Worth County, GA — Children feel violated, parents are furious, and a lawsuit is getting filed after the Worth County Sheriff’s office conducted an illegal search of 900 students — in the name of the war on drugs. The rights-violating intrusive and aggressive patdowns and drug dog searches yielded absolutely nothing.

On April 14, when the students of Worth County High School returned from spring break, they arrived at school to find a police state had taken over. The sheriff and his deputies — with no probable cause — detained and illegally searched every single child in the school, all 900 of them.

When kids went home that day to tell their parents what happened, naturally, they were furious as it is a gross violation of the children’s 4th Amendment rights.

“It’s essentially a fourth amendment violation,” said attorney Mark Begnaud. “It’s 900 illegal searches, suspicion-less pat downs, suspicion-less searches.”

Naturally, Sheriff Jeff Hobby is standing by this rights violation on a massive scale, noting that as long as a school administrator was present, the search of the children was legal.

Apparently, in the sheriff’s mind, school administrators can usurp the constitutional rights of children in favor of unlawful police searches.


But school officials and the student rule book disagree.

In the student handbook, it says school officials may search a student only if there is reasonable suspicion the student has an illegal item.

As WALB reports, Worth County Schools attorney Tommy Coleman said in order for the Sheriff’s office to search any students, they’d had to have reason to believe there was some kind of criminal activity or the student had possession of contraband or drugs.

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“If you don’t have that then this search would violate an individual’s rights,” said Coleman. “[It] violates the constitutional right and enforcing them the right against unreasonable search and seizures.”

Interim Worth County Superintendent Lawrence Walters said he understands parents concerns about the drug search at Worth County High school on Friday, according to WALB.

“I’ve never been involved with anything like that ever in the past 21 years and I don’t condone it,” said Walters.

Walters said he was notified that there was be a search but pointed out that he did not give permission nor did he approve the mass groping of children.

“We did not give permission but they didn’t ask for permission, he just said, the sheriff, that he was going to do it after spring break,” said Walters.

“Under no circumstances did we approve touching any students,” explained Walters.

Adding insult to injury, many students complained that they got far more than just a pat down.

At least one deputy’s searches were found to be “too intrusive.”

According to Hobby, it was later discovered that one of the deputies had exceeded instructions given by Hobby and conducted a pat down of some students that was considered to be too intrusive.

When multiple students complained about being groped by the intrusive deputy, Sheriff Hobby ensured parents and school officials that “corrective action was taken to make sure the behavior will not be repeated.”

Exactly who that cop was and what ‘corrective action’ was taken, remains a mystery.

“I’m okay with them doing the search, if it was done appropriately like the school has done in the past,” said father of two Jonathan Luke. “But when they put their hands on my son, that’s crossing the line.” 

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Aside from not finding a single bit of contraband, the sheriff’s search was also entirely uncalled for as the Sylvester Police Department did a search on March 17 — just a few weeks before — and found no drugs.

But Hobby told reporters he didn’t think that search was thorough enough, so he decided to do his own. And, this time, he’d grope every student.

Now, many of the parents are planning a lawsuit against the Sheriff’s office which will likely be the only means of holding this man and his department accountable.

As for the 900 counts of deprivation of rights under the color of law that the sheriff should be facing, not a single charge has been levied against the department.

This is what school has become in a police state.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    The problem with this situation is that it’s only an “outrage” because they didn’t find any drugs. Had they found so much as a single pot seed, all the parents of the non-arrested children would be like “YEAH – good job catching the dope fiend, now keep him away from my baby.”

    “I’m okay with them doing the search, if it was done appropriately like the school has done in the past,” said father of two Jonathan Luke.

    Fuck this guy for being a HUGE part of the problem! His being OK with locker tosses and drug dogs is exactly the sort of complacence that led to this. If they manage to get away with it, they’ll be doing three-finger cavity searches in the nurse’s office before you know it!

    • Guy

      Totally agree with you Cat ! As said, *In For A Penny In For A Pound* Thank god I live in a place and area that has never had a need to do this sort of stuff, even though they have cops on campus, whose main job is to patrol for kids that want to be rebel rousers, rather than drug sniffing K-9 Attack Dog’s.

      With Drugs on campus always being a problem, I can understand the mentality of school administration being concerned about it, but rather prefer to take a more relaxed attitude of doing something if it becomes more than just the norm, as they should do ! To my knowlage we have never *tossed lockers or done searches,* rather than to just focus on the individual. Having a brother who was a school board member, as well other family members as school administrators and involved teachers, helps too !

