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Cops Now Using a New Device Allowing them to Steal Cash From Innocent Citizens Like an ATM


As if civil asset forfeiture, where police can seize your property without having to prove you actually committed a crime, wasn’t contentious enough already, a new device allows the Oklahoma Highway Patrol to steal money directly from your bank account — on the spot.

And it’s already in use.

The Electronic Recovery and Access to Data Machine, known by the acronym ERAD, can scan your bank account and prepaid cards, giving OHP instant access to the balance — and the funds — if a trooper believes the money is tied to a crime. OHP rolled out 16 ERAD devices in May, and unsurprisingly, has already employed the technology.

You don’t even have to be charged with a crime to be a victim of these badge-wearing armed robbers — which makes OHP’s new ERAD device an astonishing prospect.

“We’re gonna look for different factors in the way that you’re acting,” Oklahoma Highway Patrol Lt. John Vincent told local News 9. “We’re gonna look for if there’s a difference in your story. If there’s some way that we can prove that you’re falsifying information to us about your business.”

What Vincent seems to be saying is OHP will try its damnedest to find a reason to rob you at gunpoint.

“If you can prove that you have a legitimate reason to have that money it will be given back to you. And we’ve done that in the past,” Vincent added.

This reasoning turns the very concept of innocent until proven guilty on its head. And State Sen. Kyle Loveless said cases where police abused this new system have already come to light, including single mothers, a cancer survivor who had their medication seized, a Christian band, and a number of other completely innocent people.

“We’ve seen where the money goes and how it’s misspent,” Loveless said.

In fact, this is intensified policing for profit. News 9 obtained a copy of the contract between the state and ERAD Group, Inc., which shows Oklahoma paying “$5,000 for the software and scanners, then 7.7 percent of all the cash the highway patrol seizes.”

But law enforcement obstinately claims this isn’t about the money.

“I know a lot of people are just going to focus on the seizing money,” Vincent stated the obvious. “That’s a small thing that’s happening now. The largest part that we have found … the biggest benefit has been the identity theft,” he added without further explanation.

Controversy over civil asset forfeiture (CAF) surrounds the fact law enforcement is under no obligation to prove the property it seizes could in any way be tied to criminal activity. Once police have your property, most departments are free to essentially divvy it up amongst themselves.

Countless cases dot headlines around the country evidence thousands of innocent people as victims of this financial terrorism perpetrated by the government. Police even managed to ‘seize’ $53,000 from a Christian band, an orphanage, and a church.

Earlier this year, one of the creators of CAF tellingly called for the program to be abolished — and though it was briefly suspended, the Dept. of Justice allowed CAF to resume in April.

Sen. Loveless feels a conviction should be necessary for police to seize money using ERAD, and plans to introduce legislation.

“If I had to err on the side of one versus the other, I would err on the side of the Constitution,” he explained. “And I think that’s what we need to do.”

  • john smith

    so much for the 4th amendment to be secure in persons paper and property from searches without a warrent

    • Gary Smith

      More evidence that the Constitution is a completely worthless piece of paper that means absolutely nothing to the state.

      • billdeserthills

        Right, since the Fed’s have been crapping on it for decades

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          • Don Stedman

            Get off this thread!

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        • Dakota

          The Fed’s are a useless corporation that needs to be expelled from our capitol.

      • deanbob

        It was written for a moral people.

      • Daniel Pearson

        Gary Smith The constitution is gone and used only when the government feels it is in theitr interest. many people want totally rewritten from the ground up as it is out of date and racist. Now toilet paper is more important if this keeps up. Thanks for comment.

        • Pblover911

          I read a t first you post wrong…I thought that was your view…I wrote above and mentioned you…Sad but true the Analogy you gave…If only these fools would embrace the one document we have that is not to be altered for the simple reason of what is happening right now! The government is in control and abolishing the one document that defends each and every American! White, Black, not matter you race, color, etc. It defend you American sasses that are spitting on it and those who bravely fought and many slaughtered, families lost their loved ones! How dare anyone spit on the foundation of the most beautiful, most powerful, nest country in the damn world! Pathetic! Outrage and those will be sorry that now piece of toilet paper your letting these corrupt politicians wipe there lying asses with take all our Freedom, Justices, and Liberties for all Americans with! SO stupid you l not be writing in discussion soon..Trust when the Constitution is fully gone..Hell is all you will see everywhere! As we are seeing it now!

        • treebird

          NO, we need to restore the constitution, is the violations of it that is hurting us not the constitution itself!

    • gininitaly

      What do you think the Patriot Act was all about?


      • Lee Hauenstein


    • Kyrie

      It’s actually the 5th amendment in this case: ‘No person shall be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.’ But you are correct in pointing out that the Police state has also trampled upon the 4th amendment.

