Dallas, TX — The Dallas Independent School District is once again under fire for the way one of its school resource officers (SRO) handled a student. An unnamed SRO was attempting to break up a fight between two female students when the officer slammed the girl to the ground, fracturing her clavicle.

Cell phone footage taken by classmates at the Piedmont G.L.O.B.A.L Academy shows the officer slamming the girl, Mariana Valadez, a sixth grader, violently to the ground. Alma Valdez, the girl’s mother now wants the officer fired.

“I don’t want him to be suspended. I want him to get fired. Why is he still working with kids? He’s not capable of working with girls like that,” she said.

Adding insult to injury, the young child was also pepper sprayed, she claims. DISD said they’re conducting a thorough investigation of the incident but won’t say if or when the unnamed officer will return to duty.


Alma explained her confusion upon learning what happened to her daughter. “I was crying because I didn’t know what, how can it happen,” asked Valadez.

The officer’s move, which arguably looked more like a Judo throw than police academy tactics, injured the 12-year-old.

Mariana was suspended for three days for her role in the fight. “She’s a twelve-year-old girl,” remarked her mother.

The incident is the latest in a series of missteps by DISD SRO’s. As The Free Thought Project recently reported, a 7-year-old was placed in handcuffs for acting out in school. He’s reportedly autistic and is a special needs student.

The child was then taken without his parent’s permission to a mental health facility and kept there for six days. That’s considered kidnapping in many parts of the world, especially since the parents were reportedly not notified nor gave their consent for him to be confined there.

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According to the Dallas News, “David Ramirez, an investigator hired by the family’s attorneys, said the boy was sedated at the behavioral facility and admitted without notifying a parent. He spent nearly a week there and was released Monday afternoon.”

There are two disturbing associations public schools have with nefarious entities which seem to be causing many of the legal troubles school systems are facing; their use of police officers in school, and their embrace of psychologists and social workers who together seemingly have more power than parents.

There are, however, conscientious police officers who work in public schools as SRO’s and who don’t behave in like manner when confronted with troubled teens and children.

As TFTP reported last week, one NC SRO disarmed a would-be mass killer simply by treating the suspect as a person, simply having a conversation with him.

SRO’s need to be trained in de-escalation techniques instead of relying on their police training. It appears as though the DISD needs to employ such people to handle security in-house.

When law enforcement gets involved in school matters, kids are mistreated, treated inhumanely, and sometimes killed by officers trained to work with adults. Unfortunately, we write too many stories of SRO’s who choke, knock out teeth, slam, throw and shoot children without any due process occurring.

When that happens, lawsuits happen, and taxpayers saddle the costs of court settlements.


Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Damiana

    I’m not in the fucking mood to deal with cop apologists today – I will be a massive cunt to anyone who tries to argue that this child deserved to have her bones broken by a grown-ass man.

    • Candice White

      You already are one

      • Damiana

        *smiles icily* Then you prolly don’t want to see me be an even bigger one.

        • Guy

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      • Timothy Gray

        That must make you a copsucker.

        • Damiana

          Not necessarily. Some people just plain don’t like me. Thing is, I am kind of a cunt sometimes – I’m not ashamed of it. The world is full of pricks and assholes, so I generally fit right in.

          • Timothy Gray

            You misunderstand me, CV. The copsucker comment was directed to C. White; not you.

          • Damiana

            Nah, I just meant that it’s possible she thinks I’m a cunt without being a copsucker. Benefit of the doubt and all that.

        • Zackknowitall

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    • Guy

      Good God Cat ! What planet do some of these folks originate from ! I swear they are from a different Universe, especially after the conversation I just had with a true blue Anarchist, who just thought it was great to riot, burn and break shit, but didn’t have enough sense to know why, just that it seemed to be the right thing to do, because he hated Trump ! Guess I’am getting too old to figure it out anymore and seemed to have lost my touch in trying to or giving a damn one way or the other if I do. Copsuckers I can almost understand, but these fools never !

  • Timothy Gray

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  • Gordon Klock

    I remember “nerd” school teachers, being perfectly capable of breaking up a fight, between ‘middle schoolers’, without any incident of injury….
    (This kind of reaction, never would have been “acceptable” before the 21st century)…(things have obviously gotten stupider, & uglier)….

    • sharkboy

      The movie “Idiocracy” gave us a solid deadline that we seem to be trying to catch up to.

