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Cops Pull Gun on Armed Black Man at DUI Checkpoint — You Wont Believe What Happens Next

Video uploaded to YouTube recently shows a man in Newington, Connecticut, refusing to fall for Police State tactics of intimidation at a police checkpoint — widely known as a sobriety or DUI checkpoint, but in reality what amounts to an excuse for cops to surveil and keep tabs on citizens.

Though The Free Thought Project has covered numerous checkpoint refusals over the years, this particular assertion of rights stands out for several reasons. This time, the driver said he had not one, but multiple firearms in his vehicle — and he still refused to give up his rights with stunning success.

“Ok, I need to see your license, your registration, and your insurance,” the officer says, approaching the man’s vehicle.

“Why?” the driver immediately and rightly asks. The officer flatly repeats himself, to which the driver respectfully retorts, “What is your probable cause for pulling me over, sir?”

Appearing somewhat bristled by the man’s refusal to give in, the officer says, “Ok, here’s the deal — you are required, when asked, to produce license, registration …”

“I am not required to produce anything without … probable cause,” the driver interjects. “What is your probable cause of asking me anything? Give me your supervisor,” he demands, adding, “You’re clearly not equipped to handle this conversation. Give me your supervisor.”

Though the officer ignores the man’s request and obvious understanding of his rights under the Constitution, repeating his demand for, essentially, ‘Papers, please’ — but the driver stands firm and asks for the supervisor each time.  

Then the situation takes a serious turn when a second officer appears at the passenger window — pointing a gun at the driver who has done nothing but speak knowledge to police power.

“Don’t fucking move, you understand?” the second cop threatens; then addressing the first officer, “He’s got a fucking gun on his right.”

“Why are you pointing your gun at me?”

“Don’t move, Ok?”

“Ok, I’m not moving,” the driver responds. “Why are you pointing your gun at me? Clearly [the gun] is in the holster, so clearly it’s supposed to be there,” he notes of the gun on his hip.

At this point, the driver wisely asks for both officers’ names and badge numbers — not only to make filing a complaint simpler but because a gun was unjustifiably pointed at him moments before.

Even with the officers’ refusing to back down, numerous demands for the man’s license, pointing a gun at him, and general harassment — the driver persists in his request for the supervisor.

“Are you not listening to me?” he finally asks.

“It doesn’t go like this. You don’t get to ask the questions. I do. And if you don’t want to get arrested for interfering, and if you don’t want to have any more problems … All you had to do was answer a couple basic questions and you would’ve been on your way like every other vehicle,” the frustrated cop says. “So, you chose to not answer any questions, so now you’ve prolonged this stop.”

“Supervisor,” says the driver, unmoved by the cop’s spiel. “I don’t answer questions. Su-per-vis-or.”

Finally, the officer explains his supervisor is en route, so the driver turns the camera on himself, saying, “Now what’s going on, this illegal stop — a DUI checkpoint — and they’re asking to see my license and registration. No probable cause, so I’m not showing them anything. But we’ll just sit here.”

As The Free Thought Project has noted before, sobriety checkpoints have been deemed legal by the Supreme Court — no matter how invasive and contradictory to the Constitution they may seem. But unless police find probable cause to suspect you are under the influence, or unless you consent, they are not allowed to conduct a search of your vehicle. As such, you do not have to answer questions, admit to breaking the law, or do anything that might be considered self-incriminating. As police seem less and less knowledgeable of the law, knowing your rights — and having a thorough understanding of federal, state, and local laws — are the best ‘weapons’ you can use in your defense.

This driver brilliantly shows how those skills can extricate you from confrontation — even when police point a loaded weapon at you without justification.

Explaining that DUI checkpoints have been ruled legal ‘multiple times,’ the officer tells the man he is “required by statute to produce a license, registration, and insurance when asked. You are failing to do that.”

Driver responds, “Dude … you are required to show something if only there’s probable cause.”

