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Graphic Video Shows Cops Push Woman’s Door Open, Allow Her Dog Out and Kill It

Caldwell, ID — On August 18, two Caldwell police officers went to the home of Crystal Holden and Alinah Stelly to serve Holden with a warrant. Instead of just serving the woman with a warrant, however, one of the officers killed their dog. The incident was captured on both of the officers’  body cameras.

As the video begins, Alinah Stelly is talking with the officers.

“What is this for?” asked Stelly.

“I’ve just got to talk with her… for some follow-up,” replied the Caldwell police officer.

Stelly then agrees nicely to go get her sister to talk to the police. As she turns in to retrieve her sister, Stelly pushed on the door to close it.

However, after Stelly attempted to close the door, so her dog didn’t go out, the officer on the right pushes the door open again.

A few seconds pass and Stelly’s dog can be heard barking inside. At this point, the officers should have immediately closed the door to avoid the situation that would follow. But they did not.

As the dog comes out of the door, the first officer, apparently not ‘fearing for his life’ simply pulls out his baton and says, “Get back dog.” But the other officer wasn’t as brave.

The second officer claimed the dog ‘lunged’ at him, however, that is not apparent in the video. He was simply smelling the visitors when the second officer pulled out his pistol and shot the 85-pound German Shepherd-mix.

After the cops kill the poor woman’s beloved pet, she asks them to leave, but they refuse. As the officer is looking for the shell casing used to kill the dog, he can be heard telling the other officer, “I was almost shooting my own damn feet, that thing was right at me. Scared the crap out of me.”

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For Crystal Holden’s alleged probation violation, police killed the innocent Alinah Stelly’s dog — unapologetically. Not only did they kill her dog, but they are now considering charges against Stelly for a vicious animal at large and they sent her a bill demanding $200 if she wants her dog’s body to bury.

Stelly is now planning to file a lawsuit after watching the video, noting that the dog would have most likely not gone outside had the officer not pushed open her door.

The officers in the incidents mentioned above would to well to learn from Officer David Gomez down the road from them in Meridian, who learned to use his intelligence when faced with dogs — instead of his pistol.

The result was nothing short of heartwarming and astonishing as this officer, who’d been trained not to kill dogs, was able to successfully bring in two vicious dogs roaming the neighborhood with no violence.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • john smith

    F-ing tail was wagging

    • Ed

      At the same time the cops mind is wagging, as small as it is!

    • Sherree Holster

      tail wagging isn’t always good but if the officer hadn’t pushed the door open the dog probably wouldn’t have come out

  • Tonya Lange

    Why is that cop even allowed to work as a police officer if that dog ( who’s tail was wagging and didn’t attack other officer) scared him that bad! Can you imagine if that was a loud drunk person? They for sure would be dead as well cause clearly this cop has issues!! He needs to find a new occupation and that department owes that woman some money even though it won’t bring her beloved pet back at least it would make a statement cause they only care when it costs them money!!! Sorry for ur loss Hun and if I were u I would show them what it’s like to have ur every move questioned and mayb a warrant will b issued for him!! See how he likes it!

    • Sherree Holster

      Tail Wagging isn’t always a good thing depends on the wag, but if the officer shouldn’t have pushed the door open. The dog probably wouldn’t have come out

  • blackberry

    Death for a barking and tail wagging innocent dog! How violent and sick.

    • Sherree Holster

      tail wagging isn’t always good but if the officer hadn’t pushed the door open the dog probably wouldn’t have come out

  • Bob Btme

    sick, sick police state

  • Mia <3

    Where’s the aftermath?

  • Katydid

    This is why I side with the people who refuse to participate in the national anthem and pledge, etc. How long are we allowing this to continue?

    • Benjamin Smith

      you ignorant fuck the national anthem isn’t about COPS..

      • Katydid

        A quote from Colin Kaepernick:

        “There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder”

        I don’t automatically side with this young man because he isn’t old enough to have experienced enough to know true oppression, but he is protesting police brutality – so, yea the protest is about dirty cops – cops who storm the wrong house and flash bomb babies, kill old, defenseless people, and murder dogs for no reason.

        • Joshua Curthoys

          Read his comment again.. lol

        • Cindy Bigham Sutton

          Kaepernick should be talking about thugs killing innocent citizens and trying to make a difference there.