    • Domina Elle

      The violence in schools is MUCH uglier than when we were in school. The students are cracking their teachers skulls, killing each other in bathrooms, getting in mob fights of 30-100 students (with parents even), that’s why these jack booted thugs are brought in. The cops are there for a reason. It’s bad, its a recipe for disaster, it’s wrong but so is the violence being perpetrated by the students, violence so bad and out of control (teachers fear the students) that cops are hired. People don’t seem to want to acknowledge that the situation isn’t so simple as they’d like it to be. They just want to focus on the cops. The mother of this kid looks like a real winner. No doubt she will be, after the lawsuit is settled. Not exactly the right kind of motivation for parents who are already doing a piss poor job of parenting. The best thing that could happen to some of these people is to have a bad cop hurt their kid. Sick. The cops shouldn’t be there, but sadly they are required in many schools thanks to the violence. Ask the TEACHERS. Apparently their lives and safety doesn’t matter.

      • Guy

        Do kids learn by the example they see every day and the message they hear 24/7 ? I believe they do. So who is setting the example and speeking the message ? Considering the old censor laws have been changed to PG-13 —X, and most of what they see and hear is basically R Rated even on T.V.

        If you don’t want to believe me fine ! But why would ISIL, be concentrating their propaganda on the kid’s, instead of the adults ?

      • Damiana

        The students are cracking their teachers skulls, killing each other in bathrooms, getting in mob fights of 30-100 students (with parents even), that’s why these jack booted thugs are brought in.

        Can you provide a news story for each of those claims, or are you just pulling things out of your ass? Seriously, prove yourself or STFU.

        • Dan Quixoté

          Despite having a number of adult offspring walking the Earth, I still have a couple of teenagers in the public school system. Our experience has been the urban schools have the same violence as 30+ years ago and in-between. The only difference we’ve seen is that it’s not the gym teachers and coaches breaking it up anymore, but contracted security companies and cops. Our kids are terrified not of the kids who attacked them with knives, but of the police, having been both detained and guns drawn on them by these “peace” officers. Just one little datapoint, obviously doesn’t prove anything about the larger situation.

  • Gordon Klock

    I seem to recall, how back in the 20th century, “nerd” like, “wimpy”, & even “limp-wristed”, schoolteachers, were perfectly capable, of breaking up a fight, amongst middle schoolers, but it looks as though things have gotten, so much more stupid, & ugly……

  • jonn

    Yeah, uniformed chimps…….real “he” men dealing with kids, women, or senior citizens. Very, very few videos of cops dealing with grown men, one on one. Without their Batman utility belt, most cops would tote home an ass-whooping for their bullshit.

  • Domina Elle

    No I am not saying this girl deserved to be handled the way she was by this cop. But why are police in schools in the first damn place?


    Don’t even try to argue that violence in schools has gone down, why? Because the books have been cooked to make it appear as though violence has gone down.

    By all appearances it has gone up. But here’s the deal- under the Obama administration changes were made regarding reporting instances of violence it is called the ‘restorative justice model’ and it has proven to be a DISASTER.

    Some people decided that racism was why black students were being suspended at a higher rate than other students. They seem to believe it’s racism not the behavior of the students.

    Teachers weren’t going around suspending kids simply because they are black. But this didn’t matter. The narrative is what mattered. In truth those black kids don’t matter. When there are no consequences for violent and or criminal behavior you can bet many of those kids will likely end up in prison. Maybe that is the underlying agenda? Put a mask of caring on the situation which guarantees a high prison population down the road. If you care about your kids, you don’t let them get away with shit behaviors as kids. But that’s not how it has gone. Schools were basically ordered by the Dept of education (under Obama) under the ‘restorative justice model’ not to suspend students. The violent students now rule the schools creating a shit learning environment for everyone. The numbers look better, but the situation is INSANE.

    In one district there was a mass walk out by teachers the first few days of school it was so bad and violent. The students are telling the teachers to go fuck themselves when they try to keep any semblance of order. The parents come to school and defend their little angels instead of acknowledging that their children have disciplinary issues. That’s where it is rooted- parents not being parents.

    Go ahead exploit these situations for an anti cop narrative but know you are sacrificing the children to an agenda to a narrative.

    The numbers are down but is that the reality? Cook those books!!! Students now KNOW that there won’t be any substantial consequences for their behaviors. See the report below for one school example.

    Recent violence students and even parents:



    New York



    Delaware case of student killing another student




    Teachers speak out about how they really feel and what they experience:


    Teachers threaten walk out over violence

    • Damiana

      *sighs* So, underneath it all, you’re just a stupid, racist, badge-licking CUNT who craves oppression because it makes her feel safe. I hope the next cop with whom you interact finds out that you’re a whore and shows you just what they think you’re worth.