      I must be slow and non progressive enough, to not understand why the school hasn’t done anything more than to condemn the whole situation verbally, but to take no legal action against it, rather than just sitting on their hands talking about it ! This will no doubt emboldened the Sheriff to continue with his practice of gross paranoia, making his community and schools suffer for his incompetence, untill he get’s his pants sued off by the parents, eventually fired or not reverted back to his desk job, of being a dickhead with a badage and gun ! Possibly it’s the school’s thinking rather better and safer to let the parents settle the issue, rather they stick their neck out and get it wacked off, if they lose. Then they can be like heros and say, *See I Told You So And We Didn’t Have To Spend A Dime*!!!!!!!! Fire the board and get new ones, that aren’t afraid of shadows !

      • Shania Hunter

        It’s ‘rabble rousers’, no apostrophe in ‘K-9 Attack Dog’s’ and a drug sniffer is not an ‘attack dog.

        • Guy

          Oh just great, another thought cop on the loose !

  • land of the free and home of the brave? LOL not even in our dreams , the reality is we live in a velvet lined police state and are home of the enslaved…………..

    Has we see Trump , the new boss is the same as the old boss we are starting to realize revolution will be our only solution!……

    • Or we could call out Zionism by name and get somewhere…

    • Di

      many of the european countries now classify the USA as a police state.

  • Speckintime

    If the voters don’t clean house at election time then they deserve everything that they get, this is what you get when no one is held accountable for anything.

    • LOL ! you think elections are real? LOL now that is funny , please explain to me how constantly being forced to chose the lesser evil is actually a choice…………….evil is evil there is no lesser.Has long as the one party with two names controls US politics we will never be able to vote in change ……Look at Trump , we THOUGHT he was different but if you have been paying any attention you would have noticed by now he is not ,He filled his cabinet with the swamp swimmers Olympic team , has let Hillary roam free and is now going after Wikileaks instead………..He is starting to smell a lot like GW Bush and it cant be long before he goes the full Obama……….who incidentally is also still walking free after being caught in Watergate2.0 on steroids. .

      For over 50 years we have tried protesting boycotting petitioning and voting to effect real change , and it has done nothing but get us to here the eve of WWIII and a corporate /bankster owned government……………..the founding fathers not only warned us this day would come but knew the second amendment was the ONLY cure………Nothing will change without guns to their heads , why would it ? no one fears ‘peaceful’ lawful protest. any more than you would fear a 2 foot tall mugger armed with nothing but his flaccid penis .

      • Speckintime

        The problem with power is not only does it corrupt but it also draws in the most corrupt to it, that is why mankind continues on the same path no matter who takes power.

        The US could make a real change if we the people would raise up patriots in third parties and vote out every incumbent at every election or corrupt laws could be neutered by jury nullification but unfortunately that is not happening.

        The corruption is not only in the government that sells the lies and promises but it is also in We the People that buy into the lies and promises.

        Trump is proving himself to be just another puppet like all the rest, there were no Knights in Shining Armor coming to the rescue.

        The bad decisions of powerful people often hurts innocent people, unfortunately this country has been corrupt to the core for decades if not from the very beginning and it has involved both parties.

        This is what you get when We The People allow our country to be the best that money can buy.

        It all makes perfect sense when you realize that Mammon is the god that they Trust and Serve.

        Oh how we care, yet we never dare look to the heart of the matter.
        How men of great greed, get what they need, purses that only get fatter.

        The whole plan of those hiding behind the curtain is to destroy nations, crash economies, shut down free speech, flood the world with terrorists then get the people to beg to have their rights and freedoms taken away in order to be safe.

        These powers that be want you to be a slave, a criminal or dead.

        The End Game is the greatest redistribution of wealth the world has ever seen to a very select few that will drive mankind to the brink of extinction fighting over it.

        Unfortunately as technology grows the corruption becomes more deadly, that is why mankind is heading either toward Revelations or extinction.

        • Di

          the only problem with this is that your choice in voting is only an illusion of choice. the candidates that are allowed in are hand picked by the globalists who control the world and will follow their agenda and either candidate will do their job are be eliminated as was jfk. the voting machines have been documented to switch votes from one candidate to another without a trace. my message is to embrace humanity and avoid news that promotes division because this weakens their control ..anger, fear, hatred are vibrations of low frequencies that gives them more and more power.

          • Speckintime

            Actually DJ that is what you are supposed to do, be in the world but not of it. The world has a course it has to go and it is well on it. This is the time of choice not change, this is the time to chose the master that you will spend eternity with.

        • Shania Hunter

          Mankind is headed toward 2 Peter 3:10.

      • Amanda Childress

        Script for Oxy just got renewed hu? “who incidentally is also still walking free after being caught in Watergate2.0 on steroids.” WTF are you talking about? Hillary roam free? Yeah and she is running a pedophile drug and prostitution pizza ring in DC?

