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De Niro & RFK, Jr. Hold Press Conference To Expose Massive Corruption in Vaccine Industry

Washington, D.C. – Robert De Niro and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. held a press conference today at The National Press Club in Washington, D.C., where they publicly discussed their efforts to thoroughly examine the links between mercury and vaccines.

The Hollywood legend and Kennedy announced their partnership with the World Mercury Project, which was founded in November 2016, with the goal being to “find a missing piece of research associated with mercury.”

The group announced a $100,000 reward for research into exposing the connection between mercury and developmental abnormalities in children — noting that the majority of the current body of research has been tainted by conflicts of interest relating to those conducting the studies.

Kennedy currently serves as Chairman of the nonprofit advocacy group, while De Niro has publicly supported the group’s mission in the past. According to its website, the WMP works to “create a world free of the devastating effects of mercury.”

The group has publicly spoken out about against vaccines with mercury, and argue those vaccines have caused an increase in neurological disorders among children.

During the press conference, Kennedy noted that there is a vast censorship regime taking place in America, due to the massive amounts of money involved in Big Pharma, that disallows any public discussion about the issue of vaccines – with those attempting to do so being labeled “anti-vaccine” as a means of marginalizing them.

Kennedy said that he is “pro-vaccine,” but wants “safe vaccines.”

He went on to note that he has worked tirelessly as an environmental crusader to get rid of mercury contamination in fish, due to the extreme danger inherent to humans, but has never been called “anti-fish.” So why, because he wants to get rid of mercury in vaccines, is he considered “anti-vaccine?”

Is there really a danger in engaging in specific research intended on determining if mercury in vaccines are causing developmental abnormalities? If the pharmaceutical industry is so confident in their mercury-containing vaccines not causing these abnormalities, then theoretically they should be the first ones to jump at the opportunity to prove how harmless these vaccines are.

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One would think the industry would readily embrace an opportunity to show the veracity of their product if they are as safe as claimed.

Sarah Bridges, who attended the press conference today at the National Press Club, is a PhD neuropsychologist and mother of six who lives in Minneapolis. Sarah has a vaccine-injured child with autism and seizures who actually won her case in the Vaccine Court and had this to say:

We are one of the few cases in which the government has acknowledged that a vaccine caused my son’s brain damage and autism. The American people need to understand that the pharmaceutical industry has total blanket immunity to lawsuits. They have no incentive to study or improve safety. If your child is injured by a vaccine, you cannot sue in the American court system. You are sent to Vaccine Court. It took me eight years for my ‘swift justice’. I say it facetiously because CDC website’s promotes swift justice for people who can prove they have a vaccine injury.”

De Niro came to the public forefront of the vaccine debate after he faced push back in 2016 when he planned to show the documentary “Vaxxed” at his Tribeca film festival, which was eventually pulled from the lineup after public and behind the scenes pressure mounted.

“To me, there was no reason not to see the movie,” De Niro told Vulture after the festival. “The movie is not hurting anybody. It says something. It said something to me that was valid.”

At the time, De Niro hinted that he and the mega-producer Harvey Weinstein were planning to create a documentary film potentially focused on the massive financial incentives underpinning the vaccine manufacturing industry, as well as dubious ties between pharmaceutical companies and governmental agencies.

Yeah, and you always say, you’re not against vaccines, you’re against what they put in vaccines that can hurt certain people who are allergic. It can kill them sometimes. And there’s such an industry. There’s big, big money in vaccines that the CDC will put…


…I’m working on something else. Harvey Weinstein and I are working on doing a documentary, but I don’t what to talk much about it, because when I talk about it, something happens. But that’s what we plan to try to do.

After “Vaxxed” was pulled from Tribeca, the Hollywood legend went on the Today show to defend his original stance of wanting to screen the documentary, noting that there was “no reason” to pull the film. The documentary was allegedly pulled due to threats from other filmmakers, which De Niro believed could negatively impact the film festival.

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When Today host Willie Geist attempted to point out that there is an overwhelming amount of scientific research that has found no link between vaccines and autism, De Niro quickly responded.

“I believe it’s much more complicated than that. There is a link and they are saying there isn’t and there are…. other things there. I don’t know, I’m not a scientist but I know because I’ve seen so much reaction of just ‘let’s find out the truth.’”

