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Cops Spray Family’s Home with Bullets, Nearly Kill them All, Handcuff Child – Offer No Explanation

Ocoee, FL — A Florida man and his family are lucky to be alive after his house came under gunfire by police in the early morning hours on Saturday — but it was all a terrifying mistake.

According to the man, who asked to remain anonymous, he awoke around 1 am to pounding on his front door; but when he asked who was on the other side, no one responded.

Afraid his home was about to be burglarized, local ABC affiliate WFTV reported, the man retrieved his gun.

A bright light shone through the front door when he returned, and someone outside yelled “gun!”

Then the gunfire started.

According to WFTV, “Two bullets flew past the man’s head, and more bullets pierced walls and shattered glass windows, he said.”

He said he never returned fire, but he, his wife, and their 12-year-old son were forced to huddle on the ground until the gunfire finally stopped.

To add insult to the family’s terror at having been pulled from sleep and promptly fired upon, they were then handcuffed by Ocoee Police and seated on the curb outside — and weren’t allowed back into their home for 10 hours.

Why were the family members’ lives put in jeopardy by this gang-style shootout of their home?

According to WFTV, “he was told police officers mistakenly responded to the home after receiving a report of domestic violence.”

Ocoee police Sgt. Bob Rivera said, “Upon arrival, a person was confronted and shots were fired. The investigation is ongoing by the Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement.” An FDLE spokesperson concurred, but refused to offer further details.

If police want any sympathy from the public for the supposed difficulties they face on the job, perhaps they should stop making such inexcusable errors — particularly when the consequences have the potential to end people’s lives.

  • Please (Y) + Comment + Share this story. Help us ensure these reckless cops are held accountable.

    • even andy taylor would gawk at that lol. This is some sort of Vermin Supreme idea, good stuff.

  • hey , they gave a verbal apology .. and didnt kill anybody … just shot the crap outa the wrong address and almost had to defend themselves for rel against a armed and pissed off home owner … NO ONE THREATENS THE COPS AND LIVES usually … so that guy should be seriously thankful he didnt lose his kids or get shot himself .

    • I’m sad the guy didn’t kill the cop and lived – better story

    • killing a cop , even a feral cop gone rogue shooting your family up .. is going to have you end in deep crap , cops are above regular humans and above reach of law and acountability . Politicians more so …

    • Not true my grandmas ex husband killed 2 Feds after the shot his dog and didn’t say who they where when the raided his house. It was right after he got back from Vietnam. He never went to prison over it… Things aren’t the same now but I think people still have some common sense about right and wrong

  • If I was one of the ones left alive, I would’ve tried my best to escape the house before being caught or killed…. Hide somewhere temporarily… And then devise a plan to strategically and methodically one by one take out each member of that particular police department… It would be glorious.

  • Absolutely unbelievable!!!

  • When will the police be reigned in? This problem seems to just be getting worse across the country.

  • Trigger happy cops is a disgrace to society.. what they can’t
    read an address correctly ? they assume spraying a house full of bullets is the way to conduct their job ? Are they even americans ?

    • I don’t suppose they were trained to first fill home with lead then attempt to confirm location.

    • “cops” fbi and now reports of blackwater mercenaries…what is the reason americans need this level of “enforcement” for what? using mj? tax evasion? we let real criminals out on parole or short sentences, or no sentences…..why is this level of force desired? or used? I am still not understanding the killing of this Oregon man..now this in FL and GA’s state assembly has just put an unannounced raid of homes law past our gen assembly…..why?


    • They have been trained by terrorists ,, shoot first than you wont need to ask any questions later ,…!

  • Kat Ramminger

  • They were responding to a call about a domestic disturbance, so, basically about a couple fighting, and their response is to open fire into the house randomly when someone sees a gun? What if it was a guy holding his wife hostage at gunpoint? They would’ve potentially just killed the hostage. All of the officers involved need to be shit-canned and charged with attempted homicide like anyone else would’ve been.

  • any cop that shoots a gun off needs to be arrested and have his day in court to prove to a jury why he shot. if guilty then be sentenced as a criminal

  • And if he had killed one of them
    Would it had been a quietly forgotten ?

  • This is why they get the hate they do

  • Extremely poor law enforcing. Back in my day these guys would all have gotten fired and their future employment in law enforcement would be slim to none. Not today and I cannot understand why. Is it because the people who supervise the police are that flawed they don’t know right from wrong?