      • Floki

        The 5th amendment is the right to not increment oneself. The right to remain silent.

        • beltedmagnum

          Read the 5th farther Kyrie is correct

          • Floki

            “Nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself”.

          • beltedmagnum

            read the rest and you will find Kyrie is correct : nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against
            himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due
            process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use,
            without just compensation.”

        • Um, “incriminate”, not “increment”.

      • Leslie Griffin

        Kyrie, you are right, as to the part that you quoted. But the 4th is the one that addresses seizure without warrant. Wikipedia has a good article on it. See: https://en wikipedia org/wiki/Fourth_Amendment_to_the_United_States_Constitution
        Replace the spaces with “dots”.

        • Kyrie

          The 4th amendment addresses warranted searches not the seizure of property

          “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

          Both address private property rights but the 4th amendment only addresses warranted searches of private property not seizures. In CAF, the police violate both though: first by searching without probable cause and then seizing property without due process.

        • Leslie Griffin

          Kyrie’s reply doesn’t show up, just yet, so I have to reply here.
          “the right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures,”
          No warrant, no search, no seizure. Both amendments cover this issue. (IF the USSC agrees, and doesn’t change its mind next week.)

    • deanbob

      The 5th amendment also includes “…nor deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of the law, …”

  • Hugh Culliton

    That bump you just felt was my jaw hitting the ground.

  • Robert Farrior

    Revolution is the only recourse!

    • CharlieC

      Actually, it’s not. The Institute for Justice has been fighting CAF for years and winning. Check out http://www.ij.org/. They’re doing great work and deserve your support.

  • Gordon Klock

    This looks like a basic, declaration of war upon the American people…(I honestly don’t know what else to call it)…..it’s getting so that if they don’t kill one outright, they will slow-torture kill one, with an endless parade of exasperating details, & fines, making it impossible to even take care of oneself, (much less, anyone/thing else)…….

    • Shilo Smith

      You nailed it. Thanks to a revision of the Trading With the Enemy Act, we civilians (a military term you bet) actually are enemies of the State. The whole country is a gigantic POW camp. And yes, they can’t wait to start culling.

      • TripeFighter

        If I am made an “enemy” … an “enemy” will I be!

  • Trace

    The gestapo have been stealing cash for no reason since the 80’s because all cops know that cash is only used for buying/selling drugs. Now just having money in your bank account makes you guilty of the go-to crime of being a “drug dealer”. Thanks again Big Brother!

  • Witch

    The “Castle Doctrine” will come in handy.

  • Duane Weimerskirch

    LOADED GUN CONCEPT COCK IT AND PULL IT….If they don’t want shit they better not start shit.

    • Big talk, little brain. Brandishing a loaded weapon at a cop isn’t going to take you anywhere you want to go.

  • Verbotene Gedanken

    It made Drudge. Let’s see if these Nazi’s can hide now…

  • Tonewall Jaxon

    were doomed unless we revolt………its getting to theres no other choice.

  • JdL

    Armed criminals who waylay and rob innocent travelers should be shot on the spot.

  • Michael Williams

    Stay away from Oklahoma. Boycott the casinos etc. Let their empty wallets argue with the cops

    • billdeserthills

      Why should the cops care, they get their budget filled with taxpayer money?

      • Michael Williams

        But if no money comes in there is no money to tax. That is the point of a boycott.

  • Guy

    Watch Out Folks. It will soon be enacted in All States, just like “Blue Lives Matter, coming soon to Yours. How come you are not taking to the streets and courts in outrage is beyond me. Maybe you just like to be abused, considering it always happens to somebody else. But soon it will be happening to You and then what are you going to do, but cry and say how unfair it all seems !

    • dufas_duck

      Since when has the police, courts, or anyone in the government listened to the average citizen. They only pay attention to off-the-wall agendas and their own….

    • You’re quite the hypocrite, pounding away on your keyboard. If you had ever actually gone to court or taken to the street, you would realize what a limited effect it has.

      • Guy

        Wow ! You must be the really busy dude ! I mean to take the time out of your busy schedule and criticize me, not once, but twice in a row, for something that I wrote 8 months ago ! Wow ! I am impressed !!!
        This is not to suggest that, I think you actually know what you are talking about, or give a hoot about your opinion, one way or the other, because in truth, I don’t ! So next time, why don’t you try to come up with something a little bit more original, and who knows for sure, but I may even give a damn then, what it is you have to say !

        • Yeah, I should have blocked the idiot the first time.

          • Guy

            Please do so and quickly ! I promise to not be offended. Just fucking relieved !