        I am much more concerned you are allowed near a keyboard with an internet connection. Hint, standup, step back and run do not walk away from the computer. Wikipedia look up idiot, yepper, its a picture of you.

        BTW Hillary won the popular vote, there is evidence Flynn violated the Logan act and his sec clearance. HE will roll and guess what? Over and under for impeachment is 24/30, we are well under that, so far.

        Get some facts pal, read something beside Breitbart.

        • Islandream

          Then what the hell are YOU doing here…Ooohh wait…what was I thinking?!
          Go back to salon or huffinpuffin post, you’d be more comfy there, with your fellow “rocket scientists”!!

          • Amanda Childress

            Remember who is the father of the modern conservative movement, the same senator who told Nixon enough and to resign, yepper Sen. Barry Goldwater. The only real conservatives left are those like me, Libertarians who have left the NeoFascist Republican party as it is no longer conservative. But giant brains like yours get that, right?

      • Shania Hunter

        I am scared to death of impotent dwarves.

    • This guy

      Exactly right. How many people know the first thing about their locals?

      • Speckintime


  • Mary Muennig

    Hmm, well what I noticed, right away, was that the student’s handbook says/said that SCHOOL OFFICIALS cannot do the search without . . . , but THE SHERIFF’S DEPT. did the search–so I think that that is different.

    • Zackknowitall

      Can’t tell where you are going with you comment. The searches were 100% illegal.

  • Gordon Klock

    This sort of cavalier attitude, belies their utter contempt for citizen’s rights .It’s like they are deliberately spoiling for a violent confrontation with the populace, & if they ever do get it, I wonder if they’ll really be able to handle it, as easily as they seem to think, ( & maybe they know something scary, that we don’t?)…..

    • Ed

      NO we got that covered!

  • Mike

    I cannot believe that every single one of the more than 900 students, voluntarily submitted to these illegal searches, and that they would not be on the phone to the media and their own parents, as there had to be at least one parent that was a lawyer or knew the 4th amendment. The students should not have cooperated and all laid down in protest, waste as much of the police departments time as possible, then have them explain to the parents why they wasted their tax dollars on a illegal search that produced nothing!!!

    • G’ma G

      Truly, something isn’t adding up. 900 high schoolers not one drug found not one arrest for resisting???

      • Islandream

        Come on now G’ma, as dumbed down, and indoctrinated as the youth is today…I’m surprised that the kids aren’t writing apology notes to the “sheriffs” orifice (spelling intentional)!
        But this entire “story” DOE’S reek of BS! Gotta be more to it…why after a previous “search”, conducted just several weeks prior, which also yielded no results, nuttin’, nadda, zero, zip, zilch, did this totalitarian, blithering idiot “sheriffs dept” feel they suddenly needed a more “in-depth” search!
        And why have there been (and likely will not BE) any charges thus far against these clowns?!!
        900 counts of “groping” peoples children…and no damn charges? ?

        • Di

          maybe it is a test run on this school to see how effective it would be to control the masses. no resistance whatsoever as the sheep are gathered under the rod of control and mind control. as this agenda progresses those that will destroy will be the very ones who will come and offer to save the people and they will embrace the very ones who caused the genocide.

      • Di

        the schools have been taken over by corporations and use mind control indoctrination on the students to became obedient slaves in society.

  • Bob Btme

    USA public school = prison camp. In the 80’s at my school we weren’t even allowed to come down the stairway to the 1st floor without “papers”.

  • Sight Beyond Sight

    I could see sending the drug dogs to sniff at lockers in the halls, but only at the specific request of the administrators. All are culpable in this case. Parents for not teaching their children to speak up about their rights being violated; administrators/teachers for allowing the sheriff’s department this rampant abuse and finally the sheriff’s department for said abuse. Let us see where the lawsuit goes on this…

  • Ricialove

    Prison numbers starting to wane? Trying to rush that ‘school-to-prison pipeline’, maybe.

    • every person they convict is one less person whose ‘vote’ or bill of rights protections they have to concern themselves with…………………..

  • Not pro Israel

    Get in ze boxcar goyimz!

  • Earthlife

    Teaching the young fast for what is coming, and ant fun and democracy: it is shut your pie-hole and bend over style tactics

  • PJ London

    The second amendment was put there to ensure that the other nine (Bill of Rights) were respected.
    You can’t vote them out (as you can see with Trump), so move them on more immediately.
    1,800 parents, to demand immediate resignation of every deputy and school board member and then replace with people who will obey the law.

