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Cops Pepper Spray Crowd of School Kids Protesting a Cop Caught on Film Body Slamming Child

Pawtucket, RI — At Toleman High School on Wednesday, a brief video sparked outrage showing a police officer violently arresting a 14 -year-old boy.

Police said that student was acting unruly before the incident, allegedly trying to fight another student, so they moved in. According to police, while the officer was trying to arrest the 14-year-old, the student’s 17-year-old brother attacked the officer.

The video does not show the attack; it only shows the 17-year-old boy face down on the floor. At this point, the 14-year-old approached the officer, and he’s immediately and violently slammed to the ground.

On Wednesday, the video quickly went viral sparking a subsequent protest at Toleman high on Thursday. The protest was entirely peaceful at first but became a bit chaotic when the fire alarm went off inside the school, and all the students were forced to evacuate.

As the protest grew, the mayor got involved. “I’m asking you to put your trust in me,” Mayor Don Grebien said to the students. “I’m going to listen to you.”

According to WDAM, Grebien pleaded for the students to head back to class. He decided to meet with a few students at city hall.

As the police presence increased, so did the tension, and a window was allegedly broken.

After police arrested two adults and eight teenagers, they then began to move in on the crowd, dousing them with pepper spray in the process. Police say they were forced to pepper spray the crowd of high schoolers because they were “being threatened.”

“Myself along with Chief King, the Pawtucket Police Chief, spoke with State Colonel Steven O’Donnell and we had conversations and we all agreed that the Pawtucket Police Department and Rhode Island State Police will be jointly conducting a full investigation of the video that we’ve all seen and the issue at hand,” Grebien said. “I believe that we need to make sure this is a transparent process, there needs to be some open dialogue.”

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The protest wrapped up by 11:30 am and there were no further incidents.

On Thursday, WRPI spoke with the two teens who said there was no need for the police brutality.

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  • Cops need to stay the fuck out of schools . This should be considered assault on a minor.

  • Soon the police will find themselves completely overwhelmed because when they abuse 1 American they abuse us all.

  • It starts worth accountability, cops know they can get away with anything, if we don’t stand together and show them they are wrong they will become worse as the profession draws more morons that believe pulling others down is what power is, this is the same mentality that our politicians and CEOs have. We have to stop trying to be “more powerful” than others and start using our strengths to help each other. We have lost our sense of community, everyone is only out for number 1. At least that is how I perceive the issue.

  • People just need to start fighting the police. The government doesn’t care, so let’s just take things into our own hands. If you see police brutality, do the right thing and break it up. Beat the officers within an inch of their lives. Take their weapon and beat the fuck out of them.

    • That’s stupid ! That gets ya dead !

    • No, what’s stupid is being a coward and not doing anything.

    • You go first !

    • Ahhhh the call of the coward. Heard in its natural habitat in America

  • The best way to stop the hate on both sides is to minimize if not eradicate the petty laws we are constantly suppressed with.
    This will make citizens happier so they won’t feel like criminals at every turn. Then the cops won’t look so much like the bad guys.
    It will also stop giving the police an excuse to constantly fuck with people which is the main reason shit escalates into a violent situation.
    Cops would then be able to concentrate on real crime, ie, rape, murder, kidnapping, child molestation and such. This again, will make them appear to be the “good guys”. People will respect the job if they actually helped people.
    This would also lower taxes, by not needing as many police, jails and equipment. And hey, less taxes is always a good thing!

    • As a side note, killing cops is never a good thing, unless absolutely necessary. Same goes with any other person. Cops should of course adhere to this also.
      The posts about killing cops and shit are really fucking retarded. Sure some if not most are ass hole pricks and it is hard to find a “good cop”, but violence and such, especially against police never turns out good for anyone. Especially the people. If you want true fascism, and a complete dictatorship, keep up the anti cop violence, morons. They will not sit around and take it, I assure you. It will only make it harder on people who simply want to live their lives and be left alone.

  • ty

  • The more they attack the youth of this country the better! I cannot think of any better training for the new resistance that will rise up and put an end to this nonsense. You can only push so much and then the blow back kicks in.

  • Y yes

  • Will there be a ‘cheepo’ comic about this?

  • keep those names coming

  • defund departments.

  • Obeying the police and save your life

    • Yea just obay the massa and he won’t beat us , we be good slaves yessa massa ! Weesa be good slaves now massa !

    • FUCKING BULLSHIT ! Can you say freedom of speech ? Can you say right to assemble ? Wait better yet can you say constitution ? How about bill of rights ?

    • Can you say public servant ?

    • Glen Lisenby,, izzzz. Free

  • All I see here is a Gang of Mobsters trying to control a situation where too many kids are standing up to them.

  • Damn kids need to learn to respect the law! WE ARE THE LAW! BOW!

  • at the minimum police can start treating people with respect not like they are convicts already. thats a start…next would be they get the same penalty for the same convictons as citizens do.

  • People need to realize that the police force are our taxes at work, if we want to stop it, then ban together and do something. We have the power to fire them and install our own force at any given time at any given place. We the people have lost sight of our power over the rulers and oppressors.

  • Attack their budgets. Unfortunately, they are really good at getting dissenters convicted and off the voting rolls. ..

  • Bridge nothing, tell these coward ass mf’s to stop abusing people period. Their job is to serve and protect, PERIOD, Can’t stand the heat, real or imagined, get the f**k out the damn kitchen !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Let me start by saying i a 100% opposed to the police state the usa has become. Police thuggery, and the prison business is a major issue that needs to be dealt with. However, this thumbnail sketch doesn’t tell the whole story. The school resource officer was attempting to quell a fight by detaining a 14 yr old student who was in the halls cursing and yelling about what he was going to do to another student. The 14 yr old was punching walls & doors..out of control. When the officer attempted to detain the 14 yr old, his 17 yr old brother decided to intervene..hence the body slam. Faculty & custodians had to bar the office doors to keep students from rushing in. It was a chaotic scene. So when the 17 yr old brother showed the cop aggression, he was taken to the ground. What else is he supposed to do? The video clip circulating is 10 second snippet of what actually happened. There are witnesses..students, faculty, administration. The protests happened the next day. As usual, a few in the crowd got out of hand by breaking car windows, and ruining any chance they had of getting their core message heard, which is a shame, This particular high school is right across the st. from the police station, btw, so they had to know it would go down like this. I’m not justifying pepper spraying students at the protest, but as to what caused the protest..I think the cop was justified.

  • You guys got guns, use them!

  • You don’t know what a police state is. You certainly wouldn’t be free to publish this, if we were truly a police state

  • When will we all unite like good Americans should and get a list of all the cops that keep committing police brutality and whoop the shit out of them…or we can ask nicely for them to stop abusing there power??See How Far That Gets Us?

  • Ive been illegally detained cuffed and whoooped by 4 of them bastards before, took the club’s to me , why should they b immune to that kind of treatment??

  • It’s not a matter of bridging the gap between citizens and police. Would you ask how to bridge the gap between a rapist and citizen? They need to be treated like any criminal is treated.

  • Simple. Start holding officers accountable. A badge is not a free pass.

  • Anti-algorithm!

  • Welcome to the Republic of New Berlin

  • Make cops responsible for their actions. Instead of making taxpayers pay for cops crimes make the cops themselves pay. Take their house, car, savings and pension and give it to the victims. If that isnt enough take the rest from cop union funds.

  • That’s not part of the plan.

  • There are good cops (oathkeepers) and then there are order followers, and then there are bad cops.

    When the good ones give up and expose their own rotten apples, we can fix this.

    Its that simple.

  • what will happen to the cops NOTHING