Dallas, TX — The family of a 7-year-old boy with autism is demanding answers after their son was handcuffed and essentially disappeared for 6 days for acting out during class.

The boy’s arrest was captured on camera and has drawn much-needed attention as it circulates around social media. Police claim they handcuffed the boy for his own protection. However, several images of the incident show the boy standing there — entirely compliant.

The incident happened last Tuesday at Gabe B. Allen Charter School in Dallas, Texas. The boy’s mother received a call from school — like she has plenty of times in the past — notifying her to come pick up her son for acting out.

However, when she arrived at school last Tuesday, her son was not there.


As FOX 4 reports, she says it had become a familiar routine as her son is a special needs student and often has episodes causing him to act out. But last week, she says administrators told her he’d been taken to a mental facility to prevent harm to himself and to others.

“My son was acting up, which he does every other day. My son was running, which he does every other day. My son was saying absurdities, which he does every other day. And just like every other day, I was called to go and pick him up that morning on a Tuesday morning. When I got there, ‘Where’s my baby?’ ‘Oh, he’s not here.’”

This poor family did not get their son back from the state facility until Monday — six days after police took him away. Naturally, police claim this was all done for the boy’s safety.

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The Dallas ISD police department noted that they cannot discuss specifics of the case because of the boy’s age. However, after the photo began to go viral on social media, they issued the following response.

“The image you may have seen posted is of a student while he is being restrained to protect himself against any further harm,” the statement said. “We ask for your help during this period to not continue to spread misinformation.”

Sharing a photo of a 7-year-old boy in handcuffs surrounded by massive police officers is hardly ‘spreading misinformation.’ These are the images society needs to see to help shake them out of this passive acceptance of the police state.

In what world is it considered acceptable for police officers to handcuff a small child with autism at his school and then kidnap him for six days?

The answer to that question is simple. It is not acceptable.

Sadly, however, this country is beginning to accept more instances like this one as schools turn to police to solve everyday childhood problems.

If teachers could not keep this little boy from hurting himself or others, then they have no business in that profession.

According to an attorney for the family, they were told their little boy was held for this prolonged period of time until it was determined that he no longer presented a threat to himself after intervention efforts. Exactly what those ‘intervention efforts’ were, at the unknown facility, have yet to be determined. However, speculation, especially for those with children, is left to a nightmarish imagination.

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So far, the family has had to request a detailed account of why their son was handcuffed and kidnapped. They are also attempting to verify the training of the staff who allowed police to take a 7-year-old boy away from his family for nearly a week — to protect him.

This is what public education looks like in a police state.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • The Cat’s Vagina

    My guess is that they’re trying to get this kid to drop out, so they’re harassing him (with bullshit like this) at every opportunity. See, charter schools might not get to cherry pick the “best and brightest” in the admissions process, but what they CAN do is target all the special needs students and “discipline” them every time they clear their throat until the parents get disgusted and withdraw them, leaving one less expensive, score-ruining little “retard” to fuck up their golden goose.

    I bet a simple audit of their disciplinary files would reveal a HUGELY discriminatory pattern. Fuck charter schools!

    • Guy

      Being totally naive about charter schools Cat. I thought (perhaps wrong) that a Charter School would be the exact place that a parent with a Autistic child, would want to place them there in the first place ! Thinking that at least there, the child could get much more hands on attention to his or her’s special needs, than at the public one.
      Public schools in a lot of situations, are hell on earth, for children with thouse sort of demands. Being underfunded, understaffed, and way short of the type of talent equipped to handle special need kids, never less than what they can do for the (normal) one’s. While the Charter, should have the exact opposite of the problems inherited by the public ones. Being set up by Staff and Parents, to cater to a smaller population of students, with more money and resources devoted to the students and overall culture of the school. Thinking that a black eye against the charter school like this, would have devastating effects for reputation and future funding !

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        It’s not that parents don’t want to send their kids to charter schools – they desperately do – it’s that charter schools don’t want to have to keep these kids, because they’re expensive and drag down their test score averages. Therefore, they do shit like THIS RIGHT HERE to harass special needs children and make sure their parents pull them out. If you think a parent won’t change their mind about a school when their kid is getting suspended (and lately, fucking ARRESTED) every time they so much as pass gas, then YOU’RE the one who’s being naive.

        Charter schools aren’t some Utopian community co-op dedicated to the future of our children. They’re con artists who are running a HUGE scam on suckers like yourself. They’re taking advantage of our shitty public school system to sell you a bunch of hype and by the time it comes to light that it was all a bunch of bullshit, they’ll have taken your tax dollars and run away to a nice gated community with millions in profit and complete immunity from prosecution.

        • Guy

          Hmm, So I got about half of it right and the other half dead ass wrong. So it sounds like this kid, as the result of his Autism. Was a known act up, who did his acting out on a routine basis. Resulting in the Charter School deciding to pull the plug on the whole thing, call the cops on him and legally get the child out of there, so they could save both there reputation and future funding, while managing a minimum amount of damage control that they knew they would have to deal with, as the result of the bad press and Mom going into overdrive ! Then going back to the regular business of taking folks State Funded revenue, for a little perfect Johnnie or Susie.

          This would be the exact opposite of the public school, because they are required by law and federal stature to take in the special needs children, maintain the minimum requirements, essentially warehouse them to at least their 18th birthdays, when they can legally cut them loose, having provided the State requirements for a public education !

          Which is the lesser evil of these two scenarios, that is about equally as shitty for both the parent and child that it affects. Knowing that not many families can afford the 20 to 30K a year, to put their children into a private school ! No wonder the parents are as desperate as you say they are.

    • sharkboy

      From what i hear about children with “diagnosis” public and private schools get government grants for having these children enrolled in their school so it’s in the school’s best interest to keep him. I think some impromptu “pizza-gate” stuff is going on where whoever controls the school or the PD or both could be involved in a child trafficking scheme.

  • Jeff Pearce Sr.

    These instances are much more then today’s news. It it is insidious. They are training society to comply to govt. Think how this will end. It won’t stop. This is in motion.

  • Dan Quixoté

    So glad our mentally handicapped adult son missed all of this garbage in the school systems. They actually knew, with just plain human decency, how to deal with him. Really stinks that schools call cops on kids now, especially the special needs ones.

    I could go either way on the charter schools. I did some finance work for a large local public school that rabidly hated the local charter school so much that they spent a half million dollars trying to sue them out of existence. A business colleague chaired the board of the charter school, said how many percent of their gross income went to fighting for the legal right to exist. It was a lot, and came right out of the same pot that teachers’ pay came from. I sent a kid to that charter school for a year because he asked, not because he was getting jumped by a gang at the public school, but because the school was punishing him for successfully defending himself and for protecting smaller weaker students from bullies. But the charter school administrators were just as bad to deal with, for different reasons.

    Maybe all the schools are run by tyrants these days.

  • Kevin Kline

    Not defending the cops here but the article says his mother claims he acts like this everyday and she has to go get him from school ‘every day’. If the child is that messed up, why isn’t he in a special needs facility or school?

  • Ibcamn

    cops only feel like men when they abuse women and children…pathetic example of a human.terrorists,that is all cops are,the new homegrown terrortist..cop and teachers working together to create that pipeline to prisons from schools…all the people involved in this pathetic arrest need themselves arrested for child abuse.

  • Carolyn Hill

    Get him checked for “penetration.” The po-lice are a perverted bunch; and they have a Code of Silence!