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WATCH: A Man Was Dancing at a Bus Stop, So 4 Cops Taser, Beat, and Arrest Him

Austin, TX — In today’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ society, doing the ‘pee pee dance’ while waiting for a bus is grounds for police action — at least that’s what a woman in Austin thought when she called the cops on a dancing man. Unfortunately, for the dancing man, police would also perceive his harmless behavior as a threat and move to neutralize it.

This latest instance of ridiculous police brutality was captured on video Tuesday outside of an Austin restaurant. As the video begins, a nicely dressed man was standing at a bus stop doing a bit of a sidestep dance in place. The officer responding to the fearful woman’s 911 call perceived this dance as a potentially dangerous act.

The dancing man appeared to have a mental imbalance and may have flipped the bird at someone driving by. According to witnesses at the scene, the man may have had “some kind of disorder” and a “mental imbalance of some kind.” However, this was not grounds for what happened next.

In the video, we see the man doing nothing other than dancing when the officer approaches him as if he’s holding a child hostage. Within just a few moments the officer has his taser drawn, aiming it at the man’s head.

When the bus shows up, the man attempts to get on it, as it appears that was his intention the entire time. However, the cop would not have it. As the man attempted to walk toward the bus, the cop waved it on.

“He didn’t do anything,” a bystander says just before the situation turns violent. “He’s just standing there, minding his own business.”

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Then, boom, taser goes off, and the man falls to the ground.

For dancing, this man was shot with a taser and then tackled, assaulted, and handcuffed.

“Stop tasering him, you asshole,” a bystander yells as the cop continues his assault.

“Am I under arrest,” the man keeps asking as the cop sits on him.

“Put your hands behind your back and stop resisting,” says the officer to the man who is lying face down and not resisting at all.

At this point, another officer shows up and apparently had no other way to join in the assault, so he started grabbing the man’s legs and twisting them.

“What the fuck, you can’t do that,” another bystander yells.

“He is not even moving,” a woman says.

A third cop then shows up and the officers, clearly at a loss for what their justification was for attacking the man, simply stand around and talk about ‘safety.’

For good measure, to make sure this handcuffed dancing man, who had harmed no one, would be absolutely neutralized — a fourth cop showed up.

“Four cop cars for a person that was appearing a little unstable but not bothering anyone,” says the woman taking the video.


Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. and now on Steemit

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    I’m proud of the way my fellow Texans filmed this atrocity and spoke out against it. It actually takes a lot of courage to call a cop an asshole while he’s abusing his authority!

    • Guy

      I rather be a dead lion, than a live chicken !

    • Mr. Wrestling III

      Yeah, it’d be better if they just surrounded the cop, scared him off, picked the guy up and split. We have to start stepping in when these situations arise.

      • Andrew A Nyberg

        Or just shot and killed the thugs so society is safer and freed the innocent civilian from these paid gangsters.

    • r wood

      and to think Austin is usually the Oasis of sanity in Texas. i see people walk down my street singing (sort of) they tend to have ear buds and i assume are playing music on some thingy. So.. this dude dances a bit? that’s ACTUALLY legal in Austin maybe not in Waco?) let me guess.. the guys was BLACK? Durn it.. them Coloreds dance too much!.

      THIS CRAP…… shows how our CIVILIZATION is coming unglued. If I was a CANADIAN…I’d advocate building a WALL.

  • Oingo Boingo

    The initial run-up on the first cop was a mistake, Non ?

    • cagey

      initial run up???? you mean when he was going for the bus ??

    • Hugh Culliton

      No, the mistakes were in the way the officer attended the scene. They needlessly escalated a non-violent non-situation into pointless conflict and unnecessary arrest.

  • Patrick McCarthy

    I think officer #1 is just as mentally challenged as the young man he abused. Officer #2 needs a psych evaluation as well.

    • cagey

      take off the badge and gun and we’ll have us an old fashioned “mental eval”..