  • Guy

    Don’t worry to much about it and go back to sleep ! Hillery will put on her cape and save us all. hahahahahhahhahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!, As she shreds the Declaration Of Independence with China’s Help, The Bill Of Rights and Constitution, Bill and Berry will show her how !!!

    • You’re quite the fool. The cops and the people who wrote the laws that give them these powers are Republicans.

  • dufas_duck

    Police logic is always questionable. Using his statement, the police should put people in prison just because the cop thinks they are guilty of something and that it would cut down on crime…..

    What does this cop think happens to an innocent person if they are locked out of their bank and checking accounts. Can’t pay rent or house payments.. Can’t buy food or fuel. The innocent person is going to lose all and end up on the street. Of course, the police will say that one should of thought about that before we thought you were a drug runner. Police aren’t responsible for themselves, they are sure not to be held responsible for the destruction left in their wake……

    Then, I noticed that they are also scanning credit cards. Is the police maxing out the cards and leaving the innocent to pick up the bill?? When the police make a mistake, it will always be some innocent that pays the price….

  • Gunflint Roseberg

    I believe the vast majority Police/Sheriff depts are honest, & will stand by the Constitution/ due process. But then their are a few ?? As far as Oklahoma HP goes, It appears they have decided to become Judge, Jury, & prosecutors.. They should consider removing the American Flags from their buildings & replacing them with a Nazi flag.

    • L Garou

      If the cops see and hear crimes committed by their fellow cops and say nothing, they’re guilty, period.
      They’re NOT honest and (haha) NOT standing by the Constitution.
      That’s baloney.

      • Gunflint Roseberg

        Don’t think you read or understood the article. Due Process of the law OURS(maybe not yours) states you must be found guilty by a Judge or Jury, NOT your local Hwy Patrol who now have the ability to reach into your bank account if THEY feel your guilty. Screw Oklahoma, Boycott everything that comes out of there.

        • L Garou

          I was simply pointing out how your “I believe the vast majority Police/Sheriff depts are honest, & will stand by the Constitution/ due process” is B.S. because it is B.S.
          And it isn’t just Oklahoma, it’s rampant across the looted plain.

          • Gunflint Roseberg

            I’m on the road a lot 100k miles+ a year, & met many law enforcement..This is what I know to be fact. The majority I’ve met are good people, with families, & wear the USA flag patch with pride. If you have an attitude ,it will be met with attitude. Only met one that made a bad grade, & yes he was in Oklahoma. Yes I did write to his dept & state, & yes I did get return mail with an apology. It only takes a few to spoil the entire group. But one of us can really screw-up his or her day by making it well known.

          • L Garou

            At least until the Sarge says ‘shut your mouth’ or ‘this is the way it went down’ Etc., etc., etc. (aka) ‘just following orders’
            But since they’ve been nice to you, so far, they’re all heroes and patriots. Yeah, I get it.

          • Gunflint Roseberg

            My hero’s are dead like “Thomas Jefferson”. My Patriots are those who made, & keeping this Country Free today. You might want to work on your attitude Together we stand/divided we will fall.

          • L Garou

            You first.
            Starting with .. the cops are all great (except for a few bad apples) nonsense.

  • MoBetter2

    The head of the Oklahoma Highway Patrol must be smoking his underwear! Has that rube never heard of the U.S. Constitution, is he unfamiliar with ‘due process’, does he not know this Constitutional Republic is based on the ‘rule of law’? American citizens who are victimized by these jack-booted thugs should retaliate immediately, perhaps if a few robbertroopers were found with their ERAD machines jammed down their throats the next morning they would be less likely to pillage their fellow citizens just because they can! (Well, at least that particular uniformed criminal would be permanently deterred, and would probably serve as a cautionary example for his peers!)

  • Fred Johnson

    A friend of mine has a son who is a detective in a neighboring county. One day, they were driving to a restaurant to have lunch, and my friend made a comment concerning how America is fast becoming a police state. His son pointed out the window toward the sidewalk and said, “Dad, do you see all of those people out there? The academy trains us to read people’s body language. We’re taught that if any of those people haven’t committed a crime, they will commit one at some point. It’s only a matter of time.”
    That’s what a police officer is thinking whenever he looks at you; you’re either a criminal or you’re an imminent criminal, and he’s the only one who’s smart enough to know that you’re up to no good. Therefore, it’s his patriotic duty to take your money and property in order to thwart your dasterdly plans.

  • Gary

    Bye bye Constitution, & Bill of Rights. Hello to tyranny, & a police state. You are no longer individual people. You are now just numbers, to be controlled in every aspect of your lives. If you resist, there are shackled box cars & gas chambered Fema camps awaiting your arrival. The various Constitution defending Militias around the country have been right all along. But the sheeple would rather listen to ABC, CBS, CNN, NPR, etc for further brainwashing from the state controlled media. What a tragic disgrace.

