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Cops Across the U.S. Now Issuing Ominous Threats of Civil War

With increasing frequency, law enforcement personnel – including prominent sheriffs, police chiefs, and other command-level officers – are overtly stating that they are at war with the public they supposedly serve. Few have been as candid as a self-identified police officer and combat veteran named Brandon Obie.

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“A lot [sic] of these thugs don’t realize that a lot [sic] of us officers have spent a lot [sic] of our time downrange stepping in the sandbox and are ready for a righteous fight if they want to bring one,” snarled Obie, his spelling reflecting the undemanding intellectual standards of his profession, in a comment posted on a law enforcement-oriented Facebook page. Identical sentiments were expressed by Major Travis Yates of the Tulsa, Oklahoma Police Department, who lectures nation-wide on officer safety issues and editor-in-chief of the publication Law Officer.


“We are at war!” exclaimed Major Yates. “The men and women behind the badge know it. Good leaders know it, and decent communities know it. For the safety of all of our men and women behind the badge, it is time our country knows it.” In what some might consider a remarkable specimen of hyperbole, Major Yates compares the emotional impact of recent episodes in which police officers have been murdered to the 9/11 attacks.

“I’ll never forget the mood at the squad meeting at 3 pm on September 11, 2001,” Yates recalls. “ I gathered with about 20 cops in the same room that we had deployed out of for years but this day was different.  Our country had been attacked and we were pissed. In fact, several from that day joined the military and others seriously pondered it.”

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“Those thoughts and feelings came back like a vengeance this morning as I heard the news about Baton Rouge,” he continues.  “Yes, we all saw five officers killed in Dallas last week and multiple shot throughout the week but today’s news solidifies what just about no one wants to acknowledge – we are at war.”

Nearly a year ago, celebrity Sheriff David Clarke of Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County, an FBI-indoctrinated drug warrior who was awarded a Master’s Degree in “Security Studies” through the Naval Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security in Monterrey, California, issued an undisguised call for action to “eradicate” Black Lives Matter activists and others giving voice to what he calls “anti-cop rhetoric.” Such people, he ranted, are “vulgar, vile, [and] vicious … slime” whom he characterized as “domestic terrorists.” He now demands that the public and the political class mobilize for a literal war of extermination – and he insists that citizens must rally to the defense and protection of the police officers whose advertised role is to protect them.

“It’s time to come to the aid of our police, our front-line soldiers, by calling this war, and not terrorism,” exhorted Clarke in an essay for The Hill. “Avoiding the truth through wordsmithing – the false narrative of the lone-wolf – is contemptible as more innocent officers perish while our politicians hem and haw. We as a people need to declare that we stand with the rule of law, and not with the false tales of the revolutionary Marxist forces, who most recently have rebranded themselves from Occupy Wall Street to Black Lives Matter.”

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Those who refuse to enlist in that war are “accomplices” in league with “an enemy within our borders [and] without our borders,” Clarke insists.

It would be worthwhile to know if Sheriff Clarke would include within that indictment Wichita, Kansas Police Chief Gordon Ramsay, whose department, along with hundreds of local residents, participated in a July 17 First Step Cookout with local Black Lives Matter activists.

“The time’s come, we’ve got to rewrite the playbook on how we’re doing business and really change the way we’re doing things – but it takes two,” commented Police Chief Ramsay. “It takes all parties to come together to make a difference.”

Sheriff Clarke and other war-crazed Blue Privilege cultists would most treat Ramsay’s comments as evidence of collusion with the “enemy,” rather than a gesture of reconciliation by a chief who at some level aspires to be a peace officer devoted to serving the public, rather than the interests of his professional tribe.

Posted to the Police Officers Facebook page, cops make an ominous call of war. “Make no mistake….A War is Coming”

Overt calls for civil war by police officials have been coupled with legislative action – at both the state and federal level – to designate police as a “specially protected class” for the purposes of hate crimes prosecution. At the same time, former federal prosecutor Larry Klayman, founder of Judicial Watch, has filed a class action lawsuit against President Obama, activist Al Sharpton,  Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, and the leaders of the Black Lives Matter movement, accusing them of fomenting a race war. In a fashion all but guaranteed to catalyze the racial antagonism he supposedly protests, Klayman purports to speak on behalf of a victim class that includes police officers, “Caucasians,” and “Jews.”

