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Declassified Emails Reveal NATO Killed Gaddafi to Stop Libyan Creation of Gold-Backed Currency

Washington, D.C. –  In spite of French-led U.N. Security Council Resolution 1973 creating a no-fly zone over Libya with the express intent of protecting civilians, one of the over 3,000 new Hillary Clinton emails released by the State Department on New Year’s Eve, contain damning evidence of Western nations using NATO as a tool to topple Libyan leader Muammar al-Gaddafi. The NATO overthrow was not for the protection of the people, but instead it was to thwart Gaddafi’s attempt to create a gold-backed African currency to compete with the Western central banking monopoly.

The emails indicate the French-led NATO military initiative in Libya was also driven by a desire to gain access to a greater share of Libyan oil production, and to undermine a long term plan by Gaddafi to supplant France as the dominant power in the Francophone Africa region.

The April 2011 email, sent to the Secretary of State Hillary by unofficial adviser and longtime Clinton confidante Sidney Blumenthal with the subject line “France’s client and Qaddafi’s gold,” reveals predatory Western intentions.

The Foreign Policy Journal reports:

The email identifies French President Nicholas Sarkozy as leading the attack on Libya with five specific purposes in mind: to obtain Libyan oil, ensure French influence in the region, increase Sarkozy’s reputation domestically, assert French military power, and to prevent Gaddafi’s influence in what is considered “Francophone Africa.”

Most astounding is the lengthy section delineating the huge threat that Gaddafi’s gold and silver reserves, estimated at “143 tons of gold, and a similar amount in silver,” posed to the French franc (CFA) circulating as a prime African currency.

The email makes clear that intelligence sources indicate the impetus behind the French attack on Libya was a calculated move to consolidate greater power, using NATO as a tool for imperialist conquest, not a humanitarian intervention as the public was falsely led to believe.

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According to the email:

This gold was accumulated prior to the current rebellion and was intended to be used to establish a pan-African currency based on the Libyan golden Dinar. This plan was designed to provide the Francophone African Countries with an alternative to the French franc (CFA).

(Source Comment: According to knowledgeable individuals this quantity of gold and silver is valued at more than $7 billion. French intelligence officers discovered this plan shortly after the current rebellion began, and this was one of the factors that influenced President Nicolas Sarkozy’s decision to commit France to the attack on Libya.)

The email provides a peek behind the curtain to reveal how foreign policy is often carried out in practice. While reported in the media that the Western backed Libyan military intervention is necessary to save human lives, the real driving factor behind the intervention was shown to be the fact that Gaddafi planned to create a high degree of economic independence with a new pan-African currency, which would lessen French influence and power in the region.

The evidence indicates that when French intelligence became aware of the Libyan initiative to create a currency to compete with the Western central banking system, the decision to subvert the plan through military means began, ultimately including the NATO alliance.

h/t Levant Report

Jay Syrmopoulos is a political analyst, free thinker, researcher, and ardent opponent of authoritarianism. He is currently a graduate student at University of Denver pursuing a masters in Global Affairs. Jay’s work has been published on Ben Swann’s Truth in Media, Truth-Out, Raw Story, MintPress News, as well as many other sites. You can follow him on Twitter @sirmetropolis, on Facebook at Sir Metropolis and now on tsu.

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  • When you are in the final days of your life, what will you want? Will you hug that college degree in the walnut frame? Will you ask to be carried to the garage so you can sit in your car? Will you find comfort in rereading your financial statement? Of course not. What will matter then will be people. If relationships will matter most then, shouldn’t they matter most now?” – Max Lucado

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  • You understand that all those people wore very bad people who have killed their own people in large numbers

    • Says who?
      What happened in those places after we liberated them?

      Worse things, in a power vacuum.

    • Our country kills it own people plus peoples from other countries so….

    • They lied about Gadaffi killing his own people. It was the Libyan Rebels that WE funded who were killing civilians. Gadaffi was trying to stop the rebels and the media lied to us..

    • so Gadaffi wasn’t killing anyone ?

    • Tyler Cloutier says history, sadam had cemical wepons he used on his own people, and the mass graves by the rest of them are more proof.

    • Ronald Murphy our goverment killing citizens, it dosnt happen as often as tv and movies would like you to think, and its the fact that we can say we hate the govement and not get killed that proves my point.

    • And the US doesn’t kill it’s people in large numbers! Please wake up to reality! As long as privatization calls for it, they can kill whoever they want. It is why big pharma is so powerful because people give them their power through not doing anything to stop it, it’s thought policing and mostly people believing in government instead of their own unity. People always say the same old shit! Leading to the ones that have no cares about their actions getting away with what they want.

    • Define chemical weapons! Could a drug also be consider a chemical weapon? So in all reality it is about the way that people die and not that people are dying, right? So you are saying the public not being aware is ok and people should just hold a blind eye to privatized genocide?

    • oh yeah im sure the NWO is real, and monstato is poising people cause the illuminati wants them to, we never went to the moon, the earth is flat, gods coming back to end the world, planes are spraying stuff as they fly.

    • Is nuclear fallout a chemical weapon? Or the fact that corporations can get away with genocide and destroying our environment? How would you feel if your own government labeled you, as a casualty of war and decided to drop a drone strike on you based on some bogus intelligence that was handed down by the government? How do you think your family would take that situation. But you are innocent and just apart of some agenda for a private entity to make money off of your misery. So you feel that corporations should do whatever they want? As long as blind people give them the power to do what they want?

    • Kevin Ariel do you have any proof of that, also chemical weapons are say saron gas which he used on his own people.

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    • Patrick Feinstein so damned if you do, damned if you dont.

    • Yep, Javan, remember those weapons of mass destruction that they found everywhere. Right. ??

    • he had WMDs before so why wouldnt he have them again, so they didnt find them, dosnt mean he didnt have them.

  • We ME dont need your “democracy” we can handle our revolutions without a foreign power intervening by funding terrorists/militants to cause more internal struggle.

    • I don’t either! I think our military is rogue like Japan’s in ww2.

    • I think they do as they’re told

    • I know they do Irene Ackland

    • And when they don’t…

    • America is great!…

    • Even lies to the people that, prior to 6-7+ years ago, unknowingly and blindly made their schemes possible. Recruiting has dropped, people are waking up slowly, but the ones stuck in the middle of it have 2 ways out. Coffin or serve your time… Obama has the lowest approval rating from the military in US history. If that doesn’t speak enough, nothing will, because these men can’t speak. Unless they want to spend a vast portion of the rest of their life in a military prison.

