On Wednesday, five people were injured when a gunman opened fire on multiple police officers, Senators and US congressmen at a baseball practice in Alexandria, Virginia. At first, social media reacted with shock over the news of a mass shooting. However, once the political affiliations were revealed about both the shooter and his victims, all that changed.

As soon as the establishment-conditioned-left got word that it was Republicans who were attacked, they took to social media to praise the shooting.

Aside from the ‘Republicans’ being shot, there were also innocent police officers hit in the attack whose party affiliations were unknown. However, this was of no consequence to those blinded by their own hatred.

No sooner did the establishment-conditioned-right find out about the shooter’s political label before taking to social media and grouping in all liberals with the mad man, James Hodgkinson, who cowardly took aim at unsuspecting defenseless human targets.

This should come as no surprise as the left and right in this country frequently use tragedies to push their political agenda. However, the mass praising of the shooting on social media seems rather unprecedented and is indicative of the power wielded by the mainstream media over the minds of the masses.

Below are just a few of the screen grabs of Twitter users outright celebrating the shooting of their fellow humans. Some of these people are high-profile individuals who unapologetically took to their large audiences and praised attempted murder as ‘karma.’

Technology writer WaltIsFrozen said the attack has a “silver lining” because the shooter targeted people with different political views than his.


Much of the hate was directed right at Steve Scalise over claims that he met with the KKK leader and former gubernatorial candidate of Louisiana, David Duke. It is true that Scalise admitted to attending a convention of the European-American Unity and Rights Organization, or EURO — an organization founded by former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.

However, meeting with someone is hardly grounds for calling for their execution.

Others took this opportunity to claim gun rights advocates deserve this sort of thing because they want the right to defend themselves.

Sonia Gupta, a former prosecutor from Louisiana, noted that Scalia deserved to be shot because he went to the meeting mentioned above.

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Regardless of your political views, advocating for the extrajudicial assassination of your political foes is the tool of terrorists. It also serves to further undermine any relevance of your ostensible political stance.

Humanity’s interests are not served by praising death and destruction. And, on a deeper note, most people get that notion. However, when divide and conquer techniques like the left right paradigm come into play, people shed their humanity and wrap their brains with the flag — leaving them mentally blind and unable to empathize.

For the majority Americans, the United States political system is seen as a football game. Any time their party is in power, it’s as if they are ‘winning’ and the other party or team is ‘losing.’ But what most Americans fail to see is that both ‘teams’ have the same owner. That owner cares not about which one of their teams is ‘winning,’ just so long as its one of their teams in the game.

Americans are constantly bombarded by the mainstream media telling them to hate each for their choice of political puppet they support in the white house. All the while, those same talking heads, spouting out the hate-filled rhetoric, are all part of the same team — the establishment.

While stoking divide through their puppet politicians and their Praetorian Gaurd in the corporate media over issues of gay marriage, abortions, transgender bathrooms and gun rights, the masters in the establishment continue business as usual. That business is expanding war, enriching the elite, and growing the police state and empire.

The people come to blows over the scraps thrown to them from the table of the elite, all the while ignoring the entire reason they came to hate each other in the first place. Their TVs told them to.

The controlled politicians, the rigged system and the elite are not some vast conspiracy as much as they are a tendency of the State in general. As long as a system exists that allows government force to be bought and sold for the benefit and privilege of a few, these atrocities will continue.

The money shoved into the pockets of politicians on behalf of special interest groups — aka bribery — has become so mainstream and widely accepted that no one even bats an eye at the billions doled out to their elected officials on behalf of lobbyists.

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Donald Trump just went to Saudi Arabia and approved a weapons deal with the country who was found to be complicit in the support of the 9/11 terror attacks. The Saudis also gave Trump and his family lots of money.

If you are one of those people who sees Washington DC as the Don King boxing match that it is, then you are doing something right. You are likely a reader of the alternative media, you probably don’t watch massive amounts of television, and you likely have a thirst for a lesser ignorance. You also most likely know how futile violence is against the most well-armed army and police state in the history of the world.

