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Cops Raid Little Girls’ “Illegal” Lemonade Stand, Shut it Down for Operating Without a Permit


Tyler, TX — Last week, police in Texas heroically saved the town from likes of two young girls who attempted to open a black market lemonade stand. The girls, one 7-year-old and one 8-year-old, dared to try to raise money to buy a Father’s day present for their dad by setting up a lemonade stand in their neighborhood.

Andria and Zoey Green told ABC affiliate KLTV they were trying to raise about $100 for a Father’s Day present. They wanted to take him to Splash Kingdom.

Over the weekend, the two young entrepreneurs took to the streets with their delicious batch of homemade lemonade and began to provide willing customers with their product. Only one hour into their business endeavour, these girls had raised 25% of their goal.

However, their cash cow would be shut down not long after it started. Overton police chief Clyde Carter showed up along with the city code enforcer and shutdown their criminal operation.

The girls had violated Texas House Bill 970, or the Texas Baker’s Bill, which does not allow the sale of food that needs time or temperature control to prevent it from spoiling. Since the lemonade would eventually grow mold after being left out for days, police said they needed an inspection from the health department and a permit to sell it and deemed their operation “illegal.”

The cost of the permit is $150 dollars.

“It is a lemonade stand, but they also have a permit that they are required to get,” Chief Carter said.

“I think that’s ridiculous. I think they’re 7 and 8, and they’re just trying to make money for their own cause,” said Sandi Evans, the girls’ mother.

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The most absurd aspect of this ordeal is that the police know it’s a ridiculous law. However, they said ridiculous or not, it’s the law and they’ll keep enforcing it.

“We have to follow by the state health guidelines,” said Carter. “They have to have a permit if they’re going to do the lemonade stands.”

Police officers can certainly use discretion and choose not to “enforce” this law for use in such an asinine application. The fact that these girls had their good intentions ruined by those who claim to protect them speaks to the level of discontent with law enforcement in America today.

The heartening side to this story is that these young girls are now learning to bypass this tyrannical system of bureaucratic nonsense. The girls said they will be setting up their lemonade stand again this weekend. Instead of selling it though, they will be giving it away, but they will gladly be accepting donations.

Hopefully next week, we aren’t reading the story of these two Texas girls being raided by the IRS for tax evasion on their lemonade donations. But in today’s police state USA, it would be entirely expected.

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  • Indoctrination

  • Chucks right…it’s the earliest stages of learning to obey and pay…we’re dropping as a country faster than a rock.

  • Sometimes all you can do it not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess. Just breathe, and have faith that everything will work out for the best. Believe that if it’s meant to be, it will be.

  • Good now they can operate outside the sytem and fom their own opinions despite the bible basher the innocent.

  • Stop these lemonade criminals

  • Flashback…I thought the Keystone Cops struck again

  • If you have money , you trust in God , you have to pay your Godly taxes , you do trust in God .

  • They were made because no donuts and coffee were offered.

  • At least they didn’t shoot them.

  • This is crazy,they have nothing better to do than harrass the kids.!!!WOW!!!!WOW!!!! .

  • Glad he’s getting those hard core criminals off the street! SMH!


  • Brainless neo-nazi assholes.

  • The real problem isn’t with the cops, it is with the politicians that write stupid law that the cops are obliged to enforce.

    The enemy is politicians who have created the almighty state.

    • Hmm, but who actually manifests the actions into reality?

    • people can blow hot air all they want, but when pigs get paid to harvest from and jail and kill the populace at the whims of that hot air… i can only blame the pigs

    • I think they could have quite easily let that one go…..

    • The cops dont know the law……they are part of the problem

    • Every human being has free will and a choice and our history is FULL of people who decided to exercise their free will in a constructive way. Individual needs to take responsibility. Politicians only have power when they get somebody to carry out their stupid laws. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6b70TUbdfs

    • True tyranny ALWAYS starts with the leadership/politicians.

      Just a historic fact. Rule one is to know your enemy.

    • Bad politicians = bad laws, bad laws = unpopular and/or unjust enforcement.

      Good politicians rein in bad laws, creating less opportunity for bad cops to capitalize.