  • Would you like to make hitler or Stalin seem like good guys too?

    • With some of their posts lately I’m sure they could make Hitler and Stalin seem like angels 😛

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    • They’d try real hard.

    • It is irrelevant whether the people in question are good or bad but whether or not tax payers are lied to about the reasons for war and the tenuous state of the economy which the msm is stating is doing just f-I-n-e…

    • That’s irrelevant to anything I’ve said.

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  • Someone care to explain this whole US dollar thing is supposed to mean by?

    • The US have ties with a lot of the Middle East as they’re very rich with natural resources, particularly oil.

      The USA have been trading with these countries for decades now and the dollar (commonly called the petrodollar) is the biggest use of currency when it comes to buying and selling oil.

      Some of these countries realised that the petrodollar was only really benefiting the Americans, making them and the dollar more powerful. When they realised this they decided to abandon the USA’s dollar and introduce their own means of currency for exchange – the most known being the Golden Dinar.

      If the Golden Dinar was introduced – I’ll use Gadaffi as an example. He wanted to introduce the Dinar and make it the sole exchanger for oil. That meant Gadaffi could share his wealth with his people and really benefit them BUT that would have seriously depreciated the petrodollar and weakened its value. Gadaffi made it clear he wanted to introduce the dinar and would have, instead the U.S. had him killed because it was a huge threat to their plan and economy.

    • As for Assad, ISIS and Oil relations. We’re commonly told we’re fighting Assad because he’s a dictator and ISIS are a result of his brutality. The rise of ISIS was not a result of President Assad’s oppression towards certain groups of people in Syria at all actually.

      In 2009 president Assad was offered a deal by Qatar, Qatar wanted to insert a natural gas pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and into Turkey with a good view to supply European markets and American ones. Assad turned this deal down for his own reasons.

      In 2011 the West began their attempt to overthrow President Assad in Syria. At this time ISIS didn’t even exist in Syria, ISIS only began to emerge after the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Israel began funding and supplying weapons to “moderate rebels” (also known as the Free Syrian Army) to fight Assad.

      In 2012, Assad signed a deal with Iran for a pipeline to run from Iran, through Iraq and ultimately through Syria. The deal with Iran meant that Assad and Syria were targets.

      Saudi Arabia and Qatar began funnelling money to extremist groups (who we were told were moderate rebels) in order to overthrow Assad’s regime – yes, it was all over oil and natural gas. By 2013 all of these rebel groups that were being funded by the USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel etc began to defect and join Al-Qaeda in Syria (known as Al-Nusra) and a lesser known group, called ISIS.

      Because Assad didn’t bow down to the petrodollar by agreeing the their pipeline deal, he became a target to be killed.

    • Ussumah hit the nail on the head!

    • The Federal Reserve and the US dollar as the world reserve currency pre 1970’s.

    • Schwann Matthias i can’t agree with that… If country’s aren’t forced to use the dollar.. They will trade them other currency’s and they will be a flood of money poored back into the US.. Your idea is based on the world still trusting US trusting the dollar and its controllers.. The rest of the world is tired of being controlled buy the dollar.. If they don’t do what we want we will freeze what ever US money in what ever central bank you deal with.. There for making it pritty difficult to get your oil.. That’s where Iran comes in an being the last big oil reserve left for opponents of the US to freely deal with..

    • amazing that none of the media found out about any of these conspiracy theories. Are they all in on it, keeping their silence?

    • The petrodollar forces country’s to keep massive amounts of dollars to trade with the oils giants… Think about it.. Why would you hold the dollar? before the 70’s we made everything.. Now we make nothing.. Why would you hold billions of US dollars if you don’t have anything to use them for ?

    • and yes its because these countries want to ditch the american petro dollar but instead of looking at america or other countries who are puppets, you need to look at the puppeteer. Who is going to lose power and control by not using the american fiet currency , who loses on the pipeline and who wanted a central bank in each country and was turned down. Rothschild.

    • Hell they don’t know .. they just put up pics with text .. and that’s their proof. True conspiracy theorists …

      If they put a pic of Hillary with “Babe” written on it I guess it would convince everyone that she’s hot stuff .. eh?

    • But… the Syrian civil war started after a five year drought, lack of food water and jobs, protests being met with torture and prison… it was ordinary Syrians who began the civil war.
      Daesh / ISIL came in during it to join in.

      How could he organize that?

    • No the USA would lose billions if they dropped the petro dollar lol that’s why they invaded them countries because the leader’s were changing to the euro do your research Schwann Matthias LMAO

    • And finally by now, we can safely say that the lies that have been exposed will forever remain exposed, never to be hidden again.

    • Ussamah Nasar I couldn’t said it better

    • Michael Kittredge What do you mean ‘found out’? There are plenty of real ‘conspiracy theories’ that are reported in MSM. They just arent shoved down spoonfed throats of Americans like the other bullshit. Operation Northwoods, Tonkin Gulf, Paperclip, Cointel, Mockingbird, have all been reported on by MSM. There was a slight mention of spying on journalist in ’14. Why isnt there more real journalism? Because they dont want someone to Michael Hastings their ass!

  • Assad Khan it’s all about that petrodollar

  • Those arab countries were fake countries only made up
    After ww1. Iran is an accient country with a strong military

  • 2020

  • but this is just a theory is there any evidence to support this ?

    • The US have ties with a lot of the Middle East as they’re very rich with natural resources, particularly oil.

      The USA have been trading with these countries for decades now and the dollar (commonly called the petrodollar) is the biggest use of currency when it comes to buying and selling oil.

      Some of these countries realised that the petrodollar was only really benefiting the Americans, making them and the dollar more powerful. When they realised this they decided to abandon the USA’s dollar and introduce their own means of currency for exchange – the most known being the Golden Dinar.

      If the Golden Dinar was introduced – I’ll use Gadaffi as an example. He wanted to introduce the Dinar and make it the sole exchanger for oil. That meant Gadaffi could share his wealth with his people and really benefit them BUT that would have seriously depreciated the petrodollar and weakened its value. Gadaffi made it clear he wanted to introduce the dinar and would have, instead the U.S. had him killed because it was a huge threat to their plan and economy.

      As for Assad, ISIS and Oil relations. We’re commonly told we’re fighting Assad because he’s a dictator and ISIS are a result of his brutality. The rise of ISIS was not a result of President Assad’s oppression towards certain groups of people in Syria at all actually.

      In 2009 president Assad was offered a deal by Qatar, Qatar wanted to insert a natural gas pipeline through Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria and into Turkey with a good view to supply European markets and American ones. Assad turned this deal down for his own reasons.