As John Whitehead said, writing for the Rutherford Institute, there is no place in our nation for the kind of armed revolution our forefathers mounted against a tyrannical Great Britain. Such an act would be futile and tragic. We are no longer dealing with a distant, imperial king but with a tyrant of our own making: a militarized, technologized, heavily-financed bureaucratic machine that operates beyond the reach of the law.

Violently attacking the government creates victims out of the ones we are trying to expose as criminals.

Those who initiate and support such violence will be complicit in growing the hellish police state that will inevitably ensue as a consequence of their actions.

It will start a war in which the people are the enemy.

We can simply look back to 9/11 as an example of what is to come if this violence continues.

Prior to 9/11 the TSA did not exist, indefinite detention did not exist, the NSA did not spy on American citizens, the police weren’t given armored assault vehicles, and Americans could not be assassinated without trial.

If these acts of aggressive violence against the state continue, we can expect to see what little civil liberties are left to be whisked away in the name of protection from the ‘domestic terror threat.’

We can expect to see peaceful activists rounded up and detained indefinitely. We can expect to see homes raided of individuals who are speaking out against the state. We will see more and more checkpoints and less and less unmolested travel.

No, this battle will not be won with weaponry, as the US spends more annually on defense than the next 13 largest militaries in the world, combined.

That is why we must win the hearts and minds of the people within the state. We must expose as much of their violence and corruption as we can, for that is what garners support — not murder.

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We must show that those of us who stand against this state corruption are the good guys. We are not some violent group of terrorists who are quick to don the pitchforks and torches and beg for blood, like James Hodgkinson.

Removal of due process, the initiation of violence, and abuse of power — these are tools of the state, not of the peaceful revolution.

Those who would take an innocent life to incite change are no different than the mass murdering sociopaths within the government.

Our only means of changing this sick society is changing ourselves. We have to remove our dependency upon a group of people who use violent coercion to achieve what they refer to as “order.” When enough of us do this, the police state becomes irrelevant.

Taking an aspirin for a headache only masks the symptom of that headache, it does nothing to eliminate the cause.

One cannot eliminate future headaches by constantly taking aspirin, in the same manner that one cannot change a violent and corrupt state by acting within the rules of that state; violence will only be met with more violence and more support for the state.

We must show the world, through the creation of and implementation of solutions to the violent nature of the state, that there is an alternative to tyranny and violence. This new system is actually being built and is quickly showing the obsolescence of the old.

People have created their own money. Cryptocurrencies are freeing humanity from the shackles of central banks and government controlled inflation. We are beating back the drug war by showing the horrid nature of its enforcement. We are opening our fellow citizens’ eyes like never before through the free sharing of information on the internet.

There are organizations like LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) that are fighting the odds and standing up to their own peers and seeking peaceful change.

The list goes on.

We are winning and can beat these tyrants. But if people continue to stoop to the same level of senseless violence and removal of due process as them, we will not only lose, but guarantee that there will never be another opportunity to resist again.

Matt Agorist is an honorably discharged veteran of the USMC and former intelligence operator directly tasked by the NSA. This prior experience gives him unique insight into the world of government corruption and the American police state. Agorist has been an independent journalist for over a decade and has been featured on mainstream networks around the world. Agorist is also the Editor at Large at the Free Thought Project. Follow @MattAgorist on Twitter, Steemit, and now on Facebook.
  • David Daisy May Boldock

    ‘They deserved it.’ What a load of fucked up subterranean’s.

    When God created Republicans, he gave up on everything else.

  • Nicole Che Thomas

    This was a terroristic act and it’s not ok no matter the party affiliation. I’m saddened by the negative response. I disagree with the Republican agenda but they don’t have to die because we disagree.

  • tz1

    Violence is not a problem of some abstraction called the “state”, it is that men are violent. This is the same kind of error that the gun control advocates make. If you just do X the world will be fixed.

    You see the violence in that comedian with Trump’s severed head and the New York play stabbing a Trump look alike. Violence is part of the media. Peace? When they are appauding severed heads and stabbing someone to death?