      • AshenTech

        hate to agree but, im thinking its going to come down to citizens ganking cops on duty of off, before theres a chance they will wake up and realize hiring people based on them barely passing a intelegence and reasoning test, is probably the worst possible idea they could have short of hiring only white nationalist trump supporters as cops….

        i gotta give the 1 cop i had an actually knock down drag out fight with, off duty, credit though…. he didnt call the cops despite getting his ass beat 3 times in a row when he tried to kick my ass because he was sure i was hitting on his wife….who worked in the same place i did…and told him that several times…..(both of us did..he had a few drinks and wasnt in the mood to listen…he wanted a fight..he got one….to bad his brain was only working at like 10% he may have thought about how bad an idea it was to try and fist fight a 320LB guy who at the time worked in a machiene shop….anyway, he was a decent guy, infact, he quit being a cop after he tried to report another officer doing something not only illegal, but immoral and unethical to boot…he would hassle this gal, threaten to take her kid, or take her in and make sure the kid ended up in a bad situation….real dirtbag….only to have his supervisor and the chief tell him he saw nothing, heard nothing, and to drop it if he knew what was best…he got a job working for a project/company that helps investigate claims of police brutality and misconduct, hes one of the few people who went into that field because he really wanted to help people…even if hes an idiot when drunk….now hes helping people who are abused by these assholes….hope he dosnt endup getting killed for contempt of cop…a capital crime if you ask cops like these.

  • Tmoney

    You can’t get down and boogie in the police state.

    • Joe Sabina

      Yes! I literally fell outta my chair laughing! Props T

      Smoke one and Love!

  • Liz O’neill

    American cops are sooo brave when there are at least 4 of them the “suspect ” is totally innocent, unarmed and harmless and they have tazed beaten and cuffed him for no reason, I truly wish people would start doing the same thing to them, they are nothing but thugs and cowards in uniform.

    • r wood

      The Cops in my little Ohio Town are pretty mellow and professional. Clearly…. in some places the process and mindset are quite screwed up.

  • David Hall

    Prick that called should be the one in jail. Can’t do anything in the States anymore with the revenue collectors around. Thugs and cowards.

  • Howard Y. Jackson Jr.


  • Jerry Jarvis

    He lucky he wasn’t black other wise he probably would have been an obit.

    • Barb G.

      He WOULD have been dead!… And what they did to this man and how they treated him was absolutely wrong!

  • Lorne Allen

    Pig should be charged with aggravated assault and pointing a weapon and criminal mischief.

  • morsextenebris

    If everyone watching this unjustified abuse would just gather and circle the wagons around these thugs with badges in the defense of the victim, maybe the point would come across more potently. It is obvious that quite a few people are watching this scenario unfold but no one goes to his aide, we need to stand together against the drones of the system that is completely out of control with no accountability to their boss…that would be us.

  • Difster

    Someone needs to dox that bitch that called the cops.

    • AJ

      Unfortunately, this is the society that we all are forced to exist in now. We all live in “snitch-land” now, and oftentimes our immediate neighbors represent some of the greatest threats to our freedom and liberty.

      The Constitutional Right that guarantees our ability to “face our accuser” in the courts has been turned on its head, as the anonymous snitch is under no obligation to testify against you.

      I can recall the Otto Zehm murder in Spokane, Wa about ten years ago. Two young women became frightened by the mentally handicapped Zehm’s happy-go-lucky, friendly demeanor and immediately called 911 to snitch him out….for being happy and friendly. The responding officer then beat Zehm to death in a convenience store for doing absolutely nothing.

      Yeah, doxxing these snitches is a great idea, as snitches are all cowards who love to destroy other people’s lives, but hate to be publicly identified.

      Nobody likes a snitch.

      • Phil Freeman

        Now now, we don’t want to put personal information of abusers up for the world to see. Believe me, I’ve done it and got major grief for it. No, let’s just sit here and bitch about the abuser on social media. Can’t have it both ways people. Can’t have canned heat in your feet and dance at the bus stop either. Just too electrifying.

        • Hugh Culliton

          You got major grief for it because doxing is both illegal and immoral. Your’re posting information that could result in innocent people being assaulted or killed. Think about it!

          • Phil Freeman

            Illegal? Not likely. Immoral? That depends. It’s certainly subjective. Innocent people? I hardly think cops qualify as innocent people. So what’s your favorite flavor of boot?

          • Hugh Culliton

            Phil: Doxing is utterly illegal, not to mention dangerous and reckless. More to the point, it’s the same illegal abusive, bullying bullshit you (rightly) execrate the police for IN THIS VERY STORY! If you act the same way as those you scorn, what does that make you?