      In 2011 the West began their attempt to overthrow President Assad in Syria. At this time ISIS didn’t even exist in Syria, ISIS only began to emerge after the USA, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and Israel began funding and supplying weapons to “moderate rebels” (also known as the Free Syrian Army) to fight Assad.

      In 2012, Assad signed a deal with Iran for a pipeline to run from Iran, through Iraq and ultimately through Syria. The deal with Iran meant that Assad and Syria were targets.

      Saudi Arabia and Qatar began funnelling money to extremist groups (who we were told were moderate rebels) in order to overthrow Assad’s regime – yes, it was all over oil and natural gas. By 2013 all of these rebel groups that were being funded by the USA, Saudi Arabia, Israel etc began to defect and join Al-Qaeda in Syria (known as Al-Nusra) and a lesser known group, called ISIS.

      Because Assad didn’t bow down to the petrodollar by agreeing the their pipeline deal, he became a target to be killed.

    • To quote ussamah nasar

    • yes but where is the proof of this: Some of these countries realised that the petrodollar was only really benefiting the Americans, making them and the dollar more powerful. When they realised this they decided to abandon the USA’s dollar and introduce their own means of currency for exchange – the most known being the Golden Dinar.

    • lol where who is telling us this

    • We’re commonly told we’re fighting Assad because he’s a dictator and ISIS are a result of his brutality, i wouldn’t say we’re commonly told this ?

    • i was watching ex DIA in an interview he was saying isis was formed in part because of the US

    • “The rise of ISIS was not a result of President Assad’s oppression towards certain groups of people in Syria at all actually” no but he was oppressing the people of syria hense the civil war killing 200,000 people approx

    • perhaps you right but your last sentense seems like a theory, i used to read into these types of theories, im a bit more dubious until i see some hard evidence, im the kinda guy who is asleep

    • Colt are you a fake profile or just copy and paste another comment because this is the exact same comment on this post that I’ve seen earlier

    • lol what a dick he is 🙂

    • The US left Ghaddafi alone for decades before they just suddenly decided the cruelty of his regime was unbearable and he needed to go…

      That doesn’t seen suspicious to you?

    • Ghaddafi isn’t someone i have researched, why does it suspicious to you ?

    • good talk

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  • I wonder if Iran still plans to open its own oil bourse?

  • Evil which would take care of everything.

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  • Mafia styles government,,

  • Actually, that’s what happens when you’re a murderer and a psychopath.

  • Johnny Coronado

  • Yet one of them is still alive and retired

  • What about the fact these men are tyrants? Killing there own people by the thousands?

    • What about the fact that people are tyrants and have been killing their own people since the beginning of existence.

  • Ray Roblyer

  • Dropping the US dollar appears to be “bad for one’s health” …

  • While the GOP is pushing to invade Iran!

  • I know, so he probably got out while the getting was good 😛

  • Yes, everyone’s starting to see the truth! Research it

  • true

  • China dropped our dollar recently as well.

  • Funny thing how an editor can create a view.

  • Editor’s being the government

  • We are ruled by terrorists! They use it to control and manipulate the markets through the use of the blind. And the majority have no deep care or understanding and support terrorism. How do many feel knowing that your national security rests in the hands of a dominant group that uses fear campaigning and creating enemies to continue more war building for corporations and one side of the setting to benefit?

  • You forgot Hitler he makes this list as well – people are just to scared to defend the truth when it comes to ww2. Hitler wasn’t playing ball with the western powers that’s what started ww2 in reality.

    • You’re not very bright are you?

    • whys that Hitler fought against the same powers these guys did? do some research before you spew

    • Germany was a Dictataorship yes and I don’t agree with the people not being able to own fire arms but National Socialism created millions of jobs for the Germans and Hitler took a broken nation and made it the marvel of the world. The Germans were proud to be German again after years of depression, war, and hedenism – you can see it in the peoples faces in the old pictures and videos how happy they were – they loved him and many still do. You also can tell Hitler really loved his people, you can tell if you listen to his speeches and look in to History. Ya Germany wasn’t perfect but look at our sorry Democracys you think they’re great? i’d take an honorable authoritarian over a deceiving democracy any day.

    • Also the Holo-Hoax didn’t happen. Just more propaganda to demonize the Germans while justifying the Allies invasion. Today the Holocaust is used as a guilt-trick tactic agaisnt the German war time generation and their decendents to keep them in perpetual political, emotional, spiritual and financial bondage.

    • You got anything to say that’s intelligent to debate that besides insults and name calling? because those aren’t arguments lol

  • England doesn’t use the us dollar and nothing has happens to the queen. Kinda bs

    • Oil is traded in US Dollars

    • Have you ever heard of a royalty? You didn’t know that Americans pay a tax upon our labor force to the royal bloodlines of england? Seriously?

  • There’s a pattern emerging…..Wake up world!

  • Jeffrey Mikulan

  • Apparently, the U.S. dollar ain’t worth shit.

  • This tells us who REALLY runs the World, doesn’t it? THE WORLD BANKS!!

    • Just to get to the New World people had to go through the major banks of England just to put out loans which made them slaves from the start. That is the day that America was never free. And it later becomes clearer with the Royalty in which money was paid to the Royal Bloodline of England upon Americas labor force. Soon became the old fashioned commerce game where people were tricked into giving away their rights, SS and BC came about shortly following the Feds creation and playing the game of con artist to survive became the norm. What you have to know this comes from people giving it it’s power, therefore, I would consider it a form of persecution and terrorism that people have blindly supported. This comes down to people not understanding the way that people socially flock to issues. It makes them vulnerable and apart of the same killing.

    • We live in the age of the uninformed. The species that I call, “Boobus Americanus.” Although, I believe most of the rest of the world is there too. The Rothschilds and their ilk have been running the world for at least 400 years.

  • Yep all in the name of America

  • As long as Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s adviser, Iran has nothing to worry about.

  • Fiat system is bull shit ever since we dropped the gold backed we really have nothing to fall back on. The wealthy already have money stashed in other countries.

    • We had no choice but to ditch gold buddy.. Other countrys was sa sing dollars and they was about to come trade it all for gold.. We just simply just didn’t have enough gold to cover all the notes we had out.. But we had the worlds trust.. Not Ny more .. Being backed by oil and the world trusting American policy it was a perfect storm for us.. That’s gone now we fucked that up

    • We let the 1% fucked that up

  • Thats right! The Rothschild’s will kill your ass!

  • This is what happens when people refuse to be bullied.

