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Coward Cop Caught on Dashcam Walking Up to a Leashed Dog and Killing Him for No Reason

Detroit, MI — Citizens are on the hook yet again for police misconduct, this time because an officer shot a dog — which was tethered to a steel cable.

Detroit Police Officer Darrell Dawson and other officers responded to a call of an active shooter in the area near Daryl Lindsay’s home on the city’s south side. Looking for the suspect, officers then surrounded Lindsay’s home. In the yard was Lindsay’s dog — securely tethered to his home by a ten-foot, steel cable leash.

What happened next should infuriate every pet owner.

On January 31, 2015, according to police dashcam footage obtained by a Freedom of Information Act request, “Dawson approached the dog and while standing just outside of the dog’s reach, shot her twice in the chest.”

Babycakes, as Lindsay called his female Dogue de Bordeaux, died from the gunshot wounds.

Lindsay felt compelled to file a lawsuit against the City of Detroit for the completely unjustified killing of his beloved pet.

“A well-developed body of federal law holds that police unreasonably killing a dog violates the owner’s Fourth Amendment rights,” Lindsay’s attorney, Chris Olson explained, as local FOX 2 reported. “In particular, where the dog does not pose an imminent threat, or the officer is not surprised by the dog and has time to make alternate plans to control the dog, other than shooting; the shooting of the dog is an unreasonable seizure that violates the Fourth Amendment.”

Lindsay won the lawsuit and has now been awarded $100,000 compensation — which will essentially leave citizens on the hook for the payout.

As for the original emergency call, no shooter was ever found in the area.

It’s unclear if Dawson was disciplined by the department for the shooting, though records Olsen obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show Dawson described seeing a “large brown dog” and that he “was verbally counseled … regarding other avenues of approach one can take when entering private property for exterior searches.”

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The Free Thought Project has previously reported numerous incidents of unjustified police killings of people’s pets, including one case where an officer laughed in the face of the pet owner whose dog he’d just killed.

This heartless and unjustified police killing of yet another non-threatening pet, leads many to wonder how those so petrified of restrained animals choose law enforcement — and supposedly apprehending dangerous criminals — as a career.

  • Angel

    Was the cop disciplined, fired? Say something God damn it! Finish the story.

  • Eddie Booze

    It’s simple, the Cop who shot the tethered dog should be shot in his ass with rock salt.
    Also he should recipe 20 lashes across his back with a bull whip by the dog owner.

  • Jus goes to show how cowardly they are

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  • First thing you learn in Psychology is that people who hurt animals are sociopaths!!

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  • Chaining a dog up on a short chain like that is the real cruelty

    • You’re an idiot…a man’s dog was killed for no reason and you think the dog being on a chain was the cruel action here…..Murica, fuck ya

  • paid for with tax dollars.

  • your right, cause im sure this is all there is to the story. once again, moron cop haters just looking for an excuse. sad. truly sad.

    • Sadder that you’re willing to defend the guy. I agree that most of these stories shamelessly push an agenda but facts are facts man.

    • all we see is a grainy video from 50 feet away. what facts?

    • There were $100,000 facts.

    • Raiden De Jesus I believe the cop did shoot the dog for nothing , my sons had some one leave his dogs out of his fenced yard he called the cops to let them know they are not vicious and went looking for them , well the cops had found them i guess got them into their car by whistling and saying do you want to go for a ride , they took them to the incinerator and shot them. they could have called him to pick them up or taken them to the pound . ASPCA got involved and an atty. because they were trying to fine my son because someone had let them out of the fence a 6 foot fence they didn’t hop it .

    • or you could not leave your dog out in the freezing cold in the snow………

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    • Eric Graham the only reasonable explanations for shooting the dog was if it prevented the officer from responding to an emergency or if it was a threat to the safety of the officer. This video clearly shows an unjustifiable murder of a pet that was under control. ie restrained.

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  • it was an unarmed black/brown dog.. if it had been a white dog the officer would not have fired =)

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  • Every single cop should have an annual mental evaluation & the only reason people like Eric still try to make excuses for them is because he’s obviously never seen how they treat people up close & personal like I have – with handcuff scars in both wrists to prove it

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    • the owner of this dog and the dog did nothing wrong. Dog is now dead. Your “dont break the law and you have nothing to worry about” argument is bullshit.
      How about the toddler killed by a flashbang from a raid when THEY WERE AT THE WRONG HOUSE?