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Klayman’s complaint alleges that the public criticism of law enforcement officers by the named respondents constitutes illegal “incitement.” He insistently describes – without plausibly documenting – a centrally directed criminal conspiracy led by Obama that threatens white citizens as a class.

“For too long, law enforcement and others, including white and non-white Jews and Christians, have remained silent, scared to speak and act, for fear of being branded racists over the fear of being threatened and harmed by defendants and their accomplices,” declares Klayman. “This must stop and justice must be done to preserve the integrity of our great nation and to avoid an all-out race war….”

In addition to injunctive relief, Klayman is demanding damages of $2 billion. The instrument has yet to be invented that could measure the infinitesimal chance that Klayman would win that lawsuit, but legal victory isn’t the objective. The purpose of that suit is to propagate a unified field theory of counter-insurgency on behalf of “Law and Order Conservatives” who are irrepressibly eager for a nation-wide paroxysm of state-sanctioned violence to cleanse the land of an internal “revolutionary enemy.”

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  • CousinScootie

    ahhh,bring on the right wing death squads. Plan Colombia/Honduras for the USA is coming into focus.

  • anarchyst

    I would be very careful about hiring military veterans as police officers as the military mission is very different than that of civilian “law enforcement”. Extensive “reprogramming” of military veterans would be necessary to bring military veterans in line with civilian police procedures. Of course, today’s police agencies are going in the opposite direction, utilizing the “Israeli model” of law enforcement, which is based on combat situations, counter to what is appropriate for American law enforcement.
    I say this as a military veteran myself.

    • Harper Eu

      Accurate Appraisal,HUA for sure.

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      I’m a veteran and I at least partially agree with you. Our oath was to the constitution and American people, not a branch of the armed forces.

      • gininitaly

        Let’s hope our military remembers that when the Elites tell them to initiate civil war in America against their fellow citizens.

        • ahughes798

          The civil war isn’t going to come from the “elites.” It’s going to come from people who can’t read, can’t spell, and don’t have a thought in their heads unless Fox News put it there.

          • gininitaly

            Whose mindset of division and hatred was set in motion by the elites through faux news and corporate media decades ago to create the ‘excuse’ to send in the marines.

          • ahughes798

            Very true. Whoever wins the election, we are in for some brutal times, I fear. If Trump wins, and he might, we are in for some brutal times. Full stop.

      • Matheus Grunt

        ANY vet who is a cop became a traitor as soon as he put the badge on. He is no longer considered a green brother in arms anymore.

    • commonsense

      They should be subjected to a mental evaluation before becoming an arc(armed revenue collector) at least that’s what we have here in Illinois. They need help being Deprogrammed from the insurgent mentality back to, we’re human s on your side, mentality! Our state police will over look college education for 2 tours or more served in military, wtf? No wonder why so many kill first attitudes! Hey if your gun is already out and pointed at suspect, im pretty sure hes not going to think he’ll be faster and try to pull out his gun while your finger is on the trigger and your barrel couple feet from him? What ever happened to the stun guns ??? Trust me they work, unless you’re trying to take out an insurgent ? I’m in no way against the police. Just the ones that shouldn’t be police in first place and get away with actual murder just to keep up this petty divide and conquer agenda, us vs them, liberal socialist mentality from our own government!

      • Robert Orozco

        I never thought of that how most of the wars recently you couldn’t tell friend from foe and all insurgent deserved indiscriminate justice.

      • ahughes798

        The Us Vs. Them is a way of life for cops, who are generally NOT liberals at all.

    • Matheus Grunt

      I welcome a veteran who works as a pig to try & wage war against us on specific case by case basis’. Bring it on. As far as I’m concerned, they lose the right to be considered a true veteran if they become a traitor who wears a badge. Vets like me outnumber them too, those of us who hate the cops, because we recognize domestic threats when we see them because of our experiences overseas in dealing with insurgents & others who tried to do the same stuff the cops do here.

  • JdL

    Cops declared war on normal citizens years ago, and have been ramping it up ever since. Now they’re WHINING when they get a little back? Wake up, bozos!

    • Penciljockey

      Blow back

    • ahughes798

      AND they have one of the safest jobs on the planet.

  • RL

    They stated the problem exactly in the article- prominent sheriffs, police chiefs, and other command-level officers – are overtly stating that they are at war with the public. These are the bloodthirsty individuals who have ramped up the ‘war’ on citizens, and it reaches from small towns all the way to the federal level.