  • Mark this is so true its scary.Gadaffi was no angle and neither are the French,American or British leadership but Libya would be better off with him there now,the western governments are cunts with what they have done,Isis and Migration problems all stem from the fuck ups caused in the middle east,and now Iran,the so called Terror state,BOLLOX,Look at Saudi,they are the biggest bunch of cunts going,the cause of untold problems and a government supported and armed to the teeth by the west,aggggggg fuck!!!!…sorry rant over…..The sheeple need to wake up

  • This is the real issue.. This is what it’s all about..

  • The facts are pretty compelling to show that America is the bad guys! Operation paperclip in which high ranking nazi scientists made their way into classified areas of our government along with new releasing information regarding Hitler being monitored by the FBI in South America. But the fact that Americans still are lead to believe that Hitler died is proof that America obviously felt it had something deep to hide about the war and the persecutions of some war time criminals and not the rest of the group like we see with the orchestration behind banking. Well considering we now use Nazi like propaganda in an attempt to label, start shadow operations, and prop up corporate ownership over people and other living creatures on this planet, I would have to say, America is a money making slave plantation that is rooted to the human addiction. It is because we see life as a game and do not care for life that this was allowed to happen. The system is so controlled you can’t even get the products you want with out poisoning yourself in some way, it’s all about sales pitches and getting as much out of people from all angles while depopulating. This system was well orchestrated and planned and people don’t get to this day that they are slaves. And then those that fight for their true freedoms against this oppressed state will be labeled because we already know what the system feeds on. It feeds on the blind and follows the money. It is everything that eugenics calls for.

  • everyone is so fast to forget that the US is holding back all the bad things in the world, after ww2 we became the fucking world police, stop bitching about shit you dont understand and be grateful for the shit your dont have to deal with cause of us.

    • Do you realize that most of that bad shit, or atleast the bad shit which is most prominent, has reared it’s head because of us being the world police?

    • and if we just check out now and stop how bad do you think things will get.

    • Yes, that’s right Javan, That’s the same logic as someone tying the girl up and then realising what you’re doing and then saying, phuck it, may as well kill her now anyway, we’ve already tied her up.

    • and yet no one is giving a alternative, everyone is so fast to bitch about how things are no one has any clue how to do things better.

  • Russia but sorry for that US can’t make it hahaha

  • Now the petro dollar is failing.

  • But he prepared for it before dropping the “US”. Only if Saddam & Qadafi had better relations with Iran then middle east would have been a different place now or more like same as before.

  • Don”t mess with the or you will enter heaven or hell quicker than you anticipated.

  • The Dollar is the fucking Oligarchy’s BLOOD the fucking creed has been CRAMMED down their throats after they rejected it -,-

  • Thanks . Picture worth a thousand words…. And you could argue about words but these are stark true. Who are the people directing these executions happen, really. Know what I mean? Before anyone posts answers say Hi to my NSA file. A real one, not a conspiracy one. Anyway, great football game Cardinals Vikings, catch a replay if you dint see it. May our and your electrons come in to perfect balance. Seriously if you’re reading this Sat night I hope you have a bit of clear sky. RIGHT NOW .’…and can see the moon, go absorb the perfection of that calestial balance overhead…..

  • Do the research before you post………………….this is incorrect.

  • How does it come that extremist Islam “Wahhabism and its alliance fractions like deobandi, salafi etcetera” always have served the western interest since the 18th century until now? You don’t believe me?

    The fall of the Ottoman Empire and the birth of Wahabism.

    The annexation of Afghan land 1947 (Durand line 1893) after an uprise by the deo bandi Islamic group in 1929 founded in British India 1897

    The destruction of Afghanistan in 1993 by the “mujahuddin” aka ASHRAR as Afghans know them! From that moment Taliban Al Qaida were born and became the successor or Ashrar!

    The uprise of Isis after the illegal invasion in Iraq and Lybia which terrorizes and killing thousands of Muslims in Iraq Libya Syria and nowadays also in Afghanistan with chopper service?!

  • That they were also dictators and tyrants has no bearing?

    • Why did we leave Ghaddafis tyrannical ass alone for so long then?

      And while there has always been an oppositional movement in Libya, the only succesful, and western backed one just happened to coincide with his proposition of instituting the gold Dinar as a Pan African currency.

      Weird huh?

    • Do you like going to war? Should the US be the world’s police force in every case? Would taking out a tyrant make the US appear to be the bully on the international stage? Is any of this making sense?

    • OK .. ya .. the US has backed regimes who have went from friend to foe before. But was Gaddafi a threat to world peace and to oil supplies? Not nearly to the extent that Saddam was. IMO .. we should get out of the middle east completely and let them go to hell

  • There was a full moon during all incidents!!! OMG!!!

  • Will Pelsh

  • i dropped 3 US dollar and fifty cents back in 2004.come at me ,bro.

  • What do Tehran and Hiroshima have in common?

    Nothing. Yet.

    (The poster does not endorse the bombing of any nation)

  • We know how sinful and cruel US foreign policies are, they’re forcing us to buy their poisoned food.

  • Petro dollar hegemony….will never end…, Thanks.

  • First off its not the US dollar they dropped, its the Rothschild banks they dropped. Germany’s Hitler was the first to drop their banks and form their own, guess what happened after that.

    • Hitler was a Puppet for the Rothschilds nothing more

    • Jens Kunz Show me your research

    • Rotchild is hebrew. I don’t think that the R. family agreed with Hitler to kill millions of other hebrews.

    • I doubt the Rothschild family cares at all about other hebrews.

    • Ionatan their original family name is Bauer. They aren’t Hebrew at all. They pose to be such so they can use the anti-semite bs when people call them on their shit.

  • Eye roll

  • Patrick Leistra

  • And THIS is a BIG REASON for the Middle East Invasion. Correlate these events for yourself…and See Who’s NEXT.

  • None of them were a great loss

  • You can’t threaten the US Dollar nearly as much as the US Government and Banks have…


  • China wants its currency to be the world Reserve currency its backed by gold, they are also increasingly trading with country’s in there currency directly and not using the US dollar, this is crushing America economically as everything is manufactured in China now

  • Jeppe

  • What if China drops the U.S. Dollar?

  • Leigh Redding

  • next thing Israel will start to bomb IRAN

  • This early visitor to the Middle East from China paints a seemingly familiar picture of Abrahamic religious people way back in the 8th century… https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Du_Huan

  • They have to get rid of any body that threatens to renounce a FIAT money system. The fed corrupt bank allows them to manufacture money out of thin air. Try doing this with gold, you can’t. So anybody threatening this has to go.

