Los Angeles, CA — Video of a 76-year-old woman being forcefully pulled from her seat and arrested by thuggish deputies from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is rightly infuriating the nation.

Cell phone video, recorded by a quick-thinking friend of the septuagenarian, shows the unnecessarily brutal incident — which only happened because the slight, elderly woman happened to be sitting in the wrong section inside Union Station.

Worse, Tina, the friend, told CBS News, Los Angeles, the woman could not possibly have stood up from her seat to cooperate with authorities without the assistance of her cane — which the feckless deputies refused to hand her.

“Stop!” the elderly woman winces as she desperately pleads with officers on video. “You are hurting me!”

Deputies can be seen yanking the frail woman — whom Tina described as “95 pounds, soaking wet” — from a seat in an area reserved for train passengers who have purchased tickets. Although she did not have a ticket, Tina said her friend frequently sits in that section — and has not previously encountered such trouble for doing so.

As the situation intensifies, the 76-year-old can be heard asking for the cane.


“I will give you your cane once you stand up,” one of the cops says.

Unable physically to comply, the woman retorts,

“No. Give me my cane so I can stand up.”

Repeatedly, she tells the authoritarian agents of the State they’re hurting her — but neither listens — and they persist, until handcuffs can be locked around her wrists.

But their loathsome behavior didn’t end there.

When the woman literally could not stand as ordered by these gun-and-badge-toting brutes, one deputy proceeded to shove her head down — perhaps in an attempt to force cooperation she could not provide.

“Stop!” she demands, discernibly distressed. “STOP!!”

At that point, Tina says she could hear her friend’s head smash into the chair’s hard, wooden armrest.

She screams in pain.

Tina, who did not wish to publicize her last name, explained, as CBS Los Angeles paraphrased, ‘She has a card from a Metro officer, which she thought allowed her to sit in the space. So, when sheriff’s deputies told her to leave, she refused and was subsequently arrested.’

For sitting in the ‘wrong’ spot — in a train station section obviously not lacking in seats for ticketed customers.

No ounce of care was proffered the elderly woman — and that the deputies refused to honor her request to use the cane is not only brazenly disrespectful, it could violate legal protections for people with disabilities.

“It did not need to escalate to that point,” Tina told the station. “It was past excessive in my opinion. She, I’m sure, weighs no more than 95 pounds wet. I was really shocked and traumatized witnessing this.”

But idiocy of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department continues beyond nearly breaking the woman’s neck or fracturing her skull.

Since released from jail, the septuagenarian still faces potential charges of obstructing an officer — an officer who refused to allow her to use the cane to stand. That factor could have found the woman in compliance with her tormentors’ commands and, instead, simply left a bad taste in her mouth over unnecessary rudeness and roughness — but, without the additional brutalization she experienced when her head slammed into the armrest.

A spokesman for the sheriff’s department told CBS they have yet to watch the video, but will use it to assist in a now-ongoing review to determine whether force was excessive.

While the video taken inside Union Station under dim lighting makes it difficult to ascertain precisely which deputies did what to the elderly woman, when, her repeated wincing and pleas for them to cease obviate strong-arm treatment.

Let the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department review the violent incident at their leisure for as long as they see fit — the rest of the planet can clearly see vicious maltreatment of an elderly woman who simply sat down in the wrong spot.

Authoritarianism in this Police State spares no one — and apparently manifests as the long arms of absurd laws in the physical bullying an old lady — who only sought a comfortable place to rest her 76-year-old bones.


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Claire Bernish began writing as an independent, investigative journalist in 2015, with works published and republished around the world. Not one to hold back, Claire’s particular areas of interest include U.S. foreign policy, analysis of international affairs, and everything pertaining to transparency and thwarting censorship. To keep up with the latest uncensored news, follow her on Facebook or Twitter: @Subversive_Pen.
  • Guy

    Thank You Free Thought ! For bring this to us, as it just adds another layer to the *Shit Cake* that the Police have been baking for years against us, in their quest to show the US. & The World ! Not only that they want to be reguarded as *The Top Dog’s* in all matters of Civil Conformity And Compliance, all the while as We Bow To Their Utmost Authority! But that little old ladies with canes, weighing in at about 98 pounds *Soaking Wet,* must also too, or will be beaten, arrested and jailed if they don’t ! How noble they must feel, that they can even make the old and frail, scared for their lives at the very sight of them !