    • You guys missed the important part of that story. It said they also showed up with code enforcement, my bet would be code enforcement asked the police to come with them. I would also question why code enforcement got involved, my bed would be a complaint from an a****** neighbor. Don’t be so quick to blame the police I’ll bet they didn’t even want to be there.

    • The Free Thought Project.com I’m curious as to why you’re only villainizing the police with this story. Isn’t code enforcement culpable as well? How about the lawmakers that passed this law? I bet code enforcement was called by a nosy damn neighbor, why aren’t we villainizing that jerk?

    • I agree and don’t agree, Yes the laws are retarded but the cops do have discretion as to what the decide to enforce, I think the blame lie with the American public that allows this to happen… stand up to your corrupt government! Isn’t that what your precious 2nd amendment is for?

    • That is what ALL of the Bill of Rights is for.

    • Mike Allen , times like this the cops usally only act based on a complaint. That is the point I’m trying to make. Why did code enforcement show up ? A random drive by ? Sounds ambitious for a government employee. I’m thinking a citizen called code enforcement, and they wisely came with police protection. ( I know what kind of hell I would have given a code enforcement officer had I been dad.)

  • Stupid….leave the kids alone…..their not selling drugs

  • Maybe the cops know something isn’t right with the water that no one else knows. <<

  • Thank you for these brave men in their hero costumes!

  • When police were actually a part of the communities they policed, what violations they ignored, humanized them. They would be customers and make certain the kids were supervised and safe. Now? I wouldn’t advise anyone do anything that brought the police into your community. Leave them alone, they’ll be in touch soon.

  • Devious bastards

  • Not the cops fault. Some asshole bureaucrat sent them out. Since it’s their job to enforce the law, they don’t get a choice. If police could decide who to arrest and who not to arrest, that’s called corruption. I’m sure they felt idiotic sent to close down a lemonade stand.

  • You got to be kidding me. That’s just cruel.

  • Next they’ll be giving kids tickets for driving their peddle cars without a license.

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  • Another ‘enforcer’ using the ‘Nuremberg Excuse’.

  • You guys are wrong. The problem IS with the cops. It started after 9/11 with passing of the Patriot Act and the losing of some of our most precious civil rights. Law Enforcement then became more and more militarized, buying military equipment like armored vehicles and assault rifles. These are things Law Enforcement does not need these type of equipment. They do not need tanks. This is getting worse as the military sells more advanced equipment.
    In 2005 the Supreme Court ruled that Law Enforcement’s job was no longer to serve and protect, only to uphold to uphold the law.
    This decision was upheld in 2015.
    Since 2010 law enforcement killings of civilians has increased 35%. Since 2013 it has increased 45%. Many of these citizens have been proven innocent.
    Law Enforcement brutality has increased 75% since 2013.
    The fact is everyone is a target, no matter if you are a law abiding citizen or not. If you are black the chances are twofold if not more.

  • He is sad!

  • Unfucking real…I’m glad I’m in Canada…we would beat the shit out of this cop that obviously has mother issues

  • must be the PRIDE of their department

  • Next time you tell a soldier “Thanks for your service”, remember this kind of theft is what he is protecting and to that end is his service.

  • The cops daughter probably was trying to sell lemonade down the road. Cannot have that kind of competition on his block. lmao

  • RIP Childhood


  • Little Villians got what they deserved!

  • Its very important to indoctrinate all of these children so that when they grow up they don’t become unruly citizens and enemies of the state.

  • lemonade stands

  • lemonade stands were outlawed years ago because corporations and the government can’t profit from them. just like yard sales, swap meets, craigs list, and feeding the poor

  • The land of the free … no more…

  • Serve & Protect is turning into Punish & Enslave

  • Disgusting my first job selling lemonade ony street .

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  • How did that fat ass become a cop bet he can’t run a block with out falling over and all most dieing

  • Really? I thought harassment was illegal..

  • Why do you think the Academies insist on IQ`S of 104 or less?

  • two girls were doing this across the street from me last summer, and two cops got out and drank some lemonade and paid them extra, said good job, then left. not all cops are the same.

