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US Cops Raid Native American Reservation, Destroy their Medicine and Eradicate Entire Industry


The Pinoleville Pomo Nation made headlines earlier this year when they announced that they will be growing medical marijuana on their reservation.

Aided by a Kansas company called FoxBarry that helps Native American tribes develop for-profit ventures, and United Cannabis, a Colorado company that develops strains of pot, the Pinoleville Pomo Nation set out to make history.

Although the partnership with FoxBarry and United Cannabis would be short lived, the Pinoleville marijuana farm was well on its way to being the first large-scale medical pot cultivation and distribution enterprise on tribal land in California.

The new operation, on their sovereign land, would benefit those in need as well as create jobs and revenue for the downtrodden tribe. It was a win-win.

However, this mutually beneficial endeavor would be short-lived thanks to tyrants whose job it is to attack people for growing and selling a plant to willing customers.

On Tuesday, courageous deputies from the Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office invaded the sovereign nation and trespassed on native land to destroy everything that this tribe has built.

According to the Press Democrat:

Deputies eradicated some 400 pot plants from an outdoor location. At another location, they began dismantling a “highly sophisticated” chemical laboratory where honey oil — a sticky, concentrated pot product used to make edible medicine— was being manufactured under the auspices of the Pinoleville Pomo Nation, said Sheriff’s Capt. Greg Van Patten. More than 100 pounds of trimmed and drying marijuana also was found inside the laboratory building, a former car dealership on North State Street.

The tribal leaders immediately denounced the raid, stating that their operation was legal.

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“I think what they’re doing is not right,” said Nori Baldridge, the tribe’s director of economic development. “This is sovereign land, and this is a sovereign nation,” she said.

“We were shocked,” said Mike Canales, president of the tribe’s business board.

Canales rightfully contests the legal basis for the raid as the Sheriff’s department does not have any authority over the tribal land or its people.

Van Patten attempted to justify his tyrannical invasion of the tribe’s sovereign land by claiming their operation violated some arbitrary limit of 25 pot plants per parcel. However, they later determined that the tribe did not violate the policy, so Van Patten backpedaled, claiming that the raid was justified due to the “sheer size” of the grow operation.

Van Patten also attempted to justify their trespass, destruction, and theft of property by stating that the tribe using this operation as a source of income also violates state law. Attempting to use your own sovereign land to pull yourself out of the depths of poverty by growing a plant — is criminal activity according to these tyrants.

The tribe’s fight is not over though. Canales says that it is only a setback on the operation, and they intend to fight the crackdown. He implied that it was political and that the warrants contained false information, such as claiming the garden guards were armed.

This raid highlights the insanity of the war on drugs. The double standard set forth by the state in regards to punishing people for cultivating marijuana, while at the same time curtseying to the pharmaceutical companies is staggering.

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In America, your sovereign property can be raided by a small army if you attempt to raise yourself out of poverty by growing a plant. However, if you are the Sackler family, the makers of OxyContin, which is responsible for more deaths per year than heroin and cocaine combined, you get to rub elbows with the elite.

Fed up yet? We are. Help to spread this information by sharing this article in hopes that we may wake up enough people to the horrors of the drug war. Only through a lesser ignorance will reason and logic prevail.

  • WhoooCares

    BS – Indians growing pot illegally – shoot them all.

  • Mickey Barrett

    Why are you using a picture of the fake Oscar Espera DeCorti, a SICILIAN ITALIAN actor who used the ignorant and obviously fake STAGE name Iron Eyes Cody until he was outed as a lying fraud by his own sister? What does an Italian fraud have to do with this? Any old fraud will do? It’s not like you care about factual reporting or covering Native American issues with any level of integrity, that’s OBVIOUS!

    • David Poston

      The US government commits an unprovoked act of war on a weak sovereign nation and what you are upset about is a picture of a man accompanying the article. Wow! Just, Wow!

    • Dr Carl

      Google can be YOUR friend, too! An actor (or actress for female) is one who portrays a character in a performance. The actor performs “in the flesh” in the traditional medium of the theatre, and/or in modern mediums such as film, radio, and television. The analogous Greek term is ὑποκριτής (hypokrites), literally “one who interprets”.
      The actor’s interpretation of their role pertains to the role played,
      whether based on a real person or fictional character. Interpretation
      occurs even when the actor is “playing themselves”, as in some forms of
      experimental performance art, or, more commonly; to act, is to create, a character in performance.

      • Mickey Barrett

        He had to be outed by his own sister after LYING about being Native American for decades, not just playing parts but literally lying about who he was off screen. That’s not acting that’s fraud and he was sued into oblivion for it. His estate is worthless as a result of his fraud. Google could be your friend too if your own bigoted biases did not prevent you from making rational connections.

        • Dr Carl

          Mickey, you have such a nice way with words. (not) You must have caught the NCD that is so prevalent these days. (Name Caller Disease).

          ALL actors are susceptible to the problem of carrying one’s role off of the sound stage and into their real life. In fact, most experience that at one time or another.

          As for bias, (real bias, not just the immature, simplistic name-calling you employ), yes I admit a little bias, as well as a tendency to defend family friends.

          Now why don’t you go shove the rest of your insulting comments, um, into a peace pipe and have a nice big toke, brother?

          • Mickey Barrett

            Dr Whitesplanation racism is itself RUDE as it gets so your poor little fragile feelings display and psychotic narcissistic psychobabble as a form of defense of racism is just you calling yourself names, much uglier ones than anyone else is using.

  • Rick Vogelsong

    So you read the article… And your pissed about a picture of an old guy that pretended to be a NA. Smh.

  • Alan Thompson

    I really like what you’re doing and I support you 100% but I think it’s ridiculous to use the Italian actor from the 1970’s anti litter tv ad. Insulting. And I’ve been getting complaints about your articles when I post them.

    • Dr Carl

      So, all actors and musician’s contributions ‘count’ only if real names are used? There must be a Robert Zimmerman song that addresses that. In case you missed the memo ALL acting is a big version of “let’s pretend”. Some actors support causes. Although his politics is completely sideways, Ramon Estevez has stood for a cause or two. Me thinks some here are missing the point my diverting attention to trival, irrelevant matters. Aho, huh-wugh.

    • mgrafius

      Regardless of who played the part, this image has become a symbol of the plight of Native Americans. Tell your friends to stop getting so upset about something that really has no bearing on their lives, unless all your disgruntled friends are Native Americans.

  • InalienableWrights

    I hope the end is near for these tyrants. I think that all drug cops need to be tried and then hung if convicted of trampling peoples rights.

    Nernberg taught us that you can be executed for enforcing illegitimate law.

  • midnmike

    They’re a sovereign nation, so maybe their garden guards should be armed, and maybe they should shoot at foreign invaders who come over their border to destroy their crops…