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The Cost of War: Latest DoD Figures Show Suicide Kills Almost 5 Times as Many Troops as Combat


As bureaucratic fatcats sit back from their lush taxpayer-funded offices in giant marble buildings debating on whether or not to send more troops to the Middle East, a crisis is being ignored.

Last week, the Department of Defense (DoD) released its 2014 calendar year Suicide Event Report (DoDSER), which details the number of suicide attempts and deaths for U.S. service members.

The numbers are startling.

In all of 2014, a total of 55 US troops, in both hostile and non-hostile situations, lost their lives in foreign occupations. The number of soldiers who killed themselves is nearly 5 times that amount.

According to the DoD report, in 2014, there were 269 deaths by suicide among active component service members (compared to 259 deaths by suicide in 2013).

The leading cause of death for active duty military is not the foreign troops, it’s themselves.

To the ruling class in D.C., the words ‘troop’ or ‘soldier’ are synonymous with words like ‘tank,’ or ‘fixed wing aircraft,’ or ‘MRAP.’ They are merely numbers to be moved from here to there in a never ending battle for empire.

In war, human lives become units to be traded as a commodity to aid in the expansion of the state. When they are no longer deemed useful, these human lives are then tossed out like yesterday’s garbage.

Treating human beings in such a brutal and inhumane manner is not without consequence.

Not only are active duty soldiers tragically ending their own lives at an increasing rate, but once they finish their service, these numbers skyrocket.

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In a 2012 report put out by the Veterans Administration, it was estimated that up to 22 veterans a day, kill themselves. That is 8,000 lives a year; almost one per hour.

If we look at attempted suicides, that number skyrockets to 19,000 attempts, of which 8,000 result in ending their own lives.

While there are a number of factors contributing to this increasing rate of suicides, the pink elephant in the room is war. War is the plight of mankind that is perpetually waged by cowards too afraid to send themselves or their own children into harm’s way, but who do not hesitate to send the poor or ‘patriotic.’

Our brothers, sisters, sons, daughters, and mothers and fathers are contracted by the state and used as cannon fodder for special interests and the expansion of imperialism. Those who refuse to join are enslaved into the ranks via conscription, and the rest of society calls those who fight this conscription, cowards.

When the state is done with its pawns of empire, it disposes of them like spent military gear. They then become unable to get the proper care they need for illness and injury related to their service. If they try to self-medicate to cope with the subsequent PTSD from being forced to brutally occupy a foreign country, these veterans have their children taken, face life in prison, or worse.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that nearly 50,000 veterans are homeless on any given night. Another 140,000 are currently in jail, many of them for victimless crimes like drug possession.

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As if the numbers aren’t bad enough, veterans are often the target of unjust attention from law enforcement. On multiple occasions, the Department of Homeland Security has referred to veterans as potential terrorists and noted that they pose a threat to national security.

The Free Thought Project has reported on case after case of veterans returning home only to be beaten and locked up for speaking out, or killed by police during a PTSD triggered episode.

So what is the solution? How can the US rein in this epidemic of suicide and homelessness among active duty troops and vets?

The answer to this question is simple — Stop creating them.

If you really want to “support the troops” you’ll stop supporting wars of aggression in distant lands in which Americans are forced to kill people who pose no threat to the US.

If you really “support the troops” you’ll stop blindly standing up for your government whose proven track record shows that they do everything but support the troops.

If you really support the troops, you’ll educate yourself on who is behind these wars, why they are waged, and how US foreign policy actually creates enemies.

Sticking a magnet to your car and pledging blind obedience and unquestioning support for wars that one’s government illegally wages at the expense of our sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and mothers and fathers, is the antithesis of what a free person should do; and anything but “supporting the troops.”

We must not give into the warmongering propaganda that is shoved down our collective throats by ALL major media outlets. We must regain our humanity AND empathy for other humans. We must be courageous in the face of popular ignorance, and seek to lessen this ignorance by becoming informed and active.

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We must cease this paradigm of self-destructive behavior and obstinacy. The power to change the world is in all of our hands, those in power are nothing without your consent and funding.

Will we finance our own demise or wake up to the fact that criminally insane psychopaths are leading the proverbial lemming nation off of a cliff? The choice is yours.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has worked in independent journalism for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world.

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    • I wonder if Franklin Graham will help any of these criminals go to prison? Somehow, I don’t think Judas graham will do that – he only imprisons rural ranchers, not rich politicians in suits

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  • Where’s the mental health care?

    • It got rolled over into corporate profits

    • It’s contributing to the suicides. Check the black box warning on the “antidepressants”. And those aren’t the only drugs they’re given that can contribute.

    • Thanks….I don’t consider prescribing pills adequate mental health care…never have.