“Where did you get your police training?” the cop asks facetiously.

“Where did you get your law degree?” the man quips, adding, “When your supervisor comes here, he’s going to educate you, and then tomorrow I’ll be at the precinct to fill out a complaint about this.”

As a beautiful and appropriate end to the ridiculous standoff happens when the supervisor finally arrives on scene. The officer summarizes the lengthy stop for his superior, and the driver interrupts to do the same:

“I told him, one, he illegally detained me; two, I told him without probable cause I’m not showing him anything — because a DUI checkpoint, yet it might be legal, it does not give you the power to pull someone over and order their paperwork.”

At this, the supervisor approaches the driver’s window, sniffs the air near the man, and turns to the officer, telling him simply, “I can’t smell any alcohol.” Then immediately tells the patient driver,

“You can be on your way.”

“So, like I just told you,” the victorious man tells the cops, “have a good friggin’ day.”

And just like that, an armed black man, at whom police pointed a loaded weapon, singlehandedly thwarted Police State tactics and statistics — teaching all of us, and the officers involved, how powerful knowledge can be.

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  • Stefon Scott Loch

    NOW that’s COURAGE.. Cheers man ! That Dumbass badged Coward .

    • ThomasJefferson

      Yes I to applaud his stand. The man has balls the size of watermelons. That said however, he’s also extremely lucky. How many times do you suppose the Gestapo from the first in Nazi Germany, to the present, in Nazi America, have thrown down on an innocent person, and inadvertently blew them away. If the modern incarnation of Hitler, better known as Trump is elected, I fear this type of tyranny will know no boundries

      • Lewtheprof

        You are a full of fresh hot shit, propagandizing asshole for asserting something about Trump you cannot possibly have any way of knowing. I am not A Trump supporter, by any stretch but you sir, are just ridiculous!

        • Kushtrim ‘The Rapist’ Maslinka

          Shut the fug up, ashclown — you clearly are blowing it out your ash.

        • ThomasJefferson

          And you are a babbling turd. I’ve simply listened to what the man has said.in more interviews and speeches than I can keep track of anymore. You would do well to drag your head out of your own mangy ass, and quit ASSuming everything is going to remain all hunky dory in your happy little narrow minded world. When you do, spend a few hours with your history book and study Germany, 1927-33, view a few of Hitlers old news reels(the ones with English subtitles unless you just happen to be fluent in German) and then find some of the earlier interviews and speeches (that haven’t since been edited by the staff of Herr Trump) and if you are a Professor of anything perhaps you’ll logical extrapolation that Trump is a modern incarnation of Hitler as I and countless others(most more educated than myself) have made. And then to, you may not. Otherwise intelligent people followed Hitler into the darkness. Perhaps you’ll be the modern equivalent of them.

          • Thebob

            I have seen you post before, you are an uneducated moron who equates being a proud American = Nazi, is just idiotic. You are basically comparing every single Combat Vet in this country to Hitler with that vial diarrhea of the mouth…

        • meatwad_SSuppet

          You do not know the history of the nazi rise, trump mimics it perfectly and you are also an example of that rise.

        • Lincoln Brownlee

          Right on the money!

      • H MAN

        You must either be a socialist Bernie supporter or you support that criminal Shrillery. You sir, are brain dead.

        • DHHiltbrand

          You say socialist like it’s a bad thing. I look around out our capitalist world and see only ruin and disrepair.

          • Muzzled

            Ruin and dispair only in non capitalist countries you should add

          • H MAN

            LOL socialism is the worst possible form of government. Simply read history or better yet, look at current Venezuela. What you’re referring to the past 20 years or so is CRONY CAPITALISM. Most mom and pop business I grew up with are all gone and giant corporations run it all and are in bed with the government. So in a way, you’re right. Things have sucked badly for a while. If they would just let capitalism and the free market work without manipulating interest rates, applying fees and stifling regulations on small business, etc, things would be good again. I’ve lived it in the 80s and 90s as a business owner. It worked. You are right, it is not working at all now, but what you’re calling for will be the final nail in all of our coffins.

