Phoenix, AZ – Three Phoenix police officers resigned last week after it was discovered that they forced a 19-year-old to eat marijuana that they found in his car during a traffic stop. The officers resigned knowing that they would soon be fired for their actions anyway. It is possible that they did this for a better severance package and to avoid the shame of being fired — as is common in this profession.

Phoenix police officers Michael Carnicle, Richard Pina and Jason McFadden were named as the officers responsible.

In addition, a police lieutenant responsible for supervising the officers has been demoted as a result of the incident.

Lt. Jeff Farrior, who had been notified about the allegations and still failed to launch an investigation, was demoted to the position of sergeant.

Phoenix Police Chief Joseph Yahner told local reporters that “The allegations against these former officers are compelling, appalling and extremely unprofessional. Appropriate action has been taken.”

“This conduct is contrary to everything we stand for and it undermines the good actions of the men and women of the Phoenix police department,” Yahner added.

According to police, the officers in question pulled over the young man for speeding around 3:30 in the morning, and quickly discovered marijuana in his car after conducting a search.

For some reason, instead of letting the student go or arresting him, the officers demanded that he ate the gram of marijuana that was found in his car. He was still cited.

To make matters even more suspicious, the officers reportedly turned off their body cameras during the traffic stop, so there is no video of the encounter.

Immediately after the traffic stop, the young man filed a formal complaint with the department.

The victim, Edgar Castro said he didn’t think anyone would believe what happened.

“I was at a red light at 43rd and McDowel when the cops approached me from behind,” Castro said.

“The officer was like either you eat the marijuana or go to jail tonight,” Castro said. “I asked him ‘Do I really have to do this, do I really have to do this’ a couple of times,” to which the cops replied, yes.

“This conduct is contrary to everything we stand for and it undermines the good actions of the men and women of the Phoenix police department,” Yahner added.

Arizona is one of the many places where laws against marijuana are becoming more lax. Not only is Arizona a medical marijuana state, but there is also a ballot measure up for vote in November that could legalize the herb for recreational use throughout the state.

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