    • dufas_duck

      The laws are in place to protect the cops, not the citizens….Check out a few Supreme Court findings..it’s scary….

    • Half the memberships of those militias are cops. The people brainwashing you are the right wing, who are your actual enemy.

      • Gary

        Let me know when you are coherent. You’ve gotten’ your collective clocks cleaned by us, the winners. Wallow in your sorrow, losers!

        • Sorry, I block profoundly stupid people.

          • Gary

            Says the proven loser.

          • Gary

            Sorry too, that you’re so profoundly stupid, stupid.

          • Gary

            Then you should block yourself, stupid.

        • Gary

          @Jim Balter-Then you should block yourself, stupid. What a coward.

  • Fred Johnson

    Most people’s experience with the judicial system is limited to the occasional parking violation, the odd speeding ticket and what they’ve seen on TV crime dramas. The real world is nothing like any of those examples. The U.S. Constitution isn’t worth the parchment it’s printed on, and those who believe it will save them when they’re arrested and hauled before a jury while wearing an orange jumpsuit are in for the shock of their lives. Police officers commit perjury as a matter of routine. It’s perfectly legal to lie TO a suspect while trying to obtain a false confession, so it’s not a great stretch to lie ABOUT a suspect while on the witness stand. A prosecutor doesn’t care whether a defendant is innocent – the truth is whatever he can make the jury believe and, to that end, he’ll hide exculpatory evidence, falsify evidence and manufacture evidence if he needs to in order to gain a conviction. Once you’re wearing handcuffs, you HAVE no “Constitutional Rights.” You don’t get to make a phone call unless and until they decide to allow you to use the phone. Gonna pay your bail in cash? No you’re not, because the prosecutor just added more charges on order to hold you without bail until your trial. The cops beat you up during questioning? No they didn’t. You were combative, you fell down or you punched yourself to gain sympathy. So, you’ve decided to take your evidence of police prosecutorial misconduct to the media? Forget it – it doesn’t matter what you can prove. They won’t print it because they “don’t want the public to lose confidence in their local law enforcement.” If you think you can’t be arrested just because you haven’t committed a crime, think again. It happened to me in Podunk, Indiana. I was acquitted, but ONLY because I had a very observant jury foreman. It ruined my life. It cost me my life savings, my job, my government security clearance and marriage. That was ten years ago, and I still haven’t recovered. In fact, I’m still fighting to get my rights restored (I’m also on the no-fly list as a dangerous person, despite the fact I didn’t hurt anyone). The only thing I got out of it was that I ruined a corrupt prosecutor’s perfect conviction record, which is very satisfying, even though I’m still paying for it and will be for the rest of my life. To all of you who still cling to the imagined power and protection of the U.S. Constitution, Good Luck – let me know how it works out for you.

    • Leslie Griffin

      Best of luck to you in the future. Since it has been so long, it follows that you and your attorney were unsuccessful in lawsuits against the State. Also unsuccessful against the Prosecutor for Prosecutorial misconduct (deliberately prosecuting an individual that he should have seen was not guilty.