    And the antifa at Berkeley for Milo. Smashing the student union, then Starbucks and Bank of America. Pepper spraying and using bike locks to injure people.

    It wasn’t acceptable generally, even on the right. But the left that got a rodeo clown fired for an obama mask cheers at the simulated death of Trump. What is the right to do? They are fighting back.

    You want your alternatives to prevail? Can you convince anyone on the left? Unilateral disarmament won’t go over on the right.


      • tz1

        A rodeo cowboy clown in an Obama mask was fired because it was somehow offensive (which I still don’t quite understand). Severing Trump’s head of portraying Caeasar as Trump in an assassination scene isn’t offensive?
        Or the PP videos.
        We can’t agree that painful, intentional murder is crossing some line. Fine. But if you really want the world of violence, just say so.

  • olblueyez

    How many times has an innocent civilian been murdered by a police officer with no repercussions? How much Austerity must the American People endure due to criminals in all 3 branches of our government? Why does America have the most expensive mental and physical healthcare in the world and yet still listed as #17 for healthcare quality? Why was this person so fucking confused as to what is right and wrong? Why is this particular story more important than the millions of innocent men, women, and children murdered in the middle east for the sole purpose of enriching the military industrial complex, multi-national corporations, and bankers?

    Keep arguing about the symptoms and ignoring the causes,,…

    Stupid Fuckers

    • Damiana

      In all fairness, the Free Thought Project does a LOT of reporting on “the millions of innocent men, women, and children murdered in the middle east for the sole purpose of enriching the military industrial complex, multi-national corporations, and bankers,” so maybe you should tone it down with that “stupid fuckers” bullshit.

  • Zackknowitall

    This is what happens when a liberal picks up a gun just 5 wounded non killed but the gunman.

    If a conservative had no values and started shooting libtards like this there would be 10 dead.

    • LOLPMP

      if these pathetic liberals think they want to get into an actual physical war with the Right… It’ll be a short one…

      • Zackknowitall

        If they start it after breakfast we could end it before lunch.

        • you’re GLORIFYING VIOLENCE–& so you are part of the problem.

          • Don Fischer

            “The tree of liberty has to be replanted from time to time.” Thomas Jefferson. There is an old saying, first the soap box and then the ballot box. If neither one works, then the get out the ammo box.

  • IceTrey

    Our only chance is a collapse. Average humans are stupid. Trying to persuade them to our cause is a waste of time.

  • Madmotorman™ ® The Mad Hatter

    I’m thinking those are the first shots in your new civil war, only this time between democrats and republicans.

    • Don Fischer

      No, between communists and Patriots. The communists have been saying that they would take us over from within. The communist party poster child, Nobama, was doing a good job of pushing the communist agenda and weakening our country at the same time. It takes a true Patriot to save this Republic from ruin.

  • Joel W

    Further proof that liberalism is in fact a mental disorder. As well as a morally & spiritually void ideology.

    • Your comment is ADDING TO THE DIVIDE & CONQUER that Matt was exposing in his essay. Guess you have NOT noticed that ALMOST EVERY SINGLE ACT OF VIOLENCE with a “political compionent” in thsi country is by RIGHT-WING RACISTS/MILITIA types—NOT liberals of any stripe.

      • Don Fischer

        And another snowflake makes her presence know!

        • Why is someone a “snowflake” for calling for most ABC form of CIVILITY? You are not addressing the FACTS I raised thta it is NOT liberals who are dong VAST MAJORITY OF VIOLENCE–from white racist DYLAN ROOF murdering 9 Black church-members to Portland OR militia-man attacking 2 Muslim women & SHOOTING 3 white men who came to their aid to ARSON against mosques around the country. In fact, so many hate crimes & acts of violence it;’s impossible to name them all I know it’s really “oppresive” to not be ablwe to call people racial slurs…and it’s really hard on sensitive conservatives to have to SHARE their conurty with people who are NOT white, christian or right-wing…but, in short GET OVER IT. You live in a PLURALISTC MULTI-RACIAL country & have to SHARE THE TOYS..

