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DAPL Cops Open Fire on Prayer Circle with Rubber Bullets, Shoot Water Protectors in the Back

Morton County Sheriff’s Department officers together with the National Guard began firing less-than-lethal projectiles, pepper spray, and, reportedly, mace on a group of water protectors at Standing Rock during what was supposed to be a prayerful, peaceful walk to the drill pad where work is rumored to continue on the Dakota Access Pipeline.

And all of this, of course, happens on the holiday honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. — who dedicated his life to non-violence to spark drastic change on the issue of civil rights.

Around 200 water protectors eventually grouped at the site of the drill pad, and three were arrested — accused of trespassing after cutting a razor wire fence and then allegedly tampering with industrial lighting.

As the crowd verbally taunted militarized police sporting riot shields and military gear, the situation Monday quickly tensed, and police began spraying people with mace. Soon after, as some water protectors sang and prayed, police fired rubber bullets at a few individuals, who then had to be transported away from the scene for medical assistance.

Reports from people at the camps indicated police brought in vehicles with water cannons just beyond the scene. In the video below, we can also see police open fire on water protectors with rubber bullets in their backs as they are running away from the tear gas.

Water protectors also gathered at Highway 1806’s Backwater Bridge, where a blockade of cement barriers, burned out vehicles, and razor wire remains in place after a confrontation in the autumn.  

In fact, that site has seen several confrontations between water protectors and police from multiple states led by the Morton County Sheriff’s Department over several months — the worst occurring on the night of November 20 when less-than-lethal rounds, tear gas, and water cannons were employed to allegedly control the crowd.

Hundreds were injured and dozens had to be treated for hypothermia when law enforcement sprayed protectors with pressurized water in sub-freezing temperatures. Police claimed protectors acted violently against them and set several fires which blazed out of control — but video showed the pipeline opposition group defending against the onslaught of force, mainly hurling tear gas canisters back at police.

Monday night’s showdown between National Guard-reinforced law enforcement and completely peaceful water protectors at first seemed it would devolved into a similarly unjustified use of force, but — though many were maced and a few shot with projectiles — the situation did not spiral completely out of control.

Before night fell on the camps near Cannon Ball, North Dakota, activists filmed and photographed a surface-to-air missile system brought by law enforcement to the area near pipeline opposition camps — allegedly in place to shoot down any drones flown above the scene.

Despite evacuation and emergency orders in place in the area, water protectors remain encamped near the banks of the Missouri River in protest against completion of the Dakota Access Pipeline. A fracture also occurred after Standing Rock Sioux Tribe Chairman Dave Archambault II asked those unprepared to endure the harsh winter on the open plains to vacate the camps.

Additionally, Oceti Sakowin — now the primary and largest camp — lies in the river’s floodplain and, as snow thaws, will eventually be submerged.

Water protectors have vowed to remain at the location until construction of Dakota Access is permanently halted — but considering the incoming administration of President-elect Donald Trump has openly courted Big Oil, it appears unlikely the effort will see its dream of protecting the drinking water source of some 18 million people and the Standing Rock Sioux tribe will come to fruition.

Law enforcement did not respond to multiple requests for comment on the events of Monday night.

  • MrRottenTreats

    I have to give it up to FTP and WAC for ALWAYS being the first to report on DAPL. In addition, this site does a great job of discussing important issues such as police brutality and the war on drugs.

    Nicely done, y’all.

    • permalink

      “I have to give it up to FTP and WAC for ALWAYS being the first to report on DAPL”

      You and I both know it is the only story they got.

      TFTP needs to constantly stir the pot…

      • MrRottenTreats

        Stirring the pot is not always a bad thing but I agree with your general sentiment. I think it mostly depends on who is posting and less on the fact that it is posted on these sites.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        So why the fuck do you keep cumming here?

        • permalink

          Why do you use profanity?

          You must be the **Cat’s Meow** in those prayer circles…

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            I do have a foul mouth, but trust me. I know when to cuss and when to shut up and pray. It would probably STUN you to know that I’m actually a big fan (and participant) of prayer circles. Do you ever pray?

          • iMRightNURNot

            Obviously, that doesn’t work! Typical Jesus Freak. HYPOCRITE!

