Denver, CO — “You can’t keep doing this. You can’t keep violating us in our own communities,” said Deon Jones after filing a federal civil rights lawsuit against the Denver Police Department for nearly killing him.

From the body camera footage of the incident, the only information the police had, with respect to Mr. Jones, was that he was from Aurora. He’d done nothing wrong. The police were patrolling a suburb of Denver and simply ran his plates while patrolling the Capitol Hill area of Denver.

They can be heard saying on their radios, “He doesn’t belong here,” an admission which could be understood by some to mean he’s Black and from out of town.

After approaching Jones, who was seated in his vehicle, minding his own business, not committing any crimes, the police then did something the average citizen cannot do. They drew their weapons and pointed them at citizen Jones.

They began ordering Jones to get out of the vehicle, something he said he would not do because they had no probable cause and he also feared for his safety — rightfully so. One officer even threatened to shoot and possibly kill Jones.

He said, “If you put your hand down there, I will shoot you.” Police then kidnapped Jones and put him in a cage.

Without probable cause, there were not supposed to search his vehicle or his person. But search him they did, nonetheless.

Finding cocaine, they then charged the man with possession of narcotics and refusing to obey a lawful order by a law enforcement officer.

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Those two charges were thrown out in court, as the arrest was made without any suspicion that he’d committed a crime, thereby making his stop an illegal one.

Jones secured an attorney and filed suit against the department for violating his civil rights. David Lane, Jones’ attorney said he’s lucky to be alive.

“My initial reaction, when I first saw the video is this guy is lucky he’s alive,” Lane told reporters.

Jones agreed, saying, “I was like, man, are they going to kill me just because I won’t get out of the vehicle?”

He told reporters he refused to get out of the vehicle because he said he’d done nothing wrong, nothing to warrant his search and seizure.

The lawsuit is the latest in a string of litigation which has cost the city of Denver millions of dollars.

Lane says the police have a pack mentality. “Once someone questions police authority, the chase is on…it’s like a pack dog mentality that the police have,” he said.

At the time the news broke, the police department said they were unaware of any pending lawsuit involving Jones. They asked the public to hold off on forming an opinion until the facts are known.

“The department asks that the public reserve judgement until all the facts of the case are available. When appropriate,” the statement continues, “the department will address any public concerns regarding this matter.”

Well, the public does have some concerns. It’s time the national police force, in general, stops pointing its weapons at citizens who aren’t pointing their weapons at them. There are usually no safeties on those weapons and pointing them at seemingly innocent, non-violent people, only further escalates the tension in an already tension-filled moment.

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So few police officers die every year from homicide (less than 75), that pointing a loaded weapon with one’s finger on the trigger is not necessary. Officers should simply try speaking to people instead of threatening their lives with a loaded weapon in their faces.

The look on Jones’ face, in the video, should serve as proof enough, that police are literally scaring the hell out of people, who then become frozen, not knowing what to do. Some people simply run, others fight back. It’s time the senseless escalation of force comes to an end.

The Free Thought Project will continue to follow Jones’ case. His attorney is asking for a jury trial, although a date has not yet been set.

Luckily, for Jones, his life was spared, unlike so many others before him. Dillon Taylor was not so lucky. 

Jack Burns is an educator, journalist, investigative reporter, and advocate of natural medicine
  • Reality

    How about the actual video instead of your clear bias. Then people can make the choice for themselves as to what happened.

    • Gina L. Washington

      You can watch the video…it is attached. The “clear bias” you speak of is what the video shows. You might need to add ‘Alt’ in front of your Reality tag if you don’t believe your eyes and ears.

      • TruthHurts

        I’d like to add in to this one. The “clear bias” is exaclty what it is. (You may want to actually start paying attention) You may want to add “ignorant” in front of your tag just to remove all doubt as to it for others.I know you dimwits don’t like the truth, but, it is what it isand doesn’t matter if you like it. The free ride for being black bs is over.

        • Montely Wilson

          No! The free ride of being white and privileged is coming to an end, and white people who prefer it that way are all in their feelings like someone really gives a damn. Although bias can be clearly understood through behaviorisms, what is referenced is implicit bias.