    • Well pills are the only thing they will give you. Not to mention anything with the VA is more frustrating than rewarding. It is honestly up to vets themselves to work it out. It is possible to do so. It just requires a lot of self work and willingness to admit over and over how wrong you were. It’s choices and actions like everything else is.

  • yer cause they get lied to and when in the middle and realise its all bullshit your brain goes pop for normal humans

  • The govt dosent give a fuck about any of their pawns. Like in a chess game their the most expenedable piece.

  • They would like you to believe it’s war so you don’t look at the antidepressants they are on.

  • And the majority of these fools vote GOP.

    • Um…both sides are warmongering elitists, or haven’t you been doing your homework????

  • i want any vet who is reading this to know you have a friend with me you can message me any time get my number and if you live close by you have someone who will always make the time to come hang out talk and be your support. the gods watch over you my battle brothers and sisters.

  • I’d not look as close to each person as i would our society as a whole. These guys join up for many reasons, a better life is one. The get out and don’t get that life for what ever reason they find out, it helped them in no way. They come home to nothing, the combat $ they saved up gone. It was a last chance shot when they signed up, when they get out they see it was for nothing. Someone got a good life out of it, none of these suicides. Ok maybe a small percentage had a great life, the vast majority, maybe if their life was better, maybe if.

  • Oh come on, let’s take care of our troops they give so much to us, I’m ashamed for our politicians.

  • Maybe they should have included this info in one of the Superbowl commercials.

  • Any military personal is expandable. They know that when they sign up for it…. Its not a call of duty gam, tere is no respawn…

  • Remembrance: Lest we forget

    “Between the crosses, row on row…” Yes, we remember war and all it’s brutality. How can we forget those who have fought and died, fighting and struggling for peace? They return from war, broken men and heroes in hearses, we carve their names in stone. But at this time, let us also take pause to remember the thousands of servicemen/women and veterans who have lost their lives through suicide in well over a decade of conflict.

    They return to us with wrenched and aching souls, only to be abandoned and abused by the values they fought to uphold, and to discover that they’ve fought not for honor, but for the glory of Empire, for those who sit in high places, untouched by the blood and horror of battle, eager to send others to their death to uphold false ideals and to profit from war.

    They’ve been used as pawns in a political game, to appease the lust for power of a few, and to perpetuate corruption. They could no longer live with the Imperialist lie. They are the forgotten ones, hidden, a shameful reminder of the insanity that is war.

    And let us also take this time remember the untold millions of innocent citizens of this world who have perished at the hands of men with military minds. They also died struggling for peace, begging and pleading for it.

    Lest we forget, the un-named dead deserve remembrance too.

    • Beautifully written, Gary.

    • then their remains are thown in a land field after dying for the richest guys on the planet

    • Pablo Ocampo : ~ Regrettably, the military has degraded to the point where our service men/women and veterans are merely props in a propaganda campaign, paraded about to promote and sell the ideologue of the glory of war and sacrifice. They’ve become nothing more than puppets for the Military Industrial Complex and the Shareholders Of War. Heroes and martyrs make the best salesmen.

  • It happens most when an Indvidual REALIZES the TRUTH behind his/her Deployment. The Truth is that it was all LIE’S. It was all for PROFIT . The since of GUILT must be Overwhelming.

    • Spot on. It really shatters your world to learn everything you believed was a lie. Especially knowing how expendable you are to the government. You see it for what it really is a monstrous machine that only exist for for profit and to expand it’s own power.

    • Thats right.

    • I always refer people to Smedley Butler and his book War Is A Racket.

  • #NoWeaponsAcrossBorders

  • that’s because war is wrong!

  • Thats what happens when you come to the realization that murdering children in the name of a banker makes you the fucking bad guy

  • …..and why are so many choosing too cap themselves? Crisis of conscience for the lies they played along with, and validated themselves by? P.S.: I am a veteran, so flame away.

    • What if it’s ‘suicided’? What if it’s something in the damn vaccines?

    • There’s alot of “exposure” issues that are being over looked and most of them are more benign then the vaccines. Not saying that there isn’t a possibility that the vaccines might not have “complications” built in. I do believe there was commonly used chemicals, that because of the way they were used and the enviroment they were used in (extreme heat, low to no humidity) resulted in systemic health problems, that are only being looked at and treated as individual symptoms. I also don’t think VA/ DOD want to know the causes of these problems, especially resulting from exposures.

  • fuck those suckers Fuck Patriotism !!! Make it whole the holes deep!!! Make it deep. make it itchy. Support bacteria! BE GAY!!! I do a good fuck every night! For the bullets all over the world I PREY every night

  • Wake up cousins, honour your covenant,jail the bankers, politicians, treasonous public servants, humanity 1st.

  • The reason so many vets are homeless and struggle without help is because those who send them to die DO NOT GIVE A FK.

  • not surprising

  • Those who come back from the war are the most dangerous to the establishment. They know the truth.