          • marianne

            I would be dead without the socialised healthcare in my country (the UK), and the socialised benefits system that ensures I’m given enough money to live on even though I’m incapable of work.

          • rogerthatokay

            The last thing America needs is a system like yours:

            -4/28/12 http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/a… “Smokers and obese people are already being denied operations such as invitro fertilization, breast reconstructions and a new hip or knee in some parts of England.”

            -7/15/12 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/articl… “Thousands could lose their sight as NHS cuts cataract surgery by a quarter.”

            -10/26/12 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-…“Top doctor’s chilling claim: The NHS kills off 130,000 elderly patients every year” Professor Patrick Pullicino said doctors had turned the use of a controversial ‘death pathway’ into the equivalent of euthanasia of the elderly.

            -11/29/12 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-… The innocent children are being put on controversial “death pathways,” once only thought to have involved elderly and terminally ill adult patients.”

            -7/12/13 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10153804/Scandal-of-doctors-paid-more-to-do-less.html Scandal of doctors paid more to do less:
            Senior hospital doctors have received pay rises of up to 28 per cent following the introduction of a “nonsensical” contract that allows them to refuse to work in the evenings and at weekends, a report warns. A report last year found that patients admitted to hospital at the weekend were 40 per cent more likely to die than those treated during the week.

            -7/12/13 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10141476/NHS-is-worse-than-communist-China-say-doctors.html?fb NHS is worse than communist China,’ say doctors
            The NHS is worse than communist China in allowing bureaucrats to over-rule doctors and take decisions which harm patients, medics have said.

            -7/12/13 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10099856/Hospitals-need-to-be-closed-to-save-NHS-doctors-warn.html: Hospitals will need to be closed and drastic reforms carried out to save the NHS from collapse, an alliance of doctors, managers and patients has warned.
            Tonight, Dr Cliff Mann, President of the College of Emergency Medicine, said: “Increasingly, we are now experiencing situations where the whole system just grinds to a halt – we simply cannot carry on like this.”
            David Davis from the College of Paramedics – the professional body representing ambulance personnel – said: “I’ve seen it ten, fifteen ambulances deep and personally waited for three, four, five, six hours to hand over.
            “But the thing that’s remarkable about what’s happening now is this is not just a handful of isolated incidents. This is of absolutely enormous proportion and is presenting significant risk to patients.
            He added: “Everything that we see suggests that the situation is getting worse.”


            Ranking of nations with most suicides by people 75 years old or older:

            1. Austria

            2. Switzerland

            3. France

            4. Denmark

            5. Germany

            6. Belgium

            7. Japan

            8. Sweden

            9. Finland

            (Note that all of them have socialist health care)

          • AlphaT

            Going to the daily mail for your data and information is like choosing the national inquirer. You will look lik an idiot if you try and back your opinions on up with a daily mail article

          • rogerthatokay

            Don’t like the Daily Mail? How about the Telegraph?
            -7/12/13 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10099856/Hospitals-need-to-be-closed-to-save-NHS-doctors-warn.html: Hospitals will need to be closed and drastic reforms carried out to save the NHS from collapse, an alliance of doctors, managers and patients has warned.

            -7/12/13 http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10150635/Patients-facing-eight-hour-waits-in-ambulances-outside-AandE-departments.htmlSick patients have been forced to wait up to eight hours in ambulances queuing outside Accident & Emergency units amid a crisis in the system.

            Or The Guardian?
            -4/28/12 http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2012/a… “Smokers and obese people are already being denied operations such as invitro fertilization, breast reconstructions and a new hip or knee in some parts of England.”

            Feeling stupid?


            You are.

          • billdeserthills

            So what you are saying is that you are a drain upon your government’s economy, because all you do is take, take, take?