    • Eric you’re a tool. I follow the law, I’m white, and very educated, yes I STILL deal with douchebag bad cops who break the law for fun. I don’t live in a wealthy area or a ghetto, just a regular NJ town. I’ve witnessed it in many areas since I was 14, so take your “Just do what your told” attitude and shove it because it literally does not always work.

    • Mike.. Spot on!

    • Eric Graham I sincerely hope, that through accident or mistaken identity, you get to experience what many of us here have already gone though at the hands of these lowlife thugs who have the attitude that since they are the “good guys” it gives them license to do bad things. And what about the dog? What did the dog do? You are one sorry POS.

    • Eric Graham i rarely stop for Cops… and have ditched them more times than you will ever be stopped in ten lives

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    • Kae Maximilian Thank you

  • Biggest mistake in the U.S. County Police. Abolish that and blanket all under a uniformed State Police.

    • State Security, we can call them the SS. It’s got a nice ring to it.

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    Poor cop is just over worked. Ass.

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  • part of that compensation needs to come out of the cops pay , that is if he wasn’t fired and even if he was he should still be responsible for a portion of the money paid out .

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  • How would you feel Mr Cop if i randomly walked up to you and shot you in the head


  • hope proper justice is served!

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  • Isn’t it a felony now for animal cruelty..

  • Cop should lose his badge and pension

  • These guys are psychopaths

  • Animals are considered property according to law. That’s the problem.kicking a dog is the equivalent to kicking someone’s car can’t enforce a law that doesn’t exist.

  • Scumbag Cop. And people wonder why Cops are Hated so much.

    • i dont wonder. 99 percent of cops are good cops, and idiots like you generalize them all and then talk shit about them on facebook behind a computer. pretty simple, actually.

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    • Eric Graham gets his statistics from Trump the Chump.

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  • Mike Walker

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    • Kathy Wilson

      I’ll go with your idea. Works for me.

    • Ян Кариси

      The war on Pets. Every year the police kill over 10,000 of our furry family members. It is time to save a dog, kill some pigs!

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  • i thought the fbi would be investigating such a hideous example of animal abuse. isn’t that what facebook said the other day?

  • Paco Yayo Montana Matthieu Vadnais

  • I bet he shot the neighborhood animals with a BB gun as a kid.

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  • they need to quit burdening taxpayers with this. Take the money from the police department’s pension fund instead.

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  • What do cops in America eat these days… cos it sure seems like a “bowl of retarded”. This is either seriously big brainfart in police force or simple abuse of power. In either case, men in blue should protect citizens and catch criminals, but it seems they kill citizens, help criminals and serve law(government). Basically, lately, it seems police is a braindead musclepower released on the streets to scare community in to obedience.

    • A brain fart? “Oops I killed a dog……”

    • Ambra Jean Well like: “I will shoot a dog hehe. I shot the dog hehe. Wy did I shoot the dog…?”

    • Lily, If the cops could eat bowls of retarded; they would be much more evolved, conscious and humane. They are way worse than people stereotyped and profiled as retarded.

    • George Diehl If you want to go in to specific name calling, sure. I was simply trying to point out how odd is the behavior of a person who has chosen to be the officer of the law, yet does’t know the law. Perhaps it is simple ignorance but it can be also an abuse of power. Either way, seems like unstable person and not fit to be a police officer.

    • Must be at least 3 bowls, with added stupid

    • Even if it where not against the law, why would you kill anything/anyone that oposes no threat to you?

    • Lilly Streamblood I understand what you are saying. I’ll be clearer. I have been branded with the “retard” word. The cops we are talking about are not at all conscious; the actions and behavior they choose are not humane. It pushed my buttons and I’m sticking to my guns. A man who is evil would be a better human being if he was only retarded. Bowls of retarded would be effective medication for the sicko!!!

  • Verbally counseled??? REALLY??? Then why all the drama over Michael Vicks and dog fighting if all that was required is “verbal counseling?”

