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Cops Kill Paralyzed Man in a Wheelchair On Video — No Charges

Wilmington, DE — (RT) Police corporals of the Wilmington Police Department who fatally shot an already-wounded, wheelchair-bound African-American man in September 2015 will not be charged with violating the man’s civil rights, federal prosecutors with the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware have announced.

On Friday, federal officials with the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Delaware, the FBI, and the US Justice Department’s civil rights division told the family of Jeremy McDole, the man killed by Wilmington police, that evidence does not indicate the officers willfully used excessive force in shooting McDole.

“The Justice Department announced today that there is insufficient evidence to pursue federal criminal civil rights charges against the Wilmington Police Department (WPD) Corporals involved in the fatal shooting of 28-year-old paraplegic Jeremy McDole on Sept. 23, 2015,” the US attorney’s office said in a release, according to the News Journal.

The encounter between police and McDole, 28, was caught on cellphone video by a witness, eliciting outrage in Wilmington and beyond. Police arrived on the scene after a 911 call claiming an African-American man in a wheelchair was suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. In a lawsuit filed against the city of Wilmington, McDole’s family said that McDole was robbed of his wallet and then shot, and that the thief or an accomplice called police claiming a self-inflicted gunshot was to blame for McDole’s condition.

Three white police officers and one Hispanic officer — Senior Cpl. Joseph Dellose, Senior Cpl. Danny Silva, Cpl. Thomas Lynch and Cpl. James MacColl — approached McDole; one officer pointed a shotgun or rifle at him, yelling at McDole to “drop the gun” and to put his “hands up.” The video shows McDole rubbing his knees with both hands.

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As McDole moved his hand toward his waist, Dellose shot him several times, as McDole fell sideways to the ground. Dellose had fired about two seconds after first calling on McDole to put his hands up, according to a report by the state attorney general, creating confusion among other officers.

The office of Delaware Attorney General Matt Denn eventually cleared the officers in the shooting, but said Dellose exhibited “extraordinarily poor police work” during the encounter with McDole. The office recommended Dellose should no longer be employed by Wilmington police in a role that requires carrying a firearm in public.

Federal prosecutors decided against filing a felony assault charge against Dellose, according to The News Journal, given state law allows law enforcement officers to use deadly force if they believe they are endangered in a given situation.

McDole, who had a lengthy criminal record and was paralyzed during a 2005 shooting, was found to have a .38 caliber revolver on him during the incident, according to the investigation, with his DNA on the gun and both spent casings and live rounds in his underwear. The investigation of the shooting found gunshot residue on McDole’s right hand and clothing, the US attorney’s office said Friday. No weapon is visible in the witness video.

Toxicology tests found evidence of PCP in McDole’s bloodstream, according to the state law enforcement’s investigation, which also determined that the gun found on McDole was reported stolen. The state attorney general’s report cited an unnamed person who said that on the morning of the shooting, he had wheeled McDole to a section of Wilmington where he could get a gun and cigarettes laced with PCP.

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Last month, the city of Wilmington agreed to settle the family’s lawsuit for $1.5 million. A federal judge is scheduled to decide whether to approve the settlement next week, according to reports. The settlement would demand the Wilmington Police Department reconsider its use-of-force policies and to train its officer in deescalation tactics, especially when confronting physically or mentally disabled persons, the News Journal reported.

McDole’s family had argued that the officers never identified themselves, nor did they attempt to use non-lethal means on McDole.

“They said they left no stone unturned…. There simply wasn’t enough evidence there to sustain a criminal charge,” said family attorney Thomas Neuberger, according to AP. He added that the family is “very disappointed” by the decision.

In March, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that federal prosecutors chose not to bring charges against officers alleged to have committed civil rights violations in 96 percent of cases form 1995 to 2015, mostly based on reasons that included weak or insufficient evidence, a lack of clear intent to infringe on another person’s civil rights, and discouragement from the Department of Justice.

  • David Daisy May Boldock

    Remember folks from afar if you are going to America to turn watches and clocks back one Century.

    Dodge City re-enacted.

  • Liz O’neill

    both hands visible, both hands empty, = summery execution by cop. cop then gets a paid holiday while his peers “investigate” and decide he did nothing wrong, no laws were broken and another black family mourn the loss of a loved one, cop will probably get a medal and promotion.

    • BobTrent

      Even when they are fired or pressured to resign, they just go get a job with another police agency in another jurisdiction.
      Serial rapist cops are notorious for moving from agency to agency, jurisdiction to jurisdiction, raping woman after woman until they get caught, then resign and move to another police agency and repeat the pattern.
      When a cop tells a woman to “assume the position” or “spread ’em!” he means “turn around and bend over” or “spread your thighs!”
      Of course not all cops are like this, but you don’t know which ones are. You have to assume the worst.
      Now with the fags coming out in the open and getting police jobs, we men’s ani are endangered.