      • Hugh Culliton

        Doxing anyone for any reason is criminally irresponsible! You don’t know what will happen with the info, nor do you know who else lives at that address. There is a good chance that the info you dox might get some utterly innocent person badly injured or killed! Legalities aside – do you want that on your conscience?

      • Andrew Wilson

        Just like the people in the hotel with Daniel Shaver, a man who was at a hotel in Mesa AZ and was in his room showing an air rifle to guests. Another occupant at the hotel sees in the window and starts the events leading up to Daniel Shavers murder. They see an air rifle, I have seen the crime photos, it is an OBVIOUS air rifle, and call the police. FORMER cop Philip “Mitch” Brailsford, arrives with other cops. Brailsford goes in to “investigate” with an ar-15, 30 round mag, for a simple phone call. The police haven’t seen shit, nothing has happened. Just some asshole called and said they saw a gun. Daniel Shaver, who used the air rifle in his pest control capacity is relaxing with friends and Brailsford is one of the police that force him to crawl out of his room. Even though Shaver is visibly drunk Brailsford doesn’t like how Shaver moves his hand, AND SHOOTS HIM 5 TIMES. Daniel Shaver was a Garland TX man, husband, father, and he was murdered. That first cop at the intersection, just like Brailsford, is chickenshit, they are so damn scared of their job they resort to weapons when they have no business doing so. Daniel Shaver was laying on the ground, drunk, but somehow he’s a threat to a hallway full of police?! Grow some balls. This man at the bus stop, minding his own business, no threat to anyone but, what does this scared shitless cop due, pull a weapon. Tasers “less than lethal” is what they are called, they can’t call them non-lethal, because so many people die from Tasers. Last thing I want to point out, these cops are dressing like they are Seal Team Six, they are NOT military, but are so desperate to have tactical gear its sickening. I am pro police all the way, but there needs to be massive changes, removal of the military style training, hiring processes, etc.


    Whoever hired these psychopaths deserves the most extream punishment.

  • James Michael

    Dallas should visit Austin….Traitor tyrannical Texas needs an enema.

  • joe

    are they trying to start a war with us . I say that it has started.

  • Ibcamn

    the dance police have arrived,they are in DC,at all the tourists stops,so now they have them at all the bus stops too…for fucks sake….they must be a division of the mattress police,the only way this seems logical..

  • Bokonon9

    More ‘roided-up thugs picking on a poor innocent guy waiting for a bus. I didn’t know that dancing is a crime. The police in this nation need training in:
    1) Dealing with eccentric but harmless people.
    2) De-escalating situations instead of escalating them.

    Also, cops should be randomly drug tested. If a cop is found to be using steroids he must be immediately fired and lose his pension. That would stop a lot of this ‘roid-rage’ from cops who seem to just go crazy-violent with very little provocation.

    Many, many cops (@50% in most studies) are also alcoholics, which messes up their judgement.

    Police departments now hire only low-IQ, highly aggressive people as cops, then train them to shoot at women, children and the elderly without reservation. That explains a lot. These cops have no conscience and see all of us as the enemy. No wonder we see so many of these stories of police abusing the citizens they are supposed to be protecting.

    Keep filming; eventually it will make a difference.

  • George Thomas

    So, what happened? If so many public object to police misbehaviour, what happened? What’s the sequel? both for the victim and the police involved.

  • AshenTech

    dont worry, he wont be held accountable for his actions, he was #AskingForIt #JustDoingTheirJobs #ContemptOfCopIsJustication

  • ben dover


  • Andrew Wilson

    I just found out, the dancing man is University of Texas at Austin associate professor. He was supposedly intoxicated. So, not a mental health issue, probably someone drunk. No way in he’ll does that merit a Taser.


  • Gordon Klock

    I wonder if these types of cops ever even consider how incredibly stupid & evil, they look to the average person, outside of their own “training” (& the obligatory ‘legal’ excuses for their creepy behavior, that seem based more, on grade-school notions of “law & order”, rather than the actual law)….
    (I keep getting this strong impression that years ago, the state already declared a secret war on its own people, & the people just can’t bring themselves to face it &/or figure it out)….

  • Chimera Gothic

    JTTF….equals gestapo….they are being trained to do this. Unfortunately Trump needs these aholes to help gather up the REAL criminals that are doing drug and human trafficking, organ harvesting, pedophilia stuff, etc. He is in the fight of OUR lives.

  • worthless fuckin pigs