          • permalink

            Not since 7th grade catholic school…

            And when I got out in the real world I found out Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Lutherans, etc, thought they were all going to **heaven** too. So it neans I will just hitch-hike on someone else’s idea.

          • The Cat’s Vagina
    • Allen Thompson

      Lol fuck off twit. Kill all the rezniggers. Bunch of money leaching worthless trash. They shit in their on water.

  • Steve Wilkins

    The more this goes on the more the corportocracy is exposing itself… In this case oil, but its clear the DAPL pipeline is only a reflection of the overall arrogance of the Oligarchs. America is at a crossraods – people or power – and the powerful are overstepping the mark. Histories lessons are many… who will learn first?Arrogance is never a good foundation to learn from… eventually there can only be one outcome. How long it takes remains to be seen.

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    • SoylentGringo

      “Let them eat cake.”

      Okey Dokey. I’ll be coming for my slice soon.

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  • canucanoe2


    • E.B.

      another one that is a special type of stupid.. *sigh*

      • wilypagan

        Why? Do you think it is OK to interfere with officers doing their duty?

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          Yes, they were doing their duty to the corporate thugs and their despicable prostitue of a governor.

        • Fernesque Golan

          Does that duty include eating donuts, sucking up coffee and beating their wives?

          • wilypagan

            Donuts and coffee, yes. #3 no.

    • Peace and Love

      Troll– don’t you have an inauguration to attend?

      • wilypagan

        All of us true Americans have an inauguration to attend. As for you whining rabble rousers, you will get what you deserve if you attempt to interfere with lawful activity.

        • Peace and Love

          If by “true Americans” you mean psychopathic idiots who believe tRump is doing something besides growing his businesses, then yes– we will get what we deserve… that is– seeing his ass thrown in jail along with hillary and all the other lying ass wipes. Maybe your ass will go to jail too :).

        • Fernesque Golan

          Lawful fascism. You will be crying in your pissy beer very soon because when Trump unleashes his billionaire crew upon the AmeriKKKan people, they will not care one whit for the fools that voted for Trump. Their only allegiance is to money.

          Trump will do for the opposition as Reagan did. Reagan sent more people moving to the “left” than any “leftist organization could ever do. Trump and his one-dimensional thinking will have even conservatives running for the phony “liberal” hills.

          It has always been the pattern with undecided know-nothings. They are led around like pigs with rings through their noses. Can you say OINK, wilypagan?

          • wilypagan

            BS. Putting American citizens first is not fascism. Those of us who don’t su

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        You missed this: “/s”.

        • Peace and Love

          oops -you’re right. My apologies to canucanoe2.

    • republicrats_democrans

      And when the fascists come for you? Why is the military defending a private company operating illegally on lands they have no rights to?

      The military should be pointing their weapons in the opposite direction, protecting the people from the corporations trespassing on their lands.

      Who is taunting who?

      • permalink

        “Why is the military defending a private company operating illegally on lands they have no rights to?”

        Hmmm, because the property belongs to the USACE (US Army Corps of Engineers).

        You know, a federal entity…

        • Fernesque Golan

          Property that is said to be owned by any arm of the Federal government actually belongs to the people. And as such, the people have a right to say what should be done with THEIR property.

          We used to have a document that was called the constitution. But, that all went down the toilet when the Corporate Robber Barons wiped their flaccid asses with it.

          Take your phony stand for authoritarianism and put it where it cannot be seen.

          • permalink

            “Property that is said to be owned by any arm of the Federal government actually belongs to the people”

            Well I guess you don’t believe in hunting and fishing licenses, laws against speeding, and trying to mail letters w/ out stamps… As it is the government that you want, doing this to you.

            And IF, by chance Yellowstone Park belongs to me, why can’t I drive my Jeep anywhere I wish in it? Since you say it belongs to me (the people).

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            See this is where you destroy your credibility. You are just like the extractive corporations. You claim that land held for all the people is land held for you to violate.

      • TecumsehUnfaced

        I agree, but canucanoe2 was snarking.

      • Allen Thompson

        You people are a bunch of retards get your facts right. The pipe line is on federal properties. It is owned by the government. And we should take back all the land we gave these rezniggers. They don’t deserve it. Sovereign Nation. What a joke. They are worthless wasting air and water. Kill the all. Fuck it kill the fagot loving liberals too. hang Obama and Clinton in a tree. Beside them. I hope Trump cleans house and america can move forward.