      • NManning

        Who IS it about? Surely you do not actually think it is just for veterans or something idiotic like that…

        • Anthony Murano

          Please tell me you’re joking… Anybody with a high school education that took basic U.S. History learns what the song is about… It’s not about cops…

      • Ellen Woglom

        No, it’s about America. And in America, we have a history of over a century of anti-black violence & public policy- manufactured ghettos, forced hyper-segregation,redlining, and state-supported peonage- that continues to this day. In America, cops are unjustly killing and targeting POC. In America, racism still exists. So you sir, are the ignorant one. Because this isn’t about cops, this is about America and the injustices we continue to commit against POC.

        • Tony Johnson

          Poc does that mean pieces of crap?

          • Ellen Woglom

            In reference to yourself? Yes, that’s exactly what it means. In regards to my comment, well I think you know the answer. Then again, intelligence doesn’t seem to be one of your strengths, so perhaps you do ask in earnest. Sad thing is I wouldn’t be surprised. Is that really the best you could come up with? I’ll give you a tip, if trying to be humorous by disparaging others, make sure you’re not an easy target yourself… Humor always fails when you’re dumber than the joke 😉

    • Spencer Lawrenz

      You’re a special kind of mouth breathing Trump supporting religitard cunt.

      • Cindy Bigham Sutton

        I support Trump and I don’t agree with her.

      • Domini Rei

        Why do people have to speak like this in a discussion? It’s foul and people automatically disengage. Besides – a “cunt” gives pleasure, so maybe choose another derogatory word, lol,

  • 1blueadept2

    had that been my dog, I would have went for my gun and shot the officer.

    • InfamousShadow06

      Me too… I would have completely lost my mind right then and there.

  • Ibcamn

    never let the cops into your house or onto your property,always close your door or speak through the open window to cops,they are criminals,they love to kill you and your pets…they are rapists,robbers and murderers,cops are criminals period.never answer the door and leave it open,this cop had no right to even touch your door,and the other faggot cop should find a new job if he is that afraid of puppy’s……i bet this cop loves to jerk it to beastie porn……cops are criminals,nothing more……..

    • Bill

      You are probably right…

  • Nishi

    There’s a special place in hell for cops who shoot dogs.

  • Pissedoffidahoan

    Sickening and so sad! People like this don’t deserve to have any kind of authority! Absolutely heartless! Makes me lose any respect for our guys in blue. Take this all the way girl! Your pup deserves justice!

  • Fred Cox

    Do you have a follow up on this?.. Was the warrant for felony probation violation?.. Are the officers on administrative leave pending full investigation?.. Are the videos from the body cams going to be released?.. Have any charges been made against the officers?.. Thanks for closing the loop by communicating the whole story, rather than leaving your posting in an emotion prompting state bordering on sensationalism…

  • corners1

    I want a new law passed that will cost police $250,000 every time they kill a dog, no questions. That should end all the unnecessary stuff like that, and only be used when they are really in fear for their lives (or losing $250,000).

  • Bill

    This Piss Ant Coward ass cop shot a dog for barking at him…These fucking scary ass cops are some sick bastards all over this country. This is why I hate fucking cops! Shit like this…
    As NWA says “FUCK THE POLICE”!

  • Amy Marie

    What are the names of these evil fuckers?????? We need to spread their shame far & wide.

  • William Matthew Lee

    Oh please let me be on that jury! The cop needs to be fired! His partner should be brought up on charges of home invasion! He had NO legal right to shove open the door AND LET THE D

  • InfamousShadow06

    My heart just dropped… I can honestly say if that were me and my dog I would have lost it and completely flipped the hell out on the cop and probably ended up shot and dead myself. My dog is my baby.. he’s my life.. he’s the sweetest dog in the world but if he doesn’t know you, or feels threatened.. he comes off as vicious ( as most Pit’s do ).. I just cant imagine having him shot and killed in front of my own eyes.. I just can’t comprehend it. I really hope she wins the lawsuit!!! That was some BULLSHIT!

  • Bobs1951

    I drive a tow truck in a rural area, so my job takes me to many farm yards and I have yet to find a bad dog. I have been to some that the owners themselves were surprised the dog didn’t even bother barking. One instance, I had to go and unlock a car and I get out and the dog comes over and takes a look at me and sits down, the owner comes over and sees his dog and is shaking his head, what have you done to my dog? I say nothing, well he won’t let anybody in the yard, not even my own brother who lives next door. I told him that dogs don’t bother me and I don’t bother them. We respect each other and they sense that. No reason why that cop shot that dog, so he barked, that is what dogs do.

  • Michael Carpinello

    you fucking peice of shit cop!!!!

  • Michelle Reader

    I have seen so many video ‘s of cops killing dogs in America and I know there a probably many many more I haven’t seen and many that were not filmed and posted on the world web. How many family pets have been murdered?. The world has lost count .