      • Fred Johnson

        Thanks for your comments, Leslie, and for your interest in this matter.
        Actually, my defense attorney refused to represent me in my tort claims against the state. After wasting over $55,000 (my life savings, by the way) fighting charges that never should have been filed against me, I LITERALLY met with over 50 different Indiana attorneys (that’s where I stopped counting), and not ONE of them would touch my civil complaints against the State of Indiana. Several said, “It’s too big; we don’t want the publicity.” However, the most telling reason I heard (over and over) was this one: “The statehouse can make it very difficult for us to make a living.” Now, if the lawyers in Indiana are afraid of the state government, honestly, what chance do the rest of us have? One lawyer in Elkhart charged me $1,500 just to look at the indefensible documents I have (falsified and manufactured evidence, newspaper accounts and depositions which illustrate perjury and collusion by state winesses and police officers, photographs and documents from the prosecutor’s files that were never divulged during the discovery phase, etc.). A week later, he gave it all back (but kept the money) and told me, “You have a good case against the state, but they’d have me disbarred if I sat next to you in a courtroom.”
        A friend of mine didn’t believe me when I told him about this, so I invited him to go along to see two more lawyers (Bob Gevers in Fort Wayne and Mike Miner in Warsaw) on separates dates. BOTH of these attorneys looked at the evidence I showed them and said essentially the same thing: “What they did to you was illegal. The sheriff’s department, the state police and the prosecutor all ignored or broke state and federal civil rights laws but, unfortunately, there’s nothing you can do about it.” My friend couldn’t believe it, and angrily questioned their ethics, but he did offer me his apologies.
        My congressman, Mark Souder, actually formed a committee to find reasons for him not to get involved in my case. I received a letter from that committee, explaining that, since this was not a constitutional issue, it was therefore a matter for the courts, and they recommended that I seek civil remedies!
        My life has been thouroghly and irrepairably ruined, simply because I stood on my principles and refused to sign a plea bargain and hand a crooked prosecutor, Steven T. Clouse, another easy conviction (I was facing six years in state prison if I had been convicted). Ironically, I suppose, my acquittal at trial destroyed the perfect conviction record Clouse so proudly crowed about during his mostly unopposed election campaigns. My jury foreman, an engineer named Phillip Sensibaugh, wrote a 13-page letter of complaint (I have a copy) to Judge Kirsch and called for a federal investigation of my case. Of course, no such investigation was ever initiated, but Judge Kirsch DID order the expungement of my arrest “and all actions arising from it.”
        When I called the FBI office in Fort Wayne and told them I wanted to file a “Color of Law” complaint against the prosecutor, Special Agent Gil Hershey asked me, “How smart do you have to be to believe we’d go after one of our own?” and hung up the phone. I even filed two separate complaints with the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission, and they simply refused, out-of-hand, to investigate Clouse’s misconduct.
        What bothers me more than anything is this: As terrible and as frightening as my case was, this CAN NOT be the first or only time this has happened. I know this is true because those who tried to railroad me made absolutely NO effort to cover their tracks; they did it openly and without the slightest fear of any retribution or accountability. They KNEW there would be “nothing I could do about it.”
        As a disabled Gulf War veteran, I once believed that this kind of thing could NEVER happen in the United States, let alone in Backwater, USA. Now, having seen what I’ve seen, and having experienced American jurisprudence first-hand, I’m not ashamed to tell you that I now REFUSE to salute the American flag and, had I known then what I know now, I NEVER would have enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Contrary to what we all want to believe, the American flag is NOT a symbol of freedom; it’s an iconic symbol of corruption and open criminality, gleefully practiced on all levels of American government. While I’m NOT anti-America and have NO desire to see her destroyed, I realize this view taints me as unpatriotic, and I’m okay with that. I invite judgment and honest criticism from all of my fellow military service members who might still believe their blood was spilled for freedom, and from civilians alike, but ONLY from those who have been falsely accused of a crime and risked their personal freedom by facing down multiple felony charges in a court of law.
        Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, let’s move on to the good news …
        Following a sixteen-year reign of terror and corruption, Clouse was finally defeated in 2014, and we now have a new, honest prosecuting attorney in Noble County. Eric Blackman worked under Clouse as a deputy prosecutor for several years, but then quit in 2010 due to the blatant corruption he witnessed on a daily basis. Mr. Blackman practiced as a defense attorney for nearly four years while preparing to run for prosecutor in the next election. Blackman won a satisfying victory, garnering 55% of the votes while Herr Clouse limped in with a mere 43%. Mr. Blackman continues to do what he can to help me (and others who were falsely accused during Clouse’s tenure) recover my rights and property, and you can bet that, when his term is up two years from now, I’ll be very active in his reelection campaign.
        There should be NOTHING easier or more simple than the TOTAL eradication of public corruption in American government. Conversely, there is actually nothing more difficult, because the harder you try, the more crazy and paranoid you seem to those who have never witnessed it for themselves. However, in spite of this, I will continue to fight, not only for myself, but especially for others who, like me, are being told, “There’s nothing you can do about it.”
        There is much more to this story than room will allow so, if you have any questions about anything I may have neglected to mention, I’ll be happy to fill in the blanks. Again, thanks for your interest, and thanks also for reading a very long-winded response.

        • Leslie Griffin

          I urge you to send copies of this letter, along with your earlier letter, to a hundred or so book publishers.
          My recent experience was on the other side. I was the victim of a burglary and associated credit card fraud. The perps were taken into custody and released because the State Attorney’s Office didn’t want to risk losing a trial. The person that actually used one of my cards used the “he said, she said” defense and was released.

        • Leslie Griffin

          Thank you for the long-winded response. I have read it twice now, a month apart, and will be storing it on many of my hard drives. I expect to see one of my favorite authors either use it for a basis for a novel, or do a non-fiction piece. Maybe the book(s) will help Mr. Blackman’s campaigns.
          My own story isn’t nearly as absorbing. I had a neighbor “find” a credit card that she did not realize was on one of my accounts (different name). So she used it; along with others which as been stolen at the same time. She claimed that she had found the one, and did not realize that it was mine. She used the “he said, she said” defense and the Prosecutor’s office declined to prosecute. Got to keep the numbers up.

