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Cops Shoot Woman’s Dog Then Warrantlessly Ransack Her Home to Justify It

New York, NY – Brooklyn resident Raven Garcia is filing a lawsuit against the NYPD after the police entered her house without a warrant, shot her dog and then ransacked her home in an attempt to find evidence to justify their intrusion. Police were called to Garcia’s house over an unpaid cab fee, but they had no warrant or justification to enter her home without permission.

Garcia had been out drinking with her friends on that night, and when realizing that she was too drunk to drive home, she did the responsible thing and took a cab. Unfortunately, Garcia forgot to pay the cab driver when they arrived at her house, likely due to her intoxication. It is true that Garcia was in the wrong for stiffing the cab driver, but this hardly justifies a warrantless search and the shooting of an animal, this is a very simple matter that could have been resolved very quickly and easily if the police were not so quick to escalation and aggression.

However, it is important to point out that all charges regarding the unpaid cab fare have since been dropped — making the dog shooting and subsequent raid — entirely unjust.

According to witnesses, police arrived at Garcia’s apartment with large numbers in an extreme show of force. They let themselves into the home and carelessly allowed the dog to walk out of the house. Witness testimony has stated that the dog, named Macho, was calm and friendly while outside and was shot by one of the officers for no reason. When neighbors asked about the condition of the dog, the officers on the scene told the neighbors to call for help, because they hadn’t done so.

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Meanwhile, a gang of cops began ransacking the house in an attempt to find drugs which would justify their raid and the shooting of the dog. They even went on to search a neighbors apartment that was not even owned by Garcia. After a long search, police found absolutely nothing, but they still arrested Garcia.

According to the lawsuit, “NYPD officers did unlawfully imprison Plaintiff as they ransacked her apartment and shot her companion animal with an unnecessary and gratuitous display of physical force, as they cordoned off the area and prevented witnesses from reporting the unjust nature of the shooting, despite witnesses’ attempts to do so.”

The lawsuit also stated that the officer who shot Macho, Officer Abiola Enrico, was taunting Garcia about her weight, and was so aggressive with her that she was restrained by other officers at one point.

Garcia was then taken jail, where she was deprived of food and water and shackled to a bench in a cold and empty room. The lawsuit states that the temperatures in the room were “frigid.”

One of Garcia’s friends, whom she had been out drinking with that night, had even attempted to pay the cab fee and was told that it was too late, even when she showed up to the police department with the cab driver, who would have been willing to accept the late payment.

Garcia has since retained an attorney and has filed a federal lawsuit against the department for the unlawful search and the shooting of her beloved dog.

“This is a perfect example of the type of incident that has eroded the public’s faith in law enforcement,” said Matthew Albert, Garcia’s attorney. “The most benign of phone calls resulted in a dog being shot, and an entire platoon trying to cover up the brutal crime of a fellow Officer and then torturing an New York University Graduate student and artist. The NYPD, and too many law enforcement officials in general, have a unique ability to escalate events so that everything ends in bloodshed. It’s disgraceful.”

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    Armed criminals who break into people’s homes should be shot on the spot.

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    The cops should be charged with trespassing, animal cruelty, and they should all lose their jobs. I hope and pray that every cop involved end up dead in the gutter, and the POS that shot her dog, I hope he gets tortured, shot in the groin, skinned alive and then doused in gas, for he deserves it!!!

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      I hope someone kills all the MF’s. Low IQ, POS thugs with a badge. They escalate every single situation to facilitate an arrest and bounty for the revenue collection coffers of the Government.

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        And I hope you die an equally painful death as you wish upon all “MF’s, Low IQ, POS thugs with a badge,” as well !

        As most here know that, I am no lover of the PD and poke then as I see fit to do, plenty enough.

        But what you David Hall, and others like you, goes way beyond what is, or needs to be, as considered reason, and personally I am tired of your advocacy of violence against police, for anything you consider as a excuse to spout hatred

        Your type of vengeance is weak and pathetic for the most part, and dangerous in the largest portion of a solution, to seek some sort equality of justice for all involved in police violence, as well the rest of us average Joe and Jill Schmucks, just trying to live our lives. As anyone with half of a brain, could see the results of that style of thinking caused recently in Texas, that would just further the resolve of police’s conviction everyware, that there is a War between them and us !

        You need to ask yourself the question David, how would that help to solve the problem at hand and in the long run, what good would be it’s result in the end, except for more dead cop’s and innocent people ?

        I personally have nothing against you, but just wish you would tone down the redrich a bit. Because to me, you are starting to sound a bit like, some of thouse ISSL nut cases in Syria, saying driving trucks for Allah and there cause into large crowds of people, is a good thing !

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          I hope the cops go to your house then rape and kill all of your family.

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            Nice, and you have a Merry Christmas too !

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      Willkommen ( two L’s) IM Polizeistaat. Please stick to your English and stop embarrassing yourself.

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        Thanks. I feel no shame.

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    I remember a time when, if you stiffed a cab driver, the police would have laughed if you expected them to do something about, let alone show up with multiple officers, shoot your dog and ransack, not one, but two private residences. Welcome to the gulag, comrades.

    • LawrenceNeal

      Now it’s all about playing dress up, getting out the heavy guns, and using it as training.

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