  • And the US dollar isn’t controlled by the US but by private Zionist banker’s

  • Fuck America, talk about gold digging the U.S is the mother of all fuck ups

    • Why does everyone want to come to America?

    • They don’t realise they’re replacing one shit hole for another

  • Nigeria dropped the U.S Dallar in 2016

  • Pazdin Dalal

  • Explains this meme in great detail
    “John Perkins: Confession of an Economic Hitman” on YouTube

  • What a strange coincidence that Iran gets to sell OIL again today and the Zionist Oil Mafia has set the price for Oil at its lowest point in history. Just coincidence.

  • Yep assad is a saint

  • Petro has their own army! It’s called the US Military / Industrial Complex.

  • The next boogieman is…

  • So let’s drop them & quit giving them our tax dollars & soldiers lives!!!

  • Shit eh

  • every one the dictators above tortured thousands of people. saddam destroyed an entire way of life. Is the overthrow of these killers based on their ability to damage the value of the dollar????? I only know that the world is better without them in it. Want to talk about overthrowing a dictator that is fine but not everything is based on the dollar.

  • Mido Viktor Joakim Casper Shayan David

  • Kai Torcuato Britton Dayne Gouch just talked about this last night.

  • here’s some truth coming out. About time someone pointed to it.

  • Mugabe recently dropped the US dollar for the Chinese Yuan…I can’t wait!

  • Gaddafi had to die,
    Further information can be given to whoever is interested, just don’t trust the information given to you by the supporters of Gaddafi.

  • Scary:(.

  • Gold silver sytems fuck Non Federal reserve private corrupt bank system of other countries gold sold and paper worthless paper is the Dollar that China owns 90% of our debt and basically the country is anything not made in China 90% all China toxic junk.

  • They were all puppets anyway

  • NFL hall of fame??

  • You taught me that

  • wow

  • chad is big on this

  • Andi Kaack Egeberg

  • The real currency

  • My beloved leader Gadaffi the marter ❤

  • Assad is a monster guys……

  • ive bbeen telling people this foe years now

  • Just do some research. Youtube is a good place to start.

  • Petrodollar is all that is holding up a rather putrid house of cards.

  • wrong, Bashar Al-assad is the zionist’s police man in the region him and his father before. the US and Israel want him to stay and the Isis is just an excuse to Nato to help Bashar against the Mudjahideen. when it comes to Iran it’s clear that it’s an allie for The US. Iran invaded Iraq after the US Army leaved. and lately they gave Iran the nuclear weapon’s agreement. keep in mind that The US Armed Iran in it’s war against Saddam. think about it. Iran, Russia, Isis, The US and Bashar Al-assad’s regime are working together in Syria to prevent the Muslims from controlling Syria because if they Did Their First move will be ; ( ending the Occupation of Palestine).

    • Your knowledge of history is totally wrong. Iraq invaded Iran with western support after it kicked out all western oil companies for exploitative low pricing. Syria is the supply line for the Palestinians and Hezbollah so they are not a Zionist ally.

  • I read something saying gadaffi and husain were going to open a central bank ?with africa? Or some were like that to end the poverty but look what happened

  • It’s not about terrorism, it’s about our government trying to take over the world! It’s not likely we will still have a government by 2030 at the rate they are going

  • Yemen is also on that list too…but being attacked by Zionist banker proxy… the saudi military.

    Nearly all countries now on the Zionist-US Neocon ‘Project for A New American Century’ are being attacked now.

  • Putin drop petro dolar , WWIII began.

  • likes this.

  • Mainstream media won’t report on it so we have to keep each other informed! Please ‘Like’ (y) + Comment (even 2 words) + Share!!

  • Federal Reserve and the Rothschild family make a good mafia. Any others I should add?

  • Abel Ureña Luna

  • Libyan oil fields had something to do with it as well. Converting oil to gold would be an easy step.

  • the people we have in Government today are a bunch of crooks and killers.. nothing new there

  • He knew the Petrodollar dollar is baloney.

  • We came, we saw, He died . That’s how Killary Works !!

  • But people who are paying attention already figured that, didn’t you.

  • Just as I was saying 6 months ago.. Proving that research is good.

  • I’ve stated this sooooo many times! Same thing happened to Saddam. Any country that switches or attempt to switch is doomed. Except the ones the u.s. are afraid of….. #3rdEyeOpen

    • He had 143 tonnes of gold. Someone scored bigger than the world trade tower gold heist. He was also building a pipeline for fresh water. That got bombed 1st.

    • if the u.s. is scared of the russians and chinese and their new banking system..what happens to us? Do we become more and more pushed into becoming indentured slaves..where the laws become more and more vile and unconstitutional and the police become our overseers?..cause truthfully…i wouldn’t mind a gold backed banking system.

    • I honestly don’t know. But from the looks of it, the indentured slave thing may be the agenda. Check out the executive orders that were signed by presidents dating back to Reagan days. When the time comes, the president can become a dictator & control every aspect of this entity.

    • huh? i just found out my country sold 40% of our gold reserves?..to who i wonder?…with the way things are going it probably will end up in chinese or russian hands..hope we got a good deal.

    • But, but ,but it was Bush wanting all their oil.

  • Shocker!

  • Same thing happened to Kennedy!!!

  • Well that’s something. Peter Murray

  • I think everyone already knew that

  • u guys 4get the video of Lybian rebels killing him?

    • You mean Mossad agents disguised as Lybian rebels?

  • Money is a drug.

  • What sort of freedom and democracy is this? Even the perpetrators of these blatant perversions must see where this is leading………..

  • Damn

  • Damo Walsh

  • Emily Heinz Joe Heinz when you can read this

  • I heard about this during the upraising…he wanted to start a african union. Nope the USA doesn’t that

  • If your not with the UN your thier enemy. Wonder when people will realize who the bad guys are. One world order, the UN. 200 something countries in the world. They almost got all of em.

  • Because we don’t say anything doesn’t mean that we don’t know.

  • My dad used to joke that the reason the US gov’t kept trying to eliminate the mafia was that the gov’t didn’t want the competition. Wise man.

  • The few of us in the know knew that was the reason, He did not want his country to be a slave to the U.S. petro dollar.

    • In Gaddafis last public speech, he said that Obama was trying to bring him down.

  • Who’s the terrorist…

  • Is this not obvious? Is this breaking news? Is evidence from her emails really needed to establish this? Do people not really understand this?