  • Usaretired

    Wow, it sounds like all of you are judge and jury. The police were serving a warrant, signed by a judge. When the door is initially opened you don’t hear a dog, the sister shuts the door slightly, so had the dog been coming, it would have come out when they initially knocked on the door (again, I didn’t hear any barking) So again the cops are serving a warrant for parole violation, which usually means someone is going back to jail. Cop pushes the door open so he can’t be ambushed (which seems to be the latest craze)My guess would be whether intended or not, someone let the dog out, then the dog approached the door barking etc. No one has a clue what the animals intentions were. As sad and unfortunate as it is, it’s justifiable. You all have the luxury of sitting back in your recliners reading this story and passing judgement, but you weren’t there nor were you part of it. But as an animal lover it is very sad. But whoever let the dog out of where it was, again, intended or not paid the consequences of their actions.

    • NManning

      Right. So, can ANYONE kill someone’s dog since nobody knows the dog’s intentions, or just cops?

    • Adam Woods

      I can judge the cop that shot the dog based on the actions of the cop that didn’t. The cop at the door had enough forethought and warning to pull his baton from his left side with his right hand, slowly. He skipped his gun, tazer and pepper spray to go for the weapon that would allow him to keep distance.

      The second cop had more time to react. He heard the dog, saw it go around the first cop and come for him. He waited until it was too late to react and went for his gun. Maybe he was a rookie and inexperienced, but there was plenty of time.

  • Ze

    would do well to***

  • Grim

    Just because the dog is wagging it’s tail does not mean it’s friendly. And the dog clearly ran towards the officer while barking, I would have shot it too.

  • papo hiolo

    I hope one day the cop dies in a fire fight karma will always come

  • Suzanne S

    I will sign any petition that gets these cops fired.

  • Sherree Holster

    For those of you that keep commenting “The tail was wagging” The tail wagging isn’t always a good thing there are different kind of tail wags, but that cop Should NOT have pushed door the open that dog doesn’t know he difference between a and a criminal. he was protecting his humans an his home.

    • Cup_of_STFU

      Your comment is moot since the dog’s tail was consistently flat, not raised which would indicate aggression.

  • Thomas

    It’s not right that people can own weapons like this that they don’t control. I hope every dog that is a potential threat is shot and then burned to hell. So sick of people being attacked by dogs. 4.7 million Americans are bit every year because people are allowed to own these miserable animals that threaten people by the billions every day causing stress related illnesses from monotonous barking. 1000 people every day require reconstructive surgery to their body including their face because of dog bites that they have to live with for the rest of their lives with brutal disfigurements and many can’t afford the health care but you idiots still get to own these hellish animals with no remorse for victims. I hope cops shoot every last dog in America keep it up guys you just saved a little child’s life by shooting that piece o for shit. Any owner that doesn’t train there dog to be nice to visitors and other people needs to see a social worker. What kind of a loser do you have to be in this day in age that you need a dog to protect you. 99/100 times the dog bites or kills an innocent person. Completely warranted. 0 tolerance for aggressive dogs. Shoot them all and save yourself and others from the pain and suffering that comes from useless owners and piece of shit dogs like this.

    • Domini Rei

      Take your meds. The dog did nothing, he was behaving as a dog. People kill way more than dogs. You sound like a psycho – now you, every dog in America should chew your ass up when they see your mug on the street!

      • Thomas

        Nah I still don’t agree with your comment. I Still stand by what I said

    • Steve A. Cobb

      You really are the most special kind of stupid. Congratulations, you …are…the weakest link!

      • Thomas

        Nah I still don’t agree with you. I still stand by what I said

  • Cup_of_STFU

    Notice how the first officer backs away from the door? That’s the first sign the officer doesn’t know how to deal with dogs. If he had been smart, and trained, he would have moved towards the dog, which is not an act of aggression, but of dominance. He should have blocked the dog from walking out of the door.

  • Roxann Watson

    With the new law, an officer can shoot your dog for barking at them. They can go as far as entering your home, go to wherever the dog is and shoot it.

  • Cindy Bigham Sutton

    The cop had no right to even touch the door. I hope she sues and the cop should be fired.

  • Ame

    My God!! What a Coward and much worse!!! NOBODY should be on a police force with that much ignorance!!

  • Sandy Chlubna
  • Joe Marty


  • Dennis Haas

    Any updates on this?

  • Sergio Aliaga

    What a fucking coward that dog couldn’t have been more than 30lbs. These cops are suppose to protect and serve but are scared of a dog bite. This new law allowing police officers to shoot a barking dog is one of many reasons why America is going to shit.