  • Tony Velez

    don’t SOME cops, prosecutors , lawyers & judges realize they are the REASON for this hate against citizens ?? they have created & fostered this hate & now they blame the citizens when it’s basically their fault ?? law abiding citizens also get violated for made up reasons, shame it has come to this, meanwhile, the EVIL ELITE BANKERS gloat with glee as society kills each other to further their agenda

  • knifemare69

    Okay thugs in blue, go ahead and wage war on over 100 million gun owners – Just two of them took out EIGHT of you jackboot scumbags and now you’re all wetting your body armor like the scared little Nazi skinhead bullies that you are. BRING IT!!!

    • gonzo05


    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      Thing is, though, the police have won over a lot of redneck gun owners to be like some on standby deputized militia. A lot of gun ranges will kick you out if they find you associated with a website that criticizes the police…think how scary that is. They only want people who worship cops to have guns.

      • knifemare69

        “They only want people who worship cops to have guns.”

        Funny how similar that is to the *liberal* ideal that only the government should have guns…if only those redneck toolboxes knew how far up big government’s arse they have their heads stuffed…

        • Penciljockey

          They both love government in their own special way

      • Matheus Grunt

        I go to the range each year but don’t talk about anything political. So unless you do that, I don’t see how anyone could know.

    • twn5858 .

      The problem is most of those gun owners wouldn’t use their guns on police even if their life depended on it. They want to be good slaves and not cause any problems.

      • knifemare69

        Well then, let Darwin sort those folks out! Bootlickers don’t exactly pass on positive genes to their offspring so let their lines die out…

      • Ernie Menard

        I mistakenly up-voted your comment.

        • twn5858 .

          You can take it away by click it again.

      • Penciljockey

        You’d be surprised

      • ahughes798

        The other problem is most gun owners couldn’t hit the broadside of a damn barn if their lives depended on it.

  • M.J. Chischilly

    Cops = The REAL Terrorists

  • Greg Geitner

    who is defining the word thug? that door can swing both ways.

  • Jaalleman

    Officer Obie is right about one thing tho; If the war he so enthusiastically wants comes to fruition, it will surely be “righteous”!

    • Forrest Carlton Lackey

      We all want to feel righteous, but I think that’s America’s problem lately. We’re all so eager to kills somebody while maintaining a clear conscience, we always are itching for the next glorious crusade.

  • Hosea Mcadoo

    The coup, when it comes, is likely to come from police who are everywhere, armed and organized by the police unions.

  • kcgoat

    better wake up ,how are you supposed to whip ,a so called enemy if you do not know who they are and how many . and there are bigger guns then pistols out there . all you have to do is weed out your bad so called brothers

  • gonzo05

    Sheriff..Clark…is a uncle Tom..Oreo….take off thst frwaking uniform. Tratior!!!

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    Ummmmm…ok, holy shit.
    Although it doesn’t prove beyond a reasonable doubt, this kind of makes me think these guys are simply Kosher fascists. People who are becoming like Nazis, albeit more modern and with better sense, and who are on good terms with Jews. I know, that sounds weird but, why did he bring up Jews? That sounds odd. I know Israel and elite Jews have been criticized lately, but they’re only 2% of the population. You telling me all of them are in the police force? Well that’s gonna be hard, cuz the KKK has apparently infiltrated the police force, too…..soooo I hear the 2 have bad chemistry. Do they try to mix?
    So, basically, this guy’s rhetoric indicates these things to me
    1) people have wanted an authoritarian, violent crack down against criticism even though this has been like the lowest crime waves (in total, yeah shootings this and bombings that but as a whole, very low) since the late 70s. The fact that occasional tragic and evil shooting or bombing takes place (some of them reeking of a false flag) just helps justify what they were already gunning for.
    2) People are seeing marxists behind every rock and tree, like in the red scare.
    3) the fact he makes such a point about whites, cops, and Jews being “mistreated” and about to get revenge shows that this is from a racially based caste system. It seems to imply a lot of white supremacism and ironically zionism. It’s like they’re mad about people accusing rich zionist “jews” of taking over America, and now that they’re trying to crack down on people for criticizing either one of these 3 apparently connected groups, well it kind of proves the conspiracy theories about neo fascists, white supremacists, and zionist infiltrators true. They kind of just proved all their critics to be at least partially justified in their suspicions.