  • I think if someone went crazy on my property and started shooting and killing for no valid reason, that would warrant me to protect my loved ones and myself. Just because you wear a uniform OBVIOUSLY doesn’t mean you are in your right mind.

  • If anyone badge or not killed my dog in cold blood . make sure you kiss your children before you go to sleep. Bitches

  • Thats why shit is gonna be set off soon…& it needs to happen

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  • ‘merika is seriously ill…..exactly what, if anything , was going through this cretins mind? I’m sure there are brave cops out there but they seem to be outnumbered by truly awful human beings

  • This makes me sick

  • The settlement is ok, but is someone gonna shoot the cop? At least he should go to prison for an unlawful weapon discharge, with deadly attempt, Animal rights should cough up some charges in unlawful murder of an innocent animal.

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  • People that mistreat animals for fun are mentally ill. They need treatment and should certainly not hold jobs such as armed police.

  • Karen Caperton

  • Where the animal abuse patrol? The MSPCA? Of course only to abusers who are people. There is no accountability anymore.

  • It looks like they are actively trying to cause civil unrest.

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  • I bet the pig is on paid administrative leave too

  • I’m telling you, our country is turning into a police state.

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  • Dan Hanlon. Sorry. This is last one. So I guess since he’s a cop this is ok because if you say it isn’t I’d be anti police. Using your logic I would. So I guess it’s ok

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  • Fucking psychopath! Let’s start with animals and move to humans like most killers do. If you can’t even be compassionate to a dog minding it’s own business how are we supposed to trust you with humans who don’t shut up?

  • I’d use some of that money to hire someone to severely beat that cop If it were my dog.

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  • Anyone can become a cop, with little training in anything except military tactics that are meant to be used in war zones. Psych evaluations are not in depth enough before they join or during their tenure as an officer. It should be very hard to get a job as a cop.

  • Is the cop up to date on his shots? I think he’s missing one, a lead shot.

  • Is there not physiological evaluation for officers of the law

    • There is… they just train to pass the tests and they’re good to go back to killing the innocent.

    • That’s terrible at the rates officers doing crimes. You’d figure that make mandatory testing yearly

  • I’ve said it once I’ll say it again time to lock and load people take your police force back they are on an agenda put out by the New World Order to kill with impunity and put the citizenry into fear to keep them completely subservient. Arm Yourselves people, quickly!

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  • Should get the same as what somebody would get if they shot a police dog!

  • Pete Inc

    kops kill a dog every 89 minutes, 3 Ppl per day yet Drs kill 100,000 pl per yr

  • it hurts when you lose your 4-footed family member…..how many children are they going to make cry over the loss of their dog…..that is a good way to turn kids against cops by killing their dog the buttheads…….they need to prosecute these dog killers…….and, some dogs are not pets but are service dogs for blind, deaf, seizures among other needs…..service dogs cost tax payers $5,000-10,000 for the disabled…..not to mention the loss the person has of a partner animal that helps them have a life and the bond is strong for these people and animals… and the animals are very well trained and passive…..also service dogs are protected by federal laws…..

  • If someone shot my boxer they would die

  • Cops doing what ALL cops do.

  • This video shows unquestionable, intentional, abuse of power!!! His reasons for killing that dog are locked in his delusional, psychotic, narcissistic ego; exactly what the police profile for with their hiring practices.

  • Coward

  • Pussy Patrol

  • You need to drug test your police force as its obvious that so many are on steroids or Coke, the cops in my area of Northern Ireland carry guns and we never get anywhere near the violence and brutality you Americans put up with….yes I said PUT UP WITH

  • Lock him up!

  • I am pretty sure that there’s an ordinance to cops to shoot as many dogs as possible. You can’t explain this any other way.
    Also, they should pay with prison for shooting dogs: their idiocy shouldn’t fall on citizens shoulder. But of course, if they have that ordinance…

  • Asshole

  • dead cops are the best cops

  • Asshole..!!

  • How is he still on the force?

