Harris County, TX — Terry Thompson, a 41-year-old Harris County man choked another man to death at a local Denny’s Sunday night. But Thompson, the husband of a Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy, has still not been charged with any crime. Now, dramatic footage of the fight has emerged, and we must warn you, it is extremely graphic.

John Hernandez, 24, was drunk when he went to the restaurant Sunday night, his family told reporters. From the surveillance video, a wobbly Hernandez can be seen entering the restaurant. He sat down but got up to leave the establishment, over the objections of his wife who pleaded for him to stay.

The drunken man then reportedly relieved himself outside the front entrance, apparently in front of the deputy and her husband. Taking umbrage with the grown man peeing in the parking lot, the deputy’s husband confronted Hernandez about his actions.

According to the Thompson, he claims the drunken Hernandez struck him and started a fight which ended when the deputy’s husband reportedly choked the man unconscious. The off-duty deputy helped restrain Hernandez and noticed he wasn’t breathing.

She started CPR and waited for paramedics to arrive. After on-duty police arrived, surprisingly, the deputy’s husband was not charged with assault, involuntary manslaughter, manslaughter, or even murder.


Hernandez was transported to the hospital by ambulance, was placed into intensive care, but was taken off of life support. He later died.

Following Hernandez’ death, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez asked for the Texas Rangers and the Department of Justice to become involved in the investigation. Since Hernandez’ passing, dramatic cell phone footage has emerged which appears to have recorded the moments leading up to his fatal injuries.

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From the video, the large man in a red tank top (deputy’s husband) can be seen seemingly choking Hernandez to the point which led to his demise. Bystanders, apparently realizing what was taking place, attempted to step in front of the camera as the man can be seen rendering Hernandez incapacitated.

Thompson can be heard telling Hernandez, “Do you want me to hit you again?” Panic can be heard in the young lady’s voice standing nearby when she notices someone is recording the incident.

Thompson does not appear to be attempting to kill Hernandez, only subdue him, but his weight, combined with the choke, likely contributed to Hernandez fatal injuries.

One man, dressed in what appears to be biker attire, threatened the person recording the attack with going to jail and continued to step in front of the camera.

No one, in the 52-second video, can be seen attempting to break up the fight, appearing to be more concerned with the fact someone was recording the encounter than fearful someone may be dying beneath Thompson’s weight.

The biker declared the lady to Thompson’s side to be a Sheriff’s deputy and insisted recording was illegal and the videographer would go to jail if he/she continued.

The video was presented to the Hernandez family’s attorney who is now demanding answers and accountability. “This clearly showed Terry Thompson choking and eventually killing John Hernandez,” said Randall Kallinen, the family’s attorney.

While the deputy’s and her husband’s actions on the outside looking in seem justified, the question remains as to whether or not a double standard is at work.

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Was the knowledge Mr. Thompson is the spouse of a deputy a factor in the decision not to charge him with involuntary manslaughter? Would he have been arrested if she weren’t an officer of the law?

These questions and more remain as the Harris County Sheriff’s office must now come face to face with the reality one of their own deputy’s relatives killed a drunk man at a Denny’s restaurant and has yet to be charged.

The Free Thought Project will continue to follow this story and inform our readers as it unfolds.

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Gordon Klock

    The fact that they were so afraid of being recorded on camera, strongly implies that they knew perfectly well, that they were being unreasonably excessive…(most stupid, antisocial, drunks can actually be dealt with, without resorting to violence so quickly)…

    • Jaroslaw

      Gordon – I wouldn’t automatically assume they were afraid of being recorded because they were wrong. Videos often tell only half the story because bystanders don’t record the entire incident. Mr. Thompson may well have committed involuntary manslaughter but that is for a jury to decide.

  • Chase Boston

    dear free thought project,

    maybe its best to just show statistics. Is the alterna media doing the same as regular media. Peddling fear porn?

    maybe another strategy is needed. If the universal contract on humans is over and we want to get rid of Vampiric thinking than maybe a system of elevation is in process or counter balance the negative. Otherwise aren´t we all just consuming more fear creating negative thought forms.

    the race is on. That is why Vampires (the luciferian agenda) wants forever life on this plain because they can´t get to the higher planes. So much free thought where are the creators at ur paper? Or are u maybe the luciferians feeding us the dead?

    cheers, boys and girls

    • Zackknowitall

      TFTP needs to start promoting violence and eye for a eye. Why is it that just a hand full of people around 500 federal and 1,500 on the state level get to make alll the rules and laws for the rest of the counry. Then the same thing plays out all over the world. Here in the states about 2,000 people get all the say so over 340,000,000 people.

      Is it time to start making people pay for murdering our loved ones when the government won’t?

    • Damiana

      *surreptitiously drops a Valium into his coffee*

      • Guy

        Wow ! I mean friggin, Wow !

  • Zackknowitall

    The cameraman should have simply punch the aggressive man and woman who approached him.

    • Mod8guy

      Then, without haste, the man killing the other.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Must be fun living in the US.

    • Mod8guy

      Because violence never happens in any other country.

      • David Daisy May Boldock

        Of course it does but on a much lesser scale. Population is obviously a factor, and even here in the UK i am a firm advocate for bringing back hanging for certain crimes and to include terrorists.

        • Mod8guy

          Cowards… (terrorists), generally don’t make it to the hanging stage.

          • David Daisy May Boldock

            Sad but true. I would take the job as hangman with glee and do it for free. 🙂

  • Damiana

    Yeah, I’m with Klock on this one – the fact that they didn’t want this incident on video PROVES that they knew they were doing something wrong. Righteous people aren’t afraid of cameras.

    • Mod8guy

      Kinda seems like “ODLEO” had friends drinking with him huh?

  • Ʈ♓ΞƳ L¡Ѵ∈ 。。 { ఠ ͟ಠ) ⌐●-●

    For every psycho rotten to the core bad-apple criminal cop out there raping, robbing, abusing, and killing the innocent, there are at least a dozen so-called good cops who watched it all go down and did absolutely nothing to stop any of it.

    • Little_Caesar

      So THEY are bad too!

    • Mod8guy

      Reverse that suggested statistic.

  • Jim Filey

    At its best, manslaughter, worst, murder 2, they need to get the feds involved.

  • Ipo Kahulamu

    Looks like his nasty wife was waiting for the K9 unit to show up and go to town!

  • Mark Eaton

    By “biker”, they actually mean “Middle-aged-crisis-fueled sidewalk commando”. Who else wears sleeveless gloves to friggin’ Dennies?

    • Jaroslaw

      it is Texas after all……..