Taxpayers Hit For $4.4mn After Cops Shot Innocent Food Delivery Man 14 Times — Cops NOT Fired


Philadelphia, PA — (RT) The city of Philadelphia has reached a $4.4 million settlement with a black deliveryman which 2 officers say they mistakenly shot 14 times leaving him with permanent injuries and a seizure disorder.

The settlement represents the largest in a police shooting incident  in the city’s history, reports, citing Philadelphia Law Department records.

The settlement dates back to an incident in 2014 when then 20-year-old Philippe Holland was working as food delivery man. He had just dropped off a hamburger at a house when he was confronted by two plainclothes police officers.



During sworn testimony, Hollande said that when he saw the two officers, Mitchell Farrell and Kevin Hanvey approaching him, he thought he was about to get robbed. He got into his car on the passenger side to try and get away when one of the men shined a flashlight into the car while the other held a gun. say that Farrell and Hanvey were investigating reports of gunshots in the area.

Spotting the gun, Hollande panicked and attempted to drive away only for the cops to fire 14 bullets into his vehicle, wounding him in the head and chest. Hollande said Farrell and Hanvey never identified themselves as police officers. He has undergone extensive surgery and has been left with a permanent seizure disorder.

This settlement will not only compensate an innocent citizen who suffered devastating injuries but also served as a catalyst for significant reforms in the way our communities are policed by plainclothes officers,” Holland’s attorney Tom Kline told NBC 10.

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We will strive to ensure that tragedies such as this do not happen again in our city,” Philadelphia City Solicitor Sozi Pedro Tulante said in a statement. Following the incident, the City said that plainclothes officers will undergo new training on identifying themselves and showing their badges.

City prosecutors never filed charges against the two officers who have been on desk duty since the shooting.

  • doucyet

    The cops screwed up………..

    The money should come out of their pension funds! You think they would “police” each other a bit better if it did.

    • ONe idea we’ve been trying to push through here in MInneapolis<MN is for police to be SELF-INSURED—a kind of "malpractice" insurance like doctors have. Brutality complaints would mean higher rates for the officer (& the tax-payers would NOT pay settlements). Brutal and/or incompetent police (don't know which these 2 in Philly were) woulf become UN-INSUIRABLE. No insurance & you couldn't be a cop in Minneapolis. We got enough signatures to put it on a referndum for the voters–but, a judge blocked it. Hopefully other places will try to do the same thing. Find otu more at:

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  • IceTrey

    Dear Mr. Spunt is wasn’t an accident.

    • billdeserthills

      They had no interest in stealing his money
      they wanted his life

  • Cops shooting someone driving AWAY from them. How sweet. Remember, these are the only people who should have guns.

  • billymalone

    So who hired these two vigilantes in the first place? There lies the problem

  • dufas_duck

    Cops are never responsible for their actions..

  • myrtle.duffy

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  • junktex

    Old South is born again in the ‘progressive” NE.

  • Samuel Lane

    “… will be a catalyst for significant reforms.” Yeah. And the Chinese are good drivers.

    • Hugh Culliton

      And racist slurs ham-string any good points you might have had.

      • Jamie Hall

        Get a grip. It’s common knowledge that the Chinese (at least in China) have piss-poor driving habits, entire documentaries made about the subject even. Calling the comment racist would be like saying that it’s racist to call China a communist country.

        • Samuel Lane

          Thank you. It would seem Mr. Culiton has no sense of humor (or sarcasm.)

  • Astral Dansex

    Cops should be “fired” literally not just fired, or sent to do more training, there is no such a thing as good cops when they have already proved who they really are.

  • Lets see…

    Cops shoot someone that didn’t pose a threat and was not a suspect in a crime, while not informing the suspect that they were police in plain clothes.

    Man sues city and wins (good for him), lawyers bag a big sack of it.

    And the taxpayers foot the bill.

    How many times does this story need to play out?

    Cops need to be punished for making mistakes! Just as ordinary citizens who work for someone are fired for incompetent work, so cops should also be fired for the same. The tax payers should not be held accountable!

    What a sick system we live in.

  • Steve Rusk

    These cops were “afraid”. They were afraid that the chance to kill somebody would drive away from them. It wasn’t enough money, Hollande should have gotten twice that much or more. The two animals that shot him should be in a cage.

  • Ibcamn

    cops are whiny cowards,pussys….such pussys in fact that they always shoot first then ask questions…..kinda like the guy who got out of his car and the obese fucktard sweaty cop just unloaded 3 rounds into his chest…the cop said he feared for his life,hmm…the man showed his hands and was doing just as the cop ordered him to do,but yet got chot…see,cops have no power of reasoning,none,they are low brow worthless morons,and that is a fact,true statement,they have very low IQ’s and that is the problem,give a retarded chimp a badge,and the god complex kicks in…..and this is hwat this was…they assumed they knew everything and it lead to the shooting of an unarmed innocent person being shot…the cops attempeted to murder and innocent person with no reguards to anything but their paycheck and pensions..cops are just criminals,thuigs with guns and nothing more…….