    • I have to agree with you. As a Veteran myself, I can tell you wholeheartedly that no one hates the government as much as our community.

  • It is because soldiers are being told what to do that is beyond their moral willingness… when you do not listen to your morals…this is the consequence.

  • #22Kill

  • Don’t support the troops, support nature, because that’s the only thing in existence which supports humanity.

  • cause killing innocent people tends to weigh on a person’s heart…you think I’m lying or joking? These soldiers are having to kill men, women and children that have not done anything to us or against us. And it’s killing them.

  • In WW2, Himmler complained that the troops that he was using to murder people were suffering depression. War is hell and a smart country does not let them continue any longer than necessary. The USA has developed a poor “war” strategy and our troops are suffering for it.

  • Don’t join the military. You’re helping the NWO, not the will of the American people.

  • just wondering did the second world war soldiers commit suicide?

    • yes rates among them where high to , most turned to god, others to drugs and alcohol.

  • If you’re a fundamentally decent person, It’s hard to live with the wrong you’ve done.

  • Think before you sign. If you’re a decent human, you won’t make war a career. The blood is now on all our hands.

    • most sign up because they want to protect your spoiled ass, most care about you and dont even know you. we soldiers never want to spill blood but will do so when called , when we have been lied to it makes us angry because if they lie to us we know you have been lied to as well.

    • I think they want to go to college free and have money. Soldiers care about staying alive and doing what their told, maybe 1% do it for altruistic reasons, but overall it’s not for us, they don’t care about us, they wouldn’t kill innocent people in a foreign country for the people back home. It’s a job they signed their name to and can’t get out of. Don’t give me that do it for you bs, that’s crap, it’s not for us or soldiers wouldn’t kill innocent people.

    • Robert Winters

  • My brother was a victim of the system ! Gone at 26 because he was not given the mental support he soo much needed ! Love and miss you always MICHEAL KELLY xxxxxxx

    • i am sorry for your loss, i wish i could have reached out to him. you have my condolences and if you need to talk i am here.

    • Really nice of you to reply to my post , I lost my bro almost 6 years ago now , he was such a nice lad we got on so well , my anger for the system won’t go away ! So many men have put their life’s down for their country then to be tossed out into society with no help is so cruel and morally wrong , fight for queen and country ? The people fight for the country I don’t see THEM fighting for us !!! It was his choice to sign up and it was his choice to take his life I can’t change that but I can’t forget how much he was wronged !!! I feel sorry for all those who are suffering now and in the future to come ?

  • WTF

  • Faster the cunts kill themselves, the sooner peace will come!

    • come sya that to my face asshole.

    • You’re talking about the people that profit from war right? The big banks, oil barons, arms manufacturers yeah? Because there’s no way you are talking about veterans.

    • No! Im talking about willingly sign on to kill people! Then complain that people shoot back! I have sympathy for conscripts. None for pricks who sign up to kill people, then piss their pants when those people they try to kill, fire back!

  • calling us” troops” is the same as calling innocents “collateral damage” we are human beings .What civillians fail to understand .The military or war doesn’t give You time to soak in what’s going on around You. All that understanding comes after when

    • Much like our own country. We are labeled police officers, civilians, suspects, victims, but no longer PEOPLE.

    • I guess it makes it easier to murder and mistreat people when You don’t consider them “human beings “.

  • We throw our warriors away.

  • Best way to support the troops is to bring them home

  • Respect them and vote yes for them to use marijuana for there health it is the right thing to do .

  • How is it that we are able to provide benefits to people that have put nothing in the kitty while our troops that volunteer to make the ultimate sacrifice are promised much but receive little.Providing for the military is among the few enumerated jobs of the federal government that are frequently put on the back burner for priorities not listed in the founding documents . Check out http://tenthamendmentcenter.com/ to learn how we the people can refocus our governments priorities .

  • The gold fringe in his shoulder signifies the maritime flag .

  • the price of imperial war.

  • Well Halliburton and Cerco are making a killing too. This is what these stupid wars are all about. Corporate profit. How long would the Syrian tragedy continue if armament companies didn’t sell them weapons and ammunition? We are an ugly species.

  • Why isn’t there a picture of obama

    • you are right. i didn’t look at the picture. obama and clinton before him are equally guilty.

    • I don’t think any war is justified in the end. World War 2, may be the exception, along with the civil war.

      So based on that, every president for the 46 years has been imperialistic. Ya I know there are others,..,,

  • As I’ve said before, they are being sent to die, and brought back to rot…somethings gotta give!

  • Imagine The Amount od Pain.Humiliation and Destruction these Soldiers caused in Countries that US waged Wars on.

  • The military industrial complex is turning these men and women into cold blooded killers that seem to have much difficulty functioning normal in society, and living with themselves and the horrendous acts they’ve committed. If a friend or family member is thinking about joining the military, support their decision NOT TO!!