  • Colin Young

    “Well, officer, I got all that money from civil actions and torts against individual police officers who acted unconstitutionally, unlawfully or inappropriately. Would you like a demonstration?”

    • Leslie Griffin

      I love that one!

  • Pblover911

    Everyone! Everyone! Please listen…I am not writing in this post or any to argue with anyone,and divide this nation/most beautiful country in the world the United States of America like what Obamba, Killery, and so many other have/are doing. This is absolutely ludicrous to say the least! I do not have the answers…I really wish I did
    ..however I do know this…our Forefathers died, we’re slaughtered, their family lost there families, etc our past and former military same defending the one document…The UnitedStatesofAmerica Constitution…have we forgotten all the sacrifices that have been made to give us our Freedom’s, Justices, and Liberties for ALL AMERICANS?!!!!! For a long time we have been…I will put it this way like going to a play and being in the audience….we are showed what the makers/creators want us to see…we never get to see behind the curtains who is controlling the puppets and what the message truly is…my point is over a long period of time 25 years of bushes and Clinton’s and a puppet Obamba thrown in the mix a radical Muslim that anone that reads abd Reaser chest would know all absolutely non American presidential actions have and are taking place. I apologize jumping around
    …a president is supposed to put aside like judges and jurors their personal beliefs…Regarding our Constitution a president is to uphold our Constitution a document that maybe old….may not be perfect…but it has kept America being the best, strongest, most beautiful country in the world.
    .getting back to what I was saying for a long time with these two families as well as many others they paid to join them rid who doesn’t…put into authority these radical people to assure that they will not lose their main goal which if it is not crystal clear to you all by now it will never be…Take over America the most important prize to the evil! No matter your take on your presidential candidate you have to realize the craziness that is being showed the same way it was falsely showed and reported to us Americans who truly be lived we were getting something better. Nothing is ever FREE we learned that ashe children! I am all over the place here because I cannot understand how any American can not stand their ground and.say we have had enough time to.end the bull crap
    ..I want to say it so much harsher..
    And save this country and our generations! Come on! We see and know a lot.of the horrific horrifying troubles our country and out own Americans are in and we sit and are waiting on what?! For this to worsen as they are! These illegals are a serious problem. They are coming here have more rights than us law abiding American citizens…burning our flags waiving their heritage flag ruining our police cars,destroying are property
    ..and we are paying for that…if we did that we would be in jail! They are not even arrested! I mean come on this is just a disgrace. Our brave men and women are not able to defend themselves or this courtyard. They are getting their heads litter Aly cut off. The President of the United States is constantly on the gold course laughing. Their is nothing funny to me as an American about any American dying or American people not being able to feed their family because their co.pay has moved abroad. Let me tell you this never would even be a thought in the past. Our rights are our righto. Now you have Killery saying she is not going to take away our 2nd ammendmen..bull
    ..by allowing people to sue the maker of firearms which have nothing to do with the person(s) that unlawfully used then with end the 2nd amendment because no one is going to manufacturer a firearm only to be sued and lose all it’s profits! The list goes on. Black, White, Latinos, etc. Need to unite together! These scumbags are not protecting or give a crap about you as they claim. They are dividing us and all that has been done to unite us we are just about if not already back to where we were in past times. Now.worse we have illegals calling the shots…and the American people are paying for them.to.make our country into the countries they are running away from! Why? Because you can bet you ass Russia, Mexico, China, Japan, etc. Does not put up with one instance of the bullshit we do! We are in serious trouble Americans! Sadly no on is doing anything. All talk notHong. So much power and corruption has been given that people feel hopeless. Well we have a voice and we can stand our gruloundnas our forefathers did and save this beautiful countryou. How many more catastrophes do we need to say we had enough and all American lives matter. I am not sorry to say right now Americans need to be selfish and care about only Americans and save our assessment because we are being extinct!

    • retchsweeny

      Med check…just sayin’