  • Duh…we knew this already. Those of us who pay attention to what the government does knew this when it was happening. Old news.

  • Destablizing countries since it’s creation.

  • This is not new news

  • Stop with the nonsense, that camel jockey couldn’t create a fart.

  • Gaddafi, Hussein, and Chavez..

  • Which is what Russia and china are doing right now.

  • NAME the culprits: THE ZIONIST NAZIS and their running dogs who are in the United States government.

  • Syria deserves freedom

  • https://www.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10206411026726898&id=1005315240

    Besides all the information in this video, what other current world leader would drive around his people unprotected like this? His people loved him.

  • yes that is what I read and many other wars created by the American war masters >:(

  • That’s old news in my book. Saddam messing around in non US Petro dollars had pretty much the same outcome.

  • Common knowledge already

  • Old news!

  • Carmenuccio Stavole


  • Uh, i’ve been saying that for years, but have been told to take of the tinfoil…

  • Fucking George Bush!!!

  • yes, they stop ANYTHING that they didn’t start themselves

  • your tax money ,, hard at work

  • Old news.

  • What would have happened to the world stability if that had happened ?

  • And u guys just realize that shit now??????

  • sick

  • Shoey Tatshoe

  • The USA foriegn Policy is criminal.

  • Forgive me but will someone please explain why the article talks about the French franc – does that still exist?

  • Martin Adjei

  • Between 1933 and 1971 the US lost half its gold reserves because people could redeem paper money for gold. If any country would offer gold for paper I would mortgage my house and buy all I could as fast as possible. There would be such a run on gold the reserves could be gone in days.

  • But this is already old news. War is almost always about GREED.

  • No wonder he was capped!

  • Union Bank of Switzerland is
    holding the uncut Treasury Dollars that Ronald Reagan printed in an account of the
    Global Debt Facility. https://s3.amazonaws.com/…/s3.…/khudes/dctvteleprompt2.9.pdf

  • Saddam Hussein tried it on 2000, 2001 we went into Iraq to kill him.

  • Looks like David Ducovney!!!

  • Absolutely shameful

  • Wow.

  • Jamie Pennycuick

  • Well duh!!! Lol this is old news to anyone capable of thinking outside the box and digging a bit for the truth. But it’s always nice to be proven right after the fact lol

  • Benjamin John Petersen

  • It mostly or all politics!

  • It is Islamic law that all money is to be gold or silver.

  • Yeah…we know….Petro-dollar rules..OK..? (y)

  • They really do not like “unfair” competition, do they?

  • All this is in the book.

  • Didn’t need a e-mail to tell me this- the alternative media told me Long time ago!

  • Salah Burwag they want that imaginary money to be everywhere cuz it doesn’t mean shit but a power to control the masses lol

  • Same thing happened in Iraq yet everyone swears Bush single handedly invaded over oil.

  • nobody counted with that 😉

  • Nathan Nelson Haych Kae there’s proof in the emails.. But nothing mentioned in the news it’s just becoming a joke now

  • Mustafa Haideri

  • Political jackals!!

  • Even if it was news today The brainwashed experiment has done its job, most of Americans are sleeping with American pride.

  • the question is what do we do about it or can we even do anything about it…

  • we knew that already!

  • Makes sense.

  • now there is no country

  • Old news.

  • This administration ,like the last ,are war criminals

  • Truth!! And there is one of the largest fresh water aquifers in the desert there…

  • Sad

  • my research says this is true.

  • And Saddam was killed because he was planning to sell oil in Euros instead of the bloody US dollar.

  • What you didn’t know this years ago? Wake up.

  • Sick of the BS going on?? A free world is waiting for those in need. The technology is here now to supply the necessities we need to survive, we only have to create this free world. Out with the old and in with the new. Its time for change. Join this group to be part of the change>
    https://www.facebook.com/groups/265603456982790/ .

  • If you all think that such a thing would be conveyed in e-mails your idiot’s.

    • Why not? Thats why it was a private server and thats why she erased so much shit before handing it over begrudgingly. Hillary is a true blue narcissistic sociopath. She wont even admit who Chelseas real father is you think shes gonna tell the truth about something thats going to send her to jail? And YES she IS being investigated by the FBI.

  • Of course they did! Stop trying to get Lord Rothschild in trouble! They are rich and are the rightful masters of everything……….. NOT! Fuck those Federal Reserve Zionist dickwads! WE ARE THE 99% AND WE ARE MANY. These fuckers need to realize assassins work both ways and stop trying to kill all our heroes.

  • Sean hmmm

  • Very possible

  • This is old news to anyone who was actually paying attention back then and not hypnotized by the corporatist media.

  • I remember Ron Paul wanting to look at the gold in the Federal Reserve and people laughed at him.

  • modurhead
  • That Guy

    ITS GONE! The Email is GONE!
    I can’t find it anywhere.
    I never saved it!

  • Terry Blake

    That dont

  • Dan

    “Pardon our popup. It is. It an ad.” I don’t care if it’s not an ad. It’s blocking the article I came here to read, and it doesn’t have a close button, and nothing I do makes it go away. Fire your web admin.

    • Dan

      “It is NOT an ad.” Stupid autocorrect.

  • V Christine

    Is it really not possible to host an intelligent blog without the pornographic advertising bouncing in your face?

  • Mabelle Vonk

    BRICS. And its already happening.

  • Mabelle Vonk

    What everyone forgets is: Only a Government can legally produce a nation’s money and NOT any private organisation ! So, all the money made by the Feds’ since 1913 is counterfeit – the U.S. economy, the Petro-dollar – is all funny money!
    Voltaire was right: “Eventually, all paper money returns to it’s original intrinsic value – zero”.

  • Mabelle Vonk

    Many countries have already dropped the petrodolar. And the US is desperate!

  • tinus42

    French franc? There hasn’t been one since 2002 when France joined the Euro.

  • Patrick Bacon

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  • Ken Duerksen

    So just like back in the late 1940’s Indochina, French petulance about retaining control of its former colonies prompts us to commit crimes against humanity….

  • Zeke Dawdy

    The email link is broken. Goes to a “Page not found” at U.S. Department of State.

    If you find it again, it may be wise to host it somewhere other than the criminals lair.

  • Tom Taman

    where is the gold now ??

    • kenny

      Probably in the Clinton foundation lol

  • Chris

    This is old news – but it is good to have it confirmed by the lovely Hillary

    • gingercake5

      Both she and Sarkozy are war criminals and deserve punishment.