  • Angie MacGeil

    Reminds me of the movie and the Capt complaining about some strawberries

  • Joshua Andolsek

    Imagine what our fore fathers would be saying if they saw us now. Sad to think that we now live in nazi germany.

  • Lucy Mauterer

    Schools FB page says nada.

  • Kevin Kline

    Sure this isn’t “Fake News”? I can’t believe this would have happened even with the ‘patriot act’ enforce.

    • Paradise in Chaos

      Verified through the department. You can call ad ask for Pam or Christy. They will direct you to the Sheriff.
      call (229) 776-8211

    • estivito


    • bigyaz

      They interviewed everyone involved. Sheriff confirmed it and was even proud of it. Stop yelling “fake news” whenever you don’t like a story. It’s lazy.

  • Steven Daniels

    Cop is too intrusive, sounds like the real motive if you ask me. Any excuse to molest kids now huh. Bet this cop has child porn on his computer at home. They should have called every parent before hand also. FUcking Pig State scums.

  • It’s hard to believe not one student refused the search! I’d have raised hell, and I’m pretty sure some of my friends would have too. I’d have told them to arrest me if they wanted to search me.

  • Two searches turned up nothing. The sheriff needs to change his confidential informant because that is where the accusations of drugs come from. Someone is lying to save themselves from something they got themselves into.

  • Brennan Graves

    So, when is the sheriff going to be arrested and CONVICTED of his crimes?



    Yeah, thought so.


  • Whiskey7Actual

    Easy solution Home School!

  • Alan Nevling

    It only confirms what my kids (now grown, with kids of their own) called school, back in the ’70s: “Day Jail.” Kids in government-run schools today learn more about shutting up, and “going along,” than about reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic.

  • anarchyst

    Here is food
    for thought, especially for those who support “public education” and
    rally about the doctrine of “socialization” that they claim is
    lacking in “homeschooled” children.

    Let’s look at
    what “public education” has to offer:

    1. Cliques and rampant bullying, quite often the victim of bullying punished more harshly
    for fighting back. Many times, bullies are part of a “protected”
    class–racial minorities, jocks, etc. Strong official disapproval of students
    making friends outside their grade level. “Peer pressure” used to
    push conformity.

    2. Teachers that don’t teach reading writing and arithmetic. Pushing communist principles
    such as rabid environmentalism, blaming humanity for conditions beyond our
    control as well as pushing “communitarianism” (“it takes a
    village”)–actually communism. This also ties in with teacher-recommended
    feminizing and drugging (mostly boys) to make them “less fidgety” and
    more compliant–all for the “benefit” of the teacher.

    3. Non-existent moral guidance…the communist concept of “values
    clarification”, allowing each student to set his own moral standard with
    no discussion permitted as to guidelines. A student dare not mention God or the
    Bible in “public school”–not permitted…discussing Islam is OK…even
    field trips to mosques are encouraged.

    4. Sex education that normalizes homosexuality and other deviant practices, actually
    encouraging deviant behavior and downplaying heterosexuality and abstinence.

    5. Insane zero tolerance practices, punishing students for pop-tarts shaped like guns or
    a student having an “unauthorized aspirin” or plastic butter knife.
    Of course, abortions and birth control are available without parental

    6. Lockdowns and backpack/locker searches by police utilizing “drug dogs”, getting
    the upcoming generation used to random unconstitutional searches. Quite often,
    students “roughed up” by “school resource officers”…just
    because they can…Lockdowns should be reserved for prisons–not schools…

    Since these “socialization” practices seem to be the norm in our “public
    education” systems, parents who send their children to these dysfunctional
    “indoctrination centers” are guilty of child abuse…

    Children who are homeschooled actually do much better in life as they are comfortable with
    people of all ages. True socialization takes place outside the classroom.

    • bigyaz

      What a loon.

  • JCLincoln

    Did they get excited when they were touching the girls?

  • MAS

    And yet these same parents will continue to send their kids to government schools (the real source of this problem). Gotta have that way too large house and two or more top end vehicles, not to mention those latest I phone 8s and so both mom and dad have to work. Solution? Downsize your life so mom can home educate (best) or send your kids to private Christian school (second best).

  • That ZiNOist

    A Worthless County Sheriff’s Department spokesperson said in a press release that “the sheriff’s department is evaluating the counties parental residents for the presence of un-authorized back-bones, unbroken spirits, or response-abled individuals, preferring a public response no more serious than reports of ‘isolated grumbles’ “.

    I would demand nothing short of firing the Sheriff and every deputy that participated in the unreasonable search. Further, they should be barred for life from employment in any state or federal law enforcement agency, office or department.

  • Shania Hunter

    Any search that does not include probing the vaginas and anuses of those tight, hot young virgins, is futile.