    • Wow… blanket statement much?

    • We have a hard time when we come back because we actually understand what “people” are truly like and now have zero tolerance for the nonsensical bullshit.
      That’s the problem, it’s not us, it’s you.

  • Guilt

  • I guess he just shot some kids by mistake. Poor guy.

  • Seeing that much death. I can see why it is what it is…

  • Welcome to America. Hope you enjoy the psychosis we force upon you for the chance to have an education.


  • Please guys, just walk away from this, it’s full of lies, and corruption! Xxx

  • We just need more soldiers to commit suicide and problem is solved. Better they put a bullet in their brain than someone else ……just saying

    • You are a soul-less jackass!

    • Julie ….I wonder if you would think the same if a platoon of soldiers came into your house and murdered your whole family…. you silly girl

  • I can’t imagine what they have seen, has to do, or what they’ve gone through…and all to fight wars to make the Elites richer while enslaving the planet…my heart breaks for everyone of them who risk their lives for a lie. God will judge those who put them in this situation. I can’t wait to see that day.

  • Yeah I also have never understood the “Support Our Troops” slogan…if you support them, then demand they get to come home now!!!! We need them here to protect us now more than ever!!!!

  • Its pretty obvious how children and young adults are targetted for recruitment for many years (more meat for the grinder as they say on Starship troopers) through media, movies, and espeically gaming. I know, i played a lot of the games, still do. I am of 2 minds over this. Firstly, I understand that there are people who are naturally wired to kill others of our species, and that they are smart enough to do it legally, through the military and other special government services. These individuals are usually tested for on application into the services. Others however are not wired this way, and soon begin to understand the mistake they have made, how they loose their rights as citizens by joining the military and “abc” government services, stop loss can prevent them leaving, secrecy acts keep them from talking out about what they have seen and the crimes peformed on behalf of agendas that go beyond the “legal” government – into the strings being pulled by corporations and other organisations through the established systems. They are smart enough to know that they are trapped, and do the only thing they can to exit this life rather than continue on killing in the name of making money and creating the one world government enslavement systems. They joined under the intent to keep their country and families safe from threats, but end up becoming war criminals and mass killers. It comes down to our attitude as a society as well. If we provide the employment, educate children about what is really going on in the military services, educate them outside of school (which is just another indoctrine system of create conditioned adult slaves, this is the major difference between private and public education) so that they understand how systems are in place, to take away their freedom of choice and self education (most people do not know how to self educate, and instinctively been trainned to try to either punish or ostrocise anyone who does), then you will continue to see bodies upon bodies stack up, on both sides. You will see the best of both countries (ours and theirs) in any conflict ground up upon each other, rather than allowing these strong tallented people fight for changing their countries from the inside, to a better future. time to let go of a lot of beliefs folks.

  • War is terrible but, when our warriors fight for the right r3easons they have a better survival rate

  • When we fight for politics we suffer much more cause we can see friends die and the next day the governments don`t give a fuck

  • David Cameron gave a speech yesterday about the threat of Russia. I call bullshit. He is the warmonger of the moment with his other “free” world architects ..

  • the sol-diers have been lied they fight and kill for the interests of the richest men in the country when they realize what they defended and fought for they can not live with the gilt

  • How criminal this government is, as they seed the American people so they support their action of sending peoples children off to die and be maimed leading them to belief it is protecting our freedom and liberty while they themselves do more damage to it than any standing army, and the military action is really serving the money power interest whom are the captains in the dark angels army.

  • army guys look so cute, just want to look after them.

  • Unfortunately the combat soldier who puts hi/her life on the line is but a pawn destined to lose themselves because of the lies of the war criminals.

  • Might have something to do with all the vaccines and crap food our troops get while serving…

  • And they still vote Republican.

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  • I’d like to re post this article every day of my life!

  • You’d think military by now would figure it out.

    Oh well.

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  • bartmanxoxo

    We do not have a volunteer army either,most are reservist that signed up for the extra income because our economy is crap.i would bet enlistment in the past ten years or so is down.

  • Thats mostly because they loose it on psych drugs.

  • William Dean A. Garner

    These phenomena are all by design, and everyone is ignoring the root factors. Shame on all of us. –William Dean A. Garner, C 1/75 RGR (1994-97)

  • Sarah Mullen

    It’s all about money and politics! Those are the two reasons for starting a bunch of illegal wars. The bankers make money. I don’t fully understand the politics, but I understand they exist… however, for centuries, the bankers have made money funding BOTH SIDES OF EVERY CONFLICT…winners or losers, they don’t care, that money is still owed to them, and even if NEVER repaid, can be used as an “asset” on their books. Money is the ultimate smoke and mirror game there is on this planet… read The Creature from Jekyll Island to understand SOME of what I’m talking about (it’s about how the Federal Reserve was started.)