        • Guy

          Yep ! And you can’t be the first to dangle from your homemade noose !

          Oh by the way there Zippee, don’t you mean the government stole from the native people, that were here long befor(about 10.000 years more or less) the European White Settlers Arrived, so they could get at the gold in the Black Dakoda Hills !!

        • Marline Fulwider

          Big bad wolf behind the computer hahahahha I can’t be mad at you tho , it’s your parents who failed.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      I think these others missed not only the obvious snark, but also the snark symbol you kindly left behind. Carry on! (but don’t let them know who you are)

    • DocThrone Rush

      Wrong, its only aggravated assault. Aggravated means with intent to cause physical harm. Taunting is not physical contact. Those two words don’t go together. Buy a dictionary and learn the meanings of words. And no there are no laws against protesting or taunting cops. They have to have probable cause and taunting a person, cop or not, is not probable cause.

    • Marline Fulwider

      What an idiot, poor kid on his shoulders probably smarter.

  • suesees

    Shooting people in the back while praying – and on the official national Religious Freedom Day (January 16th)! Unfortunately not surprising, but still craven and despicable. Special place being prepared for these “enforcers” of corporate oligarchy.

  • blaine

    The protestors were trespassing on a posted no trespassing construction site where they were legally not entitled to protest. They also damaged private property in the process.

    They refused to disperse when ordered by lawful athorities.

    “Prayer circle” and “water protectors” is pure propaganda rhetoric.

    The pipe will be buried 92′ feet below the Missouri Riverbed in a double lined pipe with sophisticated pressure sensors and shut-off valves on both sides of the river. It will be the 56th gas or oil pipeline to cross the river as will be by far the safest ever built.

    The only way this line will not be completed is if the Federal Courts stop it.

    There is not a single chance the Trump Administration and North and South Dakota will not use the full power of the Federal and State governments to complete this pipeline in the next six months.

    • wilypagan

      As it should be. The way to fight is in the courts and in the legislature, not by interfering with lawful activities. Americans are tired of lawless behavior which is why we elected Trump.

      • Peace and Love

        You elected tRump because you’re an idiot.

        • wilypagan

          You sound very angry. ROFLMFAO.

          • Peace and Love

            nah– just entertainment. How fat are you? Really?

      • JayGoldenBeach

        Trump’s voters were the authoritarian-submissives; the low-info partisans; and the various gullibles.

        • DocThrone Rush

          Then what does that make the Hillary criminally incompetent pathological liar supporters? I didn’t support either one because I’m an anti-war vet libertarian.

        • Mark Meyers

          Republicans – what? 26% of the population? As usual, the election was decided by independent voters, which make up the largest block of US voters today. These are typically the smartest ones. The DNC gave the election to Trump.

        • wilypagan

          Right, that is why we have our own businesses, property, and independent natures and simply want to be left alone. Piss off, you poorly educated snowflake. The adults are back in charge.

      • Marline Fulwider

        Never lump American beliefs, we agree on almost nothing.

        • wilypagan

          Then one must question whether you are truly an American.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      Law does not mean justice. In fact, law is used by genteel thugs thugs to do evil things to people without power, such as permanently imperiling their drinking water. Note that pipelines always leak disastrously.

      Note that the people of Bismarck refused to have their water similarly imperiled. The failure of the executive and the courts to provide the people of Standing Rock with the same relief is a failure of justice and a further disintegration of the credibility of American government. The Governor of North Dakota, the sheriffs, the police, and the National Guard have all reduced themselves to thugs of no legitimacy whatsoever by pursuing their violent aggression against the people.

      • permalink

        “Note that the people of Bismarck refused to have their water similarly imperiled”

        That is factually incorrect. The truth is the “people of Bismark” were never asked or consulted about the DAPL.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          So who stopped the pipeline from crossing the river where it threatened the Bismarck water supply?

          • permalink

            It was deemed 11 miles longer and crossed many more wetlands and rivers than the current route.

            From what I have read it was the USACE that determined the “southern” route.

            If you d/l the USACE environmental assessment (1,100+ pages), I am sure you would find out exactly who made the decision.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            So the decision was to stick it to the Standing Rock Sioux, and you have no idea why?