  • Well folks, remember that people like Eric may not be Stupid, just ignorant. He can lose his ignorance by becoming better informed, but he will never, ever fix Stupid. You see, the way our great leaders have the law written, it’s ok for a cop to do that in nearly ALL cases, but if YOU shoot a police dog, you may be put away in a cage for 20 yrs. EVEN if they sic their dog on you by mistake. I say my dog is a family member, and if they kill it, without having a bite mark, THEY go to a cage for 20.

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  • I shoplifted once, my punishment was to dig a 12X12X12 hole in the ground, with a shitty shovel in 110 degree weather. Also, me digging the hole was for NO REASON, as they didn’t even need the hole dug and filled it up when I was done. Guess what? I haven’t FUCKING SHOPLIFTED SINCE!! (except once when I was starving to death). Maybe we should rethink how people are punished. Does putting them in Prison help? Not really, it is expensive and most people who get out of Prison can’t get a job (because, ya know, they have a “HISTORY.”) So, they usually resort to crime again. No, make these people DIG HOLES! There is a reason hole digging is “slave type” labor, because NOBODY WANTS TO DO IT! That is why when holes need to be dug, they hire somebody else, or make somebody else. HA HA! The worse the crime, the worse the hole. I feel the hole I had to dig (took three days) was adequate enough to make me not want to steal. Maybe make murderers have to dig a 1000X1000X100 ft hole, by hand. You know what I mean. We could even close all prisons down, make them into schools or something. Designate 1 piece of land to punish people by digging stupid holes for no reason. Maybe somewhere in Kansas, or Eastern Wyoming where there isn’t a dang thing around anyway. Yeah, wonder if that would work????? Well, it can’t be any worse that what we have now right? Cop shoots innocent living thing, either nothing happens to them, or they are slightly punished in a monetary manner, or, GASP! Sometimes even REWARDED for that behaviour. No, make these bastards work themselves nearly to death by digging holes, on an empty stomach, when they have to pee really bad, and yet somehow thirsty. Yeah, that is HELL.

    • Or, uh, give shoplifters a leg-iron and a 16-lb sledgehammer, and a rock-pile…?

    • whatever is hard on the body and pointless to do 😉 I work a job, it sucks, so much so I will probably never apply for one again, lol

    • in the case of killer cops, make them dig a vertical shaft straight to the core of the earth…..

  • Dammmmnn

  • They should dock the money from his wages or pension ,the rest would soon get the message ,If hes scared of dogs hes in the wrong job .

  • I need Anonymous to give me the name and location of this officer.

  • Is it that hard to just not shoot things?! Jesus

  • The reason you do not hear much about mass murderers any more is because they all work as police now.

  • Lock these dimwitted criminal parasites up for life.

  • This raises the question.. would you kill your dog for $100,000?

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  • I would like to give that man a very slow and painful death

  • He’ll be sure to never do it again. When anyone’s watching.

  • definite psychotic behavior … Why is this happening so much???

  • Can’t watch it but already pissed off

  • This cop should be put off the force and never be allowed to join any other force

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  • There here to protect the government, A.K.A illuminati/masons not us.

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  • Annual mental evaluation by an independent group for all cops!

  • Why do you think the MAX IQ for the police academy is only 104.They tried to raise it but a judge said no way.It`s all about being able to condition those that are willing to be conditioned.

  • DOGS LIVES MATTER !!! Kinda the same thing huh Let’s riot and tear the city down

  • Brandy Long

  • poor wee dog :0(

  • Somebody kill that cop !

  • fucking 100 k..What they think, this 100k comes from Taxes.So next time they kill 2 dogs so they calculated..for 200K. KIll THE COP, And give his family 100Bucks..

  • yes, they investigated themselves and found he didnt do any wrong…… :/

  • Thomas Kane

    I’m a Professional Truck Driver and if my misconduct results in the loss of life or property then I am held financially and criminally responsible, I don’t understand why cops get a free pass just because they have a little badge!

  • What goes around comes around

  • Prison.

  • Oh this is not right but wonder if a black boy was sitting on his porch would he get all this support or would it be well maybe we not getting the full story he had

  • Maybe the police should screen a few movies where someone shoots a guy’s dog. Mad Max, a Clint Eastwood, there’s some more that aren’t coming to mind right now. In every one if them it enrages the dog owner to the point of seeking maximum revenge. Shooting innocent dogs brings out the worst in people….

