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Cops Wrongly Raid 86-yo Man’s Home, Taser and Arrest Him for Cooking Soup

New York, NY — (RT) John Antoine, an 86-year-old tasered by a police officer while cooking soup, has been cleared of charges, a court ruled. The elderly man’s apartment had been raided by officers searching for his granddaughter’s boyfriend, said to be suicidal after running out of medication.

The incident took place while Antoine was cooking soup at his Brooklyn home back in October. Standing in the kitchen with a knife in one hand and an onion in the other, little did he imagine that a group of five armed police officers was about to break into his apartment.

The officers were looking for the 23-year-old boyfriend of Antoine’s granddaughter, as the young man was thought to be emotionally disturbed after he ran out of medication.

“The police came in and say, ‘You so and so, put down the knife,’ and I said, ‘Why are you coming in my apartment? What do you want?’” Antoine told NY Daily News. “They wouldn’t tell me.”

Seeing Antoine with a knife, an officer demanded that he drop it. But when the retired pipefitter turned to put the knife back on the table, he felt a sharp pain – one of the officers had fired a Taser into his neck and leg.

“I felt like I was dead,” the 86-year-old later said.

He was later taken to a nearby hospital, where doctors found him mentally fit.

“Just imagine you are a human being, to get this thing on your neck,” Antoine told NBC New York. “That comes as a nightmare.”

However, the suffering of the elderly man who just wanted to cook soup in his apartment was not over – officers said he was being charged with harassment for his refusal to drop the kitchen knife.

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“The individual he [the officer who Tasered Antoine] encountered inside the residence was armed with a large kitchen knife and was in immediate proximity to both the sergeant and a three-year-old who was present in the residence,” an NYPD spokesman said.

Police added that Antoine “refused to comply with the sergeant’s commands to drop the knife, instead making statements to the effect, ‘I am not going to jail, I’m not going to the hospital.’ ”

The charges against the pensioner were finally dropped on March 7, five months after the incident. There is no information that any charges have been pressed against the officer who attacked Antoine.

The NYPD spokesman told NBC that “the responding sergeant demonstrated a level of intelligent restraint that is to be commended.”

  • Lawrence Neal

    Punk ass bitches are afraid of their own shadows.

  • Christopher Smith

    And people wonder why so many cheer when a cop gets shot now. You know why? Because too many innocent people, guilty of no crime whatsoever, are being abused, injured, or killed, all rights denied, and almost always trumped up charges applied, for the pig scumbag cops entertainment. Every cop shot is ten lives saved. Queue butthurt copsuckers tirades….
    No wonder we are so very lost

  • Lisa Blanck

    “intelligent .. restraint” and the rest of this story are diametrically opposed. They probably wished they had killed him. Of course, he’ll sue, and lose. Because that’s how our system works.

  • Genevieve Hawkins

    Intelligent restraint means that the officer did not shoot the elderly man with a gun. In a police state that should be worthy of a medal.

    • Dee Stach

      Sad when we accept a lesser violation as being something good.

  • The Biggest thug gang in America.

    They just really want to kill the old man as they do so very often. Cowards and bullies are so chicken shit. They are not worthy of a job as a burger flipper.

  • Joe Rogers

    Police acknowledge not hiring people with high IQ’s. Perhaps having stupid people with badges and weapons should not be public policy.

  • jamesawyatt

    Came home from work and found note on my door that the City of Cleveland, Tn would cut my service back on upon my payment of a past due bill. The address on their note was for an address not ours. Ah yes, government efficiency vividly displayed, don’t you know!!!

  • Cam Alft

    cops are worthless idiots,and corrupt too……

  • Corey Mondello

    Maybe blue states are trying to keep up with all the red states where these kind of things tend to happen frequently

  • xizang

    Intelligent restraint = the cops didn’t shoot the old man, beat and rape the 3 year old, and plant drugs and guns in the apartment.

  • Phillip Marsh

    The PIG should be in jail for attempted murder and assault with a deadly weapon!

  • Gordon Klock

    I’d like to know his definition of “intelligence”, seems like they are always on the lookout for opportunities to harm & abuse people, regardless of the almost banal harmlessness of these everyday situations, as if the entire world is some sort of “action” movie designed to get twelve year olds worked up……
    ( this probably won’t end well for anyone, especially them, when it all comes full circle,)…..

  • Frank Zappa

    Listen to the sweet tune of Police PR propaganda! The elderly man was “armed” he “refused to comply.”

    “The Officer showed great restraint in not gunning the lunatic down for making soup, instead tazing him with great courage.” The NYPD spokesman told NBC.

    Things to remember about the Police: they are intelligent, they are fair. Commend them, they do terroristic work.

  • Hosea Mcadoo

    Nazi Germany.

  • Fuck Tha Police

    The NYPD spokesman told NBC that “the responding sergeant demonstrated a level of intelligent restraint that is to be commended.”

    This is why when people shoot NYPD I jump for joy. They didn’t execute enough.

  • And these morons wonder why people hate them.

  • David Andres Scot Collins

    Lock up that ferrule pig