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Cops Force Woman to Perform a Field Sobriety Test Naked from the Waist Down — Lawsuit

Avondale, AZ — A Phoenix woman is suing the town and two Avondale police officers for forcing her to perform a field sobriety test while being naked from the waist down.

The woman, who suffers from incontinence, had soiled herself earlier and removed her pants and underwear on her way home from the Phoenix International Raceway. The woman, whose identity is being protected, repeatedly asked officers Ronal Bergeron and Justin Iwen to at least be able to put back on her soiled clothes, but was denied at every request. According to ABC15:

The woman and her boyfriend were pulled over on March 5, 2016, as they headed home after at the Phoenix International Speedway, the lawsuit said. She was the designated driver.


When Officers Ronal Bergeron and Justin Iwen approached the car, she explained that she wasn’t wearing pants because of her incontinence problem and asked if she could put them back on before got out of the car, the lawsuit said..


The woman said that Iwen did not acknowledge her concerns and instead demanded that she get out of the car, the lawsuit said.


She repeated her request, but Iwen declined and told her to get out of the car. Once outside the car, Iwen again refused another request to let her cover up, according to the lawsuit.

Instead of being allowed to clothe herself, she was forced to take the field sobriety test, alongside a busy road, while onlookers were passing by. She said she kept trying to pull down her shirt to cover herself, in a futile attempt to be covered. Patricia Ronan, the woman’s lawyer, told ABC15, her client is a victim of sexual assault and as such, her identity is being protected. Ronan also said the police conducted an internal investigation, and not surprisingly, cleared the officers of any wrongdoing.

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“But Ronan said the inquiry was flawed because her client was never formally interviewed by the person who conducted the investigation. The police report about the stop makes no mention of the woman being naked from the waist down, Ronan said,” writes ABC15.

The woman is seeking damages of up to $250,000 for the humiliating, and some might say, traumatizing event. Her boyfriend, who was also in the vehicle with her, will likely confirm her story and testify on her behalf. To date, there’s been no mention of any bodycam footage of the incident.

Because the officers conveniently made no mention of the woman’s nakedness in their report, it’s become a he said she said case. Fortunately, for the plaintiff, however, she was given a warning ticket for an improper left turn, which proved the traffic stop took place. Phoenix area police officers wear body cameras, and if body camera footage confirms and corroborates the woman’s story, once again, the American taxpayer will likely be footing the bill for yet another judgment against a police department.

Incidents like the one above serve to illustrate just how vulnerable young women are when they encounter police officers in something as routine as a traffic stop. Precautions must be taken by women to ensure their safety. If a woman doesn’t feel comfortable pulling over on the side of the road, she can call 911 and inform the police dispatcher she intends to stop at the first gas station, for example. But even a preventative measure such as the one just mentioned would not have prevented the insensitive actions, heartless, and quite possibly perverted actions on the part of two officers of the peace who allegedly should have known better.

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If you don’t think things like this can happen, watch the video below of a college teen being given a field sobriety test wearing only her shirt and underwear.

  • Marian Baghor

    If I didn’t know better, it’s almost as if this is a bananasplit scene, a tv program we’ve once had in Holland, where people were asked to participate in a funny way, in public, and are fooled but told about it in the right time, so that they still can laugh about themselves, more or less. No humiliation, like in this interrogation.

    This whole procedure seems so ridicilous and nonsensical to me. Why doesn’t the policeman let her blow an alcohol test so that her breath reveals if she’s drunk or not? I don’t think there’s a sense of decency in this policeman, but as there’s so much violence performed these days, by these so called protectors of citizens, I’m not completely surprised. What a strange world we live in!

    The girl is acting rather like a bimbo, unfortunately, her body language is sexy and she’s not owning her personal space at all, neither does she express that in words and action. Of course I can’t know how it feels to be humiliated in this way, but on the other hand….. driving without clothes from the waist down… because of incontinence….???? Urrhhmm, was it her boyfriend maybe that’s fond of her driving that way?

    There’s a slight fishy smell to this dramatic story. Though I don’t think the conduct of the policeman was right at all, including exposing her to the camera in this way.

    • Lord Humungus

      You’re one pathetic cunt. Piss poor attempt at spin boot licker.