    This just goes to show with no further proof needed, that The Police And Those Who Are Like Them, In Their Endless Rage And War Against The American People. Are nothing more than *Mindless K-9 Attack Dog’s With Thumbs,* who will either beat, arrest or kill you, with the Courts Blessings for non-compliance. That also even your children, mentally handicapped, military vets, or senior citizens are all alike, and not safe from their cruel inhumanity to man! Power does not discriminate in its lust for Power over us. It’s only quest is to replicate itself to have more !

  • Amor Terra

    I hope that fucking troglodyte is proud of himself for brutalizing an old lady. I also hope that when the fat pig is old and in a nursing home, that some other brute like himself yanks him out of his chair by the scrotum.

    • Damiana

      On the other hand, I’m hoping he doesn’t have the privilege of growing old.

      • Amor Terra

        Oh, I hope like hell he does grow old, and sick, and finds out what it’s like to be weak and infirm and have to depend on the decency of other people to feed you, clothe you, wipe your poopy butt, etc. And I hope that every single person he depends on treats him with EXACTLY the same level of respect he gave to that elderly woman–for a decade or so!

  • Damiana

    Let the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department review the violent incident at their leisure for as long as they see fit…

    Better still, let’s not. They tend to use these long, leisurely “investigations” to give the public time to calm down and lose interest in the story. That way, they can find the officer “acted in accordance with policy” and not have to worry about protests or riots.

  • jonn

    I’ve been saying it for quite sometime. Cops are nothing but pussies! Real tough guys with kids, women, disabled, seniors………very, very few videos of cops one on one with a grown healthy man.

  • Lorne Allen

    Resisting arrest, obstructing an officer, failure to comply, those charges are becoming a badge of honor instead of something to apoligise for.

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      When they attack someone they usually yell – “Stop Resisting!”

  • tom browne

    i was mistreated by police age 60. police brains are pickled in steroids so dont expect logic and restraint from them. even women police are using steroids to gain acceptance and they are looney and manly as a result.

  • Gordon Klock

    I’m under the impression, that these kinds of cops, aren’t really quite as stupid as they pretend to be, they act that way, in order to have a more believable excuse, for their often pointless brutality, it also serves to psychologically discombobulate, their victims..(like saying “come here !”, whilst pushing one away)…..
    (Call me “crazy”, but to me it really does look like a secret war, against the populace)….

    • PRINCE4EVER O(->

      They’re getting ready for Martial Law.

    • Guy

      Way Scary ! But there could be some truth in it as well ! Considering that Law Enforcement, is also based on Psychology, and how to move people effectively, to make them (us) do what they want us to do ! Willing Or Not !

  • Real Truth stings

    There are your “heroes”, being heroic again

  • Zackknowitall

    Blacks will burn down a city over thugs like Micheal brown and others burn won’t do shit when it’s a decent black person likePhilip Castile, John Crawford or this little old lady.

  • Mother Earth

    Can never be too sure, she might have had a pipe bomb in her cane, what a brutal regime run by racketeers pimps and murderers, just going to the hospital for life saving treatment could cost you your life before you even get there.

  • Anonymous

    Start writing letters to Sheriff Jim McDonald. She looked like she was black. What were the names of the deputies who did this to her?


    PSTD cops on “Roid Rage.”

  • Ricochet

    why are police officers enforcing policy as law? she broke no laws, she violated a corporate policy…This is a template for a settlled lawsuit

    • G’ma G

      Yes. Fortunately she will eventually be compensated by the people of LA for not standing up. (irony intended)

  • G’ma G

    Given that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one it is completely obvious that these abusive cops are bullies, plain and simple. Understanding this, all else makes sense. That said, the question becomes how do you stop a bully with the sanction of the power of a state? A quick pop in the nose like in Jr. Hi that sent them scurrying wont work. We need to figure out how to defund these police departments tolerating this behavior. As with everything else in our society it comes down to money. Dry up the money and benefits and the thugs will go elsewhere.

  • Mike

    I hope and pray that both the cops involved end up dead in the gutter, like the trash they truly are, and I also hope that other cops abuse their mothers and grandmothers like they did to this lady!!!!