          • TruthHurts

            LOL There’s no such thing as “white privilege” but rather that being used and excuse by morons/racists, as your racist self is doing now, for their inability to keep up. Free ride is over.

  • Candice White

    So few police officers die each year less than (75) that’s (75) too many I agree the police shouldn’t point guns in innocent peoples face but that comment is asinine.

    • The Cat’s Vagina

      Why is it asinine? It’s merely pointing out that 75 is not a number high enough to justify police pointing guns in everyone’s face. If you agree with that, then it’s YOUR comment that’s asinine because nobody is saying they’re cool with 75 dead cops – that’s all you, kiddo!

      • Shoreline1

        And if the figure is correct, it is a fraction of the number of citizens being shot by police annually. It does seem to me that in some cases the citizen has decided that they have had enough, and they won’t go down without a fight. It seems in many cases they are there to serve and protect, but in service of a hostile government.

  • The Cat’s Vagina

    Lane says the police have a pack mentality. “Once someone questions police authority, the chase is on…it’s like a pack dog mentality that the police have,” he said.

    Yyyyyep. Said so myself just yesterday!

  • Guy

    “The department ask that the public reserve judgement untill all facts are available. When appropriate the department will address any public concern regarding this matter.” Oh Yeah ! Go tell it to the Judge, Ya big dummy !

    In other words boy’s and girls. We are all guilty untill proven innocent, by our association of being there ! Where ? There ! Any idiot should know that !

    Not only do cops hunt and behave as in a wolf pack, picking off prey as they go. Collectively they are about as bright as a 25W. light bulb, mixed in with a bag of hammers, only 3x’s more dangerous!

  • Not pro Israel

    He’s on paid administrative leave…
    We’re investigating ourselves….
    He reached for something…
    I feared for muh “x”…

    Yeah yeah

  • Guy

    Another thought, then I’ll leave you alone.

    It just occured to me, know wonder police departments across America need Union Spokesmen and Public Relationship Firms working for em.

    When they open their mouths and the offical bull shit starts running out, no one including my dog, believes one word they say ! Even when they try to act official, they all come off as blooming idiots, convinced in their own redrick as it’s the truth, even when they know were not buying it !

    Even I know when to keep my mouth shut (just not here I don’t) at least enough, not to shoot myself in the foot to badly. But not these dumb yokels ! It’s like they just can’t resist the urge to go in front of a mike and start expanding the official narrative, while just making it worse for themselves. (Trump & Twitter) ! The social media and internet, is having a field day with these clowns, and yet they still don’t get it ! Even a dog can be trained, but evidently not these dumb as post gadabouts !

  • Colin Parker

    Notice at 2:06 the officer is clearly fabricating that a struggle occurred, when in fact the body cam at 0:02 shows no resistance! They just stack lie upon lie on you to justify whatever means meets their end!

  • Brett Ray

    The pussification of of cops is now complete. The only qualification for being a cop now is, 1; be the biggest pussy in the town but still have a big ego to feed, 2; be scared of everything and everyone and 3; be willing and able to yell real loud “stop fighting, STOP RESISTING” and then lie with the best of them. If you have these qualities, congratulations, you can be a cop. If you are smart, honest, brave and don’t lie, sorry, we can’t use you.

    • Guy

      Silly ! But absolutely true ! They just can’t seem to help themselves in setting example after example, of what it is that you have just said, as being fact ! I wonder if they ever get embarrassed, about the realization that they are looking and behaving just like a bunch of spoiled rotten mean little kids with sticks. That now have been substituted for guns and badges, who are as mean as snakes, and are about as trustworthy ?

  • Carrie Parks


  • Domina Elle

    had this same thing happen to me in denver thanks to a paper tag. Cop pulled his gun on me said he thought my vehicle could be stolen because it was registered 30 minutes away. Sure there are differences, I was not breaking ANY law when it happened, wasn’t speeding, I didn’t react when it happened, I followed the officers instruction when he told me to keep my hands on the wheel and I didn’t have cocaine on me either. And I am white. I am not going to defy a cop who has a gun pointed in my face. It is STUPID. Want to change things? That’s not the way to do it. Cops are especially freaked out these days thanks to all the cop killings and people defying them violently as is happening all over the USA. I don’t like it, but this man was not very smart. It’s like putting your hand in a lions cage. Stupid.