De Niro went on to explain that he believes there is a potential link between autism and the ingredients in vaccines, highlighting a documentary called “Trace Amounts.” The film star pointed out that he isn’t anti-vaccine, but simply wants safe vaccines, noting that he is the father of an autistic child.

“I, as a parent of a child who has autism, am concerned. And I want to know the truth. And I’m not anti-vaccine; I want safe vaccines,” De Niro stated.

Kennedy and De Niro obviously realize the power residing within the pharmaceutical industry, as De Niro pointed out that even talking about this conceptual project could make “something happen.”

The vaccine industry has a vested financial interest in not allowing a broad public discussion to be had about vaccines. The “something happens” De Niro nebulously refers to would most likely consist of the large financial powers at the root of big pharma leaning on any movie studio or media outlet bold enough to allow actual discussion about vaccine safety.

In January, Kennedy met with President Donald Trump, who has previously criticized vaccines. Kennedy intimated that Trump had asked him to lead a new commission on vaccines, though a source later said the commission was still in discussion.

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The idea that people can question ‘big pharma’ corruption when it comes to dangerous pills, responsible for killing thousands and the subject of countless class action lawsuits, and then resort to name calling and ridicule when other people question those same companies over the safety of vaccines, is preposterous. Either you are for safe medicine or you are not. It is as simple as that.

In an open letter to the media, Kennedy and De Niro summed this ridicule up perfectly.

We are both pro-vaccine. We need to say this at the outset to contravene the reflexive public relations ploy of labeling every vaccine safety advocate “anti-vaccine.” As the British Medical Journal pointed out last week, that epithet is a derogatory attack designed to marginalize vaccine safety advocates and derail reasoned debate:


“It stigmatizes the mere act of even asking an open question about what is known and unknown about the safety of vaccines.”


Both of us had all of our children vaccinated and we support policies that promote vaccine coverage. We want vaccines that are as safe as possible, robust transparent science and vigorous oversight by independent regulators who are free from corrupting conflicts-of-interest.

Certainly, Big Pharma should have no problems with a more intense investigation detailing the specifics of mercury, vaccines and developmental abnormalities – unless they have something to hide.

Please share this important information about vaccines and mercury to help jumpstart a public discussion about this important topic!

Video of the press conference below:

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    More anti-vaxxer bullshit!

    • john smith

      facts are bulllshit!!

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        That’s not what I said. What I asked was why it’s so profitable to lie when most vaccinations are given away FOR FREE?

        • Jay Syrmopoulos
          • The Cat’s Vagina

            That’s less than $8 per human.

          • vongoh

            As of 3:02:58 PM on 2/15/2017 the global population is 7,484,652,981 …

            x $8

          • The Cat’s Vagina


        • john smith

          the back end of that vaccine market is treating the illnesses it causes
          it makes a life time customer $$$$$$$$

          • Craig Ringness

            John Smith has the bitter pill exposed in all of this. Vaccines make some people very rich with a legal snake oil known as vaccines.

        • john smith

          and you edited your comment from “more anti-vaxxer bullshit” to somthing entirely different
          so you didn’t ask jack shit

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            I edited that comment within three minutes of posting it, so it HARDLY counts as my final word on the subject.

        • Plum Remson

          Are you implying that the manufacturers of vaccines –corporations with legally-enforced fiduciary responsibilities to their stockholders — manufacture vaccines as a favor to the world? Also, have you noticed how, since vaccine manufacturers were legally shielded from liability in 1986, the vaccine schedule has exploded? Manufacturers keep researching, producing, and lobbying for acceptance of new vaccines into the pediatric schedule, and now the newly proposed adult schedule, because selling vaccines is indeed profitable.

          • john smith

            government gets 75 cents per vaccine (4 billion a year)
            so yeah they also have incentive
            it works out great for everyone but the person getting the vaccine

    • Jordan Zolor

      FREE? The Zoster vaccine (“against” Shingles) costs me $289.00, Medicare pays the rest, and you say it’s free, and supposedly I need it because I was vaccinated “against” smallpox. You say “Don’t we already HAVE a system in place to keep people from poisoning our medications?” You mean the FDA? It does not work to protect the public, but the Pharmaceutical Industry, stop being gullible.

      • Tonya Parnell


    • Dan Quixoté

      They’re not free; CDC, municipal entities, and NGO’s pay full price for them, then give them away to the uninsured. But for the insured, they are a reliable steam of income at the pediatricians’ offices. And for Big Pharma they’re a cash cow, a goose that keeps laying golden eggs, a government-mandated income stream obtained using the best lobbyists and senators money could buy. The money involved is second only to their cancer industry.