  • I´m from a III world country…but kind of cops you have? And the worst thing is that your goverment is training our police. And your police are sadists, psicos, really mad, crazy guys. What kind of cops…Every one they pull over they are ready to shoot, all ready to shoot., always dogs and cats.

    • Yes, I know my police for a long time, and my meetings with them never have been good… But not so badly as you are having.

  • Its scary when a cop kills and is not called up to account for it …What is shown here is that the managers condone the practice and consider $100000.00 good PR….

  • Cowardly POS.

  • No surprise there,thats what evil punk, cowards cops do.

  • The outrage itself is quite ironic & testimonial. A dog has more value than a black man…in American society.

  • Lucky this m….f….. doesnt live in Australia ..we have ways of payback

  • May be I´m wrong, but for a long time ago I think U.S.A. is the nnncarnation of the Roman Empire, overloaded, or hiper…The fall comesfor everyone.

  • Most people do consider their dogs family. We would be more than devastated if something like that happened to our dog. We’re off to a good staart for tougher penaties for animal abuse but more is needed.

  • Don’t you think beside brainwashing them,these cops are high or under the influence of Drugs ?!!! seriously .

  • Darrell. Let’s hope someone shoots you soon

  • David Keenan

  • Thats ok then

  • OK now I feel like a white person when the cops murder a black person. One less dog pooping on my law. That dog was a thug and he deserved it. I hope the cop gets a paid vacation for killing that dog.

    • … you’re not serious are you?

    • It’s always the people that’s too ugly to have a profile pic, or any pic at all for that matter, to question me.

    • Randy Valentine Bridges your a fat negro who are you calling ugly ??? Look in the Mirror fool

    • I’m calling you ugly.

    • What does a profile have to do with a cop killing a dog? You talk about feeling like a “white” person. You have not a clue what you are talking about. You’re not white, so you can’t say that you know how we feel when a black person gets shot. What you are is an ignorant narcissistic jackass. If I was black, you would embarrass me

  • any law enforcement agent that breaks the very laws they are paid to uphold should be fired, never allowed to hold a job as a law enforcement agent, the law enforcement unions should be the ones that shoulder the payment of any illegal acts committed by law enforcement agent!! Or make it mandatory the ALL law enforcement agents pay for and carries their own liability insurance!!

  • I’m sick to my stomach!

  • What a fucking piece of shit

  • Corey Mondello

    I hope a drunk driver kills the dog killer

  • This is fu#%ed up.

  • I would dearly like to counsel him too:(

  • He’d be a dead cop

  • post his name and address on facebook

  • Id kill him in front of his house for his family to find

  • POS cop.

  • The question now is,who’s going to kill this piece of shit?

  • Not gonna watch the video. I am in a ok / good mood. I’ll take your word for it. Senseless!

  • he obviously likes to kill the man is not stable

  • Police should have the highest standards for hiring, unfortunately they let in the worst people join them in the force. Any organization that has employees who walk around carrying guns should have extremely high standards for new hires and thorough annual psychological evaluations.

  • sick bastard

  • To think the dog wasn’t even Black.

  • Cops in some cities are off the hook! They just HAVE to kill something! This cop needs to fired, and never be allowed to own a firearm! Shoot one of my dogs while I’m home, and I WILL return fire! My dogs are family members, and see me as their “pack leader”. I’ll protect them as if they are my children….which they are!

  • But he felt threatened.

  • American Nazi Scum

  • Roger Langford

    Death to the police. Support your local cop killer.

  • Bandit country

  • Makes no sense, and he’s still on the force? Not good

  • Death to all pigs

  • The American 12 weeks in the police academy is completely inadequate and is resulting in mindless bullying by uniformed thugs. In Australia police officers complete a university undergraduate degree with many options for specialisation. We have a respected and respectable police force. and no cops killing people or dogs!

  • you mean after his paid holiday fuck these coward pieces of shit

  • Another psychopath patrolling our streets.

  • S. Wesley Mcgranor

    I hate dogs, but i hate pigs too. I am not sure what to think.