    I would also note he’s pulling the veteran card, when in fact a lot of veterans are secretly scared of the police, because police have targeted a decent amount of veterans lately and veterans know they are on the terror watch list. What’s funny is that this guy appeals to people -religious, homeschooled gun owners-he’s only warming up to them to get a leg up on them to take them down hard. He may just be wanting them to be on their side to fight for them a bit.
    But this is fascism, what he’s calling for. He’s calling for martial law. That was the plan, people. They tell the cops to shoot dogs and rape kids to get people pissed. Then, even if the people didn’t fight back, they would have a false flag just in case to say “there’s a war on cops.” Man this is NeoCon brainwashing. To think I used to be a staunch conservative. I still lean that way but since I got out of the army I have gotten disgusted with how the NeoCons have dominated the right wing. Why can’t people see this is madness?

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    Oh, and something else that’s ironic-they say this is a criminal conspiracy against cops by Obama.
    Nigga, Obama ARMED you. Just like the NeoCons and Zionists and Clinton Democrat types had him do to Cartels and ISIS (it was started as somebody else, but it was exposed under Obama so we would blame it all on him. I mean his hands ain’t clean, but if we blame everything on him we won’t find a solution to the problem).
    Obama just gutted military gear from the army while they were over seas (chasing the terrorists we and Israel funded) and handed it over to the police. Millions of dollars of military gear, just handed it over. How can Obama be at war with the police? What bullshit is that. That’s like saying Obama’s not Israel’s bitch when he gives so much damn money to them he even outdoes conservatives.
    It’s amazing how these people blatantly lie to you like that.
    But Obama’s role to play was the black sheep. He’s mean’t to be the person we all scape goat just because we can, and not pay attention to the real masterminds. His hands are dirty, but he’s not the master mind.
    I mean, if Israel funded ISIS (which she did, to say the least) and then cops go and get trained by Israel, well cops and ISIS have a common trainer. Sorry, but they work for the people who funded ISIS and drug cartels to threaten the American people. They are on the side of the terrorists. But they’re too busy going after commies and hipsters when crime is at an all time low…that’s because they’re threatened by people they can’t get justification for killing.
    Authoritarians like criminals and brain dead idiots, and terrorists. They give them an excuse to crack down on everybody else, cuz there’s no denying that bombing a race or shooting a cop is bad. But when people are threatening you with truth and law, you gotta fire off some false flags to escape. Greedy serpents.

  • arobinson

    TO my Caucasian brothers, remember Nazi Germany and the propaganda that was feed to the masses until all constitutional rights were diminished and the state stood as the sovereign authority. The propaganda of fear made all victims of the state. Brother’s and Sister’s – THEY ARE COMING TO GET YOUR GUNS AND IF YOU REFUSE TO OBEY THEN YOU SHALL BE MURDERED IN YOUR BEDS or sent to prison for non-compliance. Remember the GASTAPO; Remember the SS and above all remember – THEY ARE COMING TO GET YOUR GUNS.

    • ahughes798

      Hitler expanded gun rights. Read a history book.

      • sidearm45 .

        Two time Obama voter and champion of gun control right? Hitler removed the Jews means to defend themselves. He banned weapons for a class of people. That is by no means an expansion. And the Jews surrendered far more than just their guns. It wasn’t the guns that was the big deal. It is unlikely the Jews could have really hurt the Nazi war machine. But the will to resist was lost and their fate was sealed when they willingly gave up their weapons. Read a history book.

  • 30yrfed

    The reality is that cops do good things sometimes..However
    they and prosecutors are all corrupt. Just ask any cop or prosecutor if they
    have ever see a cop break the law (speeding, lying under oath, illegal parking,
    using excessive force etc) then ask them what they did about it considering
    that they have taken a sworn oath to enforce and uphold the law. You will have your answer..

  • David Reedy

    Don’t be too quick to jump to conclusions guys. I mean be vigilant, keep your nose clean, and if need be have some bugout bags and possible firearms handy, but divide and conquer is the name of the game. Whites vs. blacks, “citizens” vs. cops, government vs. veterans–your talk of civil war, whatever your side is what they want! There are plans and desires to federalize (and even internationalize) our police, couple this with the desire to disarm us. With our military overseas and overburdened on enemies real, imagined, and self-created, and our cops and citizens here in the mainland shooting at each other–that’s the recipe for the invitation of UN troops to occupy us, for ideological enemies to strike, and the martial law endgame set in motion. Tread carefully, people, we are all being set up.