          • permalink

            It does not cross the SRST reservation either. And their water intake currently in Ft Yates is being dismantled and a new water intake is built (70 miles south) in Mobridge, SD.

            You would know this if you read a little more, and trolled a little less.

          • Peace and Love

            Look at this. A troll calling someone a troll. hahahaha

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Thanks! I will gift-wrap your response to permalink. Who does it work for? Kelcy Warren?

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            You would know this if you read a little more, and trolled a little less.

            This is so funny! Did you see how ‘Peace and Love’ just nailed you for that wisecrack?

            If this second intake is such a wonderful solution, why hasn’t the corporation groveling MSM made a fuss about it?

            Tribal officials said the danger remains. They also say the project’s construction has already damaged historical sites with religious significance to the tribe, and further construction could cause more destruction.

            “If this pipeline breaks, it’s not only going to pollute our drinking water, but destroy the environment,” Archambault said.


          • permalink

            Yeah and if you knew that a railroad line, a natural gas line, and an electric transmission line already runs through that area, you would know that the ground has been dug up before.

            Also when the river was dammed in the 1950’s, ALL the historical stuff was moved (stated by the prior land owner who was married to a woman who was a member of SRT).

            Just admit it, you have no idea of what you are mumbling about.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Just admit it, you’re a troll of no credibility whatsoever. You blew it with your implied claim that the new intake removed the danger.

            You also blew it by implying that all the ground being dug up for the oil pipeline is the same as already dug up for the other lines, which is patently a falsehood.

            Because you have been so gratuitously nasty, slippery, and mendacious, I find the evaluation of the Standing Rock Sioux much more believable than you.

          • permalink

            “You blew it with your implied claim that the new intake removed the danger”

            I did not “imply” anything. I just stated the fact that the tribe will have a new water intake.

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Why did you do that?

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            Just admit it – your brief service in the military has made you blindly supportive of any assheaded thing they decide to do!

          • permalink

            No, I would not say that.

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            You’re quite the little worker-drone, aren’tcha?

          • Sherri Shields

            The governor and city. The didn’t want to risk a pipeline leak contaminating their water wells. With no thought that they moved it closer to one of the largest water aquifers in the nation. And, who cares where the Natives syht when the USA government has been shyting on them for over 200 yrs. People didn’t even remember the Indigenous people still existed in the numbers that they do. Not until 4-5 thousand showed up causing Governor Dalrymple to crap his pants, sending him into a state of panic causing him to declare an unnecessary state of emergency. The people didn’t have to protest it and if they did they sure would NOT be attacked with the verosity of the brutal assaults being plummeted on the Protectors who have endured a brutal winter thus far. They have my respect. Praying and protecting the property of many who left “AS ORDERED” in the onset of a 3 day Blizzard putting atrisk

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Thank you! After your excellent and concise discussion, permalink should go flush himself down the toilet.

          • permalink

            You are the one mumbling on about this, because you didn’t like the answer.

            I answered your first question about placement of the DAPL, yet you failed to believe me.

            So then you brought up the idea to “stick it to SRS”, when, in fact the DAPL does not cross the reservation. And you didn’t believe that.

            Download and read the USACE environmental assessment for the DAPL.

            But I got to tell you it is 1,100+ pages long.

            Why is it you refuse to believe the facts when presented?

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            I can’t hear you. You’ve flushed yourself too far down. You’re on you’re way to making a devastated sewer of America with the Kelcy Warren gang.

          • permalink

            “I can’t hear you”

            Yet you stupidly commented anyway…

          • TecumsehUnfaced

            Another flail and a miss by the burbling troll.

      • Allen Thompson

        You are a fucking retard man shut the fuck up.

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          You poor fellow! You’re angry at everyone and insulting people right and left. If you want help, just yammer again.

          • Just report and block, easily solved. 🙂

      • blaine

        It’s a complete distortion of the facts. The Army corps of engineers rejected the Bismark proposal because it was 11 miles longer, would have crosses more roads and waterways, would have been more difficult to stay 500′ feet away from housing as dictated by the North Dakota state utility commission and it was within well head water sites where there are regulations against running pipelines.

        DAPL is literally in the middle of nowhere. Doesn’t it make since to put a pipeline in the place where it will have the least impact on people?