  • Haider

    hmm, so france is reaping what it sowed, useless to cry over attacks on its soil, you get what you pay for, hollande should thank hillary and obama, and the frenchise should wise up and dump him for a more moderate candidate, but the repercussion or the blow back may take longer to subside, thanx to foolish policy of plundering others.

    • DollarFray

      Now that you say that…..maybe this is Karma. Now, I wonder what kind of reaping we will get in the US for HRC’s crimes.

  • therooster57

    It may be old news but it is still very misunderstood. If, in fact, the motive for the attack on Gaddifi was based on the potential launch of a gold backed dinar, it’s not because the US or NATO is “anti-gold”, but because they are very “anti-gold with a fixed peg”. Gold valuations should float consistent with free market fundamentals. To do otherwise would create great imbalances.

    We once had fixed and pegged bullion pricing during the Bretton Woods era. Gold with a fixed trade value doesn’t work because of liquidity constraints. For gold to work well as a market currency (see BitGold.com/r/0UZxqF ) it’s trade value must be free to float and the unit of account must be mass (weight) based. In the west, we wish to trade with gold’s mass, not with a national currency that is fixed to gold bullion, regardless of whether that currency might be the USD, the dinar, the Yen, the Yuan, the GBP , etc, etc.

    Gold is now real-time currency …. sovereign and now fully liquid based on floating value and the digitization of mass (weight) as the lone unit of account.

    You cannot pour new wine into old wineskins.

    • Can you restate this for folks who aren’t versed in such things? The metaphor you left off with was lost on me; if you have time and are so moved.

      • therooster57

        No problem. You cannot insert new applications that require a new infrastructure.

        Real-time dollar priced gold currency, (USD/oz) where we use mass (weight) as the unit of account (bullion) and the measurement of value is USD/oz (floating) is a function of new capability, a capability that can only be found in the digital age of information.

        • slashstuck

          Jet me rephrase Johns question: Can you explain it to us uneducated in these matters? If you can’t that just means you don’t know yourself and you’re hiding behind some obscure lingo!

          No harm meant but I’d like to know what you’re talking about too!

          • therooster57

            Let’s break it down, shall we ? OK.

            I’ll use the BitGold model. I’m actually an account holder. You may want to follow by examining the site. Better yet, open a free account so you can examine the usability and the features from the inside.

            Do you understand that gold is now used as an online digital currency, denominated in mass (debt-free) , where mass is the unit of account (what moves digitally) and each and every digital gram is 100% fully backed by real gold bullion that is held as your personal gold in Brinks.

            From a user’s point of view, it can be loosely compared to PayPal, but you fund your account with gold bullion, not IOU’s.

            Is that much clear ?


          • BC

            The issue with that though is that though you can’t just call them up and ask them to ‘send’ you your gold, they won’t do that.

          • therooster57

            Gold is 100% callable on demand. It’s your legal property. Please study the site and know the model before you comment any further.

          • Anthony Dewitt

            nope, if you want to buy gold, buy it, ship it to your house , put it in your safe, how hard is that ??

          • Jonathan

            Actually, if he couldn’t, it’d simply mean that you didn’t understand it, and the “obscure lingo” was just big ol’ words that you didn’t quite understand…

  • Shahab Butt

    so where is god and silver now?

  • Libya banked in the EU which became reliant on Libyab revenues.
    Gadhafi was going to pull back his nation’s wealth & mint their own money.
    To do so could have collapsed European banking system & also cost the US so they plotteda justification to go in and kill him- They armed the rebels [AlQuaeda] to invade Benghazi and Gadhafi was brutally dragged through the streets tortured & nurdered.
    Chris Steven was embedded with the rebels~!
    Later Hillary wanted arms to Syria to take out Assad.
    Part of the negotiations through a go between in Yemen was that Gadhafi’s loyalists who controlled the weapons wanted blood for blood for killing Gadhafi.
    Hillary then promoted Stevens to Ambassador and sent him back to Libya.
    Once there he was subjected to numerous security problems because he was Hillary’s offering to get the arms to the Syrian rebels whom Obama called a JV team.
    Stevens was supposed to be kidnapped & traded for the blind shiek but that guy was already turned over to the UK, so Stevens was then given the same treatment the CIA backed Al-Q rebels/insurgents had given Gadafi. They wanted revenge on Hillary & Obama, especially Hillary for her hideous gloat that was on TV & video & News Outlets where she cackled our “We am we saw he died” which appalled most around the world but was downplayed in the US.
    Hillary is the mother of ISIS~ What started as a JV team cme back to bite in that they didnt do as Hillary/CIA wanted and now are a world threat for real.
    Menawhile libya is destroyed and the Middle East is totally unstable.
    She is the last person who should be allowed to run for president.
    She should nbe tried for war crimes.

    • gingercake5

      If Trump wins that could happen, or she will flee as quickly as possible.

      • Ryan Schneider.

        Obastard will Pardon her any day now to make sure she gets off Scott-free, but will try to do it so discreetly as to not be noticed.

        • Anthony Dewitt

          no looser, but Trump will. Except you cant pardon someone if they were never convicted dumbass

          • The Cat’s Vagina

            It’s no tighter, either.

          • Jim Allen

            Then how did Ford pardon Nixon ?

          • Yukidongo

            Yes, the president can pardon “anyone”, at any stage. Even before charges are filed, and all three way through to after a conviction. Hillary would, then, have had the option of taking or declining it. IF she had taken it, it would have been an admission of guilt.

    • LMFBAO

  • Caspar Zialor

    Very interesting evidence

  • David Allan Cole
  • MickeyDr

    Ridiculous. 143 tons of gold is about $6 billion, peanuts to France and peanuts to Africa.

    France has gold reserves of 2500 tons and $154 billion in foreign currency reserves and GDP about $2800 billion
    There is simply no way that gold could back an African currency, and indeed Africa is so dominated by Nigeria and Egypt, that Libya simply couldn’t create common currency anyway.

    • povinho

      Libya wasn’t going in alone. Gadafi might be the one taking the initiative but the new currency would be African, not Libyan. Also, this is about the CFA Franc not the French one that doesn’t exist anymore.

      • MickeyDr

        Fixed at a permanent rate against the old French Frank all the same and now fixed against the Euro.
        There is no credible story that Libya could have backed a pan African currency.

      • AaEe

        The perpetual liars are scoffers and always defenders of the USA. American patriots have the souls of feral pigs.

        • Jim Allen

          Don’t berate the souls of feral pigs. Theirs are of higher value than most human, and they’re free souls, unlike yours.