          • marianne

            That isn’t what I’m saying, no. It’s also an irrelevant argument, as the types of political groups who complain about such perceived social leeching are also amongst the most reluctant to make any effort or spend any money on programmes to help more people become more productive. Which of course also ignores all the other kinds of non-economic value a person can create, like by contributing to debates, being a good friend to people, etc.

          • DAngelo136

            So Venezuela is your example? Venezuela is country whose main export is oil. Because oil revenues are down, Venezuela is experiencing economic hardships. It has nothing to do with what ideology leads the government. This country was capitalist when the Stock Market crash of 29 hit and endured a Great Depression. Do you concede that capitalism failed in that instance? How about the Great Recession? Do you concede that it failed again? How about you study basic Economics before you try to defend an economic system you know nothing about and disparage another system you know even less about?

          • Thoth

            You don’t look around very much then. Why don’t you Google Venezuela (that’s a foreign country btw). Frickin’ imbecile.

        • ThomasJefferson

          No sir, I’m a liberty loving capitalist. I’ll be voting for a Libertarian. You I assume will be voting for the Nazi, Trump as many other of the blind sheeple

          • billdeserthills

            I’m glad you are gonna throw your vote away, thanks for the heads up

      • billdeserthills

        You don’t know anything about nazi germany little man

        • ThomasJefferson

          Typical brain-dead internet retort. ou like most of your ilk are clueless.about whats going on past the end of your driveway.

          • billdeserthills

            I haven’t seen any guns taken from minorities by the gov’t. I haven’t seen any train rides to the death camps. I haven’t seen any crematoriums belching smoke to burn up minority bodies, so until then why not STFU you stupid cunt?

          • ThomasJefferson

            Are you really so simple? Never mind I know the answer and its the reason this is way to deep for you to comprehend. But lets try this one more time for the educationally challenged. The Germanpeople didn’t see any of those things either to start with. DUH And just a little something for you to try and wrap your pea brain around, how is putting people in prison, for the rest of their lives, for merely defying some edit of a tyrannical government, any more humane or honorable, than gassing them? If your freedom is irrevocably lost, then what more reason is their to live? Oh, but you’re not aware that this happens right here in America, because as I said, you haven’t a clue of anything more going on in your country, past the end of your driveway. And that’s before the the modern Hitler has even received his current party’s nomination. Stick around, the show isn’t anywhere near over. And simpletons just like yourself are the ones fueling the the final dash to the modern Nationalist Socialist state. I realize you are clueless about the term…look it up.

          • AlphaT

            Your concentration camps are the public school system to the industrial prison complex, your SS have been members of the KKK for decades nearly centuries, minorities are shot then stripped of their belongings after death, (or sue the parents of a child the state shot dead) sir why don’t you STFU! I’m guessing you’re a “German” in this scenario and not “Jewish” in this analogy, I’m sure if you lived a day in the life of the minority in the ugly sesspool of a country that is the US.

          • rogerthatokay

            “Cesspool” [not “sesspool”]? Your envy is showing. Look in the mirror…and weep:

            -June 2004 Swedish Timbro Institute study, http://www.timbro.se/bokhandel/pdf/9175665646.pdf:
            -“Another indicator of the relatively good material standard of living among the American poor can be obtained by comparing dwelling space among poor households in the USA with average dwelling space in Europe (in other words all Europeans, not just their poverty level population). Table 3:3 compares dwelling space in various countries. Average total dwelling space in Europe is just under 1,000 sq. ft. In the USA it is 1,875 sq. ft for the average household and 1,200 sq. ft for poor households. Adjusting for size of household, one finds that poor households in the USA have slightly more dwelling space than the average European. The average American household has a home that is 80 per cent larger than its average European counterpart. Europeans, in other words, are more crowded in an American perspective.”