        Standing Rock reservation is gigantic. It’s 3,500 sq. miles which is 1,000 sq miles larger then the State of Delaware with a total population of only 8,000 people. Not one foot of pipeline is on Indian land.

        It’s ridiculous, the chances of a leak in a double lined pipe buried 92′ below the Missouri River are infinitesimal or the Army Corps would not have approved the site following an extensive environmental assessment report.

        Here it is.


        • TecumsehUnfaced

          A complete distortion of facts? We’re supposed to believe the pipeline companies about safety? Here a bunch of reasons not to. I have a lot more documentation to dig through, if necessary.

          Expert Investigation Reveals Government and Energy Transfer Partners Covered Up Dangers Of DAPL

          John Vibes November 11, 2016


          Oil Company Lied About Safety of DAPL – Report Exposes Thousands of Spills in Last 6 Years Alone

          Justin Gardner September 27, 2016


          Contractor Behind DAPL Assessment Was Working on Connecting Pipeline for the Same Company

          Monday, 26 September 2016 By Itai Vardi, DeSmogBlog | Report


          What are the Ties Between Dakota Access Pipeline Company & North Dakota’s Attorney General?

          October 03, 2016

          The attorney general of North Dakota has been the AG for more than 15 years. He’s the top law enforcement officer of that state, yet he’s been part of a pay-to-play operation that is the Republican Attorneys General Association, where they raise money for this group. The money—this group, RAGA, then helps fund those campaigns of those attorneys general.


          Legendary Native Activist Exposes DAPL Is a SHAM

          TYT Politics Reporter Jordan Chariton (https://twitter.com/JordanChariton?la…) spoke with Native American activist and executive director of Honor The Earth Winona LaDuke, who explained what the Dakota Access Pipeline is really being used for.


          • blaine

            We are talking about this pipeline’s relative safety. Not pipelines that were built 50 years ago that are having spills today and need to be repaired or replaced.

            Shipping Oil by rail which is being done now for Bekkin oil is exponentially more environmentally hazardous and dangerous to human life.

            Therected is not a chance this pipeline won’t be built if the Federal Courts don’t stop it.

            Unless protestors are riding a bike or walking every where they go and heating their homes with solar, it’s hypocritical to oppose infrastructure that will help make the US energy independent.

            Thanks for the links. I will go through them. Let you know if I find a compelling new argument that would change my mind.

    • junktex

      America is a corrupt oligarchy like the old Soviet Union

      • Steve Rusk

        Russia is now a corrupt oligarchy, before that it was an experiment in communism which collapsed from both external and internal pressures. When the USSR fell the US sent in advisors to assist the ruling elites in looting the economy, they then became “oligarchs”. The US saw this as Russia having successfully acquired a “Capitalist Class”. Yes we are a corrupt oligarchy and we intend to impose that form of rule on the world.

        • junktex

          Yep,I know but the mostly jewish oligarchs were already in prominent positions in the Soviet government just as they are in Ukraine.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      OK, if it’s all so harmless, please explain why when the (white) people of Bismark didn’t want that shit 92′ under their drinking water, the pipeline was IMMEDIATELY rerouted to native lands and water supply?

  • Seth Tyrssen

    It’s time to shoot back. Long past time, actually.

    • Allen Thompson

      Yup kill the rezniggers with real bullets bunch of fucking leaches.

    • Steve Rusk

      That’s what the cops and those behind them are hoping to provoke, if shooting breaks out from the protesters side then the National Guard with real military might will be brought in to eradicate the protesters.

      • Seth Tyrssen

        That’s why you fight a guerilla war. Worked great for the VC in Nam, against the most powerful empire in the world (that would be, America.) I know many believe that Ghandi-style passive resistance is the way to go. I’m much more of an out-and-out revolutionary. If their fuckin’ pipes get holes blown in ’em during construction, we can stop this. In North Dakota, Florida, Canada, and everywhere else the Earth Destroyers are active.

  • Marc-Anthony Sanscartier D’Ora


  • Ed Sessions III

    Good. Run them off any way you can. Use as much force as necessary. Worthless trash bums.

    • Marline Fulwider

      Worthless trash bums…I feel bad for your mother.

