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Dad Tells Cops they Need a Warrant to Search Home, So they Kick in his Door & Kill Him

Spring Lake, NC — Three children lost their father Sunday after deputies with the Harnett County Sheriff’s Office, looking for a different man, shot and killed him.

John Livingston, 33, was shot and killed in the early morning hours of Sunday as police were conducting an assault investigation. Police were not looking for Livingston, and the entire situation could have been avoided had they come back with a warrant like Livingston requested.

Livingston’s roommate, Clayton Carroll told WNCN that he was shot multiple times during the altercation with officers who had no right to be there in the first place.

According to Carroll, deputies began knocking on the door around 3:30 am as they were looking for someone who no longer lived in the home. When Deputies asked Livingston if they could search his home, Livingston said “not without a search warrant,” according to Carroll.

Livingston then shut the door.

Having a man assert his fourth amendment right to be secure in his property was apparently too much for the deputy to handle.

“The cop kicked in the door, got on top of him, started slinging him around beat him…” Carroll said.

Witnesses explain how deputies began spraying pepper spray and deploying a taser during the assault. They say that Livingston was not fighting back and merely trying to prevent the deputies from inflicting more harm on him.

During the struggle, Livingston attempted to remove the taser from the deputy’s hand which caused the officers to fear for their lives.

“He (Livingston) barely had the Taser in his hand, but he had it where it was constantly going off and the officer I guess that spoke to him rolled over there, says he got the Taser and shot him in this position,” Carroll said.

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Livingston died from the multiple gunshot wounds.

“That’s the blanket I kept putting on him and telling him to breathe until he was gone because I knew he wasn’t breathing anymore,” said Bristol Edge, a friend living in the home.

The officers involved have been placed on administrative leave, but their names have not been released.

  • Daniel W. McCullar

    It does not matter if he went for the taser. They were in his home illegally, no different than a home invasion. He had a legal and moral duty and right to defend himself and his home from these armed home invaders.

    Their actions/they, violated his rights while under color of law, resulting in his death. This is a Federal Offense and since he died that means that the Death Penalty should automatically be on the table at the federal level.

  • Shari Peterson

    They took a man’s life. Their names most definitely should be released. Along with their home addresses.

    • TJ Carnal

      I agree. They took a fathers life

  • anarchyst

    names and addresses please…

  • Swede760

    Last year Cops killed over 1100 people, many of them un-armed. Cops always get away with this because the District Attorneys and Judges depend on Cops to bring them cases to prosecute to generate revenue. The whole system is corrupt and we should start over.

  • I am just hearing about this story, which looks like it is from Nov. 2015. It still amazes me that the number of these stories I read and hear about continues to increase. Even knowing that more people are armed with video devices, in car cameras and body cams, the police continue to beat (sometimes while the person is restrained) , Taser, mace, pepper spray, shoot and murder people. The government is out of control at all levels and nobody is being held accountable for their actions. We must start at the local level and work our way up and by local level I am talking about our own houses. We have to get our own house in order before we can start to work on anything else. #Stradog in Gun Barrel City, Texas with Citizens Action Network , We The People-United, Texas Revolution, Lone Star Statement and Justice for Texas

  • Tanuki Man

    Felony murder. Arrest them all.

  • ASAC Schrader

    If those cops shot a black man it would be front page news. But they only shot a useless white man so who cares. Release the names of these cops so we can pay them and their pig families a visit.

    • Wesley Sandel

      So you’re sick and tired of being discriminated against just because you’re White, Male and Christian? Think about it, chief.

      • James Bacon

        Said the Pali supporting terrorist

        • Wesley Sandel

          Oh, yeah, Palestinians resisting Israeli racism, terrorism, colonialism, mass murder and apartheid is “terrorism” and Israelis murdering another Palestinian child every three days for over a decade is “self-defense.” It’s that conservative logic at work.

  • James J. Kennedy

    I hope someone breaks in those cops homes and fucking murders them and their loved ones .

  • JoeLee

    I wonder who the cops union will bribe to get out of THIS one…..fking pigs!

  • JackmeOFF

    Dead cops get me hard

  • Butch Taylor

    the only justice you receive is that which you take for yourself.


    His life was in danger they had guns and tazers and kicked his door in…..If they had no search warrant and kicked my father’s door in and violated his rights then executed him……The person that killed my father would and will be assassinated…

  • Wleas

    If this winds up just another settlement out of court by County Attorneys, then this man died for nothing! If this winds up another Grand Jury decision letting these Cops off, then this man died for nothing! On the other hand…if these Cops wind up in jail, as a result for killing an UNARMED man in his home, (with not even a search warrant to back them up) then at least THAT was something to show for all this misery they caused this poor family! Hey…the way things work in these days, I’m surprised Good Ol Soclal Services didn’t storm in the next day with more Cops in tow to seize the children!