            -Table 3:3. Dwelling space. Various countries. (Nation/year study taken/living space per person): UK/1996/381.1; All of Europe/average 395.7; USA poor households/1993/average 438.6; USA all households/1993/average 721.2
            [We have double the living space that you have]

            Car ownership per population of 1,000: US 809; UK 519. Wikipedia

            And your cars are tiny, noisy little coffins.

            Our streets are many times safer:
            -“‘If guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns may prove prophetic.’ Gun crime in the UK is soaring even though it has the strictest gun control laws of any democracy.” [1/15/03 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_… BBC].
            Nine years later: UK’s violent crime rate per 100,000 people is 2,034; US’s is 466 [12/17/12 http://www.dailymail.co.uk].

            As to minorities? Here are facts about that:
            http://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/%5Bi%5Dpdf/cvus06.pdf 2006, Table 42, Crime Rates per 100,000 population:
            -The rate of “Crimes of Violence” committed by Blacks against Whites was 35 times more than Whites against Blacks.

            -The rate of Black against White Rape convictions was 84. There were no rape convictions for Whites raping Blacks.

            -The rate of “Property Taken With Injury,” Black against White, was 390 per 100,000 population. There were no such crimes committed by Whites against Blacks.

            The Department of Justice’s publication “Criminal Victimization in the United States,” Table 48, identifies the race of “multiple offender” (gangs) and the race of their victim/s involved in violent crimes (murder, rape, robbery or assault):
            -In 2008 there were 147,749 arrests of Black gang members for committing violent crimes against White victim/s; there were fewer than ten arrests of White gang members for committing violent crime against Black victim/s.

            Obama’s “justice” department (Eric Holder) stopped reporting the race of offenders in 2008. [Can’t imagine why]

            As the KKK threat?
            -http://www.pbs.org/wnet/jimcrow/stories_org_kkk.html [2002]: In the mid-20’s there were about 2 to 3 million members of the KKK; today there are roughly 5 to 6 thousand.

            -In 2007 the Anti-Defamation League estimated that there are only 5,000 KKK members in America (LA Times, 2/27/07).

            That’s less than one thousandth of one percent of a population of 310,000,000 who believe in the extremism of the KKK. You must feel very stupid.

            I hate to put you down like that but you asked for it [actually, I love destroying liars with facts]. You live a small — getting smaller — life, as all socialists must: “Living Small” has been the history of socialism since Marx’s time. Don’t blame America for that.

          • rogerthatokay

            Just curious: When are you Brits going to change the name of your capital to Londonistan?

            -8/8/09 Daily Telegraph, London: Europe’s Muslim population has more than doubled in the past 30 years and will have doubled again by 2015.

            -ISBN 978-1-84626-xxx-x Proceedings of the 2009 International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities Singapore, 9-11 October, 2009: Muslim population growth in the UK between 2004 and 2008 was ten times greater than the rest of society.

            -10/28/10 Daily Mail: Mohamed or derivatives of that name is now the number one name in the U. K.

            http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Peace/2013/05/21/Christianity-In-Britain-Dying-As-Muslims-Flourish: The 2011 census reveals that Christianity is plummeting 50% faster than had been thought previously. Within ten years only a minority in Britain will call themselves Christians. Almost one in every ten Britons under 25 is now a Muslim.

            -8/17/15 express.co.uk/news The average Afghan-born woman living in the UK has 4.25 children and the average Somali-born woman has 4.19 children. The average for Pakistani women is 3.82. UK-born women have an average of 1.79 children, according to the data from European statistics agency Eurostat.

            -Last week, London elected its first-ever Muslim mayor.

      • James M Morriss

        I gotta say of the choices left to us Sanders seems the least objectionable. Trump is second. Hillary is just behind Charles Manson for president.

        Trump is getting a lot of distortion from the press.

        • ThomasJefferson

          I never thought I would say this but…Of the main stream options, Bernie is the least DANGEROUS of the 3 by MILES!

      • Gene

        How many slaves did Thomas Jefferson have? Hypocrite much?

