’s mouth (and preventing Flores from choking)
  2. Fear that one of the other officer’s arms was injured after being trapped beneath the suspect’s body

After seeing her husband’s head bouncing off of the pavement over and over again, Flores’ wife, Mayra Lazos-Guerrero, was scared that he may die, and began begging the police officers in Spanish to stop beating her husband.

Naturally Jones feared for his safety as the seven-and-a-half-months pregnant woman approached the beating zone, so he sweeps 25-year-old Lazos-Guerroro’s legs out from under her. The obviously pregnant woman then falls hard onto her stomach and face, as she begins to scream in agony.

She was screaming like, ‘What are you doing. Let him go! Let him go! Stop hurting him! What are you doing?,’” Frasier said. “She was just concerned for him. You could clearly hear that and as she got closer.”

After the police-on-pregnant woman violence subsided, Frasier says that’s when the Denver police officers became interested in his Samsung Tablet.

Fraiser told FOX 31 that officers on scene threatened him with arrest, demanded he turn over all photos and videotape to them and then seized his tablet over his objections.

“When he took it, I said, ‘Hey! You can’t do that. You need a warrant for that!’ and he said, ‘What program did you take the video with? Where is that?’” Frasier said.

He said police ignored his objections and dug through his personal photos without obtaining a court order.

“The first officer that comes up to ask me about my witness statement brings me to the police car and says we could do this the easy way or we could do this the hard way,” Fraser said. “It was taken as ‘You can either cooperate and give us what we want or we’re going to incarcerate you.’”

According to Frasier, when he got back his tablet, the video was gone. “I couldn’t believe it. My heart dropped. I know I just shot that video, like it’s not on there now?” Frasier said.

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Frasier said it’s “possible” both he and the police officer who looked through his tablet “missed seeing” the clip inside his files.

However, Frasier said he suspects, in reality, the clip was deleted either with intention or by mistake.

When he got back home that evening, Fraiser synced his tablet with his electronic cloud and within a few moments, the video reappeared.

“It was very well known that the video was shot and things were done on the video that shouldn’t be leaked out, that it would be bad for the reputations of the police officers,” Frasier said.

Denver police Cmdr. Matt Murray, pointed out that Frasier did in fact fill out a witness statement and did not report seeing officers do anything inappropriate. However, filling out a complaint with the ones who are threatening you is like voicing your discontent with a murderous kidnapper who is about to let you go, it’s just something you don’t do.

Frasier actually concurs, and said he did sign the witness statement, but did so “under duress.”

“It was survival mode. It was like, ‘Okay, I’m going to make it out of here. Not going to go to jail today for something I didn’t have anything to do with,’” Frasier said.

Despite his friends telling him to delete the video for fear that the officers would seek revenge, Fraiser did the courageous thing and submitted it to FOX31, and for this Frasier deserves credit.

According to court records, the severely injured Flores was brought to the hospital, treated for his injuries, and now faces a charge of resisting arrest and two felony drug charges.

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Mayra Lazos-Guerrero faces charges for obstruction, drugs and child abuse because there was a child in the car when this arrest went down. Guerrero was also allegedly caught with drug paraphernalia in her purse.

  • Free thought project? Hardly. I agree the cops were rough, but that doesnt absolve the heroin dealer. This story paints a picture of brutal thug cops oppressing a latino heroin dealer for no reason. If the dealer had complied, none of this story would even exist on this site. Do you care about the families and children who suffer every single day so this guy can make money? This story washes over all that to point out jack booted police thugs oppressing a “helpless” latino. Sick and sad.

    • kaynash

      Did you see anything that indicated this guy was a heroin dealer? That he had drugs at all? That he had anything in his mouth? Did you notice how often the police lied? Don’t you think they were probably lying about the drugs as well?

    • roberto ribas

      Ok, so in your moron brain, cops can just do whatever the F they want to criminals. who needs juries or courts? also what about harrassing threatening the innocent witness, taking his tablet and attempting to erase the video? you are what is called a copsucktard.

      • I didnt say any of that. Just like a liberal to build up a straw man and then pin it on those they disagree with. I stated early in my comment that the cops were too rough. But the fact is, if he had cooperated he wouldnt have been beaten. If he wasnt selling heroin, he wouldnt have need TO cooperate. Moral of the story? Dont sell heroin, and then when caught, expect cops to treat you like you arent a scumbag.

        How mad are you at this “victim” for the children who go hungry and neglected so he can make money? In true liberal fashion you turn the criminal into the victim. You know what would change your perspective? Put on a uniform, it will work wonders. But until then save you empty-headed opinions and ad hominem attack. America has abandoned your liberal perspectives, crybully tactics, and endless complaining.

        Dont commit crimes if you want cops to be nice to you. Its not hard.

        • roberto ribas

          You are just too stupid. “oh yeah, well if he wasn’t a criminal the cops wouldn’t have had to beat the shit out of him, and lie and intimidate a witness” copsucktard. Do you do it while in your uniform on the job too?

          • Im stupid? From a liberal thats a compliment! Thanks Dbag! LOL! BTW I think you’re real smart…

          • roberto ribas

            I did my graduate work at UC Berkely, in mathematical economics… you went to cop training…

          • No I was a nuclear electricians mate on a submarine. My stupidity allowed me to get a 4 year nuclear electro/engineering degree in 2 years with the Navy. I did my post graduate work in the Atlantic, Caribbean, Mediterranean, and Persian Gulf “seas” during Desert Storm.

          • So why dont you put on one? Go out there and set an example, make the
            changes you claim to crave. Or are you just a big mouth with no ass to
            back it up? Im guessing the later.

          • roberto ribas

            you are a stupid cop defending other violent loser cops. I run a multi-million dollar business, why would I leave that for cops pay? Plus I’m 52 you dipstick. you and these types of cops are embarrassments to those that do the job legally and honestly.

          • Didnt learn shit for manners in your 52 have you? Well Im glad for your success. Youre proof that you dont need brains to be rich in America. And my uniform came from the military, not the police. How did you get so rich basing decisions and opinions on emotion rather than lucidity?

      • Leslie Frostig Miller

        That is exactly what is happening again and again. It’s those with cameras that have brought this problem to light. Cops lie all the time.

  • Veldic

    Did you watch the video at all? The victim is not even suspected of being a drug dealer. Secondly, there was no indication that he had anything in his mouth anymore at the time he was being struck by the officers. It’s a bit hard to comply if you have already swallowed whatever it was he put into his mouth. When you start with the “what about the children” argument it says to me that you lack any real reasoning for treating this person the way you are. Again it was stated that the guy wasn’t dealing drugs so your statement about him making money on the suffering of others is false. The real reason crime follows drug use and addiction is due to the government and police making it illegal and creating a black market around this substance. Reflecting on these cops and their use of force, well it’s disgusting. Beating a man in the head so he doesn’t choke! Where exactly is the logic in that? I see this as just another example of police hurting people because they can, or beating a person to force compliance with no idea that the way they are going about it is going to be ineffective; basically they’re too stupid to know better with training enforcing that stupidity.

  • kaynash

    Makes you wonder if there were any drugs at all – or are they lying about that too?

    • “..now faces a charge of resisting arrest and two felony drug charges.”

      Weed is legal so it wasnt a joint or a bag. It was narcotics. So lets say he wasnt dealing. You okay with parents possessing/using drugs around children in a car? AND the mom is 7 months pregnant? What is wrong with you people? Dont wonder why America has abandoned your ilk…