    • Shirley Willis

      Boy, I wish everyone were as awake as you are!! I scream at the top of my lungs what you are saying, because I KNOW it to be truth….but no one’s listening!

      • ahughes798

        No one is listening because it’s not happening.

    • Penciljockey

      The cops are the government. The police enforce government legislation created by corrupt politicians.

  • Nina Marrocco

    They should NOT be allowed to cover their faces like Criminals so they cannot be identified!!!

  • Ed

    “Suppose there were a gang… … A gang which required members to rape, pillage, and attack people as a condition of membership. A gang which financed all its activities, and bought all its clothing and equipment, with money it stole from the local population. A gang which bragged about driving nice cars stolen from people they attacked. Any member who didn’t commit those acts on a regular basis would be kicked out, and quite probably be subject to revenge by the other members. As a condition of gang membership, you are agreeing to pretend other people’s property rights can’t apply to you. You pretend no one has the right of association where you are concerned- if someone tries to walk away when you insist on talking to them, the gang’s rules say you can murder them. If someone tries to defend themselves from unwanted physical contact- or from even worse- the gang’s rules say you can murder them. The rules you impose on others don’t apply to you. If you are a member of this gang you are openly admitting support for what the gang does. When you wear the gang colors, you are identifying yourself as a member in good standing. You are leaving no room for mistaken impressions of what you are, what you do, and what you support. Any non-member caught wearing the gang colors or claiming to be a member would be kidnapped and caged, robbed, and quite possibly killed by actual members of the gang. The membership must be kept pure. There is no room for pretenders. Sometimes the gang’s members actually do helpful things. This is what the gang and its supporters want everyone believing the gang is all about, but it is actually a small and uncommon part of what the gang does. In fact, it is rare enough to be newsworthy when it happens. The rapes, theft, and murders committed in the name of the gang are said to be committed by a “few bad apples”, even though a “good apple” who didn’t do those things- or at least turn a blind eye to those who do- would be kicked out of the gang and targeted for revenge. By staying in the gang, a member is endorsing all the gang’s activities- official and unofficial. The gang has done a good job convincing your family, friends, and neighbors that without them, other gangs would commit the same acts, but that this would somehow be worse; it would be chaos and mean the end of civilization. It is a lie, but few are willing to admit they are being lied to, and many actually believe it is true. “Polite society”- particularly including newspapers and television and radio stations- ignores the nature of the gang, and instead praises the members for the few good deeds done- deeds that don’t require gang membership to perform. They also ignore the evil nature of the acts that only members of the gang can get away with committing. Those who refuse to ignore the institutional evil are ostracized. When a member of the gang gets killed while wearing the gang colors, “Polite Society” weeps and wails and tears at its clothing, acting as though the death came out of nowhere and was completely beyond understanding. No matter what the gang members have done recently, and no matter that the supposed “good apples” didn’t disavow the acts of the members who committed the acts. Polite Society demands everyone weep and wail along with them, and voice their loyalty to the gang over and over again, lest they be thought of as horrible, uncivilized monsters. I’m not Polite Society. I can’t grieve when members of the gang are killed. Even if they weren’t currently attacking the innocent, by remaining in the gang and wearing the gang colors openly, they are declaring themselves an enemy to everything good and civilized. How can anyone see the deaths of these gang members as a “bad thing”? Well, this gang actually does exist. It infests every town and city in America, and in most of the world. They are the police- the Blue Line Gang (in America). They pretend they have no choice in the acts they commit because politicians made up “laws” by saying magic words which made their perverted opinions “official”. Never mind that Nuremberg proved this to be a worthless defense. Individually, they each have the ability to refuse to do evil, even if a politician says they must. And, if a person can’t avoid committing these acts without removing himself from the Blue Line Gang, then to be a good person he MUST quit the gang, regardless of the personal costs. If I have a job and my boss tells me I am required to overcharge a customer or lose my job, I can’t remain in the job and still be a decent person. It simply isn’t possible. It doesn’t matter if you believe these “laws” are a good idea, or even “necessary”. It doesn’t matter if the lack of them scares you. Any “law” which seeks to control something other than aggression or property violations is a counterfeit “law”- the few that are left are unnecessary laws. In the absence of police some people might get away with violating life, liberty, and property of others. The existence of police guarantees it. This is why there is no such thing as a “good cop”, and why there can never be. It is self contradictory. The police is where the boot heel of tyranny meets the human face. Without them no evil ruler could impose his will on large numbers of people- people would simply kill him in self defense. Which is why politicians work so hard to whip up support for cops. No good person can remain consistently good and continue to support the police. It simply isn’t possible. I know good people who do support the police, but by doing so they are being inconsistent, and actually being evil at that moment. Withdraw your support; be a good person all the time. The sooner you accept it, internalize it, and act on it, the sooner you will be free.” ~ http://blog.kentforliberty.com/2016/07/suppose-there-were-gang.html