      • Lincoln Brownlee

        You sir are a moron

        • ThomasJefferson

          And you are a F*cking nutless sheep

  • Centrist Force

    its gonna take courage to beat these gestapo commandos. They say that they are keeping us safe, but the reality is that they are filling up prison for profit quotas, arrest quotas, fine quotas. your safety is at risk in any interaction with the police. How many articles about a concerned family calling the police to help with a troubled relative have ended with said relative in a body bag? we read it nearly every day.

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  • Consultant

    He is lucky he was in Connecticut and not Texas.

    • James Michael

      Yeah because texas lawman are treasonous ass, scumbag, woman raping, innocent people burning scumbag traitors…..

      • Rev. Walking Turtle

        “Lawmen”? Not by the manner of the misbehavior, they ain’t… Lert’s try, “forcemen” for starters, maybe? Or (what the heqq?) just plain “gunsels”… ANYthing but “LAW”men, which such as that ilk by far are, imvho (and Webster’s Unabridged Dictionary too, fwiw) simply NOT.

        Because what one IS in this life really only follows from what one DOES. Thus the lies on the Thin Blue Label utterly fail to represent the content of the Ugly Violent Container. And that is all. 0{:-|o[

  • Reuven Mizraha

    That’s a brave man, he coulda been shot. That’s why I only carry concealed.

  • Rev. Walking Turtle

    Now THAT is Law Enforcement Done RIGHT – by one of the Rest of Us!

    Viddy downloaded and archived for later use in further informing and educating my best friends. “Role playing” can be such a VALUABLE activity! This viddy caught the very Moxie from Heaven imvho. One man standing strong for the EXACT Right Thing in the very face of a State-trained HELLION.

    LOVE this GOOD man’s stand and attitude – it is nothing but RIGHT. Of course, it sure did NOT hurt that ALL participants in the contretempts were EQUALLY ARMED…

    Just sayin’! And that is all. 0{;-)o[

  • Steve LaFontaine

    he shoulda bought a lottery ticket cause he’s lucky to be alive.

  • Greta Lane

    He’s WAY pass lucky to be ALIVE!!! Just him having a gun on his seat, would have been reason enough for them to get away with murder.

    • Da_Boss

      it was not on the seat it was in a holster on his hip.

  • John Bialoglow

    A wise man picks his fights carefully, the fool….well, see the above video.

    • Will

      This is a game of football to them. They are running the yards of infringing on your rights. Once they get away with one thing, they’ll push forward further. With your attitude, you’re playing on the high school JV team and your facing the NE Patriots.

  • Tyler Lajoie

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    • marianne

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  • Hector M Gonzalez

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    • John Dickinson

      Ha. A don. You’re cute.

      • Appreciate the compliment John but I dont swing that way. Not into packin fudge & my brownstar is an “exit only” hole.

  • Prince

    Donut Nazis should be require to know the law.

    • ThomasJefferson

      LOL If they Knew or even cared, they’d have an honest job Prince. And I know that YOU KNOW that . Just saying But good to see you over here

  • JdL

    “It doesn’t go like this. You don’t get to ask the questions. I do. And if you don’t want to get arrested for interfering, and if you don’t want to have any more problems …

    Right back at you, you miserable piece of excrement.

  • These policemen don’t know the law but they at least have a very decent attitude. Hopefully they behave this well also against white people, not only to this guy because they are afraid of their superiors sacrificing them in order not to be targetet for racism by Obamas DOJ.

  • Phillyswagshop

    meathead!!?? lmmfao!

  • JBrown

    Lexinton and Concord will happen at a “check point.”

  • George O

    Why does it look like you pirated DonTrell Brown’s video? Original is here, it seems :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT_J17zqpl4

  • ReadDeeply

    It isn’t easy to resist the tactics they use, meant to confuse, sideline and skew your focus… this man did a great job. “Where did you get your law degree…” heh

  • Shugga D Rosenbloom

    Wow…it was a miracle that he was able to leave the scene driving. I salute all of them, the police for not being stupid and anxious, the supervisor, and the young man for knowing his rights and executing them. But, what about the gun??? Is the young man an officer in the court/law?