      • Ed

        Do you write children’s books? Where’s your evidence they go to different jurisdiction after being fired. Some may get away with doing that, but I have to believe where ever they apply, will check out their previous employment before considering them for a position.
        Show us some real proof!

        • Guy

          You and Rod Sterling must be cousins ! Simply because, you both live in la la land, with no firm grip on or in reality.
          It’s a know fact, these guy’s just go down the street, so they can repeat and keep on repeating, there bad habits.

          Why do you think they call it, “The BrotherHood” ???

          • Ed

            Still no Proof! 1 link will be a good start!

          • Guy

            Links !? I got no links ! I DON”T NEED TO SHOW YOU NO STINKING LINKS !!!!!!!! POW !!!!

        • Undecider

          He probably got his proof as most of us do. That is, by reading the real news.

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          https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c270c7f4eff50c1b520c07c62d783350a198d0fef7423f5cfefbaf812ea2c76e.jpg You want proof of common sense and criminal history of these pigs? You can’t put 2+2 together! Do you write math books?

      • ZeroHostile

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    • Guy

      Yeah, A family with a cool 1.5 Million Dollars In There Pockets ! Not bad for 2 seconds of work.

      The cop, that’s a different story. He will turn up someplace else, different name, with a brand new shiny I.D. Who Knows, maybe even watching and protecting your kid’s at a school near you, watching em skip and jump and having fun, while this human scum is keeping em from harm. Yep ! This hero, is going to be walking the halls of your kids school, with a gun on his hip, ready to body slam that 13 yr old, with the mouthy lip and attitude, that most kids have at that age !

      Good Luck, Coz you’re and kids are going to need it !

  • Guy

    The man was high on PCP and had a stolen gun, so maybe he had a death wish, knowing full well, what would be the likely outcome with the police, considering his criminal history and the fact, he was wheelchair bound from a previous shooting !

    Still dosen’t make it right ! Two seconds from “drop the gun to Bang, you’re dead ! Resulting in “Extraordinarily Bad Police Work !” Still this cop will walk, as a free man, with noting to show for his “Bad Cop Work”, other than a slap on the wrist.

    96 % of all cases of Civil Right Violation Charges since 1995 to 2015 not prosecuted, for every excuse in the book ! What’s that tell you !?

    But we just got to sit on our hand’s and have to take it, while their sharp ass lawyer’s make there 40/60 split and creeps like this asshole cop walk ?

    • BobTrent

      Where the police unions are strong, the departments don’t want to waste money fighting the union (FOP) in a failed attempt to fire bad cops.

  • Samuel Lane

    Does anyone find it ironic that, armed police – en mass – get all “hyped up” but when they confront a citizen, they tell him to “calm, down.”? Of course, this does not apply to these heroes who were just doing their jobs. Hahahahahaha.

  • Rogue cops cost us money

    WTF, More poorly trained, chicken shit, fuck ups, with guns, A guy in a wheel chair is a threat???, get behind him and grab his arms. Don’t MURDER HIM.

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  • Ed

    All Cops can’t keep saying they “Feared for their Life” to justify shooting someone. We must let a jury of their peers decide in each and every case, the prosecutors will have to work to Free a Cop! I can’t see how we let Prosecutors decide without a legal explanation!

  • Undecider

    Police conclusion: “sh*t happens!”

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    Some people want you to think that the solution to problems with police is to get the federal government more involved. But they’ve got things completely backwards.


    June 16, 2016 Supreme Court Ruling: Police Have No Duty to Protect the General Public

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  • livefree1200cc

    They could have walked right over to the guy if they all werent whining like a bunch of girls

  • OldPoorRichard

    Police training:
    1. Decide to murder suspect.
    2. Arrive on scene and unholster weapon.
    3. Shout “Drop the gun.”
    4. Multiple shots to make sure he’s dead.

  • Jim Morgan

    If these cowards are so frightened, then they’re wearing the wrong clothes.

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  • Michael Patrick

    funny how every black man they kill is on PCP anyone notice that????????????????????And black men dont use PCP

  • JayGoldenBeach

    Wonder if the cops planted the stolen pistol on the victim??

  • Ibcamn

    that obese sweaty cop that shot him first,you think that he couldn’t handle a guy in a wheelchair…what a coward POS,not just fat n nasty,but a big ol pussy with a shotgun,and see how he went to shot the guy again and couldn’t figure out why the shotgun wouldn’t fire,then he realised he needed to rack another round….highly trained officers my ass,that fat POS was so scared of the wheelchair guy he couldn’t remember to rack a round in his weapon….low brow morons,cops are just killers,nothing more.

  • Brent Fisher

    They just wanted more antlers on their walls. Trophy killing beyond any doubt. Even a savage Native American eats what he kills.