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Two Cops Suspended After Almost Shooting Each Other in Fight Over Who Can Run Faster


Atlanta, GA — Cops acting irresponsible is nothing new. Cops shooting each other is also nothing new. However, watching an arguement between two cops over who can run faster, escalating into an assault with a deadly weapon, is something new.

According to the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, the scuffle happened early Friday morning at R. Thomas Restaurant in Buckhead, after officers Stephen Green, Joseph Tyer and a handful of other officers met there for dinner, Officer Lukasz Sajdak, a spokesman for Atlanta police, said in an email.

After the officers finished their dinner, they got into a ‘pissing match’ over who could run faster. Naturally, they quickly escalated the situation to violence.

“I’m going to punch you in the face,” Tyer told Green, according to the statement. Green, who was taken by surprise, said, “What?”

“I’ll punch you in the face,” Tyer said.

Onlookers watched in disbelief as two officers of the law began hurling punches at one another before Tyler, apparently “fearing for his safety,” pulled his weapon and pointed at Green.

Luckily no shots were fired and their fellow officers were able to talk the men down.

Had average citizens engaged in the same conduct outside of a restaurant, including fighting and brandishing a firearm, they would have been arrested immediately on multiple charges or possibly even killed. However, since these two men wear uniforms and badges, no arrests were made and they were merely placed on paid vacations.

On Tuesday, in a move that many cops make to avoid punishment, Tyler resigned. However, Green remains on adminstrative leave.

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“The Atlanta Police Department takes these allegations very seriously,” the department said in a statement. “Chief [George] Turner has always prioritized officer accountability and professional behavior at all times. He will continue to take decisive action when necessary to hold his employees to the highest standard.”

Stay classy Atlanta police.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.
  • Xizang

    The nation’s best hope is that all these idiots with badges kill one another off. Please do it soon.

  • Tamar

    The best solution was to let them shoot each other. Oh well.

  • Darren Mitton

    Welcome to Atlanta, bitches… *sigh*

  • Cam Alft

    HIGHLY TRAINED MY ASS……cops are criminals behind a badge,just a bit above retarded,and this yet again proves my point,and hundreds of millions of others too….

  • Gordon Klock

    Classic example of the scary & exasperating double standard of our broken legal system, as well as proof as to the profound level of frightening, childish, ignorance displayed by its officers…
    This system is going to self destruct in the not too distant future….

  • Thomas Paine

    This is called “natural selection” is it not? The dumb ones die.