    • Rollo10

      They didn’t need much gold, they have millions of barrels of oil that they would sell for gold dinar. Like any business, it only required the ‘start up’ fee.
      Sarkozy at the time stated “French President Nicolas Sarkozy reportedly went so far as to call Libya a “threat” to the financial security of the world.”

  • tom d

    Hillary has the ability to disprove this by just releasing her 30,000 deleted emails.

    ‘people have come to find themselves still loving their country but loathing the military’
    is from an old Billy Clinton so I understand why she might not want to release them.

  • L Garou

    Gaddafi made the desert gush water with his marvelous “Man Made River” aquifer project.
    The miscreant$ of course, coveted this bountiful desert water very much.
    Like the Israelis covet the Litani River in Lebanon. Same thing..

    • Joe Schmoe

      that is delusional rubbish

      • L Garou

        Your name precedes you..

        • disaksen

          Your nonsensical comment precedes you.

          • L Garou

            Yours preceded you first, knucklehead..

    • disaksen

      If Israel covets the Litani River waters so much, they would have kept it when they occupied the area.

      • L Garou

        They covet everything, as you know. It’s genetic..
        Besides, Hezbollah handed the IDF sissies their a**es in 2006..

        • Ryan Schneider.

          And all Berbers are corrupt playboys in their youth and humble statesmen in their old age, just like Saint Augustine; it’s genetic! 😏

          • L Garou

            I won’t disagree. I’ve always thought both sides are shits.
            Most people can’t handle it when you point out the truth about BOTH SIDES (aka) their side. A perfect example is the one I used. The FACT Hezbollah (like it or not) handed the IDF their ass in 2006. They don’t know and they don’t want to know little things like how the IDF lost (destroyed or disabled) 50 invincible Merkava tanks in a matter of a couple of weeks.
            (Kornet, Milan, RPG-29)
            Stuff like that makes them unreasonable. Crazy even..

      • Ryan Schneider.

        Gaddafi was functionally reformed by the time of the invasion and was competing fairly on the world stage for his people’s economic prosperity. As a Libertarian who believes in winning or losing fairly, not to mention opposed to all aggressive initiative, this clear act of illegal conquest cannot be tolerated. That said, this false equivalency to Israel and the Jews makes me gnash😬!

  • 2too

    Everyone knew this already, just like we all knew about Saddam planning to sell Iraq oil for Euro’s, which got him killed.
    Good to see it confirmed though.

  • HillaryofArabia

    Dig deep and make a real effort to understand this story. You will not get many peeks behind the mirror in your lifetime, and this is definitely one of them. Remember, the real money is not in oil or weapons, the real money is in money. I care not who makes the laws, just who regulates the money supply.

  • kikz2

    it was, always.. the bourse…. of course.

  • Mike Donovan


  • AaEe

    Obama, the entire American government, and almost all ithe American people are thoroughly amoral liars, thieves, sexual perverts, and murderers. Americans have more in common with feral pigs and rabid dogs than they have in common with human beings.

    • Finnur Juliusson

      Have you ever been there ?

    • Jim Allen

      Maybe a third of the American people, those the indoctrination stuck.
      Can you leave the feral pigs out of your silly-ass comments disparaging a people, and country you know nothing about execpt what you absorb from the propaganda that reaches your country.
      The balance of Americans find their Gov’t. an embarrassment.
      We hope this about to change with the Trump administration, official today.

  • Utpal Kundu

    The leaked emails are confirming the notion how crooked she was and there is no change of her attitude .If she can do it in Libya and now Iraq ,given a chance she will do it do it in Syria as well. American people have a responsibility towards the world apart from their own country. .http://mobile.abc.net.au/news/2016-10-26/the-election-of-hillary-clinton-promises-a-more-dangerous-world/7966336?section=science

  • Gabriel

    Why do you use this word “western” ? rather jewish…

  • Bill Paul

    When you click on “email” in your article, it goes to the US Government Freedom of Information page, but says “page not found”. Has it been removed?

  • abel_kotze

    And no-one asks where that treasure is now?

  • Greg Jones

    The FOIA email link is broken. Is this story factual?

  • CAFM

    Very old news. This has been known since the beginning of our murderous interference.

  • Jdillinger

    The tin foil hat crowd were screaming this all through the bengazi hearing and the MSM payed us on the head and said “Fake News”.

    How many smoking guns do we need to prove that the government are criminals?

  • Angie Davidson

    In 2012, I made this statement in an article on my blog:

    “When Barack Obama decided that America needed to intervene in Libya, many abroad and at home felt that we were meddling in something that was not our business. While Obama has stated that we went into Libya for humanitarian reasons, critics have accused us of imperialism and going into Libya for resources rather than to help the people there.
    Was it America’s responsibility to “protect the world” from Gaddafi? Or was it from concern that Gaddafi had planned to introduce a gold dinar as a single African currency, able to rival the euro and the dollar?
    Two conferences were held on this; it’s not as if our government was unaware of what Gaddafi was proposing. Gaddafi wanted to sell oil for gold dinars, rather than the dollar, meaning that a country’s wealth would depend on the amount of gold it was sitting on, not the pieces of paper that they traded in. Libya has 144 tonnes of gold. Coincidence?”

    I was interviewed by the DC back in 2015, and Weinstein made me out to be a conspiracy theorist. Interestingly, this was around the time that Homeland Security starting watching my blog. I don’t believe that this is the first time that we have toppled leaders or come up with excuses to invade because of gold…if anyone is interested in reading the article, leave a comment and I will post the link . (if that is okay with the moderator, of course.)

    • Jim Allen

      I believe you’re correct. There is much confusion, and dis- information surrounding these events. The timeline seems skewed, Qathafi was loaning money to his people at zero interest, also paid out of pocket as he went with the water transportation project, which must have been after he paid off Libya’s debt to the Rothschild Central Banking System. Similar to what Putin did in Russia. Syria had ditched Rothschild banking as well, Iran did so, way back.
      This was the same reason the US/NATO attacked Iraq, the first in a line of countries that this one thing in common.
      One of Secretary of States gifts of “humanitarian aid” to the Libyan’s was to bomb the water transportation project with DU munitions.

    • Jon

      Im interested in reading the article thanks

    • Rollo10

      It’s all about protecting US hegemony and their Dollar.
      They are pushing for NWO, One World Government, their TPP-TTIP-CETA were the next move. These Treaties united all those nations as one Single Market with BRICS outside looking in.
      BRICS want to trade in Gold world wide, this would destroy US Hegemony and dollar. Notice the push for war with Russia and China, both of which have now stopped using the dollar and both are against NWO.