  • Smh…

  • This Florida City,..Needs To Fully Restore their home,..Or Buy it Out right,..3 x’s the value so they can relocate,….WoW,…Lock these cops up,..

  • negligence is not filling something out properly, this is a tad more than negligence

  • So they are using the same excuse Clintin uses??? Oh we made a mistake…

  • A Police Mistake:

  • Yup, that is Florida for ya,, @ shoot first ask questions later…

  • Fucking morons

  • Its Beèn The American Way,It will be and It will Destroy.

  • What the fuck is happening with authorities in your country.

  • To bad this country is to corrupt do sentience him to life in prison:/

  • How did the homeowner not see that they were cops or a police car through that door? Regardless….hopefully that family gets a great lawyer and sues the police force for a considerable amount! How do these trigger happy loses get hired?!

    • we bandy that word sue a lot …..as if it will some how be a justice for average citizens…..first they will be paying out of their own pockets thousands and thousands against our..you and my…taxpaid attorneys….who can carry this forward for years….and in the end when everyone has forgotten about it …that little kid is now in high school…the homeowners are totally traumatized by the paper work of depositions and more for the lawsuit…..may get a judgment of money….which will never be collected…bec the people’s attorneys will appeal……….sad…yes….bec this should be a simple legal crime and the judge can and should act immediately….and restitution be made immediately to the victims……and every citizen in that town or suburb should help make this change to the system…demanding elected pay attention and change ….this reality is why we keep having law enforcement truly unaccountable……..and we keep electing the pretty rhetoric and never bring up these real issues to our state house level assemblies……but we will talk beyonce all day…..

    • Bandy or not their house was destroyed due to negligent police officers. They probably suffer from PTSD which is terrible! I’m not an American so no it doesn’t affect my pocket but I understand your point. Tons of paperwork, stress etc etc…absolutely but sometimes it needs to get done! Hopefully a competent person gets elected in who will action change because it’s a shame.

  • I don’t believe any of this type of police activity is by accident. the government is attempting to instill mass fear in sheeples.

  • the world is fucked….

  • In Canada if an officer discharges his weapon there usually is an investigation. If a person is shot there’s definitely an instant investigation. However I believe it’s still the police policing themselves . . .

  • cops should be made to pay $100 for each bullet in they weapon. Then you’ll see less of this bull.

  • more bad and stupid than good and smart

  • Americaaa request your freeeedoommm

  • Now picture anyone other than a police officer firing bullets into your home, and further assaulting and kidnapping, then saying oh sorry wrong house. I think in that situation, cops would show up sometime in the next hour or so, and shoot…somebody.

  • You really know the mentality of pigs, when you see them cuffing a dude whom they just shot in the head, instead of calling an EMT. How many folks have been threatened or assaulted in any way by a dude with his head half blown off? What a bunch of scared little puppies. You cannot give someone like that a gun, and expect anything good to happen.

  • Get those cops stupid fucking ignorant americans!!!

  • They are definitely not trained properly, they have no instinct, or common sense, the police training academy needs to seriously evaluate their training of cops.

  • and this same govt “enforcement” from these police to the fbi mercenaries in OR are getting away with this? what steps to curtail? what punishment or discipline is being acted on? Same usa enforcement just labelled this man a terrorist….


  • State of GA also enacted a legal method for this unannounced invasion to be done………obviously this enactment of law was passed in FL too…….so no crime by police….the ppl need to start paying attention……we are all terrorists now until proven otherwise…..and don’t worry the influencial will not receive 1a.m visits ie raids….they will reserve these for our weakest social members…….this is planned to bet headlines and institute fear of govt……just asking why? anyone hv a theory….anyone actually talk to law enforcement bout this…..anyone in the neighborhood join up with these ppl and back them to the officials?

  • Try it at my house,body bags for 5 or 6 of them.

  • And of course American Homes are not offering any protection .They are built more like movie sets and bullets freely travel through the sheet rock walls !!

  • This is why i dont give a dam about cops and bluelivesmatter, this kinda shit and they will cover it over and get away with it.
    I have zero criminal record, but worry more about thugcops than thugs.

  • One night we were woken up with floodlights shining into our windows, l got up to investigate to find security guards with guns surrounding our house. Then someone shouted ” movement in the house. l started to scream on top of my voice do not shoot I’m the owner. They then realised they were at the wrong house.