  • Keith Augusto

    Violence is not the answer. The answer is for America to go strictly by the Constitution and stop pay to play. Regardless COPS keep killing blacks what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Keith Augusto

    COPS put yourself in a black mans life. The solution is to get rid of GREED back door meetings and CORPORATE AGENDAS!

  • commonsense

    All police candidate’s should be subjected to a mental evaluation before becoming an arc(armed revenue collector) at least that’s what we have here in Illinois.Some military veterans need help being Deprogrammed from the insurgent mentality back to, we’re human s on your side, mentality! Our state police will over look college education for 2 tours or more served in military, wtf? No wonder why so many kill first attitudes! Hey if your gun is already out and pointed at suspect, im pretty sure hes not going to think he’ll be faster and try to pull out his gun while your finger is on the trigger and your barrel couple feet from him? What ever happened to the stun guns ??? Trust me they work, unless you’re trying to take out an insurgent ? I’m in no way against the police. Just the ones that shouldn’t be police in first place and get away with actual murder just to keep up this petty divide and conquer agenda, us vs them, liberal socialist mentality from our own government!

  • olde reb

    Historically, cops were created to protect you from my violence. There was always one party of an incident on their side.

    Then legislators wanted to protect
    pharmaceutical companies from cheap and effective medication and pain
    killers so they outlawed mary jane and self-administered drugs and
    prostitutes. Cops assumed the role of protecting citizens from
    themselves. Neither party of an incident wanted the cops. The Right
    to freedom behind your castle entry was smashed by a swat team.

    And cops decline to accept
    the blame for starting a war on citizens ??

    • knifemare69

      “Historically, cops were created to protect you from my violence.”

      Nice propaganda, kind of like how Iraq was ‘liberated.’ Nothing but code words for the armed plunder of the weak by the strong. Cops exist to rob the people at gunpoint to enforce taxation and to protect the inbred ruling aristocracy from the rest of US.

      If you side with the oppressor, you have made yourself the enemy…

      • olde reb

        your reading comprehension is not so great.

        • knifemare69

          Compared with your piss poor historical comprehension, my reading comprehension looks like William Freaking Shakespeare…

          • olde reb

            would you care to identify an historical misconception ?

  • twn5858 .

    Police are fucking psychotic!

  • olde reb

    Historically, cops were created to protect you from my violence. They always one party of an incident on their side.

    Then legislators wanted to protect pharmaceutical companies from cheap and effective medication and pain killers so they outlawed mary jane and self-administered drugs and
    prostitutes. Cops assumed the role of protecting citizens from
    themselves. Neither party of an incident wanted the cops. The Right
    to freedom behind your castle entry was smashed by a swat team.

    And cops decline to accept the blame for starting a war on citizens ??

    Federal crimes are now used to make prison slaves who must work for $.25 an hour in Bushes’ UNICOR to compete with businesses who pay taxes and who must pay much more.

    • Prince

      Police were originally created in Europe, but adopted here to round up runaway slaves!

      • olde reb

        Individuals who rounded up slaves were bounty hunters. They were not on the payroll of any government body nor were they restricted to a limited geographical area..

        • Prince
          • olde reb

            The article by Sam Martini is a screed full of inconsistencies written to slam any law enforcement. The badge you mention is the same as any current private security force. The plantation owners would pay private bounty hunters to return slaves. They were not cops. This is not to say that cops would not apprehend runaway slaves in their local area.

            Sam tries to say cops are a recent addition to society. Perhaps the word is new, but the law enforcement (portrayed by Sam as an oppressive force to protect the elites) is an ancient profession. Even the Temple visited by Jesus in Jerusalem had a security force (cops, or police, if you wish) hired by the Sanhedrin. They arrested Jesus in the garden and took him to the priests for trial.