    • permalink

      Video clip is from 3 years ago and not the reported incident.

      The video’s only function is to rile up the social justice warriors on TFTP.

      • Ronpaul1960

        And people like you and those cops who jack off to the video rather than get pissed about a state that is so warped it would not allow a woman to put her pants back on after taking them off for a MEDICAL REASON.

        • permalink

          Can’t comprehend that the attached video is from another incident three years ago (2013-10-21) and that the alleged incident the article is about **The woman and her boyfriend were pulled over on March 5, 2016**?

          As I stated, “The video’s only function is to rile up the social justice warriors on TFTP.”

          I see they snagged one…

    • Ronpaul1960

      Learn how to fucking read. The article said the pants were off due to an incontinence problem.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Go back and fucking READ the story again… particularly the part about the video footage you see being a WHOLE DIFFERENT INCIDENT.

      • midnightrider35000

        It is like no one reads the articles anymore. They just pop in and talk out of their ass. For fucks sakes.

  • rb s

    Thats why you keep your hands on the wheel and insist to speak with a supervisor, its like a parlay untill the sup. arrives.
    just my understanding.

    • Anthony Graves

      That sovereign citizen shit DOES NOT actually work. Just do a quick youtube search.

    • n4zhg

      All that will do is get a gun pointed in your face. Non-cooperation means the officer can now verbalize a threat to his safety.

  • Marian Baghor

    To keep it clip and clear, driving over the speedlimit without being dressed from the waist down is a foolish thing to do. It’s asking for trouble and this woman should know that. And her boyfriend too, though he may have had a great kick out of it before she was arrested. It may serve her to be in jail for a day or so. It may sober her up, she obviously needs it. What I receive as news and info about America, that world on the other side of the Atlantic seems to turn into a big movie “The Biggest Show on Earth” lol

    • Ronpaul1960

      Too bad you never learned how to read because the aricle make sit clear the pants were off do to INCONTINANCE. Learn how to fucking READ MORON. And if you knew how to read you would not be saying she needs to be in jail because SHE WAS ONLY GIVEN A WARNING FOR IMPROPER TURN which means she passed the sobriety test. SOOOO, you a re such a Big Governments statist that you want people jailed for taking pants off in car to alleviate a MEDICAL problem. Yet you have no issue with the cops not letting her put on the pants on so she does not have to be in public half naked. So what you are saying is you love the state so much and hate the citizenry so much that you believe nothing should happen to police who force someone to be half naked IN PUBLIC even though you believe a person who was half naked in private should be jailed. You need to take that state dick out of your mouth.

      • Ed

        The video shown here was not about the women in this story! She was given a warning ticket for an improper left turn. The video was an example!
        The women in this story passed the sobriety test. The girl in the video FAILED!

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      If she was driving over the speed limit, why was she only ticketed for an improper turn?

    • midnightrider35000

      Oh my God, another one for fucks sake!!! Does anybody read the fucking articles anymore? You pulled that shit out of your ass, didn’t you? Next time try reading and comprehending the article before you comment that way you don’t look stupid!

      And also, you are ok with these fascist cops having a half naked woman do a sobriety test in public?
      What if that happened to you or your family?


  • bojimbo26

    Over 3 years since this happened ( going by the dash cam ) but no body cam footage yet . Body cams turned off ( malfunctioned) ?

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      That dash cam is of ANOTHER incident.

      • bojimbo26

        Having looked again , you are right . 🙂

  • Larry Brothers

    This is why you need to understand your rights. All field sobriety tests are voluntary, though the police will try to make it seem otherwise.


      Just a sidenote, in NYS, refusing g gets an automatic one year suspension on your right to drive.

      • MercyLago

        The State doesn’t look at it as a right, but a privilege.

      • Gilbert Shits

        AHHHHHHHH Driving is a privilege not a right. You have the inalienable right to travel…

  • G’ma G

    Men with guns order a women onto the public roadway with her vagina exposed to the public?!?!?!?!?!? There most certainly will be eye-witnesses who remember a scene like that. Should this prove true I believe we will see justice in this case and the officers will be fired. When half the town is women who can be subjected to the same it would be political suicide not to fire the cops.