          • FradyCat5

            Those people don’t represent the right any more then the current shooter represents the left.

          • M. Stamler

            Grow up. Become at least a LITTLE BIT informed. Criminals who perform an act of violence on their own, do not represent anyone but themselves. The left has MASSIVE crowds of violent marchers, rioters, destroyers of personal property, and who threaten individuals. Only the left has such people. Soros doesn’t pay those on the other side to do these things, so they don’t happen from the Repub side. Only the Lib side. And you absorb EVERYTHING they tell you to absorb, and you repeat it like an obedient little minion.

      • M. Stamler

        Actually, facts and history show that ALL of the violent acts are committed by those who identify as liberals, democrats, and socialists. Most are by paid rioters and protesters, paid by Soros or Clinton and the DNC. Lying, Lydia, serves no one. Your post is the exact OPPOSITE of what the facts demonstrate, meaning that you are lying. The truth is always the best way to go. God HATES liars. His word says so. Repeatedly.

      • Joel W

        Well the left media has essentially been scream for conservative blood, now they get it. Mental illness. Fuck them

  • M. Stamler

    It’s a horrible thing, when people celebrate death. God’s inspired word says that people will become lawless, and their love of one another will disappear. These have happened. He said we should love our neighbor as ourselves. Few do. VERY few. Most are hateful and ignore God. Well, they will be exterminated by God in the tribulation and final battle, about to happen any day now. He gave a list of things that when they all happen at the same time, the end is about to happen. EVERYTHING on that list is now happening at the same time, except for one of them. It will come any time now, and POOF, they’re all dead, forever. God sent His son to tell us many things too. One of them was to be “no part of the world”, which also includes NO PART OF POLITICS. It seems that everyone is part of politics. Disobeying the command to be no part of it does mean extermination. So be it. It’s not like they’re not asking for death.

    • whippitgood

      Don’t count on The Rapture to Save yo’ lyin’A$$€$ !

      • M. Stamler

        To start with, I don’t lie, ever. And secondly, save me from what? Your comment shows conclusively that you believe a false teaching from false religions. There is no “rapture”. It is a thorough misunderstanding of the scriptures that describe the remnant of the 144,000 adopted and annointed sons of God being taken to heaven at the end of the tribulation, just moments before the outbreak of the final battle of Armageddon. NO other humans ever go to heaven. We are promised eternal life on EARTH as it’s being transformed back into the paradise God intended from the beginning. Religions lie about the “New” testament, thinking it applies to all people, when it’s written BY, and it’s written TO, and it’s written FOR the 144,000, to use to TEACH the rest of us. It’s the 144,000 who co-rule EARTH from heaven with Jesus, the current King of the Kingdom of the Heavens.

  • Steve

    Such a lovely country we have. Lovely people.

  • trick

    No surprise about the Washington ball field shooting. Increasingly the mainstream and the alternate media
    discourse seems to be about a political ideology that espouses a left/right or conservative/liberal
    paradigm. It all leads to a lot of hate for anyone with a different opinion. This intolerance for different opinions leads to the lack of respect for the office of the President or the Congress and lack of respect for
    each other. Has not this terrorist shooter been radicalized by the political ideology of the media akin to how ISIS radicalizes its sympathizers into terrorist killers? To wit, quoting C. J. M. DRAKE regarding radicalization “this indoctrination supplies terrorists with an initial motive for action and provides a prism through which they
    view events and the actions of other people”. Are we as a people in dangerous territory because we have let political discourse confuse us about right from wrong? Apparently to this shooter, and many Americans murder is not wrong. Yes, the shooter is responsible for his actions, but so is the media whose cumulative effects of biased and fake news story’s has radicalized its sympathizers just as ISIS Does. People is this really where we want to be? A house/nation divided will not stand!

    • whippitgood

      Gee, I cannot remember Bernie Sanders exhorting his throngs of followers to “beat the hell out of protesters”?!
      But, I do remember Donald Trump inciting and condoning ugly violence against anyone who wouldn’t kiss his tiny hands !