            Sam mentions sheriffs which had an existence even before the days of legendary Robin Hood; the Sheriff of Nottingham. Prior to that, they were known as the reefe (cop) of the shire. Hence, the sheriff.

  • Ibcamn

    cops are cowards,they have this current thought of being invincible……only problem is,when they have been at war with the people for decades,murdering and raping us as they see fit,thing is,they ain’t never been in a regular fight,and when they have,they have lost it,so they travel in packs,groups of cowards and badges,when/if it gets real,that protection will be gone,they will run like the cowards and pussy’s they are…..when that badge doesn’t mean shit,they will run and hide like rats…..they talkl big when they are in their gangs but don’t say shit when it’s the other way around…faggots..

    • Prince

      Notice it take 20 or so cowardly cops for a speeding ticket?

      • Ibcamn

        yes indeed i have…………

  • Prince

    Donut Nazis have been at war with civilian citizens for ages! It is only now coming to the forefront.

  • Keith Augusto

    Live by the sword REAP IT!!!

  • Keith Augusto

    This country is done with your RACIST GREED & POWER type of heroin fix. It’s a shame good respectable cops who really do understand what BLACK LIVES MATTER means; have to suffer to the Republican haters and the back room deals. Good cops, we are with you…but to protect innocent lives, not violence. No one wants violence, we want to go home to our families. But I’ll be fuckin wrong if I let you use your racist sickness to hurt innocent people. God be with all good people both BLM and our COMPASSIONATE Cops. You haters think before you have 100s of millions against you! THINK & REAP Karma!

  • Lorraine

    What – wait! Our taxes pay their salary, and their job is to protect and serve. So because of a few bad apples, and the supposedly good cops still won’t rat out the bad ones, which would return to them the public’s trust the way it should be, now they are declaring war on the people whose taxes pay their salary? Wow! I feel like I’m back in kindergarden again. One bad apple and the whole classroom gets punished. smh!

  • cjs598

    Don’t these dipshits realize, their in marked cars and unifroms and the people are under cover, and not standing out, looks there will more going down.

  • Laura Lee Solomon

    You guys are getting increasingly creepy with your stance toward George-Soros-funded color revolution groups operating in the USA. Like dear Black Lives Matter. I am a big time racist for saying it, I suppose, but “All Lives Matter.” Our Israeli trained police have been misled by their training, and acting to incite a cop is too often a problem as a natural result, granted.
    But I guarantee I won’t stop for highway blocking freaks and neither should anyone else. They ARE a “color revolution” group… with that double entendre intact, inciting race war. Cops have killed twice as many whites than blacks, but you will never hear that from these idiots.

    Your article is “Communist takeover” ala the Bolsheviks, in tone, and it mixes two distinct issues, supporting the Black Lives Matter ideal even as it bashes the cops. That ideal is nothing short of race war, and I hope you live to “enjoy the action” there–as a white person yourself.

    • ahughes798

      Cops have killed twice as many whites as blacks because whites are a larger percentage of the population. If you are African American, you are four times as likely to be killed by a cop than a white American. This is a statistic from the FBI, who are notorious cop haters.

  • Broos

    These BushHogs can’t even recognize their Real ENEMY, the Poppy Bush (CIA) Company’s PNAC Putsch ! : https://images.encyclopediadramatica.se/thumb/3/38/Georgesgun.jpg/200px-Georgesgun.jpg

  • todd seagers

    lol at all the nutless wonders running their mouth on here about cops.

  • Matheus Grunt

    They will lose that war too. They don’t realize, they’ve for too long been stomping around on the Constitution & abusing us out here & have turned (continuing too also) a portion of the population against them that quite frankly never would’ve disliked cops if it weren’t for being aware for the criminal enterprise they serve. Doesn’t matter if others support them & their unlawful acts. There are more of us & plenty of us planning to fight a real war against these pigs. They think they stand a chance, maybe, if they operate as they do still against individuals who don’t have any real experience in combat or in military situations, but if attacked & taken out by professional vets & others who have trained specifically for this sorta stuff, no, NOT a chance. It’s their own undoing, their acts & wearing those badges is their undoing. Patriots like me got a family we want to protect from the rogue State, including these parasite cops. They don’t really understand, you can’t break the rule of law as they do each day & expect compliance, not happening.

  • Tom Tomer

    I am on side with the cops. Other side is a bunch of dumb asses.