      * Doctors receive bonuses for vaccinating children. Accepting patients who do not vaccinate disqualifies these doctors from receiving thousands of dollars in bonuses from insurance companies. www dot askdrsears dot com/topics/health-concerns/vaccines/do-doctors-have-financial-incentive-get-their-patients-fully-vaccinated

      Blue Cross Blue Shield offers a $400 bonus per vaccinated patient to providers who fully vaccinate least 63 percent of the children in their practice by age two. This amount can reach thousands of dollars in bonuses for the average doctor. www dot whale dot to/c/2016-BCN-BCBSM-Incentive-Program-Booklet dot pdf

      A study published in the American Journal of Public Health demonstrated that bonus payments to doctors “sharply and rapidly” increased immunization rates by over 25 percent. The abstract also disturbingly noted that “physicians’ knowledge of contraindications was low.” www dot ncbi dot nlm dot nih dot gov/pmc/articles/PMC1508536/

      Even the government offers physicians the chance to profit immensely from high vaccination rates. A CDC incentive program known as AFIX encourages doctors to increase their vaccination rates, offering financial incentives, scholarships, public recognition, and opportunities to receive funding from pharmaceutical companies. articles dot mercola dot com/sites/articles/archive/2012/06/02/bribery-affects-vaccination-rates dot aspx

      * Former Merck sales rep explains how mandatory vaccination is pushed for Big Pharma profit, not public health; quite the opposite. Now this mother’s house is broken into regularly, even police believe she is being targeted.
      www dot naturalnews dot com/051241_mandatory_vaccination_Brandy_Vaughan_Big_Pharma_profits dot html

      IRS Allows Vaccine Companies to Claim Revenue on Vaccines They Never Even Produce
      www dot thedailysheeple com/irs-allows-vaccine-companies-to-claim-revenue-on-vaccines-they-never-even-produce_012015

      CDC caught in billion-dollar scheme to to sell vaccines
      jonrappoport dot wordpress dot com/2014/09/05/cdc-caught-in-billion-dollar-scheme-to-to-sell-vaccines/

      What Does U.S. Treasury Do With Vaccine Excise Taxes It Collects? most Of It Appears To Go Into the General Federal Fund, Not Reimbursing Victims For Vaccine-Caused Injuries
      www dot activistpost dot com/2015/05/what-does-us-treasury-do-with-vaccine dot html

      Trio of scientists who drew up the key World Health Organisation guidelines advising governments to stockpile swine flu vaccines exposed for receiving bribes from the makers of the swine flu vaccines
      www dot theguardian dot com/business/2010/jun/04/swine-flu-experts-big-pharmaceutical

    • Katherine Milne

      Wow you are very ignorant – it’s called taxation and just because some vaccines vaccines are free for the poor does not mean that the pharaceutical companies are not getting paid for them – you and I are paying them with our hard earned money. Time to wake up and do a little research.

  • john smith

    video blacks out around 9 minutes and comes back

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    We are both pro-vaccine.

    So they’re in favor of letting “massively corrupt” corporations poison our children with mercury and infect them with autism? According to them, you’re putting a loaded gun to your kid’s head with every injection!

    • CrazyTrain99

      What they are saying is that they support vaccines, as in they want their children vaccinated, but recognize that due to the unconscionably greedy nature of the pharmaceutical industry that some vaccines may contain dangerous chemicals or allergens that don’t need to be in them.

      • The Cat’s Vagina

        That sounds perfectly reasonable. Don’t we already HAVE a system in place to keep people from poisoning our medications?

        • CrazyTrain99

          If you mean that we have a system put in place by the selfsame pharmaceutical corporations and overseen by the politicians whom they pay to look the other way, then yes we do have one. (Sorry for the aggressive tone, I’m angry at the situation we find ourselves in, not you)

  • Doreen

    Like we don’t all know about these vaccines being poison to everyone not just our children. Do a little research and see how other countries not only don’t allow this but have mega lawsuits over the same vaccines we are forced to give our families

  • jbarbieri

    Vaccines, just like food, air and water are all modified to limit the average human lifespan so it doesn’t far surpass it’s economically productive years. Of course this is just an intuitive observation.