      • trick

        Gee, I remember the ball field shooter nutcase was a Bernie volunteer and avid supporter, apparently he was hyped up enough about all the rhetoric from the mainstream media that he did not need Bernie to personally push him over the edge. Must be that Trump had to push people over the edge himself because the media did not do it for him, oh wait I remember, yes the main stream media did inflate and exaggerate all the stupid stuff Trump said. What I thought was really hypocritical was the Love Trumps Hate sign carriers that were destroying property and mugging people with opinions different then theirs. Hmm, maybe both sides get all hyped up and disrespect opinions that are different their own. Hmm, maybe both side need to be Americans instead of Democrats or Republicans. A famous man once said “But evil words come from an evil heart and defile the man who says them. For from the heart come evil thoughts, murder, adultery, fornication, theft, lying, and slander.” Maybe we all need to check the condition of our hearts. I’ll stand first in line because I have failed miserably.

  • amongoose

    The man had a domestic violence conviction, He wasn’t supposed to have a weapon to begin with, quick, pass some more laws, that will stop it.

  • JJ

    KKK was founded by Democrats after the Union/Republican North defeated the Confederates. Shows you how stupid and ignorant the average Amerikan is today. Democrats were also the majority slave owners who also founded segregation in the south known as Jim Crow laws. The Republican north was desegregated after the Civil War. You people are such brainwashed idiots.

  • general

    The deep state, congress two sides of the same coin wanting divide and conquer, control of education, media, industry, finance, clergy, cults, etc., who pass illegal laws because we are not taught our history and what the founders established.
    Control big pharma, and agra, along with every other area to gain total control while we are at odds. Using inflammatory remarks, only showing a biased side not the facts, believing the mainstream media talking heads who are paid to keep the facts out and put only biased info, covering up the porno, pedophiles, drugs interring via the military and protecting the fields, the sex trade adult and children, allowing what our founders would never in the country, on the media, net or any public arena.
    They are using all of us as a gaslight to destabilize, divide and conquer, destroy business, push for poverty, blame others for their destruction of everything we see by saying this or that person, group, or etc., caused this, then later find out it was a lie by then so many are fired up that reason flies out the window and we see riots, arson, murder, insurrection, and other problems as the cause of this and cities burn, people hurt, murdered, looting, and every type of evil.
    Now there is a President who can`t be bought by these evil ruling elites they are doing everything to stop him using every type of action to get him out of office. If he stays a lot of people will be in prison from the top down, and they are doing everything to stop this by using us as their pawns up to and including a civil war to cause total confusion and then shove a phony martial law nationwide to control all of us and to get rid of the patriots who want this as one nation under the rule of law and Constitutional, Bill of Rights, and Amendments.
    If we allow this to continue this nation will fall as is their concept from the beginning.. and become a 3rd world nation to conform with the NWO.
    The UN is sanctioning pedophilia allowing the US and world to pray on your children, and Ins. co. are pushing euthanasia to avoid paying for your healthcare, this is part of what they want to make us slaves of them, and this is just the tip of what they want while we go after each other from a real large FALSE FLAG OP. like what Hitler and others did to gain total control of all areas to end up destroying us all. They want a population 500 million worldwide so who are the ones to stay and who are the ones to be murdered.??????

  • Steve

    These people do NOT respond to civil discussion, or to reason. For if they could reason, they would not be doing and saying the things that they are. They despise people with conservative or traditional American values. And it is pretty clear now that they not only want them silenced, but dead as well. They continue to openly make threats of violence. And now it appears some feel it is time to act on those threats. Only question is, how much will the decent people of America take before saying enough is enough?

  • Zaphod Braden

    those were Obama’s & Hillary’s fingers on that trigger .The Baseball shooting was directly instigated by Obama and Hillary calling for “resistance and rebellion” and their leftwing MSM lackeys. When will the mainstream media stop radicalizing domestic terrorists with their hysterical anti-Trump narrative? It has to stop now before more innocent people are targeted. Make no mistake this was Democratic Domestic TERRORISM
    Tim Kaine: “we’re going to fight them in the streets” Yes, indeed. now this …