      • Ed Sessions III

        Worthless trash scum. Yep. That is what you and your entire family is. Lol. Lol.

  • Open Message to Police
    watch to 54:25

  • balloonist

    Kinda tired hearing about how people intentionally confront police, then whine about how they were mistreated…all for photo ops and video moments…sigh.

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      You work for Kelcy Warren like permalink does? Why? Can’t mega corporations take care of themselves with their prostituted uniformed thugs and bought politicians?

      • permalink

        I don’t work for no one. I am already getting three government checks.

        Something about making stupid decisions early in life…

        Try it, it works for me!

        • TecumsehUnfaced

          You do this for free? My condolences!

    • Marline Fulwider

      For real.

  • CAWS

    If this was shown to 70 million people on TV like MLK’s march then there would be public pressure to do something. Where are all the veterans that came to help several weeks ago? And how the hell is it legal to use surface to air missiles on domestic soil?

    • TecumsehUnfaced

      The ruling vampires have worked hard to gather control of the news since. The MSM has been totally trashed. More and more alternative news sites have been compromised.

  • blad

    NOBODY is telling the truth about this situation.

    Heres the truth in a NUTshell

    Soros and Buffett own the trains. They want oil shipped by train not by pipeline. They make billions shipping oil by train. They make NOTHING sending oil by pipeline.

    Soros/Buffet paid Hilderbeast/Obummer millions to deny building pipeline so they can make money.

    Thats it, in a nutshell!

    “November 9, 2015
    Warren Buffett and the Keystone Decision
    By Daniel John Sobieski

    When President Obama announced he was killing the Keystone XL pipeline, he said he was agreeing with the State Department’s assessment that the pipeline from Canada “would not serve the national interests of the United States.” The fact is that it would not have benefitted the personal financial interests of friend and economic mentor, Warren Buffett, who can rest assured that oil from Canada and the nearby Bakken formation in North Dakota will continue to be transported by a railroad he owns. As Investor’s Business Daily noted in a 2011 editorial:

    Killing the Keystone XL pipeline may help one of the world’s richest men get richer. North Dakota’s booming oil fields will now grow more dependent on a railroad the president’s economic guru just bought….

    As oil production ramps up in the Bakken fields of North Dakota, plans to use the pipeline to transport it have been dashed.

    As a result, North Dakota’s booming oil producers will have to rely even more on the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad, which Buffett just bought, to ship it to refineries.

    Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has agreed to buy Burlington Northern Santa Fe in a deal valuing the railroad at $34 billion. Berkshire Hathaway already owns about 22% of Burlington Northern, and will pay $100 a share in cash and stock for the rest of the company.

    When President Obama was first running for office, he publicly declared that Warren Buffet was his prime source for economic advice. As CNBC noted in July 2008:

    Barack Obama calls on Warren Buffett, among others, as he turns his attention to the troubled U.S. economy now that he’s returned from his international tour that featured a well-attended speech in Berlin.

    In an interview with Tom Brokaw on NBC’s Meet the Press over the weekend, Obama said that today he would be “pulling together” some of his “core economic advisers” to “examine the policies that we’ve already put forward–a middle class tax cut, a second round of stimulus, a effort to shore up the housing market in addition to the bill that was already passed through Congress, what we need to do in terms of energy and infrastructure.”


    • The Cat’s Vagina

      OK, so what’s up with the missile launchers?

      • Guy

        Y’all can’t go to a war and be partly dressed can you ?

        • The Cat’s Vagina

          That tells me why they all take their hats off indoors, but STILL doesn’t explain what they’re doing with missile launchers.

          • Guy

            Just in case they are needed dear ! I mean, what good boy scout would ever go camping, without being prepared for everything ! That’s the basic scout motto, “To Always Be Prepared !” and even says so in the official scout handbook.

            So why would the local militia want to go to a knife fight, only armed with rocks !? When you can bring a Stinger Missile to the game and sort of atty up and bluff your opponent into making a mistake, that will give them the reason no doubt to use them !

            Isn’t that what we have been doing for years with Russia !? Why should this be any thing no more different than that ?

    • Guy

      Hmmm, that was interesting. So what’s the apparent difference between, Buffet, Obama and Trump, now !?