      • Pblover911

        Like I said I am not hear to argue. “Med check…just saying…Maybe you should get some Meds! So YOU can understand WTF is going on! IN today’s world were we have more Americans unemployed unable to feed their families in the most beautiful country in the world…Not because they don’t want to work they cannot work because of all the BS people like YOU are so distorted with reality, and do not educate yourself with the facts that you are too going to be crying when all come to a head! And it is..When you see our American flag being burned in the streets, American beaten by illegal trash, and even American trash, and no one is protecting them…Keep saying Med check…Because you will for sure not be protected by this so called American government that is simply killing America and it’s people. They are not going to care when your smiling face say I voted for you…You to will be stripped of you rights…The Rights YOU apparently as well as many forgot the countless lives of the Brave that fought to give all,”AMERICANS,” their Freedoms, Justices, and Liberties! As Retchsweeny said below…just sayin… that many view the American Constitution as an outdated racist piece of toilet paper. Let me tell ALL of you who think that! You will wish you used leaves to wipe you stank ass instead of the American Constitution trust! Complete scum and disrespect to those who bravely went in when we were in a similar mess American being killed. Those rights are allowing you to right the trash and disrespect you are saying you fool! Every single time anything bad happens the race cars is pulled! I am so sick and tired of the bullshit! Whites have less rights than any race! We live in a country that takes better care,(FOR FREE), illegal immigrants…and many say we are racist from those that want to stop this flood of many who have o respect, have no clue and know that they come hear illegally and a not punished. They are given free medical, drivers license, (which by the way my cousin was killed by an illegal when illegal could not obtain drivers license as they should not be allowed to not…They should be deported as the law states…My cousin was be-headed coming how from a hard day of construction work when a Mexican Nationalist,(of course no insurance,) cut him off and threw hi off the highway into a tree and the cement shoot secured in back of his van..the impact,(and the investigation found he was not speeding traveling with distance, etc along with traffic at less than the posted speed limit because it was,”rush hour”), so severe the cement shoot shot threw the steel barrier in the van an decapitated him! No Meds will fix him! Go ahead crack jokes on my cousin who was killed! I expect it from foolish Americans in today’s pathetic sick society… He and many others are dead! Nothing can or will bring back his life as well as the many others. Sure of course I know people that have come to America,(one is a great friend of mine), he worked hard, learned our language, and became an American Citizen. He owns his own barbershop, and currently is doing extremely well! We spoke he is outraged by what is going n. He said even though many of his family members live abroad! He and his wife are voting for Mr. TRUMP. He is outraged that he sees the illegal with no respect peddling drugs, and killing our beautiful neighborhoods trashing them up with fifth because there is no impact the police do not even stop them because they actually get in trouble when they try to enforce laws to stop CRIMES that are being committed. I can go on and on when your families are rapped, You are raped, etc. no one helping you or your loved ones…You will wish you NEVER ever sold your souls to the devil. You will if you have the time to reflect before your horrific painful death that the American Constitution, (a document that may not be perfect but sure has kept the most beautiful country perfect), was not viewed as some racist piece of toilet paper! Times have changed and the document had not been racist we have multiple races legally here making more money in a money than most of us do in a lifetime. SO shut up with the racist bullshit I am sick and tires of being sick and tired listening to fools that have no clue. Go join the Obama, Clinton team and start apologizing to other countries such a Japan for dropping the Atom Bomb on them. An apology can come after an apology is made from the snaky Japs launching the deadliest attack on American soil Pearl Harbor! Have you no respect or care or even remember and honor those innocent brave soldiers that were bomb and many drowned and died so horrifically to say the least?!!!!!!!!! Apologizing for history! Let me end with this no you do not apologize for the past! All should learn from it…And had the Japanese never sucker punched us with Pearl Harbor they would have had their ass blown up…If we didn’t drop that bomb none of us would be here today. In the past Americans we brave regardless if they were in the military or not. People loved this country and no one messed with us because they would get “Fuc”ed UP! No sneak attacks, No ISIS bullshit you messed with America we all stuck together and other knew better…Today not so. Weak pathetic I cannot even call many American..American! You let corruption, greed, EVIL come and kill our own! That is racism. Today the government is dividing…they are saying the candidate that actually truly loves this country and has more reason to protect it than the others that are dividing us making us think this is about race when look into them….Not the BS news what they are paid to report…I am talking the entire story! As well be a damn proud American and say you want to take away and kill our country than look at history because it is not pretty what happens when you mess with the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE! We have some serious smart people here. I just can’t seem to find them coming out and saying this bullshit government power control, lies, etc. we are done with! We are Americans and if you do not like it or our Constitution then go to another country and see how fast your sorry asses run back to America! I hope you do that sooner rather than later while you have the right to do so!

  • TripeFighter

    ” Sen. Loveless feels a conviction should be necessary for police to seize money using ERAD, and plans to introduce legislation. “

    THE LAW and the Constitution REQUIRE THAT YOU BE PROVEN a criminal and guilty of criminal activity before your assets may be take from you.
    Anyone who steals my property under “Color of Law” while committing “Malfeasance of Office” will be hunted down and dealt with as with any other CRIMINAL.

    • Empty words. The Constitution doesn’t give you any authority or power to hunt people down and deal with them.

      • TripeFighter

        Can’t read … or is comprehension your problem …. or, dost thou assume just a bit to much.

        • I can read and comprehend. If you had an intelligent rebuttal to what I wrote then you would have offered it instead of attacking me personally.