  • Robin W. Tong

    Folks should study history to understand how the abuse of government agents, police, and soldiers have incited civil unrest and riots throughout our history going all the way back to the colonial era of American history, and was even responsible for helping to incite the American Revolution.

    For example, the story of Christopher Seider, an eleven year old boy whom are murdered by government actors, and the story of Edward Garrick whom had his skull cracked open a few weeks later by a soldier for daring to mouth off to an officer. These events directly lead to the Boston Massacre in which several men were murdered by soldiers and many others wounded, all because the good citizens of Boston rioted demanding the arrest and prosecution of the soldiers abusing the citizenry and innocent kids.

    In the aftermath of the Boston Massacre several officers, agents, and soldiers were found not guilty of murder because they claimed to have been in fear of their lives when they opened fire on the crowds. But two of the soldiers were found guilty of manslaughter and were only spared the death penalty because the pleaded for mercy and were branded upon their thumbs as a sign of their dishonor.

    The American people need to remember that case precedent. That there is no privledged or qualified immunity for government agents, soldiers, or police officers. That all of them can be forced to stand trial so that a Jury may determine the facts and cast verdict of their guilt or innocence. And that even for their conduct in the midst of riots, they can be prosecuted and subject to the death penalty for the murder of civilians.

    Help spread the message. America must be encouraged to remember if we are to enforce that even our government and our police officers are accountable to our rule of law, and to ensure that we will not tolerated being policed and ruled over when their duty and obligation is to preserve, protect, and defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and to safeguard and protect our Justice and our Liberty.

    The government sanction of violence against our children and against innocents is an injustice that should never be tolerated. And those responsible for it should always be prosecuted as the best means of upholding and enforcing the public trust.

    Best Wishes.

    • Guy

      Your right ! As long as The DA says so ! Up to then, you can twiddle your thumbs and whistle !

    • palvadore

      I wish it were true! The country has been taken by the Justice System. Even a dirt-bag city cop owns you!

    • Timothy Gray

      Outstanding comment! Thank you for the history lesson.

    • G’ma G

      Indeed, it is history that informs us that the escalation of police brutality along with militarization is planned to make us lose it and riot. You know what that will inevitably bring down upon us.

  • Ibcamn

    cops are terrorists,they do not belong in schools anywhere near our children,they have already raped and robbed and choked assaulted and nearly killed children,and yet,they are still allowed near them,you know why,because a knee jerk reaction to a fake school shooting… here they are now,thanks to stupid parents who wanted them there…so now that we have terrorists in our school stalking our children creating what the left wanted…a pipeline to prison,a way to create a record for that child,one that will follow them forever in their life,that’s what the powers that be wanted and you gave it….this is just wrong whats going on to these kids,but its here now,we have to deal with it,and like i said,these cops have done every kind of nasty shit to children they can,and they will continue,see…cops only feel like a man when they beat women and children,so now we have them beating our children[raping and choking with intent to kill]and we have them arresting children for stupiest shit possible…but remember,its the teachers fault too,they are the ones calling the cops in most of this,teachers are so indoctrinated,they think its right..”oh that child burped and disrupted my class..”yup”so im calling for the police”,now the well indoctrinated teacher has done her part,now enter the bully[ed],the criminal on the school grounds,the cop with such small amount of authority but a big god complex,your child is the target,and your child is the one going down,and down they will go,reguardless of what they do to them,breaking bones is what the cops want to do,to put the fear into other children,that is the cops job,to instill fear to keep trhe children in line,to follow the rules and to not question their authority,to not rebel against that authority…cops are simply doing what they were told to do,get all the children arrested at one point or another and get them into the system,the same corrupt system they work for,the one that allows these same cops…to murder innocent people,unarmed innocent people and walk on all charges,to ruin lives and to ruin the lives of the families…and thanks to all who voted for these terrorists to be in the schools stalking and terrorizing our children…because this is the way its going…they are just snatching up our children at an alarming rate..

    • G’ma G

      It really does come down to stupid, fearful people believing thugs will protect them as long as they grovel before them.

  • Nicole Ayla Phoenix

    I absolutely despise the popo BUT I truly believe that this little turd of a bully deserved what she got. You can tell she’s a nasty little bitch just by looking at her. She 100% deserved it. This little shit probably already has and will destroy countless lives during her time on earth. Bullying does PERMANENT damage to peoples confidence, self belief and psyche.
    I’m glad she got taught a lesson.

  • Ed

    Simple answer! Don’t hire cops to do a counselor’s job! They don’t have the slightest idea how to deescalate!