  • Forrest Carlton Lackey

    The comments on here make me wonder, how many people on here are just paid trolls by businesses and the government and how many of them are actually people who are just that bitter and mean, personally. I sometimes hear them start to make a good point but after a while you get the idea that’s what behind it is a venom that isn’t very intelligent. It just hates anyone speaking out. It’s like they sold their soul or decided the worst possible crime in the world is to not fit in and to have a life that’s not part of a system. Damn, man, so many people are evil these days. They remind me of the horrible people my dad had to put up with in the South in the 60s, people who technically knew how to behave in public and at church, and might not even technically break any laws and give to charity, but deep down inside their heart was just rotten and black as night, so hateful to anyone who had a problem.
    A lot of people try to point out how our country was founded to be a Republic, and how a lot of Americans in the early days were devout Christians (not here to talk about separation of church and state, I mean culture), and that’s partly what helped America in some ways. But now adays, America isn’t really a Republic inhabited by Christians. It’s becoming a Roman Empire led by Pharisees, it’s becoming the British Empire we rebelled against, and, ironically, our lack of tolerance for other people’s religions resembles the oft maligned USSR’s.
    I see so much hatred, so much evil in the average American’s psyche, especially the older crowd. I tried being conservative, and in many ways I still am, but the whole “small government, low taxes” thing is DEAD. Since the NeoCons took over, conservatives are largely unconstitutional treasonous people who’s loyalty is to the rich, to big government, to corporations, to Israel, and to a fascistic police state, calling even the mildest of protesters rioters.
    Conservatives of today wouldn’t have helped in the revolution against the British. They would have helped the British and called George Washington a Thug.
    They would have called Jesus a Thug and the early church communist terrorists.
    They would be more offended by a kid smarting off in public than a pedophile priest raping hundreds of boys.
    Naturally, if you argue with them they throw you in the same pot with a democrat or hillary supporter, cuz naturally that’s the only choices we have. Ya know if you’re not a fascist, you’re a communist. Even though I already stated most of my life I’ve leaned conservative, but the right wing has a cancer man. I’m not commenting on the left wing because I’ve never been in it and I can’t judge as a member from the inside-although I hear some leftists have similar disgust with their own party.
    But the point is, conservatism isn’t what it claims to be. Anything truly Christian or small government has been dead for a long time. It’s not about mom and pop stores, it’s about monopoly men loyal to Israel and the Illuminati. They have more in common with Lucifer than Jesus.


      I can’t say nobody’s getting paid to troll, but you won’t see any more spam on this site.

    • Guy

      Okay, now you made my head hurt, cuz I got to think about what you wrote, instead of going back to sleep, Damn it !!!!!!

  • edslides

    ya know, that non-violence thing works good IF the goverment or whoever it may be, lived by God’s laws. But they are FAR from it and are nothing but power hungry psychopaths. You can talk til your blue in the face and NOTHING will get done. The only way this will ever stop is true violence. The shedding of guilty blood, just like in ALL the other ends of empires around the world.

  • EmmittBrownBTTF1

    Cthulhu sends his minions “to mess with” adherents, devotees, fans, followers and tweeps of the creator deities that hang out and get shi* faced in the company of the Flying Spaghetti Monster on Fridays because if there is one thing Cthulhu cannot stand it is competition with “daddy’s favorites”.

  • Richard Gene Wiley

    Well, by their own timeline the natives won’t even be using the river as a water source. They’ve known this and a plan was in place before the pipeline was announced. So the natives have lied since the beginning.

  • balloonist

    And now an unarmed HumVee has everyone wetting themselves…where are the alledged 2000 Veterans in all this ? The ones with the 1.2 million dollars raised on Gofundme ? Whats their take in all this ?

  • balloonist

    The pad mentioned…its on private property , is that correct ? So, is that trespassing in North Dakota ? Folks keep your bum ass on the REZ, stop looking for photo ops, eat the free food, play guitars, chop wood and life is good right. I am guessing the majority dont have jobs, didnt have jobs when they arrived, except the paid agitatiors of course.

  • Roy Catlin

    F’n libtards…am I right?

  • Roy Catlin

    Just a comment for those snowflakes who cannot seem to get the facts correct (re: “Hands up, don’t shoot”)
    Look it up, source-Washington Post

  • Bob Lynn Sr.

    Your so called FREEDOM is an “Illusion”.