          • TripeFighter

            If you had read and understood what I wrote instead of what you thought I wrote I would not have pointed out your error.

  • Brian Hesterberg

    Just so we’re all clear here, I would straight beat a cop to the fucking ground, just like a criminal, if he tried to steal my money. No fucking way. How do these laws get passed?? And worse, how have they not been overturned yet??

    • No, you wouldn’t. And these laws get passed because imbeciles vote for Republicans. And they don’t get overturned for the same reason.

  • battle

    This will not help the police’s relations with the citizens.

  • needful

    why don’t they just handcuff you,pull down your pants,throw you on the hood of your car and screw you in the ass while the’re at it,the’re already raping you,mentally,financially they as well physically rape you!!!

    • dufas_duck

      That has happened and all the cop gets is a write up and goes on his way to the next a-hole…….

  • Obie Miller

    I can NOT imagine any reason for the voters in Oklahoma to have have allowed such a law to be passed in the first place!

    • Learn how to think. People don’t have any say as to what laws are passed, except by who they vote for. As long as Oklahomans … and probably 90% of the people on this board … vote for Republicans, these are the kinds of laws you’ll get.

  • JOL

    This does sound disturbing, wish the article was more specific. Not sure how ERAD can collect a percentage legally

    • Leslie Griffin

      Rental on the hardware and software, I suppose.

    • retchsweeny

      The same way a contract with red light camera provider will receive a % of the fines collected…and privatization of parking meters results in cities having to pay for the loss of revenue when they shut a street down for a parade, etc. And a private prison requires a minimum occupancy or else they can charge the government for lack of funding. Happens all over the place…you know, because a private business will always do a better job than the government. Rriiight.

  • Ocalaresident

    Wellllll Oklahoma!!! I’m going to say this is not right in ANY way… I will also add that you will also never ever ever see me in your state whether my money is good bad or in between! Asta La Vista Ok!! Good luck with that hahahaha

    • Um, it’s “hasta la vista”, and it means “see you later”, not “you’ll never see me”.

  • kaynash

    Department of Justice – killers, robbers, sadists and dictators. How long are we going to accept this?

    • This isn’t the DoJ. Learn some basic civics.

  • Leslie Griffin

    Why are people handing over their bank cards and debit cards? The only things that you must hand over are a driver’s license (IF you are driving), vehicle registration, proof of insurance, and – if you are driving commercially – log book and (I’m not sure) cargo manifest.
    Other personal property? Not without a warrant. Of course, if you are being booked or held, you have to surrender the contents of your pockets to the booking officer.

    • Kurt Van Luven

      The cards with the chips do not have to be physically touched. They run on radio frequency. Cops or crooks can use a reader 3 to 6 feet away. always have those type in an RF proof cover!

      • Leslie Griffin

        Wrap them in aluminum foil. The devices are called Faraday Cages. Protective wallets can be bought, but the foil should work. “Search” for more solutions.

      • Leslie Griffin

        Stupid me. I thought the cops would be above that.

  • Cher

    Amazing the police never do what they want us to do. Kill for menacing faces. Steal our money for nothing. Thanks Obama for speaking up.

  • L B

    The CEO of ERAD Group is on LinkedIn. I am not a pro member…so perhaps someone that is can send him InMail to ask him on what basis (obviously not Constitutional) that he created a system to aid in the theft of property from one citizen to another acting under color of law.

  • ron

    Friends since Facebook only passes 10 – 15 percent to all our friends we should all share this every couple days until EVERYBODY wakes up to exactly what this means to every American living in this Fascist state Electronic Forfeiture is 100% Bullshit, it’s called Armed robbery if we did this to someone.

  • scizmo

    That’s why you do not talk to the police to begin with. Never answer any questions from the police.

  • ebm120

    Just prove every cent is yours. Its easy…. Good luck! BUAHAHHAHA!

  • (((dagobarbz)))

    Hide your bank cards!

  • Bill

    Another way for Pigs to rip you off…The Constitution is a worthless piece of paper that can
    be used if you don’t have any toilet tissue.

  • COP = “crime officially permitted”

  • treebird

    Talk about being guilty until proven innocent!!! This is theft by the state!!!! Totally unconstitutional, our founding father are tired of spinning in their graves people!

  • Nanette A Avery Solem

    Wow this is not ok #PresidentTrump

  • nrbrk

    Highway robbery—literally.

  • Chilly8

    Just get a jammer and use that travelling. The devices need mobile Internet connectivity to work. Just have a jammer handy that can jam those frequencies, problem solved.

    I am already shopping for such a jammer that will jam the Internet connections of ERAD devices. If the Oklahoma Highway Patrol does not like that, they KISS MY FUCKING *ASS*.