    • George III

      You can best believe those cops have pics on their personal cellphones to share with other cops.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Women aren’t much for sticking by each other. Far too many will blame HER for driving without pants.

      • Jamie Hall

        Unfortunately you are probably right.


    The officers had no reason able CAUSE to test her sobriety. Write the light ticket, accept he more th a. Reasonable explanation, the k her soiled clothes. And end the encounter. These cops should be fired ,stripped of any retirement or health benefits and be the target of at least six major Associations, lawsuits.ACLU, SEX DISCRIMINATION, AMENDMENTS 1,4,5,. FOR STARTERS. IF THE CITY CUTS ALL TIES, THEY WONT BE LIABLE FOR SOME OF THE DAMages.

  • ArcherRush

    Well he asked her if the shirt would cover her, asked her if she had underwear on and she answered yes to both so she wasnt naked first thing. And I believe they should go back to field sobriety tests here in Canada because the Breathalyzer is complete bullshit, I could have 3 beer with dinner and drive fine and field sobriety tests would determine that by testing my coordination, balance, reasoning and timing. But If I took a Breathalyzer I would be guilty. The Breathalyzer should be used if you fail the sobriety tests.

    • canucanoe2

      That was a different occasion they used as an example. Did you even read the article which states that no body or dash cam video has been released yet? Jeez…

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Sit still and FOCUS, man! She’d shit herself, so why would she be wearing underwear?

    • David Hall

      This was a different video dufus!

  • Lorne Allen

    Notice the cop’s shoes have about 4 times the pavement surface area of the girl’s shoes? Would that make a difference to being able to pass the test? Plus when the cop demonstrates he is not terrified and pulse pounding like most people are when they are detained by police. I see girls with high heels tripping and stumbling all the time with no booze, but i think they can still drive ok.

    • permalink

      I guess you didn’t notice that the video (2013-10-21) does not correspond w/ the story (2016-3-5) as presented?

      TFTP throws these fake stories out to rile social justice warriors…

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        What does it say about YOU to keep coming here, then?

        • permalink

          I am keeping that job of yours going.

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            *shrugs one shoulder* Not really. My job around here is to clean up spam, a problem of which (I’m grateful to say) you’ve never been a part. Despite the scornful things I say to some of your assheaded ideas, I don’t actually dislike you personally. At least your posts make some kind of linear sense most of the time!

      • Brent Burton

        Read the article this video is shown as an example. They haven’t released the body cam video for her stop

        • permalink

          Duh, I never would have guessed…

          I take it you have not read the comment that I posted a day ago.

  • David Knopf

    Sounds like the sex offender registry is due for a few more names.

  • Alan Fitton

    Either this is not the footage of the actual sobriety test (Notice the date – and the woman is wearing underwear -and her identity is clear -and the woman in the video is more concerned with her hair then her nudity -and she was drunk) – – – OR – – – This is the video and this lawsuit is completely blown out of proportion for comfortable liberal retards to yell and scream about.

    • Mace

      If you read the article its just another example. It is most definitely not the subject of the article.

      • Alan Fitton

        OK – I see that now. Still, It’s a pretty bad example.

  • john anderson 42069

    For all this talk about how woman are equal to men and there is no differences is the sexes blah blah blah, they sure to play the victim a lot. When they can benefit from it, they act as if they are defenseless creatures who can be abused at any time because they are so fragile. I do believe in equality, by men and woman are different in many ways. If you claim otherwise, you need to stand by that statement at all times and not change it when you do not like the reality of your words.

  • Mace

    Don’t USA cops have breathalysers? Australia has them. Sobriety tests seem pretty ridiculous.

    • sharkboy

      Yes we have breathalysers but they are have brands that give false positives on for a reason. I wouldn’t doubt that the department that has that kind has both so that at any time they can drop someone in jail for non-compliance. Also there are certain places where you can be detained for denying a breathalyser or field sobriety test, at least for the night.
      There no way to win in some cases

      • Mace

        Jeez. Such a corrupted system. 🙁

  • Steven H.

    Jack Burns you are wrong on this, this officer was professional and did his job, btw, she’s an adult not some young teen!