    • Chet

      The fatality rate for law enforcement is about the same as for EMS. Paramedics don’t kill hundreds of people evey year. The difference is emergency medicine doesn’t appeal to sociopaths.

      • Montely Wilson

        Well said!

    • Gina L. Washington

      You are white, were not forced to exit your car at gun point, did not do so and then get thrown on the ground, did not have knees shoved in you back, were not cuffed. You could have just stated being white at the beginning and you would understand why all the rest happened, but you saved it until the end of the supposed differences you stated. This man was not committing any crimes or breaking any laws either, and his tags were legit so….your post is worthless, unless is just makes you feel good to make it.

    • Gordon Klock

      Here, (also) in Denver, I’ve once seen two groups of college boys drinking beer, in a park, one group was predominately ‘white’, one was predominately ‘non-white’ . Which group do you suppose the cops ignored, & which group did they savagely beat & arrest ???

  • Ed

    For some reason the authority that could change all this does not read these stories!
    Or they are so stupid they only follow orders from above!

    • Gordon Klock

      This is why some of us have reached the conclusion that the state seems to be, deliberately trying to try to kill off most of the population, & enslaving the survivors, whilst feigning ignorance, & incompetence, at every turn…

  • runnerin1

    He started reaching for something?? Are you kidding me?? These cops are now being told what excuses they can use for their behavior. Do they really think that because they yell out crap, while a video is clearly telling the story, that it will pass the smell test. The fact that cities all over the country won the excuse to hire dummies is showing the results nationwide.

    • palvadore

      They do it because it works.

  • Damice D-sota Thespiritflow

    They say over and over “HES REACHING” But through the entire video nothing was found. When you hear “HES REACHING” That’s another way for saying I’m about shoot.

  • patriot156

    You can thank Terry Vs Ohio for this. When the courts first ruled it was OK for cops to do that it was a good reason, but soon it’s turned into BS.

  • Ibcamn

    like how the cop comes in and kneels on his back and on his arms,then tells the man to stop fighting…he wasn’t doing a dam thing…and not complying i wouldn’t comply to unlawful orders…cops are criminals,the new american terrorists,cops are indeed the terrorists of this country,racist pos cops……………shit stains are more respected

  • NavatYah Bhat Ysrayl

    After watching this video I’m wondering how the police officer found the drugs in his car so fast? What was that he threw on the ground? Because if what he threw on the ground was bad why did the police not pick it up or let alone speak of it before they took him anywhere? If it was drugs they should have searched the car before they moved it. Also, why did they move the car themselves? Shouldn’t it have been towed? This is nothing but an episode of the curses in action. To see what I’m talking about when I say curses watch “The Curses” on YouTube.

  • Brian Czayka

    bunch of fucking pussies

  • mickey bitsko

    I’d be more sympathetic if he were innocent, but he’s a coke dealer. I don’t like pigs OR drug dealers, and wish we could gas the bunch of ’em and turn them into garden mulch.

    COPS are not pigs. Two different species. Based solely on what the video shows, without having actually been there and knowing the circumstances, it appears that these were PIGS. But that doesn’t excuse peddling coke.

    • Montely Wilson

      Coke user? Maybe. Coke deal? No that takes a significant rectal leap. mickey bitsko, your slip is showing!

  • mickey bitsko

    “So few police officers die every year from homicide (less than 75), that pointing a loaded weapon with one’s finger on the trigger is not necessary.”

    Only 75, huh? Gee, no big deal.

    Of course, the guys on 9-11 only killed 0.0025% of us. What’s the big deal?

    Jesus….who writes this crap?

  • RMS1911
    we should be pointing guns at them they’re gangbangers they also qualify as domestic terrorist under the Patriot act.

  • T. Kelly

    White Cops are the Problem! It’s a Unnatural Mental disorder that they have! They are Bullies in uniform, and for the most part THEY ARE AFFRAID OF BLACK MEN!!!!