  • Tonya Parnell


  • Jennifer Jackson

    I dont believe we would need vaccines if the government would stop creating the disease.

  • tamarque

    Vaccines have never been proven safe or even effective. It is more than disappointing that these 2 people, one with a vaccine damaged child are still supporting vaccines when every independent study shows their dangers.
    More disturbing is the sole focus on mercury as if that is the only problem with these drugs. Aluminum is also a serious neurotoxin that facilitates these toxins to cross the blood-brain barrier. Formaldehyde, a carcinogen is in vaccines. Why?
    There are many other toxic ingredients in vaccines. The very cultures that are used for the viruses are toxic, causing sever allergies to things like peanuts and eggs. Now we also have the use of GMO created viruses to augment the toxicity of these drugs, and that is all they are –drugs! Toxic drugs that are administered to by-pass the body’s immune system which would deal with these foreign molecules and eliminate many/most of them.
    Every vaccine is dangerous. It is only a matter of time before the dangers rear their damaging symptoms in every single person vaccinated. Babies are the most vulnerable, being injected before their own immune system develops. So what this says is that the drug corporations believe they have the right to own our immune systems and prevent our own biological system from even developing.
    The very concept of vaccines is grossly flawed and the research abounds that shows this to be true.

    • Gloria


  • David Steen

    They are starting sound pretty conservative to me. Don’t they realize this has been a conservative issue for decades?

  • dji9424 .

    Please, let’s use our heads. For example, consider the flu vaccine. How many flu vaccines are effective against the flu virus? Their claimed effectiveness is well below 50%, in fact some year’s vaccines have proven to be abysmal failures because the “experts” guess at what virus they think will be the most active strain and they are wrong. The vaccine industry has been selling us a bill of goods for decades, their effectiveness has always been in question, especially when the adjuvants included to provoke an immunological response are dangerous in any amount. Think about it – if the virus in the vaccines is not efficacious by itself (triggering the body’s immune system to respond by producing antibodies), what is the body responding to then? It takes no special training to know that it is responding to the adjuvants themselves, and for good reason, because NONE of these items (thimerosal, aluminum, squalene, MSG, polysorbate 80, etc.) are meant to be present in our blood stream, in any quantity, no matter how infinitesimal.

    Vaccines weaken the natural immune system, especially when combined with poisonous adjuvant substances. The idea they are effective because they create antibodies in the body does not prove anything, it does not tell you the source of the antibody. Specifically, if someone has a particular antibody present in their bloodstream but have not received the vaccine, then the conclusion is that they were previously exposed or contracted the disease at some point in their life. However, if they have been vaccinated, the conclusion is that their immune system effectively responded by producing antibodies against the disease. Now think about that statement – how can anyone conclude it was the vaccine that produced the antibody? And finally, just because the antibody is present is no guarantee the person will not contract the disease, it happens all the time and the vaccine industries’ response is the “booster” shot, which just means more money for them and more poisonous adjuvants for your immune system to deal with.

    It’s way past time to challenge the conventional medical wisdom of multiple vaccine administration. Any lay person capable of independent thought can see vaccines are doing more damage than any supposed good their producers so readily claim. It is our right to be fully informed, and if we believe any such procedure is more harmful than beneficial, to decline that treatment. But even more importantly, we should expect no less from those who call themselves physicians.

  • Fernesque Golan

    The fear the ChemCorps create is still evident by these two men stating they are not anti-vaccine. They should be against anti-vaccine. This silliness about a “safe” vaccine is ridiculous. If these vaccines could exist without aluminum and mercury, the industry would have removed these toxins a long time ago to avoid the ongoing controversy. Mercury is needed as a preservative to prevent the contamination of the vaccine by other dangerous bacteria. This is especially true with multi-vaccine shots.

    The other problem is aluminum, which is a neurotoxin. Aluminum is said to aid the efficacy of the vaccine. There are no plans to remove aluminum from vaccines as mercury was from
    most children’s vaccines.

    In my opinion it is still very unfortunate that these two well-meaning “activists” are still championing a flawed form of preventative medicine and a theory which is fraught with doubts. (see the controversy between Beauchamp and Pasteur). I assume that if you are totally against the entire concept of vaccines that would make you a tin foil hat-wearing kook.

    Their “I’m not anti-vaccine” meme is a shaky insurance policy for them being not being outright ignored and vilified by the establishment Frankensteins.