    Was this real or an exercise for a class? This went a little bit too smooth for comfort.

  • Robert Wallace

    DWI stops are legal. You could have complied and been on your way. But you chose to confront him for doing his job, wasting taxpayers money, using up time spent checking for drunk drivers. Your first sentence should have been, “Officer, I have a lawful concealed weapon and I have not been drinking”. Now you are a hero to your wife and kids until they try the same kind of shit you did.

    • LMHtfd

      You clearly got _nothing_ from this video. Yes, DWI stops are legal. He conceded that. But unless the cops suspect you of drinking, you sped up on the checkpoint, they smell pot in the car or you left contraband in plain view, as examples, they have no right to request anything. They explain what theey’re doing, thabk you and sennd you on your way. He could have said it anyway he wanted, respectfully and within reason, as long as he got his point across. He did. If taxpayer money was wasted it the problem of the bozos who chose not ti listen, not him.

  • Memelover

    Niggers at it again

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    And this is how it is done, how change is made. Not by violence and attitude problem, justifying to police their actions and cultural beliefs.

  • Kim Detorez

    The entire state of Connecticut is a little marxist country

  • Hakeem Medlock

    Too many times this ends up badly. Pick your battles.

  • Benjamin Durka

    Cops are fucking dumber and dumber every year. No wonder they shoot so many people.

  • Robert

    This gentleman is 100% correct, if you keep giving into these gestapo tacts by the Police you will be living in a Police state before you know it. Known the law, during a DUI check point the Police Officer is NOT allowed to ask you for your DL or any documentation, he can ask all the question he wants and you do not have to answer any of them. If you refuse and he won’t let you leave you are being detained or what is commonly known as a “Custodial Arrest” request a supervisor. Do not attempt to drive off, since it is an “Custodial Arrest” he would be permit to you physical means to stop you. Request a supervisor and wait, if the supervisor has got half a brain he will do just like he did send you on your way.. Just because a cop tells you something does not mean he’s right(specially in this instance), DUI check points are indeed legal, and how they are supposed to be conducted is also very well known. These officers were trying to make a number, by running your name to see if you/he had a warrant. Don’t be bulled, but also don’t do anything stupid. Request a supervisor and wait. The only thing the driver didn’t do when he was stopped is notify the officer he had a firearm, seem like in CT you don’t have too, I would have since it could clearly be seen. “Hey let’s be careful out there”!

    • Michael Anthony Chavez

      Actually, he can ASK. But no one is required to answer. If someone answers, they are doing the officer a FAVOR.

  • Shawn Poland

    Your constitutional rights still apply in a roadblock situation. Though police are permitted to stop you briefly, they may not search you or your car unless they have probable cause that you’re under the influence or you agree to the search. As such, you are not required to answer their questions or admit to breaking the law.

  • Jason Biggs

    Dumb nigger. Lucky he still alive

  • κανενας

    I assume His file was crystal clear ,and something to do with the army or similar
    Until the supervisor got there ,they knew everything about the guy …..the technology is now outstanding ! If he has assaults or violent history in his file thinks will be different….
    The case is that if you go straight they still stop you and maybe kill you for your past !

  • Carl Broughton

    Smart man. However, he still took a high-risk chance.

  • Liz O’neill

    cmon, how often does this happen, he is extremely lucky they didn’t kill him on the spot, lots of innocent people have stood their ground, refused to be illegally questioned or detained, and died in a hail of bullets for their KNOWLEGE, this an exception.. I’m glad he is safe but others have not been.

  • 2broke4 her

    fact DUI check points arrest for DUI’s less than 1/2 %.. the officers used at a check point doing routine patrol, catching and arresting DUI drivers 14% …. which one is more beneficial?