    • Very true some are worse than others. Some only watch the rapes and beatings while some prefer to jump in on it

    • Ya see, in the above case, most likely some neighbor of these girls that has a stick up his or her ass, called the cops demanding that the law be enforced and the activity to be stopped.

      And since there is a law on the books, the police were obliged to enforce the law.

      The problem here is not the enforcers, but the laws of politicians. These politicians have put every action under their regulation and supervision.

      We rein in b.s. Enforcement of law by reining in and rolling back B.S. law.

      Somehow the notion that one cant fight city hall is accepted as fact.

  • Ah the GOP controlled lunacy of Texas. At least they kept Texas safe from those little terrorists. Did they get fined for operating a business without open carrying?

  • C’mon! Do you really think these cops did this on their own? Some asshole neighbor called them!!!

  • only in America

  • still, cops should do what’s right instead of what they are told. even they are sheep. because of this, another couple girls’ dreams and ambitions are squandered.

  • If people under the working-age want to make a legal dollar, then its your choice to give it to them. If you don’t agree with what they’re doing don’t buy their lemonade. Let them do what they want, I got 12 acres and I farm on and I’ll be damned if anybody is going to come out here and tell me how to farm and sell my produce, the government already gets taxes out of every purchase you make every day they don’t need more money

  • Ridiculous!

  • At least he didn’t shoot them. It’s always a possibility, you know.

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  • What, they did not taze the kids till they glowed? Or send them to the ER all banged up, or shot? Bad girls got off easy.

  • Oh, officer, you saved my world, you are soooooo strong,,,,,(flattering my eyelashes). Sorry, have to puke now.

  • thx for sharing

  • It’s pathetic. Political correctness again strikes where it’s just not needed.

  • Did anyone think to publicly shame these guys? Maybe get some local businesses to refuse service to them?

  • Simple, check with your local municipality if you need a permit for any activity of service in which you intent to take a payment for said

  • The poor little kids getting busted for selling lemonade by the cops routine is a story that gets thrown up every six months or so.you would think that the parents would know by now. then of course there are the health dept guidelines that have to be followed, what if you made a heap of people sick from your unsanitary practices whilst making said lemonade. with no public liability insurance, and especially in the states(the land of litigation) you could loose your house over a glass of home made Lemonade. Thats why you NEED a permit. its not the Police being Killjoys…

    • Paul come on that’s the rules we all know and yes it’s correct. So if my boys mate are over and get sick from play in the sprinkler and consume some water and become ill who do we blame.

    • Are you charging a fee to play in the sprinkler or charging a fee for the water? if you pay money for something there is an expectation that the product is safe. you pay for water so you have the expectation that your children are safe. should you or anyone get sick from contaminated water at your house you could sue the water dept. if someone slips and falls in your home , They Can sue you for injury if you are found negligent. it may seem trivial but people lose houses everyday for negligent practices. it Pays to check is all im saying,,,, you dont want to crying over spilt or Bad lemonadeLOL

  • Comply or Die!! He Should have Tasered and Beat Them to Death!

  • I don’t know about you but it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth reading this horse shit .

  • By the way its the local authorities who decide these bylaws. Together with the environmental health officials…..just saying.

  • There is another side, what if the lemonade contains lethal poison? It’s all made to look innocent.

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  • It is hard to find attorneys and law firms that deal with civil disputes. No money in that.

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  • They take everything from the citizenry.

  • Yet in Oregon, the adults get to act like children and aren’t even tapped on the fingers. Yeah right we have to enforce the law. No you dont.

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  • Sick.

  • Those officers taught those little girls the police are not “your friend.” They will avoid police and never forget their experience.

  • I’d stop buy and buy some. Then give them $20 each. There’s no need to be an asshole cop

  • thank god! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been walking minding my own business and come across a shady lemonade stand… Those little girls should probably be in prison before they kill someone!

  • Oh thank God they stopped these scary evil lemonade-peddling FIENDS!!

  • america the land of the free

  • What’s this country turning into besides a police state.

  • Luckily those kids didn’t use a stir stick for the lemonade… I would have hated to read the obituary for those 2.

  • Capt Turk

    And cops wonder why they are so hated and despised by so many people.

  • DB Murphy

    I guess it’s easier than going after real criminals like they are paid to do.